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February 2018
Socially Connected
If you want to see what others are posting on social media find some other groups and farmers to connect with! Learn more about the types of things they are posting or sharing and create a plan for your farm or dairy promotion group.

Here are a few the national checkoff group, Dairy Management Inc., recommend:

Ambassador Training April 11
(Note the change in date!)
Calling all Ambassadors! WMMB will conduct an Ambassador training session on April 11 th at the WMMB office in Madison. We will discuss and share ideas for June Dairy Month breakfasts activities and education. Training will begin at 10 a.m. and conclude approximately 2 p.m. RSVP to before April 4.
2020 Olympic Hopeful and Wisconsin Native Marvin Kimble Believes in the Power of Milk
WMMB has a shared sponsorship with Marvin Kimble, a 2020 Olympic hopeful to promote white milk. Marvin, a Milwaukee native and m ilk lover, has spent his entire life training for the opportunity to make gymnastics history. He knows that inner strength and determination are just as important as strong muscles and big skills when it comes to gymnastics success. Check out the video and social media posts featuring him on Facebook at America’s Dairyland.
School Milk Changes
Beginning next school year (2018-2019) students can be offered 1% chocolate milk (and all other milk flavors) with school meals.
Sounds great, right? There are some barriers that are holding up school foodservice from going all in. Calories are a big deal! The 20 additional calories (low-fat flavored milk compared to fat-free flavored milk) are a concern for school foodservice personnel who need to continue to be very strict in the number of calories offered at each meal.

What is WMMB doing? WMMB would like you to help us in a grassroots campaign to inform schools of the option. Reach out to your schools today! Schools will then need to make their choice to switch to 1% chocolate milk.  
Follow WMMB and America's Dairyland
Give us a Facebook like at Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board- WMMB and follow what the checkoff is doing to promote dairy and cheese in state and beyond. Check out for a great view of all the press Wisconsin dairy products are getting and keeping our Wisconsin dairy products top of mind and in front of consumers.
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