This year, we will have a new and beautiful way to symbolize the life that emerges from Jesus’s death on the cross - The “Flowering of the Easter Cross”.

When you arrive at Calvary for services on Easter Sunday, you will see a cross as you approach. The cross will be bare at dawn as the Vigil begins. As the morning progresses, the cross will eventually come to be covered with real flowers. When the entire cross is encased in blooms, it will be prominently placed before the Altar. The Flowering of the Easter Cross transforms a symbol of death, darkness, hopelessness and pain. The Cross becomes beautiful, new and alive in celebration of the Resurrection of Christ.

This year, as you come to Easter Sunday Service, pause by the cross, reflect, and add some flowers. You can bring flowers from your garden, or you can choose from our buckets of fresh blossoms. Everyone is encouraged to participate.