Dear CES Families,

Wow! Saturday night’s gala was unbelievable. We do not have all of the numbers in yet, but by the accounts so far, it looks as if we reached the highest gross revenues for the gala in the history of the school. I am blown away! We had an incredible gala team, led by Melanie Steinkamp and Diana Goodman, and made up of CES administrators, board members and parents. There was a huge decorating team who joined Marion Entwisle on Saturday to transform Manor Country Club. A large number of current CES parents attended the gala for the first time. I think they all decided it was a pretty great way to have fun with their friends and support the school. Soon, we will be sending out a survey to get your feedback on a variety of aspects of the night. So, keep an eye out for it, and if you attended, please take the time to respond. We want to know what to “tweak” next year!

I also want to offer my deepest and sincerest gratitude for the naming of the Raise the Paddle to The Caroline Chapin Dollars for Scholars. I was completely taken aback by CES Board Chair Jeff Whitman’s remarks and the beautiful video of the students and teachers. There could not be a more meaningful gift to me than raising money to support the families and faculty we have at CES. I am told over and over again what wonderful students we produce. In fact, I am receiving that feedback once again as I meet with the directors of admission at the high schools where our graduates are applying. Over and over, literally, “The CES kids are always the nicest kids.” And, of course, I beam! Thank you for your support. We all need each other.

There is one more way in which we need your help. Recently, I heard another Head of School say, “Yes, every February we begin building a new school for the upcoming year. We start with no students and work to fill ourselves up again.” Based on the re-enrollment contracts we have in hand, CES will be a one-room schoolhouse for the 2020-2021 school year! Sheesh!! We can do better than that! The due date is February 21, but don’t wait until then. Return your contracts. It is hard to put together a budget, consider salaries and benefits for the faculty and staff, and plan for curriculum enhancements without a sense of enrollment. Do not leave us in the dark! Enroll now!!

See below for the 2020-2021 calendar. Like MCPS, we will start the week before Labor Day. Our last day will be a WEDNESDAY, June 9, 2021. There are a few other unusual dates. In particular, Veterans’ Day will be a half day for students. It is on November 11, which is a Wednesday. Thursday the 12th will be a conference day and Friday the 13th will be a professional development day for teachers.

So much to be grateful for today…mostly, I am grateful for you and your children!

With love and gratitude,