Introducing the Summer 2022
CARE Quarterly Magazine!

July is BIPOC Mental Health Month, and the latest issue of the CARE Quarterly Magazine shines a light on effective programs and strategies for providing accessible, culturally responsive care for people from diverse communities. Check out contributions from partners at NAMI California, C4 Innovations, Impact Justice, and Stanford Sierra Youth & Families to learn about culturally based healing practices, ways to make mobile crisis response programs supportive for communities of color, tips for finding a culturally competent behavioral health provider, and much more!

In this issue:
  • Article: Mobile Response Services as an Investment to Decriminalize Mental Health
  • Article: Celebrating BIPOC Mental Health Month--Disparities, Strengths, and Resiliencies
  • Article: BIPOC Mental Health: Building Resilience Through Culture and Community
  • Article: Improving Capacity to Achieve Behavioral Health Equity for African American/Black/of African Descent Communities in Sacramento County
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