A short e-news to share with you. The Carden Challenge begins at 6pm today! You can follow along on Twitter and Instagram to find out some of the team sightings, see pictures and share in the fun of the Challenge. 
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Some challenge participants! Ginny, Tanya, Mark, Ron and Nath.
The Carden Challenge
Take part and help us to protect the homes of hundreds of species on the alvar!

The alvar is a special place and loved by many. This globally rare ecosystem is an Important Bird Area and home to over 250 bird species. With partners and support from many people,
we are able to protect and care for over 8,000 acres of alvar habitat.

That love of the alvar is one reason why teams of four go out on the alvar each year in search of as many species as possible in 24 hours and raise funds to help us to protect these precious lands.

Eleven teams are taking part this year. We'll be tweeting and instagramming throughout the Challenge, so follow along in the fun. Scroll to the bottom of this e-news for the links (no account needed).

All funds raised during the Challenge support the work we do on the alvar. Our celebrity birder, Nathalie Rockhill's team is SO CLOSE to reaching their fundraising goal. Will you help Nath surpass the goal?

Job Opportunity

We are currently reaching out to the general public to inform them of our goals and invite them to become more engaged in our work. To that end we are seeking one individual to work with one other Engagement Organizer and volunteers to take our message to the public through an outreach and canvassing project.

The Part-time Engagement Organizer position is for up to 16 weeks and the deadline for submissions is Friday, June 10, 2016. Learn more about this job here.

Upcoming Events

There are a number of great upcoming events. Take a look at our Event Calendar for details. Here are some June events:
3 - Shinrin Yoku Walk at Grant's Woods

11 - Birding the Carden Alvar

12 -  Carden Family Fun Fest

15 - Chimney Swift Watch

22 - Hike the Hope Smith Reserve
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