Thursday, February 7, 2019
Support the CBA Clean Water Project  
in Coamo, Puerto Rico
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Pastor Louis Rosenthal of The McKinney First Baptist Church talks about the CBA Clean Water Project in Coamo, Puerto Rico. The CBA Church Network has partnered with the Baptist church in Coamo as part of an ongoing effort to help the church minister to their community in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

"Don't turn away from poverty. Come together to solve it."
- Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings

The rate at which the wealth gap is growing in the Metroplex is startling and the ramifications cannot go unnoticed. With 38% of our children facing the devastating effects of poverty daily, we must "come together to solve it."

The Cost of Poverty Experience is a marked first step in joining the journey:   this transformative simulation provides a glimpse into the lives of low-income populations living in our communities and ushers participants into greater understanding and empathy. To love well is to be aware and as stewards of God's kingdom, shouldn't we open our eyes?
A special Cost of Poverty Experience is being designed just for you by Christian leaders in your city who are dedicated to Church unity.  
Thurs., Feb. 7, noon-3:30 
Cottonwood Creek 
1015 Sam Rayburn Tollway in Allen 
$25 includes lunch
For more information, go to:
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