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Chantilly Soccer Club, Vol. 4
 August 7, 2015
Club Culture
Dear Soccer Enthusiasts,

This week: Club Culture.

Club Culture

A way to identify who you are, what you represent, your beliefs, and social commitment.

All youth soccer clubs have their own culture and identity. Each have something different: colors, logos, their mission statements (their beliefs), and what they offer. 

People in the community sometimes agree or disagree with what some clubs have to offer- then they're free to choose according to their individual needs and values.

Let's take a look at a club's culture and identity:


The predominating attitudes and behavior that characterize a group or organization. A product of human work considered as the expression of particular period, class, community or population. These products considered with respect to a particular category, such as a field, subject, or mode of expression, as in "Soccer Culture"

Club Culture Components:

  • Commitment (to improve; to abide by club beliefs and standards)
  • Quality (on and off the field)
  • Numbers (small numbers with integrity within large numbers to promote the Club's Culture)
  • Behavioral issues (learning to be a more disciplined person)
  • Values (Club values and social/community values)
Action Plan:
  • System of play (Club Curriculum)
  • Technical and Tactical emphasis (Club Curriculum)
  • Parents (willing to support Club Curriculum and values)
  • Community (beliefs & Club values)
  • Quality (educated and dedicated)
  • Consistency (to keep Club values)
  • Commitment (to Club values and curriculum)
  • Values (Club values and community values)
Key Players:
  • Initiators: the people who create and establish the new culture.
  • Contributors: people who create and represent the new Club "Mission Statement", curriculum, and values.
  • Enforcers: Directors, Coaches, and Administrators.
  • Successors: all new generations, Clubs grassroots.
CSC's Club Culture Evolution:

Original (1980):                           Previous: (2011):


Current (2015):

Click to view CSC's new Club Culture

Rec. Soccer Registration Open for Fall 2015
Young players will learn the basic fundamentals of soccer in a fun environment utilizing jamboree-style small-sided games and directed by USSF licensed coaches. Our U5/U6 program is an active start- an introduction to the soccer and is focused on introducing movement skills like running, jumping, landing, kicking, catching, and throwing. At U7/U8 we introduce technical foot skills and continue developing enhanced movement skills- the ABC's- agility, balance, coordination & speed. The focus at the U9-U12 is more advanced technical skills and an introduction to the basic principles of play. 

The rec. fee includes weekly jamboree sessions, a free-play night, a uniform, and a ball for U5-U8. 

Our recreational program is expanding: SFL age groups have been added for boys and girls ages U11 and older. For players whose focus is on playing soccer for fun and staying healthy and fit without the intensity of travel soccer, our rec. program is the perfect fit. Our $150 rec. fee includes games, practices, and a uniform kit ($30 value). 

Volunteer Coaches: We need you! We're looking for mom and dad volunteer coaches and we would like to help you start on the coaching development pathway. The club offers coaching educational opportunities from our Club TD, Marcelo Gangotena, in the form of licensing classes, seminars, and clinics. 

To learn more about CSC's Rec. Soccer Program: Click Here

To learn more about coaching in CSC: Click Here

To register your child for Fall 2015 Rec. Soccer: Click Here
CSC Soccer Fiesta (Free Event) on August 22, 4-6 PM at Poplar Tree Park #2 in Chantilly
The Soccer Fiesta celebrates the spirit of soccer through free play. The best players know their passion for soccer started with unstructured free-play in the streets, back lots, parks, and open fields across the world. Our culture is different but free-play is just as essential developmentally. With free-play, kids are allowed to be creative without the pressure to win. Coaches serve only in a monitoring role and not to actively coach. It's the players game and it's up to them to make it happen. This event is open to the entire community and free to boys and girls ages 5-15. The event will take place at Poplar Tree Park #2 on Saturday, August 22 from 4-6 pm. Players must register prior to participating either online or at the field. The whole family is encouraged to attend and enjoy the festivities. All participants will receive a free gift.

To Register: Click Here

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Don't pay late fees for an inferior program. Registration is still open without late fees for CSC's quality Fall 2015 Rec. Programs. 

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