The Calvary Connection
December 2020
Community Conversation: Holiday Edition!
Join us for a special holiday event with Calvary's CEO Kris Thompson.
Normally, we would be getting ready to welcome you to our annual holiday event, Home for the Holidays. We all come together to enjoy a holiday cocktail and reflect on the successes that Calvary and the women we serve have achieved thanks to your generosity and commitment to ending homelessness for good.

Even though we can't come together in person this year, we hope you will still make a festive holiday drink and join us virtually to take the time to hear how Calvary and the women who live there have been holding up during the pandemic.

RSVP today for our special holiday edition of Calvary's Community Conversation! Your support is changing lives and we want to share with you what a difference you are making in the lives of women in our community.
Thanksgiving at Calvary
The holidays can be a difficult time for women living at Calvary. This was especially true this year. Many of the women chose to stay at Calvary for Thanksgiving to help keep the residents and staff safe. This meant they could not spend time with their families or friends.

So, the Calvary staff, volunteers, and donors stepped up and did what they do best- make the women we serve feel safe and cared for, no matter what.

The day started with a virtual yoga class led by our amazing LEAP volunteer, Catalina. Yoga was followed by a movie and football while the staff decorated and set up for the main event: Thanksgiving dinner!
The beautiful decorations were donated by Reservoir Communications Group and the incredible meals were made and donated by DTS Ryders Motorcycle Club and volunteers Ariana, and Jamirra.

One of the women who enjoyed Thanksgiving at Calvary said, "It means so much to me to know that people I don't even know are there and looking out for me. This Thanksgiving was very special to me."
A Sweet Connection
Catherine, the owner of The Bakers’ Lounge, had never heard of Calvary Women’s Services before November, and now she is one of the reasons that the holidays have been so special for the women at Calvary. It seems that this meaningful connection happened when Calvary and Catherine both needed it most.

After learning more about Calvary, Catherine wanted to do more. Funds were limited to COVID-19, but she was willing to give her time and share her skills. Catherine and Calvary staff worked together to organize a cake decorating workshop over Zoom. Before Thanksgiving women at Calvary virtually joined Catherine as she decorated a cake that they could enjoy for dessert on Thanksgiving.
One of Calvary’s clients who joined the workshop said, “I loved her! She gave HERSELF to us, taking the time to make the cake for us and sharing her skills is what made it special.

Even during some of the darkest times, our community continues to bring us light and hope and remind us that we are all in this together.
Donor Spotlight: Ella!
Ella is in eighth grade and has been going to school virtually because of the pandemic. She decided that she was tired of being cooped up in the house and wanted to set a new goal for her longest bike ride.

But that's not all! Ella also wanted to make a difference in her community, so she dedicated her bike ride to a cause.

Ella said,  "I wanted to do something that makes a difference in the world. Then I found the Calvary Women’s Services, I thought their work was amazing and wanted to support that."

Ella and her dad completed just over a 50 mile bike ride and Ella raised over $3,300 to support the women at Calvary! It is so amazing to see so many people finding new ways to support our critical work. Thank you, Ella!!
Give A Meaningful Gift This Holiday Season
Are you looking to give a gift that will make an incredible difference during the holiday season this year?

Calvary Women’s Services Giving Catalog is the perfect way to support women who need it most in our community. You can browse through all of the services and supplies that make Calvary a safe and caring home for the women we serve. Your purchase from the Giving Catalog can provide supplies for an art class, healthy meals, access to relapse prevention groups, and so much more.
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