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November 2017 - "A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just." 
Deck the Halls with CarePlus Cheer!
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Due to popular demand, we are holding a decorating contest again this year!  

1. If you and/or your team are participating, please let Caitlyn  know.
2. Submit pictures on the S Drive (AllStaff > _2017 Decorations)
3. You can also arrange for a site visit the week of December 18-22.

Get Creative!

2016 submission from the teams at 40 Eisenhower Drive.

Check out all of the submissions from 2015 & 2016 on the S Drive:
AllStaff > _2017 Decorations > _Decor 2016

Be sure to watch the "Office Decor Video" submitted by ICMS in 2015 :) 

CarePlus Doubles Clinical Presence in NJ School Districts
Producing Positive Outcomes and Beneficial Experiences 

During the past year, CarePlus has doubled its presence in local schools, contracting with 7 additional districts to provide an on-site clinician to establish a collaborative school and clinical environment focused on psycho-education, skill-building, and therapy with experienced professionals.

"These services are essential for our students, especially with so many traumatic incidents on the local, national and global level," explained Lorraine Gehrig Mullins, Director of CarePlus School-Based Services. "Serious mental health problems are on the rise among youth, with 1 in 5 children and adolescents experiencing a behavioral health problem during their school years."

School-based clinicians work closely with administration to provide custom-tailored services that meet the need of each unique student body. The programs assist school administration by creating awareness around important social issues such as bullying, suicide prevention, substance use education, and healthy relationships.

"The Blue Room" at Tenafly High School.

New Wellness Offerings
Starting Soon in 2018

POUND  Fitness  Class
Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin' out! The workout is easily modifiable and the alternative vibe and welcoming philosophy appeals to men and women of all ages and abilities.

Mondays 6-7pm
610 Conference Room

Gentle Yoga & Meditation
This class will help you revitalize in the middle of your work day. All levels of practice, and those who are new to Yoga, are encouraged to attend! You will need a mat, and it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing. 
Wednesdays 12-1pm
610 Conference Room
Thursdays 6-7pm
610 Conference Room
 Please RSVP to Caitlyn if you plan to attend, if you would like to set up a training for your location, team members or program participants, or if you have suggestions for future training topics.
School Based Praise!
Watchung Hills Regional HS
Doug is fantastic! A staff member commented to me " we really landed on our feet with Doug".  Doug has done so much with the program in such little time.  He's a real self starter.  He has attended several guidance meeting, he is speaking in freshman health classes, he quickly collaborated with our SAC's and he has already developed relationship with the CST.  I had no idea that he was speaking in the health classes, he worked that out on his own.  I think it's a great idea.  

It appears to me that Doug is a talented therapist and a good teacher as well.  I find that he is very caring and I greatly appreciate his flexibility.  He has stayed late on multiple occasions to address the needs of students that have sought him out.  

Keep up the great work, Doug!
Enhancing School Services
A Letter of Appreciation     

I am writing to let you know just how positive the Care Plus presence has been at Radburn. In the short time that Stephanie has been here, she was able to give assistance to a student who was struggling with a contentious divorce of his parents, support a family who is dealing with cancer and another family in an unsafe home setting due to divorcing parents. These daily life situations make it very difficult for these children to come to school every day and learn. The support Stephanie has provided to students, families as well as staff has worked extremely well.
Stephanie is an extremely positive person with a can do attitude. She quickly gained the trust of staff, students and families which allows her to be very effective at supporting their emotional needs. She and I collaborate often on situations and she is open to suggestions and seeks guidance appropriately. Overall it has been a most positive collaboration.
Thank you for recognizing this need and for proactively addressing it in a most effective manner. 

Job well done, Stephanie!
Upcoming Training Topics:


For questions about continuing education hours, please contact Lindsay Rivera at 201-843-5218, ext 5226 or  
Maximizing myStrength
Have you signed up yet?

Here is a link for the recorded myStrength training:

This 45-minute overview gives you an introduction on how the online tool works, as well as how integrating it into our work flow can benefit those we serve in many ways.
Please watch the video and register for your professional account so that you can start to explore what is available. 

The next step will be to share myStrength with your teams and encouraging them to register themselves, as well as individuals and families that they work with. I am happy to help with that via email, during staff meetings, by recommending team goals, etc.
CarePlus Gives...
You're Invited to Share Success!

If you are working with an individual or family who has a story to share about their journey of wellness and recovery, please consider inviting them to get participate in the #CarePlusGives campaign.
  1.  Have the person create a "CarePlus gives me... _____" sign. 
  2. Take a photo - this can include faces, but does not have to.
  3. Write down a quotation that elaborates on their "CarePlus gives me" sign. This can be as short as one sentence, and as long as a Thank You letter.
  4. Submit the photo and quotation/letter on the S Drive: AllStaff>_CarePlusGives
These images we be shared via social media as a way of showing the many lives we touch. The more staff that participate, the better representation we will have of the variety of people who have benefited from the many programs and services at CarePlus.

Please feel free to reach out to Caitlyn with any questions or for supporting documents!
Employee Assistance Program

With our Employee Assistance Program, you have access to information and resources for family, health, money and much more.   
Be sure to explore the website: 
Login: CPNJ
Password: 123  
Webinar of the Month - 12/19/17 
"Diversity in the Workplace: Maintaining an Inclusive Environment"
Available On Demand
Starting 12pm Eastern Time 

" Each member of the workforce brings unique skills, background, and experience vital to the successful organization. A diverse workforce is a rich source of creativity and problem-solving."

If you have any questions, please contact Aline Deer in the Human Resources Department.

Eating Mindfully This Holiday Season
Your Monthly Tip from myStrength

Mindfulness is a way of thinking. It can also be an approach to eating.

It's normal to be tempted by an abundance of holiday foods. It's important to enjoy this time of year, but also focus on your health goals.

The best diets aren't temporary. Food choices are lifestyle choices (for more on that, log in to  myStrength and  Take a Look at a Healthy Diet). Besides physical health, your diet impacts your emotions, and vice versa.

For example, food can be a crutch when you're feeling down. When you overeat highly-refined carbohydrates or sugary foods, this spikes your blood sugar. Afterwards, you're left with the "sugar crash," that low, tired feeling. You're back to the depressed feelings you started with!

Try mindful eating this holiday season. It can help you make thoughtful choices about your diet. Log in to myStrength and try the  Mindful Eating activity!
myStrength - Step 1 
SIGN UP TODAY : visit to register...

Professional Access Code: CarePlusStaff
Personal Access Code: CarePlusWellness

Referring your clients to myStrength provides them with private resources 24/7 to empower their recovery and extend the impact of your care. Be sure to create your personal account so that you can start to experience the benefits, and then share them with those you serve!  
We are working to increase staff engagement with myStrength. If you would like to be more involved, or if you have questions about signing up yourself or the clients that you are working with, please contact Caitlyn . 

Connect with CarePlus on Social Media!

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Program Marketing 
It is important for staff to familiarize themselves with the variety of program and services offered through CarePlus so that we can make appropriate referrals for those in need. For that reason, we are working on streamlining information and materials so that they are more easily accessible.

This involves appropriately updated Program Fact Sheets, comprehensive marketing folders, social media spotlights, and up to date information on the CarePlus website.

A new folder has been added to the S Drive so that staff can quickly access Program Information Sheets. These Fact Sheets can be found in the first folder in All Staff titled _FactSheets.  

If you need any materials created, revised, or printed for your program or presentations you will need to utilize the electronic request form. This new system is being used to ensure timely and effective completion of projects.   


You may have noticed recent Facebook posts highlighting some of our services. This is the part of our effort to market each of our programs to the community.


If you would like to put your team, group or program in the spotlight, contact the ACE team to make arrangements.


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