The Calvary Connection
October 2018
“It is time for Calvary to do more – to meet the housing needs of women, to advocate for the resources women need.” - CEO Kris Thompson on the HOPE 2020 expansion campaign
Christie's Story
Christie came to Calvary Women’s Services after fleeing from a violent husband. His last assault was so severe she wound up in the hospital. When she was released from the hospital, she stayed with her sister but she was afraid her husband would find her there.

She was afraid to return to work and lost her job. After several weeks of reaching out to various community organizations for support, a friend recommended she come to Calvary Women’s Services. That’s when things started to turn around.
At Calvary, Christie found a network of support and the means to effectively address the challenges in her life. Her case manager supported her at medical appointments as she continued to heal from her assault. With support from Calvary’s therapist, she started to address the trauma of her violent past.
Visit our blog to get the full story on Christie's time at Calvary, and learn about her journey toward recovery... 
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Since 1987, October has been designated as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The annual observance is intended to connect advocates across the country and educate the public. Earlier this year, in an effort to provide a better understanding of the condition of homeless women in DC, we released the 2017 Women's Needs Assessment . The report found that nearly one‐third of homeless women indicate that violence is the cause of their homelessness or housing instability.

Visit our blog for more information on the findings of the report. You can also download several memes that can be easily shared on social media, such as the one above that features a list of hotlines to call for victims & survivors.
Volunteer Spotlight: Rubie Williams
Rubie Williams (pictured left) is a professional hair stylist who has been volunteering at Calvary for over two years. She gives free haircuts and styling services to women on the last Friday of each month. Although some women are hesitant to entrust their hair to a volunteer at first, Rubie’s consistent high quality work and attention to detail always win them over.

Read the full interview on our website to learn more about Rubie's rewarding volunteer experiences at Calvary.
An Evening of Hope - Wrap Up
Thank you to everyone who joined us at  Hogan Lovells ' rooftop terrace & solarium for An Evening of Hope on September 27th. The event featured a live bluegrass band, a signature whiskey cocktail, several speakers, and a wonderful opportunity to network with other professionals who are passionate about empowering women.
At the event, we unveiled our expansion campaign HOPE 2020 . In the next year we will open a new short term housing program and at the same time grow our permanent housing program. These additions will increase our capacity by over 50%.
Kris Thompson, CEO at Calvary, spoke about the mission of the expansion campaign: "It is time for Calvary to do more – to meet the housing needs of women, to advocate for the resources women need. That’s what our HOPE 2020 campaign is all about." More information on the campaign including ways to get involved will be coming soon.
Photos from the event are available to   view here .
Roseann Finigan Meisburg Health Fair
Women learned how they can better manage their physical and mental health challenges at our second annual Roseann Finigan Meisburg Health Fair . They also learned how to be proactive about improving their health .

Experts from a variety of fields presented on topics including diabetes, heart health, breast health, mental health, dental hygiene, and more. The fair was established in memory of Roseann Finigan Meisburg.
Cocktails for Calvary - Wrap Up
Many thanks to everyone who attended Cocktails for Calvary at Provision No. 14 on September 20th. It was a fun - and delicious - evening to benefit Calvary Women's Services! At the event, CEO Kris Thompson urged everyone to be an ambassador for Calvary.

Attendees were encouraged to share what they had learned about Calvary with friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else who may be interested in making a difference in our community. Photos from the event can be viewed here:
Corporate Connections
You can help Calvary connect to new supporters and friends!  Currently, we're looking to connect with the following companies: 

  • American Airlines
  • CareFirst
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox
Do you have a connection to one of these companies, and would you be willing to help bring them into the Calvary community? If so, please send a quick note to  Lisa Buchs  to let us know. We will do the work, we just need your help making the connection! Thank you in advance for connecting Calvary with potential supporters who can help us end homelessness in Washington, DC.
Welcome to Calvary's Family
We extend a warm welcome to the following new volunteers:  Renee Gable Sears and Ann Weisgerber . We're so glad to have you on our team!
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