MARCH 2020
Dear Friend,

As COVID-19 continues to unfold, we are all learning, adjusting and growing—hour by hour and day by day, at times minute by minute. We are cancelling events and implementing new strategies, protocols, and procedures to reach people in new ways via high-quality remote outreach, education, and telehealth practices. The landscape is changing so quickly it’s hard to navigate; however, if we stay calm and go slow, I’m confident we’ll reach our destination of health and safety. That said, this new reality isn’t stress free and can be hard on each of us professionally and personally.

What's Happening in Our Community?
Former Woodstock Police Chief, Doug Moorhead,
Joins CADY as Restorative Justice Director
W e would like to welcome Doug Moorhead to CADY as our new Restorative Justice Director! Doug has been a valued partner of CADY for many years and has demonstrated his strong commitment to community, positive youth development and the Restorative Justice program. Please help us welcome Doug to the team, together we are helping our most vulnerable youth learn, grow, and thrive!
How to Talk to Your Child About COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic is scary and it's natural to feel overwhelmed by rapidly changing events. With social distancing measures, school and restaurant closures, and much uncertainty throughout the State and the County, parents, family members and other trusted adults can play an important role in helping children make sense of what they hear in a way that is honest, accurate, and minimizes anxiety or fear.

"If They Had Known" Screening and Panel Discussion at PSU
Thank you to the PSU Counseling Department, Office Of Community Impact and the 40 PSU students and faculty members who attended the
"If They Had Known" screening and panel discussion on March 4th at PSU.

Together we can work to raise awareness about the dangers of mixing alcohol and prescription medications through Clay Soper's compelling story and save lives!

COVID-19: Potential Implications for Individuals
with Substance Use Disorders
As people across the U.S. and the rest of the world contend with the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse warns that it could hit some populations with substance use disorders particularly hard, especially for those who smoke tobacco or use marijuana or those who vape.

Smoking and vaping put people at higher risk for complications of COVID-19. Free help to quit is available at
1-800-QUIT-NOW or
"Vaping Unveiled" Lunch N' Learn
That's a wrap! Thank you to Kim Coronis of Breathe NH for her outstanding presentation and to all the community members and partners who attended our recent "Vaping Unveiled" Lunch N' Learn on the public health implications and risks of youth vaping!
Interested in playing a role in local prevention efforts? Check out the following resources:
For the third time, CADY will be participating in the Hannaford Bags for a Cause Program for the month of April. When you buy a $2.50 reusable Community Bag at Hannaford, CADY will receive a $1 donation! Thank you for your consideration!
Are you a parent in the Plymouth or Newfound area looking to meet other parents? Are you dedicated to building healthy environments and promising futures for our children and youth? Join the PAC today!

For more information about Newfound Area PAC and
Plymouth Area PAC contact Liz Brochu at or at
603-536-9793 for more information or to become a member!
If you, or someone you know, struggles with substance misuse
or addiction, please call 2-1-1 or the Doorway
at LRGHealthcare (603-934-8905) for help.
Communities for Alcohol- and Drug-Free Youth (CADY)
94 Highland Street
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