Dear CES Community,

We received news that the air purifiers for the classrooms should ship by the end of this week, so, hopefully, we will have some good news for you next week about bringing our lower school students back to campus for the next steps of our in-person learning plan. Seeing our wonderful Preschool and Kindergarten students every day only reminds all of us how much we look forward to seeing more of our students on campus soon!

I’m also looking forward to (virtually) seeing our Middle School parents for our first virtual Back-to-School night on Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 6:30pm. Aside from overviews of classes and a chance to see the teachers, this is a great chance to understand the middle school processes and expectations, particularly when it comes to preparing our students for the demanding environments that await them in high school.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Norma Arora and Helena Springer, the co-Presidents of the Parents Association for their great spirit and “can-do” attitude as they plan to create and foster community while we are so physically distant from one another. I’ve never liked the term “social distancing” (although I completely support the concept), but it does describe the effect of what happens if we are not careful as we all take the necessary steps to contain this pandemic. I’m very grateful to both of them for trying to make our distancing only physical, and I know they would welcome your ideas and support - as well as your willingness to volunteer for the various roles the PA requires!