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Wreaths Across America
Sponsor A Wreath Through The C4 Foundation
Wreaths Across America sets an ambitious goal each year to place a wreath on each hero's grave on National Wreaths Across America Day - December 19, 2020.

Each December they carry out their mission to Remember, Honor, and Teach. They coordinate wreath-laying ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, in addition to 1,600 other locations in all 50 states at sea and abroad.

*Purchase a wreath for ONLY $15.
$5 will go back to the
C4 Foundation!
How to sponsor Wreaths Across America through The C4 Foundation:
  1. Order online through the direct link
  2. Click "Sponsor Wreaths"
  3. Select the number of wreaths to sponsor AND the location you want them to be sent
  4. Add other options (gravesite specifics, etc.) as desired
  5. Complete checkout process with credit/debit card or Paypal
Upcoming Events
David Wells - Perfect 33 Foundation
2020 Golf Tournament
Join us on Friday October 23, 2020 for dinner, an auction, and live entertainment at Sycuan Casino Resort. On Saturday, October 24, 2020 join us for a Golf Tournament at the Singing Hills Golf Resort at Sycuan. Special room rates are available at Sycuan Casino Resort (619) 445-6002. Tickets and rooms will sell out, so make your reservations early! Questions? Call Perfect33 Foundation at
(619) 341-2904.
The Navy Mile Goes Virtual
Race with us October 1 – 13, 2020, at a location of your choosing, in celebration of the Sea Services.
This year, due to uncertainties caused by the COVID, The Navy Mile will be virtual. It’s a great opportunity to get your family and friends across the nation to join in too!

We’re excited to bring some new challenges to the event this year by offering a 5K Virtual Race Option in addition to our Classic Mile! We will also roll out a new challenge called The Chuck Heavy Challenge!

By participating in this virtual race you will be supporting the Naval Sea Cadet Corps, the Naval Safe Harbor Foundation, and the The C4 Foundation. Have fun and support these great causes at the same time!
Thank You
Thank You to the Volunteers from Bushtec Tents & The SEAL Teams
We would like to thank Bushtec Tents and all of the Navy SEALs who volunteered their time to help us get three Safari glamping tents up at the C4 Ranch. We can't fully express our gratitude for all of your help - THANK YOU!
Lessons From The C4 Ranch
Nature Is Our Natural Habitat
By Dr. Glenn Fox, C4 Foundation Chief Science Officer
It is easy to forget that we are animals. Granted, we are complicated animals with calendars, iPhones, and twitter accounts, but still we are animals. These modern complications make much of our lives convenient, but comes at the cost of creating stress and greater detachment from our animal roots. Luckily, science has shown that returning to our roots by mindfully going back into nature can have benefits such as lower blood pressure, stress, and inflammation

We can connect better with nature through a traditional practice called, “forest bathing." Forest bathing has been practiced in Japan for centuries, where it is called “shinrin yoku.” Forest bathing is more than simply taking a hike or a walk outside. It is a practice in which we take the time to connect with our deeper animal selves, to be back in our native habitat, to let our noses breathe fresh air, allow our eyes to adjust to natural greenery, and feel our feet on uneven, dusty trails. In other words, we are bathing and taking in all that nature has to offer, and our body is rewarded by better health and perspective.

At the C4 Ranch, we have designed our programs and experiences to let SEALs and their families de-stress through nature. In our meditation walking loop, families and visitors walk laps through a meadow and each lap focuses on a different sense. We have set up benches, tables, and hay bales overlooking grand vistas; even our workshop has a view of the Mojave Desert so kids can paint and absorb the natural breeze.

Thankfully, you also don’t have do go to the C4 Ranch to do some forest bathing. You can do it anywhere you find a slice of nature. We get similar benefits by taking even one minute to gaze up at a tree branch, or walk barefoot in grass or sand. While we do this, we do not need to do anything special with our minds or worry about our own thoughts, we just need to focus on being there and taking a few deep breaths. As animals, our body knows how to do the rest. 

Written By: Glenn R. Fox, PhD
SEAL Family Testimonial
As we move into Fall, we are so excited to continue hosting SEALs and their families at the C4 Ranch. Although 2020 has been challenging, we are so blessed to continue serving them. Below is a testimonial from one of our SEAL families.
C4 Foundation Leadership
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