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The Reverend Patricia Handloss, Interim Rector

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A Letter from the Rector's Desk

Dear Friends,


Epiphanies are in some ways about thresholds. If you answer the epiphany of your soul, whatever that might be, you step into something new. 


Thresholds are important and sometime protected. Years ago there was a bullfrog who wanted to get into the house of a friend of mine who lived in Dover. There are plenty of places for bullfrogs to be happy aside from the inside of the Mumford’s house. But this frog wanted to be inside the house. He would wait hiding behind a planter on the patio until the backdoor opened, and then he would lunge, well, hop fast, to try and make the entry. Sometimes he succeeded. There would be words and screams about the frog. Someone would find him and out he went until the next time. He wanted to cross a threshold that was not his to cross. It was, while not sacred, not his. It was Nancy’s threshold. And she was careful about who crossed it, whatever the species. 


Thresholds take us into sacred places as well as the mundane. But they always lead to something different. When the light of the star called the Magi, it was to a threshold of universal importance. It was an offering of God. Had they returned the way they came, salvation history would have had a very different story.


We have our own threshold moments. I am one who is slow to cross the threshold. I test the waters. Pray long and hard about the door that has opened. I am that way about leaving and going, whether to new opportunities or old old faithful returns. I stand and pray at the threshold before I go through. 


I have friends who just charge ahead. You might be one of those.


However, as we approach a threshold, they are there and they are meant to be crossed. Thresholds are gifts. They are opportunities that God is giving us to be and do better, or different things with our lives. Epiphany is about the “ah ha” moments in our lives. Thresholds are often those moments. 


The parish is facing a threshold, calling a new Rector. The Search Committee is doing a wonderful job doing the ground work. The Vestry and the Search Committee will be making a decision about a new rector in the coming months. How we cross that threshold is so very important. We need to recognize that we are going into a new era as a parish. God is calling us to go over this threshold together.

Look. Listen. Pray, this Epiphany that you might recognize the epiphany's in your life and cross those threshold’s for the new gifts that are on the other side of the door.


Blessings and love,



Church Happenings

Vestry Meeting: 1/22/23

All are welcome


Hybrid Help!

Having hybrid capability is a blessing! But we need help! We are looking for volunteers to help with videography for Sunday services. If you attend Church regularly, please think about helping with this! We can train you! Contact the office if you would like to help! Thank you!


Church School is back in action!

Sundays 9:30 a.m.

We are looking for Teachers! To volunteer, talk to Courtney Hill!


Coffee Hour Hosts Needed!

Duties include; getting to church early to set up coffee maker, make sure there is half +half, put out snacks, and clean up afterwards. Weekly sign up sheet located in Kitchen,

Thank you!


Doing a January clean out? 

Would you like to donate items to next year’s Christmas fair? We will take them! Please bring in items in good/used condition and place them in the appropriate rooms downstairs. We always need collectibles, home goods, holiday decorations, jewelry, purses, toys, and games. Please no electronics or books as they do not sell well. Your local library is a great place to drop off books. Thank you! The Christmas Fair team.


Stewardship 2023 pledges

Thank you to everyone who has sent in their 2023 pledges! There is still time to get your pledge in if you haven't! If you need envelopes for your weekly/monthly/annual pledge please let the office know!


Woman's Book Club

A woman's book and discussion group will be meeting weekly in the Rector's office-coffee and nibbles provided.

Every Thursday @ 10:30 a.m.

Note start Date Change because Rev Pattie is moving!

First Meeting 2/2/23


Parish Directory

We are finishing up revisions to the directory so if you would like to be added, change your address or have your photo taken (you can also supply a photo) please contact Rebecca Maki at

Thank you!

St. Andrew’s is collecting items for the Hanover Food Pantry and these can be dropped off in the narthex. Currently, the pantry could use:

Canned Fruit- Olive Oil- White Rice- Tomato Soup- Kitchen Trash Bags- Toilet Paper-

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Hybrid Worship Service

Sundays 9:30 A.M.


Please note the following updated worship guidelines:

  • Masks required while singing only.

  • Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance to the church, and for use before and after Holy Communion.

For those participating in the service from home, please join us on our Facebook link:

We want to thank you for your patience during this time. As always, the safety and health of our members is paramount.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak with a member of the Vestry.



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