May 1, 2022
Third Sunday of Easter
A Fond Farewell to Austin
Austin Harper was placed at Christ the King parish for a pastoral assignment which has now concluded following some health concerns that are still being evaluated. 

Hosting young men in a parish setting is an important part of their spiritual and pastoral formation. It is a time to shadow the priest and experience parish life in the field. Seminary, seminarium in Latin, meaning "seed," is a place to grow, learn and discern God's calling for one’s life. It may be to Holy Orders, or it may be to Matrimony, but seminary formation allows a young man to listen and hear his true vocation. 

The Church is filled with former seminarians, men who are now living out their faith in marriage or the single life. Very often they contribute to the life of the Church by raising families in the faith or serving in lay ministries. Either way, the Church benefits from their studies and learning. 

Please join me in praying for Austin and for all of our young men discerning God’s call for their life. 

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Fr. Rex Arnold
Bless the Children Receiving First Holy Communion this Weekend
This Sunday, fifty seven children will experience a very special day in their lives: they will be making their First Holy Communion at Christ the King.

Pope Francis refers to the Eucharist as a gift. He reminds us about how important it is to our faith journey and he encourages us to receive the Eucharist as a family as often as possible if we are so disposed and in the state of grace. He stated, “First Communion is, above all, a celebration. We celebrate Jesus, who wants to remain always by our side. He will always be with us...(it) will be the beginning of many Communions, so that your hearts may always, like today, be festive, full of joy and, above all else, gratitude.”

As we reflect on these words of Pope Francis, let's give thanks for all the teachers, relatives, and friends of these children who have helped prepare them for First Holy Communion, and who will assist them in their future growth in faith through their prayers and actions. We especially thank the parents who are the primary educators of the children in the ways of the faith.
Welcome to the Catholic Faith!
Christ the King was excited to welcome our newest members into full communion with the Catholic church at the Easter Vigil on April 16, 2022: Jennifer Allen; Tammy Briggs; Joseph Bugg; Karen Cassil; Ian Cox; Iris Cox; Aiden Dyson; Dashaven Dyson Jr.; Jacqueline Dyson; Paris Dyson; John Fowler; Nancy Hathcoat; Nathan Hathcoat; Valerie Hathcoat; Ava Huddleston; Declan Huddleston; Keylee Huddleston; Ryan Huddleston; Sarah Huddleston; Jessi Miller; James Mitchell; Hanieh Pace; Jameson Ethan Pace; William Pace; Alisa Ratzlaff; Ashlie Reed; Robert Reed; and Jeremy Tsatoke.
May Wedding Anniversary Blessing this Weekend
All married couples celebrating a wedding anniversary in May are invited to stick around after any Mass this weekend for a special blessing and Renewal of Wedding Vows
Altar Server Training: May 11th at 3pm
There will be a training session for any parishioner in fourth grade or older who would like to become an Altar Server on Wednesday, May 11th at 3pm.

Altar servers are integral to the celebration of the Mass and we would love to welcome new servers to this important church ministry!
Two Ministries Looking for Volunteers
Sometimes funerals are held at Christ the King for individuals who pass away over the weekend and are buried before the next bulletin announcement, or for those from families that have only a few members and, therefore, would have a very small crowd in attendance. In keeping with the Corporal Works of Mercy to "bury the dead," CK is putting together a Funeral Presence Ministry to provide additional comfort to the family. If you would like to participate in this comforting ministry of presence (as your schedule allows), please email to be added to the notification list.
We also need volunteers to assist with Altar Linen Care. Members of the parish carefully wash and iron the various linens used at Mass. If you are able to serve in this capacity, please contact Margaret McLain at (405) 205-5353. 
Need a Mother's Day Gift? Christ the King Cookbooks for Sale!
Order your copy of the Christ the King Cookbook for a variety of easy, unique and fun recipes from fellow parents and Parishioners. At just $20 each, these cookbooks would make a great Mother's Day gift!

Refugee Resettlement Program: Tuesday, May 10th at 7
Have you ever felt the call to assist with the Church's mission to Refugee clients? Do you have questions about who Refugees are and how they qualify for resettlement? What is the process for resettling in the United States? How are refugees different from immigrants? What does the state provide new refugees and how are parishes and donors able to assist the program in our Archdiocese?
Aimee Ryan, Refugee Director at Catholic Charities, will join us on Tuesday, May 10th at 7pm in the atrium to provide a presentation on the Refugee Resettlement program. Mrs. Ryan provides support and training for staff assisting with the recent Afghan Resettlement in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

No RSVP necessary and everyone is welcome to attend! Childcare provided! Questions? Contact Dori Smith ( or Linda Airington (
Christ the King Catholic Church
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