Things you need to know about redundancy
The CODE HR team outline the right way to go about making redundancies
Redundancy can be used when the business needs fewer employees due to lower services demand, restructuring, relocation or closure. The CODE HR team regularly provide support to members who are having to consider redundancy. This is often in relation to tendering, restructuring and cost saving.

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A closer look at maternity, paternity, shared parental and adoption rights
Employment legislation recognises that from time to time employees may need to take time away from their workplace to care for their families.

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Following the first year of the Data Security and Protection (DSP) Toolkit Standard, some updates have been made based on lessons learned and user feedback. This means that as of 21 June 2019 there is a significantly updated DSP Toolkit.

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Data Backup
Steps to follow to help with compliance and protect against data loss  
The updated NHS Data Security and Protection (DSP) Toolkit, which must now also be completed by private practices in order to refer in some regions, includes a requirement to ‘Explain how your data security incident response and management plan has been tested to ensure all parties understand their roles and responsibilities as part of the plan.

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Join us at the CODE Compliance Hub  
With regulators increasing their focus on management, HR and leadership, CODE iComply have handpicked some of the best speakers in the field and invite you to attend the Hub for your essential compliance update.

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Friday 15th November at the Brooklands Hotel, Surrey
Whether you’re new to the practice and need to learn the software quickly; want to further understand how to utilise the features within your system; or are simply looking to brush up on certain areas of iComply then the CODE iComply User Day is for you.

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We have worked on a number of modules since the last newsletter covering things such as the updated DSP Toolkit, safeguarding and referrals.

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Vineet and Neera Korpal, owners of Eye Smile and Whitton Corner dental practices, tell us why CODE’s Total HR service is something they couldn’t do without

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Steven McGrath, partner at Rudlings Wakelam Solicitors, demystifies the topic of TUPE
For many practitioners, they have often acquired the practice by what is known as an ‘Asset Transfer’ whereby one practice owner transfers the entire business to another as a going concern.

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Top five ways to create beneficial new habits
If your ‘summer body’ didn’t quite happen this year then why not use this as motivation to boost your health and fitness well in time for next summer… and beyond. Creating a healthier lifestyle is about changing small habits all of which will add up to a greater impact, so let’s take a look at our top five ideas that might help you to get the ball rolling…

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