Volume 116 | June 2019
James Beard Foundation Honors Innovative Whole Grain Baker
“America’s in a bread renaissance that’s whole grain focused,” declared Greg Wade at our 2016 Whole Grains Away from Home conference. In the years that followed, this movement has shown no signs of slowing down. In fact, this year, Wade, who made a name for himself at Publican Quality Breads in Chicago, was honored with the 2019 James Beard Award for Baking. He has been nominated for the award multiple times before, and is renowned across the country for his innovative use of whole grains and natural fermentation.
NEW Handout: Improve Your Baking with Whole Grains
Flour is often seen as a blank slate in recipes. However, whole grain flours are a great opportunity to introduce MORE flavor into baked goods. This two-sided handout features practical whole grain baking tips on the front, and a whole grain blueberry muffin recipe on the back.
Whole Grains Offer MORE than Just Fiber
Some misguided dieters eschew whole grains, fruits, and even legumes, because they "get enough fiber from vegetables." What's missing from the conversation is that not all fiber is created equal, and more importantly, that fiber is not the only benefit that whole grains bring to the table.
"Best" Diets Include Whole Grains, According to US News
Each year, US News and World report ranks dozens of popular diets to determine which ones are “best.” Though each of the top contenders has a distinct flavor, they share many commonalities: whole foods, the energy quality of our food, and chronic disease prevention. Not surprisingly, whole grains are heavily featured! 
Seasonal Whole Grain Recipes
Sometimes June's Whole Grain of the Month is called milo, and sometimes milo is called sorghum. Whatever you call it, Jesse’s milo salad is a fresh, clean, and delicious dish.

Tostada is a Spanish word meaning “toasted." In Mexico and other parts of Latin America, it is the name of different local dishes which are toasted. This tostada recipe gets a double dose of whole grains, from the whole corn in the tostada base, and the brown rice sprinkled on top.

An Oldways recipe
Most flatbreads, like pizza, often go the savory route. But with fruit and honey, this dish makes for a delicious dessert or brunch option. If blackberries aren’t available near you, try other fresh fruits that you may have on hand, like blueberries or thinly sliced peaches.

An Oldways recipe

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Director of Nutrition

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Whole Grains Council Program Director

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Whole Grain Stamp Program Manager