Upcoming Events
Join Us At
The Wild Goose
Tavern Luau
on Sunday, June 13th

We are excited to be the benefiting charity of the annual Wild Goose Luau!! Come and enjoy the indoor/outdoor spaces of the newly renovated Wild Goose Tavern in Costa Mesa, CA. It is a free event open to the public (21+) and will offer a complimentary pig (Chancho) roast and Hawaiian buffet plus music, tiki-inspired beverages for purchase, and a raffle. The raffle proceeds will benefit the C4 Foundation from 1pm - Close
436 E. 17th St Costa Mesa, CA 92627
GET READY! This Event Is Happening!
Hotel Del Coronado, (Windsor Lawn) 
1500 Orange Avenue, Coronado CA 92118
Saturday, July 3rd
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm PDT
Dress Code: Casual/Beach Attire
David Wells
Perfect 33 Foundation Golf Tournament
October 8 - October 10, 2021
Sycuan Casino Resort 
5469 Casino Way, El Cajon, CA 92019
National Wreaths Across America Day

December 18, 2021
Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery 
1700 Cabrillo Memorial Dr.
San Diego, CA 92106
SEAL Family Testimonial
Below is a Testimonial From One of Our SEAL Spouses
“The weekend that I spent at the C4 Ranch for the Gratitude Wellness weekend was very impactful. The conversations, and moments of reflection helped to recharge me. I enjoyed that the weekend had a great balance of free time to explore the beautiful property, exercise, and structured group discussions. I would love to participate in an event like this again!” 

- Navy SEAL Spouse
Foundation News
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Monthly Chuck Heavy Give Away

This month's Chuck Heavy Subscriber Giveaway features a Mystery Ranch Mission Rover Backpack!

Rules to play are the same as always:

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Lessons From The C4 Ranch
When In Doubt, Create Your Way Out
By Dr. Glenn Fox, PhD
C4 Foundation's Chief Science Officer
Nobody watches a movie without a plot. When we cheer for a character, we cheer for their courage in the face of insurmountable odds, but what exactly are we cheering? I have been thinking about this a lot, and I think the movie characters that we love the most are those that show daring creativity, no matter what they’re up against. One of my movie heroes, Paul Newman’s character in Cool Hand Luke, is faced with an objectively awful situation, yet, he makes his own story out of it, he puts in the effort to make things into a game, he builds camaraderie with his enemies, and he refuses to quit, no matter what.

We all feel stuck sometimes. We can feel stuck by life circumstances, work, family, money, and many, many, other things. We like to think that these sticking points are all that stand between ourselves and complete freedom. To be sure, victories over these hurdles can lead to greater options and choices, but the paradox is that those often only emerge from our creativity.

In my work with entrepreneurs, athletes, engineers, scientists, military personnel, or artists, the thing I see in common with all breakthroughs is that they are defined by their constraints.  In my research on gratitude, we had the challenge of trying to get people to feel grateful in a brain scanner. If you have not been in a brain scanner, it is cold, uncomfortable, and you cannot move more than a couple millimeters. It is certainly not a place where you would think of as a prime place to feel deep emotion. Yet, when we looked at it creatively, we saw a place that was free of distraction, where people could focus on just their thoughts and emotions, and allow the novelty of the setting to lower some of the boundaries to experiencing an emotion deeply. Once we saw the limits differently, the constraints became part of what allowed us to create a meaningful experiment.

We tend to think of creativity in a narrow window, for standout “creative types,” but any time we see a way out of a tough spot, any time we take stock of our resources and do our best with them, we engage in creativity. In fact, researchers define creativity as “adaptive behavior that emerges in response to interruptions to previously successful routines and habits.So by definition, creativity is the natural response to obstruction. The key is to see the hurdles and obstacles as simply feedback and do our best to seek inspiration from them. As it turns out, maybe freedom is not having unlimited options at all times, but instead is about the freedom to create, obstacles be damned.

Written by Glenn R. Fox, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, The C4 Foundation
Gratitude In Practice
Life is better with gratitude. In fact, there are so many benefits to the regular practice of gratitude, that I can’t believe we aren’t hearing the word more. Taking the time to think about all of the positive things in your life and expressing gratitude for them is such a powerful, life-enhancing tool, and we are helping our SEAL families make a habit of it with our F.R.O.G Programs. It is extremely difficult to feel overcome by stress, sadness, or depression when you are focused on gratitude and thankfulness. It sounds simple, because it is... There are several very easy practices that anyone can adopt to make gratitude a part of daily life, and we infuse these practices into our C4 F.R.O.G Programs. It is inspiring to see our SEAL operators and their families decompress and engage with one another as they take part in these exercises at The Ranch. 

As the C4 Ranch grows, our C4 Program grows with it, and we are truly excited for what it is to come. For example, because the feedback was so positive following the first Wellness Weekend, this summer we are hosting another Gratitude and Wellness Weekend except this time we will be including SEALs and their spouses. We are also utilizing the Ranch’s amazing scenery to build family-connecting activities. This Fall we will be introducing a family geocache and survival program for future visitors to The Ranch and coming in October the C4 Team is putting together a Fall Festival. Here at the C4 Foundation we continually stop and remind ourselves how fortunate we are to be working with the SEAL community that we love, while providing a space for them to flourish. We are finally at a point where we are seeing all of the hard work that has gone into planning our F.R.O.G Programs come to life. And that is something to be grateful for.

Written by Jennifer Cooper, MS Psychology, C4 Foundation's Director of Programs
Thank You
Thank You for Supporting Us at Our Celebration of Life Paddle Out
in Coronado, California!
Looking back on the month of May, we want to thank everyone who came out to the annual Celebration of Life Paddle Out on May 1st to celebrate the spirited life of Charlie Keating IV. We were moved by the turnout both paddling out and hanging out afterwards drinking Bud Heavy's at McP's. The loving support of this community always brings comfort, encouragement, and furthers our passion to serve the Navy SEAL community.
Thank You to all those that attended our
5th Anniversary Celebration of Life Event
in Scottsdale, Arizona on May 8, 2021
Thank You
Ed & Karrin Robson
A huge THANK YOU to Ed and Karrin Robson for the use of their spectacular private hangar at the Scottsdale Airpark for our May 8th Celebration of Life Event in Scottsdale Arizona. The venue was a perfect kick start to a new season. We are proud to announce that
Arizona residents raised
over $1 Million dollars at this event!
Thank You
Kent & Tami Weaver and
Jill & Craig Weaver
We appreciate all the hard work the Weaver family put into making our Scottsdale, AZ event a HUGE success. We could not have done this without your hard work and dedication to the Navy SEAL community.
Thank You to our Sponsors
at the Scottsdale, AZ
Celebration of Life Event!
Thank You Bob & Kathy Hubbard for donating an African Sulcata Tortoise
to the C4 Ranch!

Thank you so much to Bob and Kathy for donating this beautiful African Sulcata Tortoise named Elmer! Fun fact: The African Sulcata is one of the largest tortoise species in the world and have life expectancies averaging 70 years.  Elmer loves eating lettuce, grass, vegetables and fruits - especially strawberries. The SEAL families visiting the C4 Ranch will spend many happy hours hanging out with Elmer, the
African Sulcata.
Thank You Galyn's
Seafood Restaurant
We would like to thank the folks from Gayln's Seafood Restaurant in Bar Harbor Maine for remembering and celebrating Charlie on Memorial Day last month. Galyn's generously collected donations from their customers in support the C4 Foundation. Thanks again!

Thank You for to the Basha Family!
A big thanks to the Basha family for giving the C4 Foundation the opportunity to be one of four military charities to benefit from donations at the check out register from AJ's Fine Foods, Bashas', and Food City grocery stores in the state of Arizona for the entire month of May. Thanks to all of the generous support from the patrons who donated, we are so grateful for your commitment to support military charities, especially the C4 Foundation. We would also like to mention our ongoing appreciation for the Basha family for being ardent C4 Foundation supporters since our inception as an organization in 2017. Thanks for your continued support throughout the years.
C4 Foundation Leadership
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It is a non-federal entity and is not party of the Department of Defense or any of its components.