Membership Matters
Yes! Membership matters, without a good membership base the Lions are not going to remain the largest service organization in the world. Personal contact is, I think, the most effective way of reaching new members. Our district is in dire need of new members. Lion Governor Tom asked me to help coordinate the recruiting of 100 additional members.

With the COVID-19 situation, this is more of a challenge than in the past. Trying to do any fund-raising events, yet alone having indoor meetings, is almost impossible.

Due to the cancelation of our region/zone meetings, I feel bad I could not personally speak to you. Since we are in a lull, so to speak, let us stop and look over our own club’s membership situations. Are all members on board? Do we have some infighting, are members afraid to bring up new projects? Well, let’s try to get to the bottom of it ASAP.

Lions Clubs International has a great brochure for the members of the club to fill out: “How Are Your Ratings?” Club membership chairs or the president should download a PDF copy and send to all members to fill out and return to them. Review the results and proceed with greater understanding of how the members feel and what the future of your club will look like in years to come.

Let’s make those decisions now, so in the future we can all work together as a team!

With all Lions participating in this team effort. I passionately believe we can do it.

Plan for a very lean year raising funds, but let us not hold back in the membership recruitment.

Let us all assist Lion Governor Tom’s theme to “Jump Start this year” by helping with new membership enrollment ... making our district the biggest and best in MD-1.

—Lion Ron Niemaszyk, the GMT, Global Membership Team chairman for District 1-F

New Vision Screener Opportunity for District 1-F
District 1-F Lions make Plus Optics Vision Screener available to all clubs throughout the district.

As a member of the optical profession for 50 years and a Lion for 35 years, PDG Lion Alan J. Barack reports that the device can screen someone in less that a minute, and will tell the screener whether the person being screened needs vision help.

The device will print out a number that can be given to an eye doctor to help the doctor refine the person's prescription for a pair of eyeglasses. This device can be used on anyone from age 1 to 60.
Lion Alan would like to acknowledge the following donors for their contributions in helping to obtain the Plus Optics Vision Screener:
  • Lion Terry Scherman
  • The Fox Lake Lions Club
  • The Arlington Heights Lions Club 
  • PDG Lion Kathleen E. Marusich

Lion Alan obtained the device and is graciously making it available to any club that wants to use it.
If you or your club would like to make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated. With enough donations, Lion Alan says a second unit can be purchased for $5,200. That way Lion Terry Scherman and Lion Alan will each have a unit that they can bring to any club meeting or event.

This is a great piece of equipment to have and use to help in the screening of children. It is so easy to use. If you want any more information or a demonstration, please let Lion Alan or Lion Terry know.
You may contact Lion Terry at 847-912-3825 or Or Lion Alan at 815-575-6160 or

Help out Canine Companions
Canine Companions celebrates service dogs and puppies (black ones, yellow ones and goldens too!) and the impact they make on the lives of children, adults and veterans with disabilities every day of the year.

Canine Companions service dogs are expertly trained in over 40 commands, such as picking up dropped toys, carrying a lunchbox, opening drawers and so much more. And the service is provided FREE of charge to recipients thanks to a steady flow of donations. Please show your support — put a little "Lab" in your heart and make a donation today!

Every dollar makes a difference. Click here to donate now. Thank you!

—Paige Mazzoni, Chief Executive Officer, Canine Companions for Independence
Lions of Illinois Foundation District 1-F Update
As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving and look forward to Christmas and the Season of Giving and Sharing with our Loved Ones, let’s not forget those in our local and worldwide communities who need our help more than ever due to the ever increasing COVID -19 pandemic, which continues to rage over the Global Environment. Hopefully, each of us are mindful of our duty to Serve others and have found ways to coordinate with like-minded persons to offer those services to others.

PDG Lion Trustee Marty Reading and I continue to participate in Virtual meetings with LIF Director Lion Trish Fisher and the LIF Board of Trustees on a monthly basis, keeping up to date on activities that affect our D1F Lion Members.

In case there are some issues that you have not been aware of in the past several months, I will attempt to bring you up to date:

  1. The LIF Office is moving to a new headquarters. As of Feb. 1, 2021, the new address will be: Lions of Illinois Foundation, 700 Peace Road, Suite B, DeKalb, IL 60115.
  2. Several Fundraising Activities are in the works, including Terri-Lynn, Shop with Scrip (Holiday Gift Cards), the Virtual Car Show, and Amazon Smiles.
  3. Each of these Fundraising Activities can be found by logging onto

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call or email Martin J. Reading, PDG, 847-980-6986, or Molly M. Penny, PDG, 847-707-8646,

—PDG Lion Molly M. Penny, D1F LIF Trustee, 2019-2021