September market activity rises sharply following end-of-Summer’s Labor Day weekend.

As expected each year, Sellers have held their properties off market during the "dog days" of summer- most of August. Now that everyone returns from vacation and school season is underway, new residential inventory floods the local market.

For Buyers , this feels like a bonanza of sorts ---but the best new inventory sells quickly . The inventory that gets passed over, sits for the Autumn season, perhaps needing to reduce price in order to get Buyer’s attention again. Sellers should take advantage of this predictable cycle by pricing wisely at the start.

Our Sellers certainly are --- we are launching some of the most beautiful new inventory this year, right now ( see our website for details ). Further, we are pricing it for the current market, not 2018’s (as some Sellers still seem stuck there) and we expect immediate momentum with Buyers.

Ernie’s best advice to Sellers is --- please know 2020 is coming, very soon. Election years behave differently than others, get informed. And for Buyers, Ernie says to enjoy the bounty of good deals out there, those that have reduced prices in order to attract your attention, or perhaps you’ll grab one of the just-launching new ones that is competitively well-priced. There is OPPORTUNITY for all, and now is your time to benefit…before the Election Year.