June 1st, 2019
By Jeff Adair, Editor

Tomorrow’s successful vending operators will be the ones who take advantage of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and various interactive opportunities which already exist in other convenience services, according to a panel of industry experts.

Addressing the subject at the recent National Automatic Merchandising Association show at the Las Vegas Convention Center were Paresh Patel, CEO of PayRange , Carly Furman, CEO of Nayax and Maeve Duska, SVP Marketing and Strategic Development of USA Technologies . Professor Michael Kasavana, NAMA endowed professor emeritus, moderated the session.

All agreed that vending operators understand AI and how it has affected their personal lives through transactions with Netflix, Amazon, social media and more, but may be hesitant to apply the technology to their own operations.

OptConnect has developed a smart embedded modem for IoT, OptConnect ema, a combination of a smart embedded modem plus fully managed services, marking the first “Connectivity-as-a-Service” offering in the IoT industry. The patent-pending ema builds on the company’s managed services expertise to help operators to quickly and cost effectively deploy and scale IoT projects.

OptConnect’s IoT managed services help customers across a range of industries, including vending, retail, energy, agriculture, healthcare and others, who need to embed cellular wireless connectivity into their solution without the trial and error, slower time to market and cost normally associated with typical IoT implementations.

OptConnect’s solution includes 24/7/365 carrier monitoring and help desk with one-call resolution and service-level agreements on response time, multicarrier support, device and device management analytics, hardware warranties, IoT professional services and a wealth of other capabilities that help companies move their IoT projects to market quickly and cost effectively.

Omnivore , a point-of-sale connectivity platform enabling hundreds of third-party technologies to integrate seamlessly with the diverse POS landscape, has launched its Menu Management System (MMS). Developed with The Coca-Cola Co ., MMS helps foodservice brands and technology providers to smooth the friction with managing the complexity of numerous digital menus across kiosks, online ordering, third-party delivery apps, menu boards and more.

Partnering with The Coca-Cola Co., Omnivore developed MMS, a digital menu control panel, which focuses on the guest experience by creating a single source of truth for foodservice providers and other third-party technology providers with consi stent menu curation, proper pricing and brand standards. In addition, MMS integrates into the POS system resulting in order injection, data collection and control of content. MMS has the ability to smooth operational challenges that come with multiple third-party technology partners that all have digital menu dependencies.

USA Technologies Inc . announced that its micro market optimization solution, Seed Markets, is now fully integrated with some of the industry’s large micro market providers, including 365 Retail Markets, Avanti Markets , Company Kitchen , Three Square Market and Yoke Payments .

With the implementation of the new NAMA standard on VDI VMS/MMS integration, USA Technologies now has the ability to accelerate the integration of Seed Markets with micro markets on which the NAMA standard has been implemented, as the standard eliminates delays stemming from any unique development work that would otherwise be required to integrate Seed Markets with micro markets that do not comply with the standard. This standard is being used for additional Seed Markets customer integrations, including Vendors Exchange International , which is expected to be completed during Q2 of calendar year 2019.

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