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October 2017 - "How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days." 
Celebrating New Bridge Medical Center
Building A National Model for Health Care 
Name Unveiling Ceremony October 2nd - Photo from Bergen County Executive

  "The new management took over on Sunday night, but this has been over a two year process. It started with bringing people together from the community to give us input. We formed a committee of people to help give us what their thoughts are and direction. We then sent out RFPs [requests for proposals]. We had seven groups submit. They were all outstanding proposals, but this one was set apart from the others."
- Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco  
Deborah Visconi welcomes hospital staff at midnight on October 1st, accompanied by leadership of the new tenant operator.
"Outstanding [reception of the move around the county]. I mean, from the inside out, the employees are completely engaged. Our providers in the community are just very excited about the new leadership and our spirit of engagement, and collaboration and community partnerships."
- Deborah Visconi, CEO
New Bridge Medical Center  
"The hospital is committed to providing primary care, substance abuse and mental health services to address co-morbidity issues. In our work to treat the whole patient, we will also focus on providing critical social support services and aftercare. That, ladies and gentleman, is key."
- Joe Masciandaro, President & CEO
Care Plus NJ

WISE Program: Women's Inmate Service & Education
A Message of Transformation & Gratitude 

In the message below, the comment about coming to the women's drug rehabilitation center at the County Jail, and her experience and gratitude is heartwarming and why we do what we do! A big thanks to James Nono and Christina Baluja, along with our CarePlus team! It is a clearly a great partnership with our criminal justice colleagues.
-Kris Pendy

I want to thank you all for the great dedication, time and care you have put into your jobs. Your words of truth and encouragements have changed my life.

Many times I needed to hear strong firm words that had shaken and awoken me up from self-destructive behavior that I was in denial to admit. Even though I felt humiliated many times, I recognize that it was to help me grow as a person and to be a humble citizen. Rev. Adams, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Troya, Ms. Lopes, James, Cristina, you all definitely have impacted my life with your dedication to your jobs.

I came to this Institution ANGRY with myself, bitter and full of a lot of resentments. I am definitely leaving with a different mindset and a different character. Ms. Troya, Ms. Lopes, Ms. Lisa, Rev. Adams, DRC, Cristina, James, and all the Care Plus counselors have had a great influence on my life; I now can say I am moving forward to a better, brighter future. I have no words that can express and describe my appreciation to you all.

"You all have saved my life."

Thank you so much. I pray that that the Lord may bless your life abundantly in every aspect. You all are Angels that help to make this world a better place.
Upcoming Training Topics:

For questions about continuing education hours, please contact Lindsay Rivera at 201-843-5218, ext 5226 or  
Crossroads to Wellness  
Family Appreciation 
It has been about a year since my wife and I were lucky enough to meet you at a Bergen County Mental Health Dept. meeting in Hackensack - and you helped direct us to your "Crossroads to Wellness" Program.  

Since then, CarePlus HAS been helping our family. Our daughter, who is suffering from anxiety and depression, has received valuable assistance from Dr. George Kruse, Ms. Lorelle Holway and Mr. Joe Meany.
Thank you all for your dedication, heart and service! 
Champion of Hope
Joe Masciandaro honored by AIR 

Advocacy & Public Policy
Hill Day 2017 

We have a lot of work to do for the future of integrated healthcare, and we are grateful to the National Council for Behavioral Health for organizing our collaborative advocacy across the country with the Annual Hill Day in Washington DC.

We encourage our staff to become educated on public policy and strengthen their ability to advocate on behalf of those we serve! Contact Caitlyn for more information on HOW!

We are Over the MOON!
Grant Proposals Selected 

We received great news that the proposal for the "Substance Use Navigator" (SUN) has been selected. This announcement came just a few days after receiving the news that the collaborative proposal for the "Support Team for Addiction Recovery" (STAR) grant was also selected.
Congratulations and thank you to Christina Altamura and Katherine Coleman for all of their effort!
Coordinate Specialty Care
Annual Wellness Conference     

The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Task Force of the County Health Improvement Partnership held their Annual Wellness Conference on October 13th at Bergen Community College, entitled: "The Road to Community Wellness: Integration in Action".

Melissa Sampath and Anna Rhodes submitted a proposal and were selected to sit on the panel to share the Coordinated Specialty Care, the first episode psychosis program that CarePlus runs for the Northern Region of NJ.

"The work you are doing exemplifies the goal of integrating the eight different dimensions of wellness to benefit the surrounding community members." 
The team will be on a panel at the
NAMI Annual Conference as well! There is a discounted registration fee by this Friday 10/20, and final registration is by 11/20. Here is the link: 
Employee Assistance Program

With our Employee Assistance Program, you have access to information and resources for family, health, money and much more.   
Be sure to explore the website: 
Login: CPNJ
Password: 123  
Webinar of the Month - 10/17/17 
"Improve Your Health With Ergonomics and Frequent Movement"
Available On Demand
Starting 12pm Eastern Time 

"Sedentary behavior is the fourth leading risk factor of death for people all over the world. Learn to incorporate frequent desk exercises and movement into your day. Additionally, learn proper ergonomic tips to help ease job stress and reduce chronic injury. Note: This month's recording is only about 15 minutes, allow you the remaining time to get up and get moving! Try practicing some of the exercises and stretches with your colleagues."

If you have any questions, please contact Aline Deer in the Human Resources Department.

Wellness Offerings
Free for Staff

Gentle Lunchtime Yoga 
This class will help you revitalize in the middle of your work day. All levels of practice, and those who are new to Yoga, are encouraged to attend! You will need a mat, and it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing. 
Wednesday, October 25th 12-1pm
610 Conference Room
Wednesday, November 8th 12-1pm
610 Conference Room
 Please RSVP to Caitlyn if you plan to attend, if you would like to set up a training for your location, team members or program participants, or if you have suggestions for future training topics.
"I just don't feel like doing anything."  
Your Monthly Tip from myStrength

Do you ever find yourself saying:
"I just don't feel like doing anything."
"It's easier to just stay here and watch TV."
"I want to be by myself."
You are not alone. Depression can leave you feeling stuck or immobilized. This can dampen your energy and spirit. These gloomy feelings often go hand-in-hand with frustration, anger and/or anxiety.
Your behavior, like your daily routines, is closely tied to your mood. Looking closer at this dynamic will help you create awareness of what you do and how it impacts how you feel.
Take small steps to break free from negative thinking. Log in to myStrength and use the Stuck in Glue activity to climb out of depressed thoughts!
myStrength - Step 1 
SIGN UP TODAY : visit to register...

Professional Access Code: CarePlusStaff
Personal Access Code: CarePlusWellness

Referring your clients to myStrength provides them with private resources 24/7 to empower their recovery and extend the impact of your care. Be sure to create your personal account so that you can start to experience the benefits, and then share them with those you serve!  
We are working to increase staff engagement with myStrength. If you would like to be more involved, or if you have questions about signing up yourself or the clients that you are working with, please contact Caitlyn . 

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Program Marketing 
It is important for staff to familiarize themselves with the variety of program and services offered through CarePlus so that we can make appropriate referrals for those in need. For that reason, we are working on streamlining information and materials so that they are more easily accessible.

This involves appropriately updated Program Fact Sheets, comprehensive marketing folders, social media spotlights, and up to date information on the CarePlus website.

A new folder has been added to the S Drive so that staff can quickly access Program Information Sheets. These Fact Sheets can be found in the first folder in All Staff titled _FactSheets.  

If you need any materials created, revised, or printed for your program or presentations you will need to utilize the electronic request form. This new system is being used to ensure timely and effective completion of projects.   


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