Dear CES Family,

This week we entered into the first week of Advent, a time of preparation and waiting. In chapel on Monday, I shared the story of the angel Gabriel appearing to Zechariah, telling him that he and his wife Elizabeth would be blessed with a son who they would name John. We know that John was a contemporary of Jesus’s and helped people recognize Jesus as the Messiah for whom they had been waiting. It is hard to believe that something that we wait for over a long period of time can, in fact, one day arrive.  

It is hard to believe that Jesus can be the love that God promised would come into this world. This remains the great mystery of Christmas: Love is here; Love is coming; Love is within us. Advent is the time in the Christian church when we remember and wait.  We feel renewed within us the indisputable love and compassion that arises when we see a tiny baby. We honor the love we have for each other with the exchange of a card, gift or simple “Merry Christmas,” or “Happy Holidays.”

But that we could tap that love everyday; remember that we are the love that exists in this world; and share that love more freely and joyfully. It is the love that we strive to help CES students see and feel within themselves and share with each other. It is not an easy task, but Advent and Christmas certainly help our community find our way. I am thankful everyday that we hold these values in common and have such a strong foundation on which to stand for guiding our teaching. 

With love and gratitude,