August 2017
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Our banner cat for August is CFA's Third Best Kitten GC, NW Briar-Mar's Playing With Fire, a red tabby & white Manx - Shorthair Division female.
(photo by Chanan)


August 31
ALL Yearbook ads are due by this date. See the listing elsewhere in this newsletter for details.

September 7
Entries for the CFA International Show open on this date at 6pm EDT.

October 31
Entries for the CFA International Show close on this date .

Central Office Operations
Verna Dobbins
Deputy Director

The show season is in full swing please remember to open your show boxes as soon as they arrive and check to make sure all of your show needs have arrived complete. If you have any issues with your show box please contact Central Office immediately.

Central Office staff is here to help you with all your registration and show needs and questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our very best.
Show Advertising
What to give your upcoming show a little boost?  The CFA Newsletter is offering clubs the ability to place banner ads to help promote their shows.

Interested?  Contact Teresa Keiger for more details.


Summer is winding down, and from the looks of this month's newsletter submissions, CFA is gearing up the 2017-2018 season in earnest.  It's also been exciting watching the plans for the CFA International show unfold.  There's a lot to see and do in Portland and the surrounding area, and attendees may want to think about taking an extra day if possible just to explore. 

On to this month's news. Travel safe and best wishes to you and your kitties.


I was delighted to see a number of breeder/exhibitor ads in this month's issue of Cat Talk. It reminds me that the deadline for submitting ads for the CFA Yearbook is at the end of this month (Aug. 31).  I encourage you to give serious consideration to placing an ad to let the world know about your success at the shows during the past year.  This year we are including breed articles on both the American Shorthair and the Ragdoll.  If you work with either of these breeds you have even more incentive to place an ad so those who read these two articles and have their interest peaked will have a place to start in their search for a new kitten.  Ads are reasonably priced and free layout is included.  Here is more information on Yearbook advertising.

To assist our many exhibitors in China, we are translating the Show Rules into Chinese.  The initial draft is complete and being reviewed.  We should have the project completed within the next few weeks.  We are also adding Chinese to our registration forms.  The Board has approved moving to a single entry clerk for the shows in China.  This should be a big help to our China shows.  We have seen tremendous growth in China and the Board wants to provide assistance to ensure CFA's continued success there.

To assist all our show-producing clubs, this season the Board increased financial support.  Each club can receive $1,000 from CFA to help cover some of the costs of their show.  This support is not automatic; it must be requested.  Contact CFA's Deputy Director Verna Dobbins .  The Board wants to see the number of shows increased so they have provided each Regional Director with $1,000 to be additional incentive to add a show to each Region's show schedule.  If your club stopped producing shows, this added financial incentive could be available to help bring your show back.  If your club has not been producing shows but is thinking of starting to hold shows, here is some money that could be available to help.  Contact your Regional Director.

I hope many of you are planning to attend this year's CFA International Cat Show.  Royal Canin has signed on to be the show's major sponsor and we are delighted to see their increased support for CFA and our special events.  The show is now officially Royal Canin's CFA International Cat Show.  The show is being held in Portland, Oregon, on November 18-19, 2017. There is lots of information about the show on CFA's website  .  Committee chair Rich Mastin and show manager Pam Moser and their committees have been working hard on the show for months.  They anticipate an incredible gate to see CFA at its finest and you won't want to miss it.

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will see a banner ad for the upcoming National Capital cat show. Your club can have a banner ad for its upcoming show in a future issue of this newsletter.  Contact Teresa Keiger for the details.

I encourage each of you to support our CFA shows.  I look forward to chatting with you at one soon.

Terri Barry
CFA Executive Director

It's hard to believe that it's already August and that schools will be starting soon here in northeast Ohio. Where has the summer gone? 

In the closing weeks of summer the excitement is building for the upcoming 2017 C.I.S. in Portland.  Visit, where you will find a link to everything you want to know about the International Show.  Included is show and hotel information.  A special thank you for all of their hard work goes out to our show manager Pam Moser, assistant show manager Mary Auth, and Wendy Heidt. 

With more on the show, here's an update from our Event Coordinator Allene Tartaglia:  

  One Show...1,000 Entries...16 Judging Rings.

This year's CFA International Cat Show is being sponsored and presented by Royal Canin , November 18th - 19th at the Portland Expo Center .  Entries will open on Thursday, September 7 at 6:00pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time. 
There are discounted Early Bird entry fees this year for entries received by October 20.  The final closing date for all entries is October 31.  

Catalog ads can be placed by contacting Nancy Jo Bueno, .  Rosette sponsorships are available through Cyndy Byrd who can be reached at .  

Vendor space is already filling up and the show committee has been busy for months to be sure this year's show is one you won't want to miss.  The show flyer will be released soon.  Keep an eye on  for regularly updated information.

A few announcements and updates:
We are fast at work regarding our 2018 Yearbook and advertising packages are currently available.  More information can be found at:              

If you haven't already heard or saw our Facebook posting, please join me in congratulating Joan Miller, the recipient of the 2017 AVMA Humane Award for contributions to the promotion of Feline Welfare.  The full press release issued by the AVMA can be viewed here
If you don't follow us on Facebook, we encourage you to do so.  If you haven't checked out the site in a while, we invite you to revisit.  Just click on the link:

I would also like to remind our exhibitors and entry clerks how important it is that you provide an email address to CFA when entering a cat.  This is the quickest line of communication, notification and assistance during the scoring process and vital to sending notifications for national, regional and divisional awards at the end of the season.

The eCat online website now gives you the option to pay for your order using your PayPal account. Simply select "PayPal" from the "Payment Type:" dropdown menu, type your name into "Cardholder Name:", and click "Place Order".  You will be taken to the PayPal website, where you will login and complete your payment. Once processed, you will be returned to the eCat website.

In closing, as always as you travel to and from the shows do so safely and enjoy your friends in the show halls.  While at a show if you spy a NewBee reach out to them and make them feel as welcome as you have me.
CFA International Show
             presented by            
by Mary Auth

Mark your calendars to attend the CFA International Cat Show - presented by Royal Canin - November 18-19, 2017 in Portland Oregon. Entry Clerk Monte Philips will start taking entries on September 7 at 6:00 pm.  The show features a total of 16 rings of competition, plus Agility. Spectators will enjoy breed presentations and Moshow - the YouTube sensation - with his Devon Rex and Sphynx. 
Six hotels close to the Portland Expo Center (show venue) offer attractive rates - check the CFA web site for properties and rates. Some provide shuttle service to the show hall. For those exhibitors arriving from outside the U.S., please check the pet traveling requirements for your country of origin. CFA is working with USDA officials to make your trip to the U.S. welcoming.
Pam Moser and her team are selling commemorative pins with two designs to choose from. (see left) Each is $10. Watch for them at a show near you.

CFA Judging Program Committee Updates
Melanie Morgan
CFA Judging Program Chair 

The Judging Program Committee changes and advancements from the August 8 CFA Board Meeting:

Retirement: Lynn Search.   Effectve July 9, 2017

Return from Medical Leave Of Absence: Edward Maeda. Effective August 1, 2017

Advanced from Shorthair Trainee to Apprentice Shorthair (second
specialty) - Mihoko Yabumoto

Advanced from Shorthair Trainee to Apprentice Shorthair (first
specialty) - Frank Dueker

Judging Program Applicants
Beth Holly, Applications Administrator

The following individuals will have their applications to the CFA Judging Program coming before the CFA Board of Directors at the October 2017 board meeting:

Pamela DeGolyer
Longhair, first specialty
Martinsville, IN

Kai Gavin Cao
Shorthair, first specialty
Chengdu, China

Dmytro (Dmitriy) Gubenko
Cherkassy, Ukraine

Information concerning the moral character, temperament and ethics, and the spectrum of experience concerning the breeding and showing (and agenting) of cats would be helpful to the CFA Executive Board in the evaluation of applicants to the Judging Program. The manner in which an applicant's cats are housed and cared for is also pertinent. See Judging Program Rules, Section V under 7. Recommendations: a,b,c,d,e,f, as well as the Judges' Code of Ethics for more information on what the Board of Directors will require in an excellent candidate.

Recommendations or concerns are encouraged so that the Judging Program Committee and ultimately the CFA Board of Directors may make an informed decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of any individual making an application to the CFA Judging Program. All letters require a signature. Anonymous letters will not be accepted. Negative letters must be documented and substantiated. All negative letters will be shared with the applicant to offer the opportunity for rebuttal. All letters and responses, if any, will accompany the application.
Please send letters by email or snail mail to the Applications Administrator (see below) by the deadline indicated:

Letters due by September 1, 2017

Letters of recommendation, or copies thereof, must not be sent to the applicant, nor may the applicant ask for any preview of recommendations. Multiple recommendations stemming from one source will be treated as a single recommendation. Please send letters to:
Beth Holly
5735 Tibet Drive
Huber Heights, Ohio 45424
Phone: 937-237-8600
Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger

Cat Talk is now available in the Kindle newsstand!
We have been offering a digital version of Cat Talk via Magzter for a couple of years now. However, we've recently expanded our digital offerings to the  Kindle Newsstand for our readers who would prefer to get their magazine via Amazon. And no, you do not have to have a Kindle to read it. Most pads and phones have a free Kindle app that will allow you to access the newsletand
The Kindle newsstand is available in the US, UK, and Germany. Magzter is available in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.
The August issue of Cat Talk came out last week and it is our annual "Year in Review" issue including an overview of the Annual (be sure to look for even more news and photos in the 2018 CFA Yearbook). We also take a look at ways to prepare you and your pet for unforeseen disasters, Neils Pedersen's presentation at the Winn Foundation symposium at the Annual, and our Legislative Group presents another "Advocacy in Action" piece on how to talk with your legislators regarding animal law proposals.
Did you see all of the lovely ads celebrating catteries and their successes in the August issue?  Thank you to everyone who took advantage of the Cat Talk/Yearbook ad promo package! We appreciate your support and your contribution to the magazine. Remember that you can advertise in Cat Talk in any issue, and celebrate you and your cat throughout the season!

Don't miss this or any other issue of Cat Talk!
  Check here for subscription details!

Last Call for Yearbook Ads and Photographs!

A Yearbook is Forever! Other media comes and goes, but Yearbooks are held by Cat Fanciers forever. Advertising in the CFA Yearbook provides a unique opportunity to be seen by many. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity, advertise today!
 A complete advertising package, including our rates, can be found on the CFA website here
If you don't know how to design your ad, let us do it for you! All we need is the text, photos and payment. We will be happy to take it from there and design an attractive, attention-getting ad for you. You can email everything to or mail it to 

Cat Fanciers Association, Inc.
260 East Main Street
Alliance OH 44601
ATTN: Yearbook AD.
Deadline for all ads is August 31, 2017.
The 2018 Yearbook will feature cats that have become a Grand, Grand of Distinction and Distinguished Merit during the show season of April 29, 2016 through April 30, 2017. If you haven't yet sent in your photo and payement to be included in this fine publication, please do so now. 
You can email everything to  or mail it to 

Cat Fanciers Association, Inc.
260 East Main Street
Alliance OH 44601
ATTN: Yearbook AD.
Deadline for all ads is August 31, 2017.

null by Karen Lawrence

Cats visited the CFA Foundation's museum twice in the past month, much to the delight of more than 300 visitors. We had Siberians, Maine Coons, a Persian and a Ragdoll running around and interacting with our visitors.  Our thanks to Jan Warner, Joel & Camelle Chaney, and Jim Flanik for taking the time to share their cats with us and our many visitors.
We've had two beautiful art pieces donated to us by Lonnie & Gloria Hoover - a stained glass piece of a Siamese, created by Wayne Trevathan in 1985, and an original George Summerville drawing of a Siamese, drawn in 1993.  Unique art pieces, such as these two, are a wonderful addition to the museum's art display! 
The History Project has been taking a bit of a sabbatical while John Smithson finalizes work on his Harrison Weir biography and Karen Lawrence works on her Chapter 4 of her Abyssinian history book, but we've recently added a new cat history file on a silver tabby Persian, Lady Vere de Vere, born in 1896.  The file can be read here . New individual cat and people files will be added as our research uncovers sufficient data to write a history. Look for a file on Joan Miller in the near future.
Remember, this is YOUR museum. Donations to maintain it - whether monetary or material - are greatly appreciated by the foundation. We are always searching for antique trophies and medals from early cat shows, along with unique art pieces.
If you are in the northeast Ohio area any time (perhaps for the Medina show in late August or Parma in October), please come visit us at 260 East Main Street, in Alliance.  Our hours are 10am to 4pm on Tuesday thru Friday and 9am to noon on Saturday.  If you can't get there during business hours, but still want to come and visit, please contact us about an appointment - . We'll be happy to accommodate you if we are available. 
Winn Logo

by Lorraine Shelton

A list of our donors contributing $100 or more in July is available  

The 2017 Winn Symposium: Winn Feline Foundation would like to extend their thanks to those who attended the Winn Symposium on June 29th in Chicago and were inspired by the presentation by Dr. Niels Pedersen and the visit with FIP survivor Luna to donate to the Bria Fund to fight FIP. Your generous support over the years has built the foundation for this extraordinary breakthrough in feline medicine.
Cures4Cats Day: October 21st is our inaugural Cure4Cats Day, celebrating how your contributions, totaling over $6 million, has benefited every cat, every day. Sign up for the Winn Wins Wednesday E-bytes for insight on Winn funded research. For more information about this event, and other exciting plans we have for the 50th Anniversary of Winn Feline Foundation, visit: .
Winn / American Veterinary Medical Foundation Excellence in Feline Research Award: Winn is pleased to announce that B. Duncan X. Lascelles, BSc, BVSc, PhD of North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, is the recipient of the 2017 American Veterinary Medical Foundation/Winn Feline Foundation Excellence in Feline Research Award. His research has improved our understanding of pain recognition, pain control, and chronic pain management in the cat, particularly for feline degenerative joint disease, leading to improved protocols for reducing suffering through early recognition and safe management of pain in cats with chronic disease.
From the Winn Research blog: Eosinophilic keratitis (EK) is a relatively common and uncomfortable feline eye disorder, causing an opaque white plaque on the cornea of the eye. Feline herpesvirus can be associated with this condition, however, many cats with EK do not have a history or clinical signs that would be associated with this infection. Anti-inflammatory drugs, either systemic or topical, are the mainstay of treatment for EK, often combined with topical cyclosporine ointment and antiviral medications. Eosinophilic keratitis can become chronic, and require extended ongoing treatment, sometimes lifelong. Some cats with EK have been treated successfully with oral megestrol acetate, a potent progestogen with glucocorticoid-like activity. However, the serious side effects of using this drug systemically, which include diabetes mellitus, adrenal suppression, weight gain, mammary hyperplasia or neoplasia, and behavior changes, may outweigh the benefits.  In a study of 17 cats with EK, the use of megestrol acetate eye drops, given every 8-12 hours, was investigated. After two weeks, 15 cats had a positive response to treatment, with complete resolution within six weeks for 14 of the cats. No significant side effects were observed. (Stiles J, Coster M.  Use of an ophthalmic formulation of megestrol acetate for the treatment of eosinophilic keratitis in cats.  Vet Ophthalmol. 2016;19 (Suppl 1):86-90.) For more research updates, visit the Winn blog 
Winn Feline Foundation / AVMF Student Scholarship Recipient: Casey Clements has been named as the recipient of the 2017 Student Scholarship. Clements is a fourth year student at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. Her research efforts have focused on investigating the chronic administration of omeprazole, an acid suppressant, to cats with excessive gastric acidity, ulcerative esophagitis, gastritis or gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding. Clements' long-term goal is to work in a feline-only clinic, or bring feline-friendly practices to a small animal clinic or emergency clinic. "Cats have always been a very special part of my life, and played a critical role in my very early decision to become a veterinarian," said Clements. "I have found their behavior, medical conditions, and personal companionship to be complex, interesting and rewarding, and during my time in veterinary school I have worked hard to learn as much as possible about this wonderful species." 

Planned Giving (tax) tip for August:
Did you know you can make a charitable donation to Winn Feline Foundation with a P.O.D. account? P.O.D. stands for "Pay on Death". You can name a charity on your savings, checking, CD, or other bank account(s) as your beneficiary when you die. If it is a joint account, for example one shared by you and your spouse, the P.O.D. provision will take effect only after the death of the survivor. During the account holder's lifetime, the money is fully under your control. You can add money, take money out, transfer funds, change or close the account at any time. You have full independence and control of these assets during your lifetime and can change arrangements at any time. On the death of the last of the named account owners any funds remaining in the account(s) will go to the charity you designated

A Peek at Legislation Monitored Behind the Scenes

The CFA Legislative Group monitors several hundred pieces of state legislation each year. However, with twelve CFA e-newsletters a year, the bills covered in this venue must be carefully selected. The CFA Legislative News Facebook page (link below) enables the Legislative Group to send more notices out so fanciers can check to see if there is legislation going on in their area. Many of those articles on the Facebook page deal with local areas. Still with all the relevant legislation introduced by the states and over 33,000 local jurisdictions in the United States alone, not all legislation will be covered. This article looks at some state legislation or regulations of interest to fanciers that didn't make it into earlier What's Hot articles for various reasons.
Colorado fanciers subject to the Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act (PACFA) will be interested in knowing new regulations were adopted this year. Fanciers should familiarize themselves with any changes in 8 CCR 1202-15 that may impact them including revised enclosure requirements for kittens and puppies under 22 weeks, formerly four months. The new regulations are available on this page  under the permanent rules adopted section.
South Dakota enacted HB 1159 repealing the state statute Section 40-1-41 in its entirety striking the definition of commercial breeding operations including the exemptions thereto. This is good news for breeders located in South Dakota. Breeders in Montana (HB 570, HB 582) and dog breeders in North Dakota (HB 2297) managed to avoid regulation when bills that would have defined commercial breeders in both states died. Oregon legislation, HB 3204, had it been enacted would have created a pet lemon law giving purchasers six months to return a pet under certain circumstances. The bill also specified possible buyer remedies.
Another set of state bills involves the current trend of pet shop bans with the most recent one being California AB 485 that is still proceeding through the state legislature. Assembly Bill 485 does not directly impact home-based breeders. In Connecticut, pet store ban legislation that would have prohibited the sale of puppies in pet stores died. Pet shop ban legislation has also cropped up in a number of localities across the country. Fanciers need to watch such legislation as in many cases the legislation does have a detrimental impact on small home-based breeders. A related effort still allows the sale of kittens, puppies, and sometimes bunnies, in pet stores.  Instead these bills require pet stores source those pets from the legislatively accepted sources. Florida rejected this kind of bill while Maryland enacted legislation of this type for dogs only.
For many fanciers, their state legislatures are adjourned for the year, but politics never ends. Those sessions have ended, now the work for the next session begins. Now is a good time to start getting to know your legislators before there is draft legislation in those states. You may get early notice of legislation still in the idea stage that can be stopped before gathering momentum. Don't forget your local area council members, however. Local governments typically work year-round. While the Legislative Group can send out notices on the CFA Legislative News Facebook page, sometimes the ordinances are a done deal by the time we hear of them. Others we may not hear about at all without your help. You are the eyes and ears of the fancy. Our email address is below if you need us.

Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -  
Visit the  CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news.

by Karen Lane
CFA Ambassador Cats chair

The "Caring for your Kitty" is a big hit!

Our coloring book is becoming a best seller and gaining lots of popularity with our spectators at shows. We are already ordering a second printing of "Caring for your Kitty" and we are just six weeks old.

To all clubs who plan to produce a show, please order coloring books for your spectators. It a great way to give your spectator families something to carry home with them. Besides being fun for children, our coloring book is a lesson in cat care. Our Ambassador Cats carry our coloring books, but they cannot be to every show and they cannot carry a large number of coloring book along with all their other equipment.

This CFA publication is available to everyone, without cost, at If your club is looking for a larger supply of our coloring book, please contact Verna Dobbins at

Some of our breeders are already giving them to their new kitten owners at time of kitten pick-up. My veterinarian has a supply in her office and they are given to families who bring their new kitten in for a check-up. 

There is a wonderful "cats only" rescue and shelter in Margate, Florida called Cats Exclusive and they are giving our CFA coloring book to families that are adopting their rescue kitties. 

Right now the Delray Beach Library has a children's 
corner and everyday our coloring books are available. Now is the time when children are going back to school  and I am looking at getting our coloring books into first and second grade classrooms. I will be dropping some books off at one of our day-care centers near me. 

Getting our book into the hands of families, and in places our association does not have a presence is a big deal. An important step into the lives of people w ho have never heard of CFA and the world of pedigreed cats. If you like to go to cat shows or you just chose to breed, we need to reach out and let people know who we are here. This book a giant step in the right direction. 

Please be part of our CFA community and reach out and tell people who we are and how much we care about our cats and kittens. This is really easy to do because once someone sees our book, they really want to have them.

We have also made a huge step and our book is featured on the inside cover of the August issue of "Cat Talk Magazine."

CFA Ambassador Program
by Candilee Jackson
CFA Ambassador Program Chair 

Can you believe it?  School is starting, and the whirlwind that was summer 2017 is almost at an end!  Our ambassadors have been having a terrific time at the many shows offered around the world these past few months. 

 The most exciting thing is helping get CFA's new coloring books into the hands and hearts of our young guests in the show halls:  they are flying off the table!!!!  Many congratulations to Karen Lane and her crew for developing this wonderful educational outreach tool!

The Ambassadors are excited to welcome Beth Grant-Field of Dallas, Texas, as a new member!  Congratulations on joining this wonderful sorority of exhibitors whose job is to de-mystify the show hall to our spectators!

Region 5:  Shari Millar with Mary Ann Martin
The Slinky Cats show held in South Gate, California was a huge success for the club.  The decorations featured "slinkies" as well as photos of "slinky" breeds.  The facility was cool and comfortable, even with the immense gate.  Chef Mark Campbell prepared waffles with fruit for breakfast and lasagna for lunch.  By mid-afternoon, the aroma of fresh baked cookies permeated the show hall.  Free ice cream added a nice touch, too. The club was also pleased to be able to help new judges Jennifer Reding and Wendy Heidt by having a split ring.  Due to timing issues, poor Wendy had to sit in the ladies lounge for a while! The gate is always supportive of shows at this venue, we hope to have more at this location in future.
Region 6:  Candilee Jackson
The summer of 2017 will go down in the books as having brought back summer shows!  Four shows brought in many exhibitors and the show counts were tremendous, a welcomed feeling for all clubs that haven't seen show halls so full in several years.

Coralville, Iowa, saw the MWR's awards show so crowded with spectators that exhibitors had a hard time getting to rings, and greeting curious and excited guests at the same time.  Spectators were lined up through the lobby and out the doors for most of the day!  Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Missouri, welcomed a double show during the weekend of August 5-6:  Midwest TGIF and National Birman Fanciers put on classy shows in this made-for-showing venue. Summer, a Pet Me! Somali was present, showing off her tricks and wearing her costumes.  Thank you, Janiss Garza for coming all the way from sunny California to the Midwest for this show weekend! 

Newbie ambassador Sheree Eyestone had a great experience at the Midwest TGIF show on August 5th:   a young girl of around 8 years old and her family had many questions about showing, and about Cornish Rex cats. She explained the process of preparing the Cornish Rex boys for a show, how much the entry fee was, etc. As Sheree was doing this, her Premier, Fenway Styled In Armani (Mudgie's) number was called for a ring. She took Mudgie out and gave him to the little girl, and said, "Ok, come on you're going to show him!" Sheree walked with her, and showed her how to put Mudgie in the ring for his final, and wake him up with his teaser. Then she sat with Sheree while the judge placed the final ,and I explained to her what he was doing, and afterwards she retrieved Mudgie and his ribbon from the ring, and took him back to the benching area. She couldn't have been prouder of him if he had been her own cat!!

That same August weekend saw an influx of Birmans:  Diane Coppola had rounded up a wonderful contingent of Birmans from all over the USA, and presented in style!  Bruiser, a blue point Birman, is quite the ambassador, visiting everywhere he can... horse shows, Petsmart, and dinner with the family on a regular basis.  The Birman breed booth was well-staffed and the 6 foot Birman standups were tremendous hits with both exhibitors and spectators.

The weekend of August 12-13 will go down in the history books of "the show that filled"!  Congratulations to the Topeka Cat Club for putting on this terrific show in Gardner, Kansas!  The Kansas City clubs known for "puttin' on the dog" shows, complete with catered breakfasts and lunches!  A lot of fun was had by all!

Region 8:  Masari and Takako Kojima

The Nishi Nihon Midsummer Cat Club hosted a lovely show on August 6, 2017, at the Osaka Act III Hall.  Although the weather has been very hot lately, the show had a good entry, with lots of fine cats on display.  Takako's ambassador cat, Raptor, was present, along with many Ask Me pamphlets.  Unfortunately, because he had played most of the night before, he slept through most of the show!  Finally, a young girl came to the Ambassador booth, and Raptor woke up and was a great host for her. Two young girls and one lady were so happy to see and touch Raptor.  I was happy to meet one exhibitor who attended this show with a lovely HHP.  I had assisted her in registering her HHP just before this show.              

"We were a little surprised when several men in black came into show hall.  Many were surprised to see them, but they were businessmen for pet food companies, not bodyguards.  In Japan, trouble by 'men in Black' never happens."


by Carmen Johnson-Lawrence, Chair

Spotlight on National Divisional Winners - Cats Division National Winner

This month, the Youth Feline Education Program shines a spotlight on Rebecca Gibson from the Great Lakes Region! Rebecca has been a member of the program since 2012.

 Rebecca can usually be found stewarding in the rings, or exhibiting her Siamese cats. Last season, she assisted in the Dr. Elsey's booth at the International Show in Novi. She is also a member of the Butler Cat Fanciers in Pennsylvania. Rebecca was inducted into her high school's National Honor Society in her Sophomore year. Her activities in the Youth Feline Education Program helped her to achieve such an honor! Outside of the cat fancy, Rebecca studies jazz, tap and ballet, and is very active in her Girl Scout troop. Entering her Junior year of high school, she is involved in Art Club, National Honor Society and the school chorus. She also enjoys roller skating! Congratulations Rebecca on all you have accomplished here in CFA YFEP and beyond!

Be on the lookout for YFEP members at shows you attend! We're gearing up the program in the North Atlantic Region and the Gulf Shore Region! Active members can also be found in the Northwest, Great Lakes, Southwest, Midwest and Southern Regions as well as the International Division! Regional Coordinators have been named in most regions...but we're still looking for someone to volunteer in the Southern Region! Contact Carmen for more information if you're interested! Finally, our website is getting some updates!

If you know a youth that is interested in the Youth Feline Education Program, please contact Carmen at for more information.

Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of OAPHHT.  There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.



Budget Car Rental
Link to Avis


Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by John Adelhoch,  Regional Director 

I am sure those of us that attended Garden State, a premier show, know how exciting it was. A new show hall, but that didn't seem to make a difference with exhibitors and a fabulous gate. I am always astounded at the exhibitors that seem to come together for this amazing show. I was again surprised at the shelter cats' attendance, something that we all need to applaud. I wish Garden State all the best of luck in their new show hall, and yes it will be held again there in 2018!

We are looking forward to a somewhat quiet summer in our region as there are not too many shows to attend. As in the past N.E.M.O will the holding its show the weekend of August 20th, in Sturbridge, Ma. The club works so hard as a team to put together another premier show in our region, from their kitty and exhibitor costume contest, to a family oriented barbeque on Saturday night. 

Well that's it for today. Remember these are the good times!
Get out there and support your region

Region 2
Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary  
Newbies Kent and Jana with their HHP and Japanese Bobtail

Seattle Cat Club held a one day six ring show on July 29 th . As usual, the club put on a successful and fun adventure. Lots of new exhibitors were made welcome with a special package for them. I have included a picture of two of the new exhibitors.

Yesterday, the upper Northwest Region held their annual picnic at Hudson-Parcher Park in Rainier, Oregon. This annual event is something my whole family looks forward to attending. The weather was just perfect! Not too hot and most of the smoke from the B.C. forest fires was gone. Pam announced that it was the best attendance that we have had to date.

It was especially nice to see Bob and Lorna Malinen. Lorna is one of our retired judges and we don't see her as often as we would like. She brought me a gorgeous bird picture for my veterinarian, Dr. Onerati. Years ago she had donated such a picture to a raffle our club was having. It turned out that he had many clients in our club and we were all bidding for the picture to give to him. Besides being a world class feline veterinarian, he is also board certified for birds. Now he will have another "Malinen" original to hang on his office walls.

September will bring us two shows. First of all, High Sierra Cat Club and Poppy State Cat Club with hold a two day eight ring show in Auburn, California. This is a new location for their show. We are excited about the new adventure. Seattle Cat Club will  hold a second one day show in Longview, Washington on September 23 rd . We are looking forward to both of these shows. 

Region 3
by Kathy Black, Regional Director

Region 3 exhibitors have been enjoying the summertime by spending time with family and friends, vacations, or exhibiting at other regional shows. We have enjoyed this break, but with the cooler days and the end of August we will again be seen at our regional shows.

Be sure to mark these on your calendar:

August 26, 2017 Alexandria, LA. This is a hotel show, very convenient location with an excellent seafood restaurant next door. We will have Anne Paul and her family providing homemade bar-b-que for the show.

September 30 - October 1, 2017 is our only remaining Colorado show. Foot of the Rockies with additional sponsor National Maine Coon is holding their show this year in beautiful Loveland, CO. Plan to breathe some Rocky mountain air, enjoy the cooler weather and support this show.

October 28, 2017 is our Regional Fundraiser in Cleburne, TX. We are planning a fun time for all. A local celebrity cat will be featured during the show. Also it is National Chocolate day, so we are planning around that theme. Cyndi will be preparing scrumptious meals for us so please plan to join us!

We have the final financial numbers for the June Regional Banquet and cat show. Due to the generosity of donors, hard working members and a few cost cutting measures I am happy to report the entire weekend resulted in a small profit of $500. Thank you to everyone who donated their time, money, and energy.
Region 4
by John Colilla, Regional Director
Show Reports
On July 22, 2017, Motor City Jazz Club had a ducky good time at their show. There was a rubber duck theme which included the decorations as well as final prizes.
Our region had the honor to host the Egyptian Mau Congress during the GEMS/ Sternwheel Cat Fanciers show held July 29-30, 2017. Egyptian Mau exhibitors flew in from across the nation, Hawaii and Europe to show off their beautiful cats. The Kitten, Championship and Premiership classes of Egyptian Maus were judged concurrently in the Allbreed rings to compete for the best of breeds awards and a Best of the Best. Both clubs wish to thank all the exhibitors who came out to support them.
Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:
More information can be found online at  
  • Aug 20        -- Monroe Shorthair Club, Brockport NY, 5AB, 1 SP
  • Aug 26-27   -- Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers . Medina OH, 7AB 3SP
  • Sep 02-03   -- National Siamese Cat Club, Brockport NY, 7AB 3 SP
  • Sep 16        -- Thumbs up  Cat Fanciers , Taylor MI, 5AB 1SP HHP   
  • Sep 23        -- Queen City Cat Club, Wilmington OH, 5AB 1SP   
Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 

Congratulations and thanks go to the Slinky Cats Cat Club for producing their first show in several years. The club hustled to help fill in the summer void of shows, getting it all planned in such a short period of time. In addition to having a first-time show manager, there were several first-time CFA exhibitors. They felt welcomed and are planning on attending upcoming shows.

Looking forward the Southwest Region has several reasons to come and visit. Opposites Attract is hosting a one-day 6 ring show in Glendale, CA on August 26. The club's early bird was a huge success, there are now less than 100 spots left in the show. Glendale is adjacent to Los Angeles and is only a few miles from the Burbank airport. LAX, Long Beach, Ontario and Orange County are also in the region.

Moving into September, The Hemet Feline Fanciers' annual show is on September 9 in San Jacinto, CA. This show is a perennial exhibitor favorite. There's always a fantastic raffle benefiting Southern California Aby Rescue. The afternoon ice cream social is always a highlight.
Region 6
by Mary Auth, Midwest Regional Director
A slow time during the regional show in Coralville Iowa, with spectators coming into the show right to last final.

The Midwest Region - coming down from a successful annual rolled right into its regional show and banquet on July 15.  Nearly 1600 people (and the mayor) of Coralville, Iowa stood in line for the cat show. The Agility competition was a big draw.  Coralville was chosen for the show as it is the geographic center of the region - accessible equally to all. Since there was a not a sponsoring CFA club in the area, it was truly a team effort with many pitching into help with publicity, logistics, awards and more.
The Midwest Region welcomed the National Birman Fanciers Show to partner with the Midwest TGIF show in Gray Summit, Missouri on the first weekend of August for two six-ring shows.  Competition was lively with many of CFA's top cats present and a good amount of Birmans competing on the second day.
Tropical Tiki Times with Siim Koppel, Bobbi Irle, show manager Allene Keating squeezed behind two towering gentlemen, Jeff Phipps, Erin Cutchen and Sheryl Zink
Allene Keating really knows how to throw on a Hawaiian-based party - Tropical Tiki Times.  Topeka Cat Fanciers put on a show in Gardner, Kansas on July 12 and 13 and the place was rocking with grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts.  Though a little crowded, everyone had fun learning the hula (sorry no pictures) and enjoying the competition. This weekend will likely become the permanent weekend for the club.
Kevin Weber, who served as Master Clerk for the Topeka Cat Show, poses with Kathy Calhoun, with lei around her neck.

Two additional shows are being added to the Midwest Region scheduled for 2018 in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.  Both will be 4-ring, all specialty shows. The first one is January 2018 - watch for details.

Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

It's been a relatively quiet month for shows in the Southern Region. Last weekend, Hidden Peak had a 6x6 with 214 entries on Saturday and 210 on Sunday which is a great count these days. They had good PR which brought in a good gate.

And that was just the beginning of a succession of great shows to come! This weekend, we have the Rebel Rousers show in Griffin, GA (south of Atlanta), which is also a fundraiser for Noah's Ark, a wildlife sanctuary. Two weeks later, Ocicats International has its annual Labor Day show in Flowery Branch, GA (north of Atlanta).

National Capital returns to Chantilly, VA (Washington DC area) September 9-10. We know folks who go to this show just to shop! Then on September 23-24, Freestate Feline Fanciers holds its annual show in Gaithersburg, VA. lack of shows in the Southern Region! Get on out and support these shows so that we'll have them for years to come AND because you know that you'll have a great time!

Fundraising for the 2018 Annual in Atlanta is underway. Y'all already know about the pins that we're selling (and look for them at those shows listed above!) and you can also purchase them online here. We also have some really unique and exciting fundraisers coming up. The first will be announced very soon, so stay tuned!

Region 8
 Kayoko Koizumi, Regional Director

no report received

Region 9
by Michael Hans Schleissner 


As in every year Region 9 has a long summer break; no shows, no activities. It's hot and sunny . The longhair cats drop the coat and the shorthairs are busy with cycling or maybe both of this. Typical for Europe as most of us do not have air conditioning in the houses.

But not this year. In 2017 we can celebrate our regional awards banquet in conjunction with a 6 ringshow in Rotterdam / The Netherlands. This helps a lot to bridge the gap between the last show in May in Belgium and the show in Finland in the second part of August.

Unfortunately this report will go online after the show and banquet is over. But , maybe, we can convince some clubs to make a summer show in the future and, of course, to convince to put up an additional show in the upcoming rest season.


Hope to see you all back in the show hall soon. Enjoy your summer vacation, relax and give a hug to all your beloved cats.

International Division
Dick Kallmeyer
CFA ID Chair

There were several 'first shows' in the International Division this month.

Baotou, Inner Mongolia

CFA's first show in Inner Mongolia, China was held in Baotou on July 15 by the Noah International Cat Club.  Baotou is home to over 2.6 million people. The Mausoleum of Genghis Khan, 115 miles south of Baotou City, is its major tourist attraction. This is a sacred place where Mongolian people gather to commemorate and offer sacrifices to the legendary hero, Genghis Khan, the establisher of the Mongol Empire.

Club members and judges for the Bangkok Cat Party show

Siam Blue-Eyed Cat Fanciers held their first show in Bangkok, Thailand on July 22, entitled "Bangkok Cat Party".  Purina was the corporate sponsor.

The Red Star Cat Club held their first show in Shenyang, China on August 6.  The club members were formerly part of the China Cat Association, the oldest cat association in China.  They have brought over 38 catteries into the CFA family.

(left) The show was held in a antique and furniture mall.

Crowded show hall at the Asia Pacific Cat Club show in Selangor, Malaysia on July 15.
Cat Fanciers Club of Thailand 17th show on July 29-30 in Nonthaburi, Thailand, sponsored by Royal Canin

Best Cat award at the Cat Fanciers Society of Indonesia show in Tangerang, Indonesia on July 29-30, 2017.  Purina was one of the show sponsors.

The International Division and Technology
Some ID clubs are developing and using unique technological solutions for their shows.
At the Cornerpet Cat Club in Beijing on July 15, 2017, the club was looking for a simpler solution to cage cards numbers and award ribbons.  They developed a set of flip cards for the cat's exhibition number.  The first digit is blue or red for males or females.  The judges can flip through award ribbons to select the appropriate awards.

The Cat Fanciers Society of Indonesia Club show in Tangerang, Indonesia came up with an enhancement for calling cats to the ring.  First, they used a projector to display cats needed in each ring.  This technology has been used in many shows.  The club then developed a unique application to replicate the numbers on anyone's smart phone.  Ring numbers were available to any exhibitor wherever they were in the show hall!
Ring Cat Numbers projected on a screen
Smart phone app for ring numbers

Don't forget the CFA International Division 2017 banquet dinner to be held, 19 August, in Seminyak - Bali, Indonesia, at the Trans Resort. .  You can enroll in the banquet by sending an email to

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