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May 2017 - "We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided."  
Wishing Shelby Great Success on Her Journey
We would like to congratulate Shelby Klein on her new endeavor as President/CEO of the Adler Aphasia Center. The Center is based in Maywood and helps people with Aphasia learn to communicate again following a brain injury, usually caused by a traumatic injury or stroke.

Shelby has made excellent and powerful contributions to CarePlus throughout the years, and her dedicated service has helped us to reach more individuals and families in need. During her 17 years, Shelby has been involved with endless grant requests and development work, and she played an integral role in much of the growth from a $13M budget to a now over $30M budget.

We thank you, Shelby, for all that you have done and will continue to do. Your legacy will be lasting, and the benefits that you brought to CarePlus will continue to grow.
Paramus Launches Heroin Addiction Recovery Team
"Don't Tell Me This Town Ain't Got No HART... "
With special thanks to Joe Masciandaro, Tara Augustine, Katherine Coleman
and Tara Walsh for putting their whole HART into this project

In recognition of May as "Mental Health Month" and in support of the Paramus Stigma-Free initiative to further destigmatize addiction, CarePlus is proud t o support the Heroin Addiction Recover Team (HART) program, a collaborative effort with the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office and the Paramus Police Department, which launched in Paramus on May 3rd. Those seeking recovery are now able to arrive at the police station and be connected with services to meet their needed level of care.

"It takes a great deal of courage to seek treatment. If individuals who are motivated are facing barriers to accessing care, it could prevent them from following through," explained Katherine Coleman, Director of Addiction Services at CarePlus. "When we open doors, offer guidance and support their entry into treatment, it helps them to be more productive in achieving recovery." 

Joseph Masciandaro, CEO and President of CarePlus; Detective James Teehan, Paramus Police Department; Katherine Coleman, Addiction Services Program Director at CarePlus; Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg, Paramus Police Department; and Bergen County Prosecutor Gurbir Grewal at the Paramus Police Department for a HART Press Conference.
"Once an individual completes inpatient treatment, the aftercare team is an integral part of maintained recovery," Coleman continued. "Setting up support and education in the community assists in the transition process back into their environments, and provides guidance in reestablishing a healthy and productive lifestyle. It is not only beneficial for that person, but also for the community at large."

Every Wednesday, the Paramus Police Department will allow for those seeking help to show up between 9am and 5pm to be connected to the treatment team. Individuals with warrants for their arrest will have to address those issues before being connected to services.

Read the Full Article Here 
Staff Wellness

in the 610 conference room 
(unless otherwise indicated)

Triaxial Yoga with Caitlyn Yerves
Wednesday, June 28th 12-2pm 
Yoga postures assist to unblock stagnant energies and release tight, tense muscles. A Triaxial Yoga class consists of stimulating certain acupressure points on the body during the practice, focusing on correcting energetic and physiological imbalances.

When these lines of energy are open and flowing they feed and nourish vital organs and tissues, relax muscles and melt away stress and tension. The result: vibrant health, clarity and focus of the mind, and an enhanced state of well-being.

Please RSVP to Caitlyn if you plan to attend, if you would like to be added to the staff wellness offerings email list, or if you have suggestions for training topics.

From the Foundation
We would like to thank all of the staff that were involved with the 2017 Courage Awards Gala! Without your generosity of spirit, we would not be able to present the level of scholarships that we awarded this year, or provide the support that the Foundation offers throughout the year.

We are thrilled to announce that we awarded a record $80,000 in scholarship to 40 deserving individuals, and we thank the CarePlus Foundation Board of Trustees for offering the most generous scholarship allocation in Courage Awards history.

Thank you so much for joining us for the evening of celebration. As we work together, we will continue Building Community Connections to provide the best support and treatment for those that we serve, and to improve the quality of life for so many of our neighbors.  

Be sure to join us for the 2017 Golf Outing!

Contact the Foundation Office for more information about participating or volunteering! 
myStrength - Step 1

Visit, and Sign Up for a Professional and/or Personal Account 
Professional Access Code:
Personal Access Code:
myStrength uses proven, evidence-based materials grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and other empirically validated therapeutic approaches. myStrength is designed to be used independently or in conjunction with other care.

Referring your clients to myStrength provides them with private resources 24/7 to empower their recovery and extend the impact of your care. Be sure to create your personal account so that you can start to experience the benefits, and then share them with those you serve! 
Additional myStrength benefits:
  • myStrength supports the whole person, mind, body and spirit, with customized resources and programs based on the user's personal profile and wellness assessment results.
  • myStrength is highly interactive and includes fun activities.
  • myStrength meets users "where they are" with CBT learning modules, quick-tip videos, mood tracking and articles customized to each user.
  • myStrength is a health club for the mind. Help your clients build healthy habits for sustained mental health.
  • myStrength is there when you aren't. Extend the impact of your care with this 24/7 tool.
  • myStrength is FREE for you and for your clients.
  • myStrength accounts don't expire. Share this resource that will still be there after your care ends.
Moving into the summer months, we will be working to increase staff engagement in our myStrength resources. If you would like to act as a wellness champion for your department, please contact Caitlyn .  
Employee Assistance Program

Did you know that you have access to resources pertaining to everyday life right at your fingertips? With this Employee Assistance Program, you have access to information and resources for family, health, money and much more.   
Be sure to explore the website: 
Login: CPNJ
Password: 123  
Webinar of the Month - 6/20/17 
"Emotional Support: Staying Balanced in a Changing World"
Available On Demand
Starting 12pm Eastern Time 

"Change impacts all aspects of life. Every change brings a chance to self-improve or self-destruct. This session explores how people who know how to manage change have more successful lives."

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Bell in the Human Resources Department.

We Are Here to Make Good Things Happen for Other People

The CarePlus Foundation allows for us to help those we serve who face financial hardships. Below is a beautiful "Thank You" that we received from an individual who received support through the Foundation:

CarePlus is a leader in our community and in the world of behavioral healthcare. We could not accomplish all that we do without the outstanding efforts the CarePlus staff, and so we thank you for all that you do.

We are always so proud to share testimonials, thank you notes, artwork, photos, etc. that demonstrate our work in action. If you have anything you would like to share in the InsideLine, on the CarePlus website, or via our social media - please contact Caitlyn .

State Funding Transition:
Advocacy Action Steps

1. Write Letters & Make Phone Calls
You can use the following link to find your legislators. Simply enter your hometown and you will get all of the information you need:
Please note: some letters will be more detailed than others, but short and simple contributions are important as well.
2. Story Telling Campaign
Part of our advocacy campaign is to collect written or video testimonials by clients, family, and staff. This campaign is expected to grow into a larger, more powerful storytelling campaign that will launch through a "Humans of CarePlus" Instagram account.
We need your help: if you are a staff member that would be willing to participate, or if you have a client that has a story to tell, please contact Caitlyn .
We will be able to work with people who would like to remain anonymous, and think that this will be a very engaging way to increase our culture of community and compassion.

3. Get Educated & Stay Up To Date

There is a Facebook page dedicated to these advocacy efforts. Created as a public group, this will be the forum for people to use with social media. This page will share resources for you to stay involved. Please "like" the page to stay up to date: Fund Mental Health In NJ 2017

Connect with CarePlus on Social Media!

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Program Marketing 
It is important for staff to familiarize themselves with the variety of program and services offered through CarePlus so that we can make appropriate referrals for those in need. For that reason, we are working on streamlining information and materials so that they are more easily accessible.

This involves appropriately updated Program Fact Sheets, comprehensive marketing folders, social media spotlights, and up to date information on the CarePlus website.

A new folder has been added to the S Drive so that staff can quickly access Program Information Sheets. These Fact Sheets can be found in the first folder in All Staff titled _FactSheets.  

If you need any materials created, revised, or printed for your program or presentations you will need to utilize the electronic request form. This new system is being used to ensure timely and effective completion of projects.   


You may have noticed recent Facebook posts highlighting some of our services. This is the part of our effort to market each of our programs to the community.


If you would like to put your team, group or program in the spotlight, contact the ACE team to make arrangements.


You can also send positive reviews and feedback for coworkers who go above and beyond. If you have anything you would like to submit for the InsideLine, email your story and information to Caitlyn Yerves.

Do YOU have a story to share? If you have a story, update, announcement, or photos to share on the InsideLine, on Facebook, or on the website, send it to the ACE team and we will work to get it out to staff and friends of CarePlus.

Obligatory disclaimer ("the gray area"): This newsletter is compiled by humans, and you know how humans are: we make occasional mistakes - not too many, but they do happen. Please do not consider a rush in judgment. We - "the humans" - apologize in advance for any omissions, inaccuracies, misspellings, and flagrant discombobulations. Should you desire to suggest a correction or addition, please email Caitlyn.

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