At the end of June, we launched our Partners for Tomorrow Campaign. Partners for Tomorrow are a group of dedicated donors who support Calvary's work by giving recurring monthly donations. Through this campaign, our goal is to grow our Partners for Tomorrow program by 50 new donors by July 26.

We are already more than half way to our goal and still have plenty of time left to reach it! That's not the only good news. Since we announced our campaign we have received support from generous sponsors who have decided to give a matching donation if we reach our goal.

Friends at New Media Firm will match $1,000, City First Bank has committed to $2,000 and longtime Major Donors Paula and John Millian have graciously sponsored a matching gift of $2,500. We are beyond grateful for their support of this campaign and are eager to reach our goal so we can unlock these additional funds!

Paula and John shared why they were so eager to sponsor a matching gift. They said, “We are pleased to be able to support Calvary’s Partners for Tomorrow campaign. As long time supporters of Calvary and it’s mission we have always believed that they put the needs of the city’s most under-served women first. These are women who need stability during this difficult time and without Calvary’s support are at risk of losing their hard fought gains. So join us and Partner for Tomorrow.”