The Calvary Connection
December 2019
Tianna's Heart
"I am the walking testimony of the storm of life and it's beautiful. I wake up every morning at Calvary feeling happy because I have a new day. We all carry things. We all have scars. But with band-aids and stitches we can patch up the pain and fear to let happiness and love grow."
Last week, Tianna was in her first health class at Calvary. The topic- physical and emotional health of the heart. As she walked into the class, she never imagined this drawing would pour out of her.

The volunteer instructor spoke about how the emotional health of our hearts can affect our physical heart health and Tianna started to imagine what her own heart looked like.

Near the end of the class, the instructor asked the women draw what their hearts look like in relation to their emotional health. Tianna was surprised by how cathartic this activity was.
Read Tianna's full story here and learn more about Calvary's life-changing programs.
You're Invited: Home for the Holidays
There are still tickets left for Home for the Holidays ! Join us for a delightful evening of holiday festivities in honor of women overcoming their homelessness on Tuesday, December 10th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Altria's beautiful downtown rotunda .

We'll gather together to highlight the season of giving and celebrate Calvary's new housing program, Reach Up . Enjoy delicious food and signature cocktails while taking in spectacular views of the National Mall.

Tickets are $25, and you'll receive a discount for purchasing two or more tickets. Learn more about the event and purchase tickets here.
Volunteer Spotlight: DTS Ryders Motorcycle Club & Holly Fletcher
First up for our volunteer spotlight: The DTS RydersMotorcycle Club! They took time out of their holidays to join us at Calvary on Thanksgiving night to serve an incredible dinner to all of the women at Calvary. It was a fun-filled night with good food and holiday cheer. We are so grateful to them for making Thanksgiving a special night to remember. Thank you DTS Ryders Motorcycle Club!
We would also like to thank Holly Fletcher and her family for volunteering to serve dinner at our new building, Reach Up! Here's what Holly had to say about her experience. " It was WONDERFUL! We loved the homey atmosphere and felt we really got to know the women. Our kids loved it too." Thanks to Holly and her family, women who had just joined the Calvary family were welcomed to their new home with a delicious meal and friendly smiles. Thank you Holly!

We are in need of more meal volunteers at Reach Up. Contact Stacia Frederick at to learn more. She can't wait to hear from you!
Giving Tuesday
We are so grateful to everyone who helped make our #GivingTuesday fundraiser a success. Thank you for donating, helping us spread the word about our work and supporting the women at Calvary.

Every donation we receive goes towards making Calvary a place of hope, progress and growth for women like Tianna. Although #GivingTuesday is now behind us,  there is still time to donate and make more of a difference in lives of women . It's not too late. We are welcoming more women to Calvary than ever before and we can't do it without YOU!
Reach Up is Open!
Last month we announced the exciting news that our new housing program, Reach Up, is now open!

This holiday season, 31 more women will have a safe place to come home to. We are thrilled to be growing our family.

“Having a safe and secure place to live is essential for working through the trauma that domestic violence, addiction and homelessness cause,” said Kris Thompson, Calvary’s Chief Executive Officer. “Reach Up will empower women to regain their independence and escape the cycle of poverty and homelessness.”

Read our Reach Up announcement to learn more about this new expansion.
Our Holiday Wish List
We are still in need of many items on our Holiday Wish List. You can help us welcome more women home to Calvary by donating today!

  • Click here to view our list of essential items and download a printable flyer.
  • To purchase items online and send them directly to Calvary, check out our Amazon Wish List.
  • If you prefer to help us welcome women into Calvary’s programs by making a financial donation, click here.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated items from the wish list! Your support will ensure that women have access to everything they need to make lasting changes in their lives.
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