Entering 4th Quarter 2020 there are changes ahead for Buyers and Sellers.

One major policy change was just released as New Fair Housing guidelines, which prohibit Buyer “love letters” submitted to Sellers when making an offer to purchase a home. Typically these letters include photos of happy children or pets or wedding photos of the buyer couple -- all intend to sway the emotional heart of a seller, especially when multiple offers compete to win the house. No longer, due to the possible discriminatory impact of such letters and their content. Here is a link to read the new regulation. I must admit I’ll miss seeing some of those letters, especially the pet photos.

A huge migration is occurring across America -- buyers moving from dense city areas to rural locations, or buyers moving for climate reasons to be able to live more outdoor life all year long. Over 28% of buyers reported they intended to relocate from their metro area. New Home Sales topped over 1 Million transactions for month of August -- a record. Historic low interest rates are fueling the buying spree as well.

This weekend marks the Premier of our filmed Carswell Cabana Series talks, conducted at my home cabana in response to this year of working virtually and not from an office setting. My intention is to inform my viewers of current real estate trends, how-to guides for best showing success, and negotiation strategies. All of it meant to help my clients and colleagues with understanding what we do and how we achieve success even during the most challenging market situations or difficult transactions that require extraordinary effort. I hope you’ll join me for these few short minutes and look forward to your comments & reactions!