The Calvary Connection
September 2020
In This Together, Virtual 5k
Help us reach our goal!
This is Calvary's first virtual 5k event and we are thrilled with the excitement and response we have received from our community surrounding this event!

We have already reached over 70% of our goal for this event, 71 individuals have joined as fundraisers, and we have 28 teams raising money. These fundraisers and teams include former and current volunteers, longtime and new donors, community partners, and families that believe in our mission!

This is an amazing chance for us to come together to show the women we serve that they are not alone in this. If you haven't registered or joined as a fundraiser for the 5k yet, you still can! We need all of the support we can get in order to reach our goal and raise necessary funds that will help women rebuild their lives.
A Safe Space
Since the beginning of the pandemic, Calvary has incurred increased operating expenses of $1,000 per day. We anticipate these additional expenses to continue until there is a vaccine. As a program provided in a congregate housing setting, it is crucial that we maintain strict safety protocols that help minimize risk and will keep residents and staff safe.

We are continuing to engage in activities and update protocols that will keep residents and staff safe as this crisis evolves. This includes new a new plexiglass divider at the front desk, 6 feet markers on the floor in the common areas and a mandatory mask rule in all program and common areas.

Our priority has always been the safety of the women we serve and that will continue, no matter what. Thank you to the volunteers and donors who have made monetary donations and mask donations in order to help us keep women safe!
Creativity & Quiet
Heather Duncan first came to Calvary as a meal volunteer. She wanted to get more involved and found a way to share her passion for art with the women living at Calvary through our LEAP program. The women at Calvary never miss an art class and the love for art class has only grown stronger during the pandemic! It gives the women a chance for a different kind of quiet and calm. They are able to get out of the world of words and focus on creating something new and meaningful. In our new virtual world, Heather is currently teaching a weekly art class through Zoom. She even dropped off art kits so the women have all the tools they need to create their own masterpieces!
We asked Heather why art is so important to her and why she wants to share that with the women. She said, "We are all born creatives. Some of us create in the kitchen, others with a paint brush, and some by tapping out words on their computer. Creativity is our vehicle to embrace our flaws, to build self-confidence, and to overcome failure. As a community art instructor, I watch people take small steps of courage, every time they pick up a paint brush. I find it amazing to see how consistent art practice builds self confidence and self compassion, even in the most reluctant students. As I have watched the ladies at Calvary exercise creativity in our weekly art classes, I have seen them take risks, embrace the flaws they see, build confidence to try new things, and encourage each other in their own journey of self acceptance. It is an honor and privilege to share this space with them, both in person and online." 
Volunteer Spotlight: Mark Stone!
Mark made scrumptious beef stew for the women at Calvary and it was enjoyed by all!

Mark has also been leading a virtual meditation class throughout the pandemic that has helped the women find peace and calm during a difficult time.

Mark's meditation and stew are favorites at Calvary. Thank you, Mark!
Corporate Spotlight: Altria
Thank you to the Altria Companies Employee Community Fund for their $10,000 grant in support of Step Up DC, Calvary’s job placement program. This will ensure more women have the tools they need to find stable jobs at a living wage!
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