The Calvary Connection
April 2021
What does Women's History Month mean to you?
The empowerment of women.” This is what Women’s History Month means to one woman at Calvary.

At Calvary, we are committed to empowering women to change their own lives, each and every day. Women’s History Month provided a chance to reflect and learn more about the strength and resilience of the women that came before us. Residents all had slightly different answers to our questions about women’s history month. Another resident added that it is about, “women and what they have been through and the lives that they have lived.”

“When I think of Women’s History Month, I think about famous women like Oprah, Natalie Cole, and Maya Angelou.” When the women at Calvary talk about the women that came before them, it is often noted about women who “came from the bottom to the top” as a reminder that with the right support, women are capable of changing their lives.

Women’s History Month may be over, we plan to keep learning about the strength and resilience of women throughout history working to create change. We are continuing our commitment from February of making every month Black History Month this year, and focusing on raising up the voices and stories of Black women.
Volunteer Spotlight: Fiby Daniel
Last week, we sat down over Zoom to chat with Fiby, who started volunteering with LEAP during the pandemic. Fiby decided she wanted to get more involved with her community. As a current Biology student at UMBC, Fiby loves having an artistic outlet. When she found Calvary Women’s Services, she thought it would be a great way to connect with other women in her community.
Every week, Fiby leads a class on the history of R&B. Each class focuses on a different time period, starting in the 1950s and coming all the way to the present. The women started by talking about artists such as Jackie Wilson and Teddy Pendergrass, Toni Braxton, Anita Baker, Mary J Blige, and some “new school” artists like Frank Ocean. During these classes, women have talked about race and gender in music and reminisced about dance parties before COVID.
For Fiby, volunteering has been a highlight of her experience during COVID. “The women are so opinionated, and some weeks I would think I was going to surprise them with a relatively unknown artist, only to have one woman say, 'but have you heard this other song by the same artist?”
Her advice for anyone looking to volunteer at Calvary? “Go in with an open mind! Volunteering with Calvary has been such a fun and positive experience.”
Join us for this year's Virtual Hope Awards
The Hope Awards Dinner is an inspirational and fun evening held every May that brings together major supporters and business and community leaders to support the work of Calvary Women’s Services. This year, we are bringing this beloved event to a virtual format during this challenging time. Come together with community leaders, national and local corporations, and members of the Calvary community to celebrate the accomplishments of women who are changing their lives through Calvary's programs. 

Join us virtually on Wednesday, May 19th at 7pm.

By supporting the Virtual Hope Awards, you are investing in women and supporting a more equitable and inclusive future for all in our community. Each year, of the women who complete our programs, an average of 70% successfully end their homelessness.
Wish List Needs
One way to support Calvary throughout the year is to purchase items from our wish list. We keep it up-to-date with items needed by the women at Calvary.
Thank you Deloitte!
Thank you so much to Deloitte for donating gift bags in honor of Women's History Month! The women at Calvary were excited that the gift bags were filled with items from local Black owned businesses, including Mahogany Books and Nubian Hueman.
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