With football season in full swing, now is an excellent time to think about risk! Just as players are protected by pads, helmets, braces, and overall physical fitness, your company needs to be protected as well. 

Have you thought about Environmental risks which could harm you or your client's company? Would you believe a self-storage facility would be at risk of a meth explosion? See the article below, and you will find some risks many never thought of before.

In other Captive news, we would like to congratulate Lea Riddle as the new chairman of the North Carolina Captive Insurance Association

Enjoy your Saturday's of college football and Sunday NFL games, but don't forget about protecting your company from risks. And as always if you have any questions about implementing a Captive, call me directly or visit our Captive 101 section on our website.

Larry Papola
Lawrence J. Papola, Jr.
NEW NCCIA Chairman Announced
The North Carolina Captive Insurance Association (NCCIA) has named Lea Riddle of McGriff Insurance Services as its chairman for 2019–2020. Mr. Riddle succeeds Leon Rives of Rives & Associates who served as chairman in 2018 and 2019.

Also elected in a unanimous vote at the board's annual meeting during the association's annual conference were Anne Marie Towle as vice-chair, succeeding Dan Report, and Matt Holycross of The Taft Companies as treasurer, succeeding Mr. Riddle. Mickey Payseur with Butler and Stowe was reelected treasurer.

September 2019 Calendar
SEP 2:  Labor Day
SEP 5:  Int’l Day of Charity
SEP 8:  Literacy Day & Grandparents Day
SEP 10: Suicide Prevention Day
SEP 11: Patriot Day
SEP 17: Constitution/Citizenship Day
SEP 19: Talk Like a Pirate Day
SEP 21: Int’l Day of Peace
SEP 23: Fall Begins
SEP 24: Voter Registration Day
SEP 26: Nat’l Pancake Day
SEP 27: Nat’l Chocolate Milk Day
SEP 29: Nat’l Coffee Day
September is Observed as:
Nat'l Preparedness Month
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
National School Success Month
Environmental Risks: The Perils of an "Unlikely" Loss Event
We know the big ones: oil spills, nuclear waste, trash in the rivers, smog in the air. They're the unintentional outcomes of well-intentioned corporate decisions (think BP's Deepwater Horizon and its lofty exploratory endeavors). 

At the onset of any major business initiative, the consideration of risks plays a huge part in how project plans are executed—insurance policies are purchased, a risk assessment matrix emerges, the matrix is worked and re-worked. And for many companies, pollution and environmental risk take center stage, especially in industries such as energy, agriculture, and manufacturing. The reason? The "big boys" (like BP) have proven time and time again that the financial aftermath from a pollution event is grim...

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