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Apologies for the delay in getting the "Express" out this week -- as explanation not excuse I have been fighting a sinus infection or something of the sort under doctor's care since before the first of the year.  The thing finally got the best of me last week even causing me to miss Session Days -- still working on recovery.

The Georgia General Assembly completed Day 29 on Friday, March 8th, after a very busy Crossover Day the day before.

Up to Day 28 the House passed 162 General Bills, 88 in the final two days; the Senate passed and sent to the House 102 General Bills.  These measures will make up the majority of our work the next 11 Legislative Days.

Please continue to use the Daily Legislative Reports link in the right panel of this email to see the daily work and reach out to me with your thoughts or if I can be of assistance.

Some other bills of interest that passed the House the Week of 3/4//2019:

  • HB 79 safe guards the rights of legally blind Georgians and their children and stops discrimination within the child placement agencies.
  • HB 324  Georgia's Hope Act would allow  for the cultivation, manufacturing and dispensing of low THC oil with a lawful valid license issued by the Low THC Oil License Oversight Board to allow registered patients to obtain low THC oil in Georgia. All production with be tracked from seed-to-sale via an integrated tracking system.  This does not allow recreational use.
  • HB 426 would create a hate crime statute in Georgia. House Bill 426 would increase the penalties for anyone convicted of a crime that was committed because of an offender's belief or perception regarding the race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, mental disability or physical disability of a person or group. This bill does not create a new crime, it only allows for additional penalty if motives for the crime were class-based and so proven beyond "reasonable doubt", a high bar. 
  • HB 234 would provide treatment for the victims of human trafficking and direct Department of Family and Children's Services and law enforcement to take the child to available victims services organizations.
My hope is that The Capitol Express will be an asset for you as citizens of the 49th District. Please spread the word, forward the email, and let me know the items you'd like to see highlighted.

Please encourage your friends and neighbors to go to to learn more and to join our list for legislative updates by clicking the link "Join Our Mailing List" in the frame on the right of this email.

We will convene for Legislative Day 30 on Monday, March 11th and will remain hard at work for you, focused on delivering results for Georgians.

If I can be of service please contact me via the information below.

Yours in Service for Georgia,

First name

Representative Chuck Martin
District 49
On the web:
Phone: (404) 656-5064
Address: 417 Capitol Building, Atlanta, GA 30334

Working with Jan Jones on Issues for North Fulton
Homestead Exemption Deadline is April 1st

Jan Jones, Speaker Pro Tempore, and I have worked together for a number of years to protect the interest of North Fulton -- last year to bring floating homestead exemptions and additional exemptions for Seniors.

This year we are working to stop legislation that will take away our local cities' zoning authority -- those decisions should be made locally.

Homestead Exemption Deadline is April 1st
    • Newly Passed Floating Homestead for Fulton County Schools, Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek, and Roswell
    • Newly Passed Senior Homestead for Fulton County

Fulton County does not process senior homestead exemption applications for the cities listed below. If you live in one of these cities, please contact them directly:

    • Alpharetta 678-297-6060 ext. 0 
    • Johns Creek 678-512-3200
    • Milton 678-242-2500 
    • Roswell 770-641-3759 

Pressing for Answers on Matters that Impact Our City and District 49

On the Floor of the State House or in House Committees I press to make sure questions are answered that impact our city, area, and District 49.
Presenting Legislation to Bring Jobs to Georgia

I authored and passed HB 349 to allow county development authorities to work with our smaller cities, at the cities request, to bring positive economic projects to all parts of Georgia. 

A balanced economy is good for our state and leads to widespread economic prosperity -- this will slow over-development our metro areas and slow the rise in traffic congestion.

Working with Rep. Marie Metze (D-Atlanta)
On the House Floor working with Rep. Metze, a member of our Higher Education Committee and the  Fulton County Delegation.

Working together we can identify ways we can continue to improve our community and post secondary educational opportunities for Georgians.  
In This Issue...
Working with Jan Jones
Pressing for Answers
Bringing Jobs to Georgia
Working Across the Aisle
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