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Days continue to be busy as the Legislative Session continued the week of March 11th, completing Day 32 on March 14th.

I am always honored to represent Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell and Greater North Fulton , especially on March 14th when a couple of my biggest supporters dropped by to visit and help out for the day.

Please continue to use the Daily Legislative Reports link in the right panel of this email to see the daily work and reach out to me with your thoughts or if I can be of assistance.

Some other bills of interest that passed the House the Week of 3/11//2019:

  • HR 135 to support Georgians living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig's disease. HR 135 urges the U.S. Congress to change the current processing time for patients who are seeking Social Security Disability Insurance benefit assistance. Under current federal law, patients are required to wait five months after being diagnosed with ALS before receiving their Social Security Disability Insurance benefit payments, which help patients with the significant costs of medical care, equipment and home health caregiving. 
  • HR 403 encourages owners and operators of convenience stores to post signs informing customers who are disabled about assistance available for refueling.  The service is already required by the Federal ADA laws and this resolution ask Georgia businesses to provide notification.
  • SB 16  would add Georgia to the list of 25 other states that are part of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. Taking part in this compact would allow for certain physicians moving to Georgia from a compact member state to go through an expedited licensure process to practice across state borders and become licensed in multiple states. 
  • SB 18 the "Direct Primary Care Act," which would give Georgians the option to keep health care directly between the patient and a doctor without requiring insurance. The Direct Primary Care Act would provide an alternative approach to affordable health care by allowing primary care providers to provide health care to a patient through a direct primary care agreement. This would allow patients to pay a monthly fee to a participating physician in order to receive care, and the agreement would not be considered insurance and therefore, would not be subject to state insurance laws or insurance billing. 
My hope is that The Capitol Express will be an asset for you as citizens of the 49th District. Please spread the word, forward the email, and let me know the items you'd like to see highlighted.

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We will convene for Legislative Day 33 on Monday, March 18th and will remain hard at work for you, focused on delivering results for Georgians.

If I can be of service please contact me via the information below.

Yours in Service for Georgia,

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Representative Chuck Martin
District 49
On the web:
Phone: (404) 656-5064
Address: 417 Capitol Building, Atlanta, GA 30334

HB 316 - Safe Voting in Georgia
The General Assembly worked hard to pass HB 316 to provide a system for voting that is easy to access, secure, and provides an human readable ballot for audit.

Speaker Pro-Tempore Jan Jones and I discuss HB 316 
and other matters before the House.  We meet daily to 
make sure North Fulton issues are heard in the Capitol

Improving Post Secondary Educational Opportunities

On the Floor of the State House discussing the HOPE Scholarship and improving the dual enrollment system in Georgia with Rep. Bert Reeves, Vice Chair of the House Higher Education Committee.  The House Higher Education Committee is focused on expanding opportunities for Georgians in post-secondary education.
Keeping Georgia Business Friendly
Enjoy working with Rep. Penny Houston to keep Georgia the #1 State for Business.

A strong business climate is good for Georgia families and their future.

Thanks Penny for your leadership and  for all your hard work!
Great to have my son and daughter-in-law, Lance and Mary Beth, and the #grandtwins down to visit
I love serving my district -- it is my hometown, the place where I grew up and where Johnna and I raised our family.

Having Lance, Mary Beth, Barrett and Brooks down was awesome and serves to remind me that all we do at the Capitol impacts Georgians and especially young families.

I will always focus on helping to make Georgia be a place safe for our families and a place they can grow and thrive.
In This Issue...
HB 316 - Safe Voting in Georgia
Improving Post Secondary Educational Opportunities
Keeping Georgia
Lance and Mary Beth
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