From the Rector

Dear Parishioners:
Please stay tuned via e-mail, on our website, and Facebook for updates regarding Sunday Worship in light of the Coronavirus. The theme right now is "things change."

We will be following the guidelines of the CDC and directions from the Bishop of Southern Ohio.

We will have one service of worship on Sunday at 10:30 AM.
Worship will be broadcast online live on Sunday morning at 10:30 AM on our Facebook Page (Calvary Episcopal Church-Clifton) and potentially via our homepage ( pending tech support.
Sunday school and Youth Group are cancelled.

 I echo my strong pastoral encouragement from earlier today that people over 60 years of age and/or suffering from health issues stay at home and worship online. We will be developing ways to connect with and care for one another and be the church in creative ways.

Click Here to read Bishop Breidenthal's Statement on Coronavirus, and Click Here to see diocesan guidelines and resources.

Many have been impacted and need your prayers in our community. Please pray for:
  • Howard Helvey and Calvary Choir members. The concert has been cancelled. Pray for safe travel home.
  • Dr. Megan Rich, Director of Residency at UC, who has respiratory issues that could impact her work as a physician in this time of crisis.
  • The McKenney Family, flying home from Spain this weekend
  • The Postell Family- on lockdown in Milan

The Reverend Allison English
From the Presiding Bishop

The Most Rev. Micheal Curry (the Presiding Bishop) realesed a statement about the churches response the spread of Cronovirus. It reads in part:

In this time when we are all affected by the coronavirus, whether directly or indirectly, whether physically, biologically, psychologically, spiritually, and for many economically, it may be helpful to remember that we're in this together.

Jesus came among us in the first place, to show us the way to be right and reconcile with the God who is the creator of us all, and right and reconciled with each other as children of this one god who has created us all, and therefore as sisters, brothers, and siblings, one of another

Jesus came to show us how to be in a relationship with God and in relationship with each other, came to show us how to live not simply as collections of individual self-interest, but how to live as the human family of God. That's why he said love the Lord your God, love your neighbor as yourself. Because in that is hope for all of us to be the human family of God.
I was in Cuba the last few days with Bishop Griselda and the good people of the diocese there as we received and welcomed them as a full part of The Episcopal Church. A while back when she spoke to the last diocesan synod before they became part of The Episcopal Church, she said, and I quote, “The reason we must become part of The Episcopal Church is so that we can be part of a big family.” She spoke by prophecy. We are all part of a big family. Bigger than our biological families, bigger than our immediate families, bigger than our congregations, bigger than our dioceses, bigger than our cities, our states, our nation.

We are part of the human family of God. Jesus came to show us that his way of love is the way of life. It’s God’s human family.

We are in a time when remembering that may be important for all of us.

We are in this together.

What affects some directly affects all indirectly.

We are part of a family. The human family of God.

To Read or watch Micheal Curry's full statement, Click Here

A Prayer for Uncertain Times

God of the present moment,
God who in Jesus stills the storm
and soothes the frantic heart;
bring hope and courage to all
who wait or work in uncertainty.
Bring hope that you will make them the equal
of whatever lies ahead.
Bring them courage to endure what cannot be avoided,
for your will is health and wholeness;
you are God, and we need you.

This we pray in Christ our Lord. 

Amen .

Update From Jim & Florine Postell

Click Here to read the latest update form Florine and Jim Postell from Italy and their experience with the coronavirus epidemic.

Healing Prayer Service

Saturday, March 21st at 11:00 AM.
At this service there will be the opportunity to receive healing prayer, and also to pray for those who have requested our prayers, and for these uncertain times and chaotic world.

Healing Prayer will broadcast live on Facebook (Calvary Episcopal Church- Clifton). We will hold the service in the church
Whether you join us in person or virtually, your presence and prayers are deeply appreciated.
Animate: Faith
Lenten Series that will explore questions about:
The Cross

with video clips featuring 
leading 21st-century Christian thought leaders &
facilitated conversation and instruction from the clergy


Concurrent Program for Children Ages 3-12

Register Here or at the link found at

Interfaith Hospitality Network

Five Times a year, Calvary helps Christ Church Cathedral and IHN host an emergency shelter for families in need by hosting Dinner. If you would like to help host or volunteer to prepare food for this dinner, you can sign up on the outreach board in Hannaford Hall.

The Watch: Holy Week Prayer Vigil

Maundy Thursday- Good Friday, April 9th through 10th.
"Could you not stay awake with me one hour"

Sign up for one hour of prayer in Hannaford Hall.

Lent Madness

Join the Youth Group in participating in LENT MADNESS 2020. Every Lent Forward movement sponsors a bracket challenge to determine our favorite Saint.

Get a preview of the bracket here.

This is a fun way to get involved in something fun during Lent, wherever you are.

Calvary at Carnegie Hall

Unfortunately, Carnegie Hall has cancelled all productions due the the Coronavirus.

Please keep the choir members, high school students, and Howard in your prayers as they travel home.

This week we pray for:

Those on our parish Prayer List :
Howard Helvey, Brad Caldwell, Calvary Choir Members, Megan Rich, The McKenney Family (traveling home from Spain), Cameron Taylor, The Martin Family, Elizabeth Bible, Ingrid Grupp, Paul McCauley, Lois Sechler, Thayer McKinley, Martha Milligan, Dale, Patti, Julia Helvey, Joyce Rimlinger, Cathy McCaffery, Susan Dyer, Georgia, Jim & Florine Postell

For Homebound Parishioners
Mary Ann Bragg, Richard Sininger, Joan Sievers, Paul McCauley, Hazel Ison

For Expectant Parents:
Andrew & Jenna Sturgeon

In the Parish Cycle of Prayer
Home and Hospital Visitations
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