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Dr. Megan Rich, Vestry Team Lead

The Coronavirus Pandemic Worsens The Divide Between Rich and Poor – and Calvary Responds

Injustice has long been a part of our society - we can’t blame a novel virus for that. The pandemic didn’t create the societal structures that offer privilege to some groups and poverty to others.

But the consequence of this virus, the ways in which it has affected various groups of people has emphasized our nation’s great class divide. For the most part, those with white-collar jobs have adapted to working from home, staying away from the front lines and the subsequent exposure risks. Homeschooling may be a mental and emotional challenge for the affluent, but they have both the devices and the data plans to allow their children to seamlessly connect with a new online curriculum.

Meanwhile, the working class continues to show up for work at grocery stores and restaurants, to drive city buses and delivery vans. They either face work that is unfairly compensated given the health risks they endure, or they face job loss and furloughs and financial distress.

The World Health Organization declared a pandemic on March 11 th, a mere two months ago. Yet in the time, we are already seeing the results of economic down turn, especially on vulnerable families. 2-1-1 is a nationally used phone number that connects the caller with information on local community resources. Data on the number of calls placed during the pandemic is astounding; one week after the pandemic was declared, 2-1-1 received the greatest number of calls in a single day in their history. In April, the total number of calls crossed 1 million. That is twice the call volume compared to similar dates in 2019. Twenty percent of calls to date are related to housing assistance.
Calvary’s Outreach Team has remained connected to the organizations we support through our gifts of time, talent and treasure. We recognize that in these uncertain times it is crucial to ensure that basic needs are met for all people.

In an effort to live out this mission, the Outreach Team met on May 4 th , 2020 to work on allocating the outreach funds to organizations we support, a process that is usually postponed to the second half of the year. We were able to mobilize $28,000 to organizations like Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN), Tender Mercies, El Hogar, Churches Active in Northside ( CAIN), St Andrew’s Food Pantry and Habitat for Humanity. We kept in reserve another $1500 to provide a Christmas Match for Caracole and in case there are emergency needs in the community later in the year, and have funds to support Tender Mercies and IHN meal delivery through the rest of 2020.

I feel proud to be part of a congregation that so values its commitment to the community, to the vulnerable in our society, and to social justice that we are willing to use such a large portion of our budget. It is your pledge, your tithing, your dollars that is makes the difference.

Our societal structures that created the class divide cannot be undone overnight. In this era of job loss and economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever that we serve our community by supporting those organizations on the front lines tending to the needs of the vulnerable.
Want to know more about how Calvary reaches out to our community and world?

Click Here to read the most recent Outreach Team synopsis in the Annual Report.

Here you can learn who the team leaders are for these important ministries. If you're interested in being of service in the future, please let the Rector know so she can put you in touch with these Outreach Team Leaders -
Habitat for Humanity
Cincinnati HOPE Coalition
Farewell to Troy, Helen, and Luke!
Thank you, Troy, for your years of service in this outreach ministry!
For years Calvary has been an integral supporter of the Cincinnati HOPE Coalition of Habitat for Humanity.

Troy Romantini has been the steadfast leader of this outreach ministry for several years. Troy and his wife, Helen Jones, and their son Luke are moving to Gainesville, Florida this June.

We want to give a hearty THANK YOU to Troy and his family for their ministry at Calvary. Helen served for years on the 9:30 Family Service Team and helped to bring life and innovation to that growing community.

It has been fun to watch Luke grow and share in the life of the church with this fantastic Calvary family. We wish you all blessings. And may Habitat continue to thrive as a ministry of Calvary Church.
Update from CAIN-
Churches Active in Northside

The new Executive Director Melissa Meyer recently provided and update. You can see by the table (left) that there is a 30% increase in need and 357% increase in new households served in the neighborhood from April 2019 to April 2020. This is a strong indicator of the need in Northside spiking due to COVID-related unemployment.

Calvary just gave $3000 from our Outreach Budget to help with CAIN's $38,000 goal, which often is supported by the Hunger Walk. To be part of the Virtual Hunger Walk on this coming Memorial Day, May 25, check out this link to register.
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The Benevolence Fund

The Rector and Vestry of Calvary Parish have established The Benevolence Fund.

For some of us, our day-to-day ability to live and work has not changed beyond adjusting to the stay-at-home order.

For others, COVID-19 has devastated our livelihood.

For those with abundance, you're invited to give.

For those in time of trial, you're invited to receive.

Please notify the rector of any need for housing, medications, or utilities expenses you will struggle to meet ( ). The Benevolence Team will blindly review requests and one-time payments will be made.

UPDATE : We have been able to assist with two requests to date. The Benevolence Fund team blindly reviewed and approved the requests.

To donate, please send checks to:

Calvary Episcopal Church
3766 Clifton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220
(in memo: Benevolence Fund)

or CLICK HERE to donate.
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