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From the Rector:
Holy Week and Easter 2021

From the Altar Guild:
Easter Flowering of the Cross

Diocesan-wide Confirmations

Procter Summer Camp is ON!

Benevolence Fund

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Prayer List
REMINDER: Easter Flower donations in Remembrance or Thanksgiving of loved ones is due Sunday, March 28th
From the Rector

Dear Calvary Parish,

This coming week we enter into the most vital aspects of our story Christian people. Here’s how we’ll enter into the week together:

Palm Sunday: We wave our palms from home (you can pick yours up on the stage at the church) for this virtual service, recalling Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, and the passion that unfolded just days later.

Holy Monday & Tuesday: Use the Holy Week at Home packets for a meaningful, visceral time of reflection and preparation:

Holy Wednesday: The Lenten Series concludes with reflection upon the Biblically-rooted practices of Christian Community that lead us into life. The series concludes with reflection on Bonhoeffer’s life and six 60-second excerpts from the opera Bonhoeffer by Robert Hatten and Ann K. Gebuhr. We close the session with the dramatic 20-minute service of light and shadows, Tenebrae.
Meets on ZOOM at 7:30 p.m.- click to connect. and will last no later than 9:00 p.m.

Maundy Thursday: The custom for this day is to gather in intimate community, washing each other’s feet as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, sharing in a final Holy Communion before Easter, and stripping the altar of its adornment. 

Due to COVID, we will instead gather around our dinner tables at 6:30 p.m. via ZOOM - click to connect- for a brief service celebrating God’s unconditional love for us and our life as a community.

This service draws from the Eucharistic tradition, but it is not a sacramental meal. We call it Eukharistía: Ancient Greek (εὐχαριστία), meaning “gratitude, giving of thanks”- and this we can and should do whenever we share the bounty of the earth!
All Christians are called to bless and so while this meal is not sacramental it includes blessings of the food and drink shared, and the people gathered.

Good Friday: From Noon-3pm and then 5pm until dusk, you are invited to engaged with a special art installation of the Stations of the Cross, offered by my husband’s church plant in Northside. The artist, Scott Erickson, wrote and illustrated prayer books that our Youth Group has been using for over a year.

At 7:30 p.m., you are invited for the first time since October back into the church. With masks and distanced seating, we will sit in the stark church, grieving the losses of the last year, and the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ upon the cross. Howard Helvey and Satish Casey-Chetty will offer moving and intimate music-making to accompany the liturgy.
Service will be live-streamed.

Easter Vigil: We celebrate first Eucharist inside the walls of the church since March 2020. This service begins before dawn (6:00 a.m.) outside around a kindled fire, from which the Paschal Candle—a symbol of the conquering of the forces of evil and death—is lighted and processed into the church. From there, we hear stories of salvation in word and in song. This is akin to joining the first disciples at the tomb on Easter morning to encounter the great mystery of Christ’s resurrection. Seating will be masked and distanced in the church.

BRING BELLS to ring as we proclaim our Alleluias that Christ is Risen.

Easter Day: Alleluia! Christ is Risen! We celebrate outside in the front and side lawn of the church as a community the great reality of Christ’s Resurrection and celebrate the Eucharist together. Services at 9:15 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

BRING YOUR LAWN CHAIRS/BLANKETS. Ushers will have chairs available for your use, as well. Seating is distanced and masked. Please follow the instructions of the ushers as we include as many as possible in the church lawn. BRING FLOWERS to add to the Flowering of the Cross. Learn more in the articles below.

See below for all of the details you’ll need to enter into this profound week of life and love, death and resurrection.

Holy Week at Home
Engaging ways to experience Holy week from the safety of your home.
Holy Week Bags are ready for pick-up on the STAGE at the Church. Supplies are limited! Stop by soon!
Holy Week and Easter Services 2021
The “Flowering of the Easter Cross”
This year, we will have a new and beautiful way to symbolize the life that emerges from Jesus’s death on the cross - The “Flowering of the Easter Cross”.

When you arrive at Calvary for services on Easter Sunday, you will see a cross as you approach. The cross will be bare at dawn as the Vigil begins. As the morning progresses, the cross will eventually come to be covered with real flowers. When the entire cross is encased in blooms, it will be prominently placed before the Altar. The Flowering of the Easter Cross transforms a symbol of death, darkness, hopelessness and pain. The Cross becomes beautiful, new and alive in celebration of the Resurrection of Christ.

This year, as you come to Easter Sunday Service, pause by the cross, reflect, and add some flowers. You can bring flowers from your garden, or you can choose from our buckets of fresh blossoms. Everyone is encouraged to participate.
Diocesan-wide Confirmation Class Info Here & Register Here
Procter Summer Camp is ON for Summer 2021
Learn more dates for camps HERE
The Benevolence Fund
The Rector and Vestry of Calvary Parish have established The Benevolence Fund.

Please notify the rector of any need for housing, medications, or utilities expenses you will struggle to meet Rev. Allison. The Benevolence Team will blindly review requests and one-time payments will be made.

If you find yourself in a challenging position during this time, please reach out to Rev. Allison. Your conversation and concerns will be held in the strictest confidence.

Funds are available to cover mortgage payments, utility bills, and medical expenses for members of the church.

To donate, please send checks to:
Calvary Episcopal Church
3766 Clifton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220
(in memo: Benevolence Fund)

or CLICK HERE to donate.
Palm Sunday: Online Service ONLY 10:30 AM
Current Weekly Worship Schedule:
10:30 AM
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Sunday Virtual
Coffee Hour


Virtual Coffee Hour will take place via Zoom this Sunday, following the 10:30 service. To join the coffee hour follow this link. For instructions on how to access the meeting, click here ,

You can also access a Facebook group to talk with other Calvary members and get updates from the parish. To join that group, click here
This week we pray:

For those on our Parish Prayer List 
Karl Howat, Gloria Marshall, Reed Coen, Roger Percer, Joseph Farrell, Judy, Anne, Kay, Molly, Matilda, Claire, Matt, Jay, Paula Winans, Tianna Hill
For Homebound Parishioners
Richard Sininger, Joan Sievers, Paul McCauley, Hazel Ison, Hedda von Goeben
Expectant Parents
Hannah & Clairice Galey

Send your prayer requests to Rev. Allison
Prayer requests are spoken aloud in worship for two weeks / kept on prayer list for two months. Keep us updated for long-term requests.

If you have a pastoral need, please contact the
Rector, The Rev. Allison English at 513-401-5781
or Rector Associate, The Rev. Olivia Hamilton at 513-236-0526.
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