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Online "Release Party" of Transformations by Howard Helvey

Virtual Choir for Diocesan Convention
2021 Pledge Campaign Update

Gospel Meditations: An Invitation to Explore the Gospel with Others

Benevolence Fund

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From the Rector

Dear Parishioners,

Everyone I've spoken with this week is reeling from the reality that our nation's vote for the President reveals again the division among Americans. How are we to respond?

It's easy to keep the news on, refreshing our browsers 24/7 and sit in anxious powerlessness. What's more challenging is to choose this day whom we will serve. Will we serve our fears and anxiety or will we serve the hope of the One who created us?

As faithful Christians and Americans, I believe we should focus on what we are able to do, not what is beyond our control. How can we serve God this day?

Serving God can take a lot of shapes, but it starts with examining our responses. Are we responding in love or in hate? In trust or in fear?

If we were able to vote in the election, we did our duty as citizens of this nation. We support and pray for the citizens who are carefully counting each vote across the nation. We can keep living as caring and dedicated citizens of our city, state, and nation.
So what else can we actively do? The Book of Joshua famously proclaims in the first reading for Sunday worship: "As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD." (Joshua 24:15)

The Book of Common Prayer reminds us of the duty of all Christians, "The duty of all Christians is to follow Christ; to come together week by week for corporate worship; and to work, pray, and give for the spread of the kingdom of God."

When we work, pray, and give for the spread of the kingdom of God, we are doing something of eternal importance, rooted in faith beyond our fears.

In the midst of division, uncertainty, fear, and struggle, we will not only survive, but thrive by serving God and singing God's songs of hope and praise.

This weekend at the Diocesan Convention for the Diocese of Southern Ohio, a virtual choir of 25 singers from ten congregations sang Howard's composition "God's Song Cannot be Silenced." Listen here and be inspired by hope and assurance.

Check out the images of Calvary at Worship last Sunday below, along with an update on the 2021 Pledge Drive.

Have you made your 2021 Pledge? A link to make your committment is below.

As for us, we will serve the LORD and live with steady confidence in these trying times.

The Reverend Allison English
All Saints' Sunday at Calvary
Photos by Howard Helvey

You are warmly invited to an online publication “release party” of a new book of music by Howard Helvey: 

Ten Piano Solos Based on Timeless Hymn Tunes 
Howard will perform the ten piano solos from this new book, and offer brief commentary, in a special 45-minute online event on Sunday, November 15, at 7:30 PM.  It can be viewed on Calvary’s Facebook page or the church website. 
These piano solos gradually came to life from June through September, and were heard initially—sometimes in early form—during Calvary’s weekly online services of Morning Prayer. 
Howard’s book was born directly out of the COVID-19 pandemic this year when choral and congregational singing all but disappeared.  Circumstances opened up the necessary time for him to formulate and craft the collection.  Transformations was recently released in publication by Beckenhorst Press, one of Howard’s main publishers since 1993.  This is Howard’s 17th book, and his third one written for solo piano.  
Diocesan Choir, which featured

"God's Song Cannot Be Silenced"
By Howard Helvey,

for the 2020 Diocesan Convention.
We are the Church

Have you made your pledge (estimate of giving for 2021) to Calvary?

We are the strong and vital branches of Calvary Church thanks to our offerings of Time, Talent, and Treasure.

Here is the good news to date:

47 households have already pledged.
We anticipate up to 31 more pledges.

Pledges to date total $180,068,
71% of our $254,400 goal.
Gospel Meditations:
An Invitation to Explore the Gospel with Others
from Bob Smith

Gospel meditation is a great blessing and pleasure.  

CW joined us just last week, “gospel meditation meeting was such a special time for me; I got to meet you all and feel the energy...all positive.”  

DG, a long time member, “various opinions give me a different perspective and a much deeper understanding of the importance of the Gospels.”  

Allow yourself to be taken by surprise.  For a moment, imagine yourself reading a brief Gospel lesson. How do you respond to the lesson?  

Next, relax. Offer a prayer.  Imagine being in the scene. Imagine God assisting you.  Let your mind quiet. Now, is there something else, some other idea that brings new life to the scripture?  Allow yourself to be taken by surprise.  

Now, join with others who have likewise spent the last thirty minutes.  Each speaks.  Another round of surprises.  

Sign off and enjoy your day contemplating the beauty of this interaction. Allow yourself to be taken by surprise. 

All this is done from the comfort of your home by using your computer or phone. We meet by ZOOM every Thursday (except Thanksgiving) from 9 to 10 AM.

Please call or email me (Bob Smith) for more information (information below).  I can discuss the process, “teach” ZOOM use, get your email to invite you to our meetings, answer any questions or just talk. 

Or, just send me your email address and I’ll send you an ZOOM invitation (link) and the Gospel lesson for the day.  

Bob Smith, 513-260-3646,
The Benevolence Fund
The Rector and Vestry of Calvary Parish have established The Benevolence Fund.

Please notify the rector of any need for housing, medications, or utilities expenses you will struggle to meet Rev. Allison. The Benevolence Team will blindly review requests and one-time payments will be made.

If you find yourself in a challenging position during this time, please reach out to Rev. Allison. Your conversation and concerns will be held in the strictest confidence.

Funds are available to cover mortgage payments, utility bills, and medical expenses for members of the church.

To donate, please send checks to:
Calvary Episcopal Church
3766 Clifton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220
(in memo: Benevolence Fund)

or CLICK HERE to donate.
Sunday: Online Service Continues 10:30 AM &
Outdoor Eucharist offered at 1:00 PM
Per Bishop Breidenthal's instruction, we are in Phase 1 of the Re-Open Guide due to Hamilton County being in LEVEL RED.

We are permitted to worship outside:
up to 35 people in masks and distanced.

Current Weekly Worship Schedule:
10:30 AM
ONLINE service

1:00 PM
OUTDOOR Holy Eucharist
in the Homeless Jesus Courtyard
(If more than 35 people sign up, we will offer another Eucharist at 1:30 PM)
Sunday Virtual
Coffee Hour

Virtual Coffee Hour will take place via Zoom this Sunday, following the 10:30 service. To join the coffee hour follow this link. For instructions on how to access the meeting, click here ,

You can also access a Facebook group to talk with other Calvary members and get updates from the parish. To join that group, click here
This week we pray:

For those on our Parish Prayer List 
Reed Coen, Phyllis Reid, Kelsey Logan, Christian Friedenberg, Larry Griggs, Bishop Tom Breidenthal, Mary Kate DeWees, Eddie and his family, Tom Gardner, Rachel, Autumn, Mary Ann McDonald, Todd Baumgartner

For Homebound Parishioners
Mary Ann Bragg, Richard Sininger, Joan Sievers, Paul McCauley, Hazel Ison, Hedda von Goeben

Send your prayer requests to Rev. Allison
Prayer requests are spoken aloud in worship for two weeks / kept on prayer list for two months. Keep us updated for long-term requests.

If you have a pastoral need, please contact the
Rector, The Rev. Allison English at 513-401-5781
or Rector Associate, The Rev. Olivia Hamilton at 513-236-0526.
Advent Wreath Supplies!
Calvary's Family Ministries will be making Advent wreath materials available for anyone interested. All materials including a metal wreath form, greenery, and candles will be in the church for pick up the first week of Advent. I do need a count in advance in order to set up materials in enough time. Please sign up if your household is interested in having Advent wreath materials.
Click Here to sign up Questions Contact Sally Engelbert here
Calvary Episcopal Church | 513-861-4437 |