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Christmastide Prayers

St. Andrew's Food Pantry

Calvary Annual Meeting Online
Transformation CD's Available

Benevolence Fund

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From the Rector
Christmastide Prayers

As we settle into the days following our commemoration of Christ's birth, may you and your family encounter the peace of God amid the tumult of our times.

I've found solace in the prayers written by Steven Shakespeare in Prayers for an Inclusive Church, and offer this Christmas Prayer as we come to the close of the 12 Days of Christmas and welcome 2021.

God of grace and truth,
whose word brings light to birth
in the heart of a darkening world
which fears a love it cannot name:
may flesh be blessed and born anew
by a truth which leaves the heavens
and walks the waiting earth;
through Jesus Christ, the Word incarnate.

The Reverend Allison English
St Andrew's Food Pantry
Calvary has been supporting St. Andrews Episcopal Church Food Pantry for many years; I am grateful to step into the role of communication between Calvary and St. Andrews Food Pantry; Tate and Anne Greenwald previously notified Calvary Church community of needs at the Pantry and carried contributions from Calvary to St. Andrews. They are stepping aside and I have made contact with the organizers of St. Andrews.

Current ( December 2020) needs at the St.Andrews Pantry include:
Hygiene items: shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, lotion, soap, etc.
Food: NO MORE Mac-n-Cheese ( they have ENOUGH)
         Protein such as canned tuna, meats, etc.
         Condiments: Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, Salad dressing, Hot Sauce, etc.

Many visitors to the Food Pantry live alone and small sizes are appreciated for cans/bottles.
If there are any questions or a need for me to come pick up items for donations please call or text me at 513-515-1166. Email: Miriam here.
Respectfully submitted , Miriam Hill
Calvary Annual Meeting Online
January 31, 2021
11:30 am
Mark your calendars!
Join us via Zoom, just like coffee hour.
Transformations CDs available
Howard Helvey has graciously offered CDs of his recent Transformations Concert to parishioners. They are free and on the stage in Hannaford Hall for pick-up.
The Benevolence Fund
The Rector and Vestry of Calvary Parish have established The Benevolence Fund.

Please notify the rector of any need for housing, medications, or utilities expenses you will struggle to meet Rev. Allison. The Benevolence Team will blindly review requests and one-time payments will be made.

If you find yourself in a challenging position during this time, please reach out to Rev. Allison. Your conversation and concerns will be held in the strictest confidence.

Funds are available to cover mortgage payments, utility bills, and medical expenses for members of the church.

To donate, please send checks to:
Calvary Episcopal Church
3766 Clifton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220
(in memo: Benevolence Fund)

or CLICK HERE to donate.
Sunday: Online Service ONLY 10:30 AM

Due to the rising COVID numbers, the Rector, with the advisement and support of the Re-Open Team, have determined to move to ONLINE ONLY worship for the indeterminate future.

Current Weekly Worship Schedule:
10:30 AM
ONLINE service
Sunday Virtual
Coffee Hour

Virtual Coffee Hour will take place via Zoom this Sunday, following the 10:30 service. To join the coffee hour follow this link. For instructions on how to access the meeting, click here ,

You can also access a Facebook group to talk with other Calvary members and get updates from the parish. To join that group, click here
This week we pray:

For those on our Parish Prayer List 
Karl Laube, Spencer Shuey, Cynthia Bourgeois, Wesley Duncan, Sharon Grayton, Paula Winans, Maureen Siereveld, Eric Van Vyven, Reed Coen, Phyllis Reid, Christian Fredenburgh, Mary Kate DeWees, Nancy, Mary Beth, Roger Percer, Erica Jones , Barbara Lindsey, Wes Duncan, Terrell Lackey

For Homebound Parishioners
Mary Ann Bragg, Richard Sininger, Joan Sievers, Paul McCauley, Hazel Ison, Hedda von Goeben

For New Parents
Julie Ault and Josh Knudsen and baby Oliver

For Expectant Parents
Hannah & Clairice Galey

Send your prayer requests to Rev. Allison
Prayer requests are spoken aloud in worship for two weeks / kept on prayer list for two months. Keep us updated for long-term requests.

If you have a pastoral need, please contact the
Rector, The Rev. Allison English at 513-401-5781
or Rector Associate, The Rev. Olivia Hamilton at 513-236-0526.
Calvary Episcopal Church | 513-861-4437 |