August 2016
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Featured Cat
Our banner cat for July is CFA's Seventh Best Kitten Reg 1-9  GC, NW DARK PRINCESS MIO MIO OF LYNZKATZ a brown tabby Scottish Fold - Longhair Division. (photo by Larry Johnson)


Couldn't pick up your award from the Annual and need to have it shipped to you?

Please contact Kay Chamberlain at include the award you would like shipped.  She will then get in touch with you.

The recipient will be charged for the shipping and packaging, and a $10 handling fee. Credit card payments accepted.
CFA Yearbook Ads 


The 2017 Yearbook will feature cats that have become a Grand, Grand of Distinction and Distinguished Merit during the show season of May 1, 2015 through April 26, 2016. If you haven't yet sent in your photo and payement to be included in this fine publication, please do so now. You can email everything to or mail it to Cat Fanciers Association, Inc., 260 East Main Street, Alliance OH 44601, ATTN: Publications. 

Any questions please contact Shelly Borawski - - 732-492-7216


I know that for some of us, it's difficult to believe that autumn is just around the corner with the temperatures being as warm as they have been (especially for those of us in the South!) Remember to keep your kitties cool on those long road trips and make sure that they have plenty of water. And don't overexert yourself, either - we want to keep on seeing you AND your cats in the show hall.



Kids are going back to school and summer is coming to an end.  That means we start seeing more cat shows being held and more exhibitors returning to the showhalls.  I have been attending shows this summer and enjoying myself and I hope whatever you did this summer, whether being involved in our hobby or not, brought you joy.  The CFA List has been busy with subscribers posting and I have been keeping up with your thoughts on various topics as well as listening to you at shows. 

Many of us are hard at work on Dr. Elsey's CFA International Cat Show which is being held in suburban Detroit in late November.  Jim Flanik is our show manager and he has succeeded in assembling a talented group of folks to take on the many tasks associated with this show, starting with getting Megan Hiemstra and Joel Chaney to serve as assistant show managers.  Our thanks to the many people who are volunteering their time and talent to CFA's largest cat show.  We are pleased to have Dr. Elsey's back with us as our show's main sponsor.  To stay up-to-date on the show, keep checking the CFA Blog: .

Central Office staff continues to do a great job of providing services to us.  E-cat registrations continue to be processed quickly, often within 24 hours and snail mail registrations continue to be processed within ten days.  Our staff continues to grow in order to keep up with our expanding business.  Registrations continue on the rise and are still being processed quickly.  We are in the process of hiring a back-up show scorer as well as a Marketing Director.  That position has been vacant for a while and our Executive Director will be interviewing soon. 

Terri, Allene, and Mary Auth recently visited the Fairmont Hotel which will be the site of our next Annual Meeting.  I am told it is a great facility and located in downtown Chicago with lots to do near the hotel.  Kathy Calhoun tells me there is rail service from both area airports for those who want a less expensive way to get from the airport.

Verna Dobbins recently attended a large trade show in Las Vegas in hopes of attracting more corporate sponsorship interest in CFA.  Similar trips in the past have resulted in commercial ads in our magazine, newsletter, and website as well as interest in sponsoring various activities.  Verna is following up with those firms that expressed interest.

In our last issue we mentioned that we are creating a breed banner for HHPs at Dr. Elsey's CFA International Cat Show and solicited photos to consider.  There were many photos submitted and we had a difficult time.  We selected a photo of GH Blaze of Marleevo owned by Allennia Voerster.  Congratulations!

Be sure to enter a show in the coming weeks and if you see me there, say hello.

Terri Barry
CFA Executive Director
Fresh off the 2016 Annual, C.O. has already jumped into planning our 2017 Annual. Allene Tartaglia, our Helms Briscoe representative Pat Zollman, Midwest Regional Director Mary Auth, and myself visited the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago.  We met extensively with their event staff to begin the planning process. The 2017 Annual promises to be another exciting event.  Details will be available around the first of February.

If for some reason you have not received your award/s or have not claimed your award/s from the Annual, please contact Kay Chamberlain.  Kay can be reached at .  We would like to have any concerns or shipping of awards addressed by September 15th

Anyone requesting Visa assistance for the upcoming C.I.S. in Novi, please contact Allene at .  She will assist you with the processing of your information.  When contacting her, please include your full name as it appears on your passport, your passport number, if you are male or female, and the country from which you will be traveling.

As you all are aware, registration processing has come a long way over the last number of months when processing your requests.  They work hard to achieve and maintain the estimated 10 days turnaround timeframe for registrations and four to six weeks turnaround for registration via pedigree.  But please keep in mind that there will be times throughout the year they may be outside of that timeframe.  A holiday or associate absences are examples of things that may affect the turnaround.  Managers do monitor workloads and turnaround times and we will shift resources including the redeployment of other departments to assist with non-registration duties when necessary.  With the increase in registration requests we are experiencing and with the Labor Day weekend approaching, I just wanted to bring this to your attention.

I can't believe summer's almost over.  Please enjoy what is left of it especially those that will be entering cooler weather throughout the world.  As always, safe travels throughout the show season and good luck!

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Verna Dobbins
Director of CFA Services/
Business Development

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These discounts will always be listed in the CFA Newsletter and on the CFA Exhibitor page.

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If you have any questions or concerns you may contact Verna Dobbins at Central Office

Judging Program
Annette Wilson, CFA Judging Program Chair

At the teleconference CFA Board Meeting held August 9, John Adelhoch was advanced to Approval Pending SH (second specialty).

Applications for the following CFA Judging Program applicants will be presented
to the CFA Board at the October 2016 meeting:

Frank Duker - Germany - SH first specialty
Dmytro (Dmitriy) Gubenko - Ukraine - AB
Teodoro (Teo) Vargas - Huesa - LH first specialty

Letters of support or concern should be sent to

Beth Holly
5735 Tibet Drive
Huber Heights OH 45424

Information regardig applying to the CFA Judging Program is available here.

Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger

The August issue of Cat Talk Magazine should be arriving in mailboxes any day now! This is our annual "Year in Review" issue. The first thing that some subscribers may notice is that this issue has two covers! Yes, with the restructuring of the National Awards, one cover just wan't large enough to showcase our top cats, kittens, and cats in premiership. So, we've split them across a front cover, and an inside cover (across from the table of contents). The covers also alternate across issues. We also have LOTS of photos from the Annual,  and a look at all of our 2015-2016 winners (human and cat!)

It's summer and Cat Talk goes on vacation! or rather, we look at a list of "cat themed" places that one might take a vacation.

Don't subscribe to Cat Talk and don't want to miss this issue? You can subscribe now and specify that your subscription start with the August issue. Or purchase just the single issue. Prefer to receive your reading material digitally (and save on postage if you're outside of the US)?  Simply subscribe to Cat Talk via Magzter.

CFA Registrations
Registration statistics for the first half of 2016.


CFA NewBee Website Updated
Teresa Keiger, CFA NewBee Program chair

The CFA NewBee Program for exhibitors new to CFA has a new website! We realized that there had been some major show rules changes since its last update. It also needed a graphic redesign to make it readily available to mobile and tablet devices. I uploaded the new site last week, but expect to continue 'tweaking' the site for a bit.  My thanks to those members of the program how helped me with input, and especially to Nancy Jo Bueno - proofreader and beta tester extraordinaire!

A lot of information on the site is the same, but been rearranged to (hopefully!) make it easier to find. There is also some new information and additional resources. 

We all urge you to send your new exhibitors to both this website, and the CFA NewBee Yahoo Group where they can ask all of the questions of our folks there that they want.  DO remember to insert the ad for the CFA Mentor Group/NewBee Group in your show catalog, links to you club or individual website.  But most of all, please remember to keep encouraging these new faces in the show hall!
Winn Logo

by Vicki Thayer DVM , Winn Executive Director

A list of our donors contributing $100 or more in May is available here

2016 Winn/AVMF Excellence in Feline Research Award - Dr. Andrea J. Fascetti, a professor of nutrition at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) School of Veterinary Medicine, has been named recipient of the 2016 Winn Feline Foundation/American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) Research Award. Dr. Fascetti, who received the award at the 2016 Merial-NIH National Veterinary Scholars Symposium on July 30th, was recognized for her contributions to advancing feline health through her research, which focuses on nutrition and metabolism in companion animals, especially cats.

Sponsorship of a research project is easy! Simply pick any of the projects below seeking sponsors ($250 minimum donation). Go to our website  for more information on the project and to make your sponsorship donation online or download a donation form to mail to:
637 Wyckoff Ave.,
Suite 336,
Wyckoff NJ 07481

W16-023: Mefloquine's potential to inhibit FIPV infection in the cat
W16-034: Evaluation of DNA variants associated with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in the Persian cat
W16-053: Efficacy of a new treatment for cats with ronidazole-resistant Tritrichomonas foetus infection

T he AAFP's Cat Friendly Practice program~ The Winn Board of Directors approved endorsement of the American Association of Feline Practitioner's (AAFP) Cat Friendly Practice program. The AAFP created the CFP program in 2012 to make a difference in feline medicine and better the lives of cats. The program provides clinics with the tools to integrate a feline perspective in both the physical environment of the practice and the way medical care is delivered. The goals of the Cat Friendly Practice program match those of Winn's mission to improve the lives of cats.

An important Planned Giving (tax) tip for August - Many charitable organizations, such as the Winn Feline Foundation, are happy to accept shares of stock or mutual funds as donations. If you donate appreciated stock you've held more than 12 months you may be able to deduct the full current value of the stock with NO capital gains taxes due. If you sell the stock yourself and donate the proceeds you may have to pay capital gains tax first. So donating appreciated stock may mean less in taxes for you and may leave more for donation to Winn. It's a Winn-win situation. For any questions, please contact

August Legislative Update

Montgomery County, Tennessee considers another revision of its animal ordinance 

Just three years after the last update, Montgomery County is considering an overhaul of its existing animal control ordinance, called a regulation in the county. The resolution, or proposed ordinance, focuses heavily on generating revenue with pet licensing and rescue, multi-pet, cattery, and breeder permits. Animal Control Director Jeanette Farrell explained that the associated fees could make $600,000 the first year contributing to the department's self-sufficiency and enable programs such as low-cost sterilization (Lowry).
The county cat and dog license would apply to all owned pets. However, cat owners do not receive the same benefit from licensing as dog owners. According to the California Sheltering Report Whitepaper, cats are at least 13 times more likely to be reunited with their owners if they do not enter a shelter at all (p. 38). The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals survey about lost pets also reveals that 59% of cats return home on their own. Another 30% are found by their owner's search of the neighborhood ( ASPCA). Cats and owners receive little benefit from licensing as demonstrated in the Montgomery County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) Facebook post that states of the 217 cat intake (33 were owner surrenders) for July 2016, only one cat was reunited with its owner. Animal control will save money and lives by just leaving healthy cats alone. Governments also justify cat licensing to help pay for low-cost sterilization and trap-neuter-return programs. While low-income pet owners and society as a whole may benefit from such a tax, it places the burden on those cat owners that can afford the tax.
Further justifying licenses as a way to increase the return to owner rate for lost pets ignores state law (TCA 68-8-100 - 68-8-114) that requires rabies vaccination of and tags for all owned animals. State law also requires veterinary registration of those inoculations with the Health Department to help with local governments returning animals to their owners. Local licensing for the purpose of returning pets to owners is redundant.
While taxes are one tactic used to discourage the taxed activity, government intrusion into the homes of pet owners and other requirements are other ways to discourage pet ownership. All the by-permit-only situations in the draft ordinance require invasive inspections. Also, any permittee who sells, barters, adopts or gives away a cat or dog must keep and provide to MCACC a written record describing the animal and listing the name and address of the purchaser for at least one year. 
The first of these permits covers "any person or organization, that is not acting for profit, and that rescues animals and places them through adoption." There is no permit fee for a Registered Rescue Organization that complies with state law regarding sterilization of adoptable animals and to the standards of care required by the proposed legislation.
Another multi-pet permit would be required for a person or organization with more than seven sterilized cats and dogs. The multi-pet permit only covers altered animals. The draft ordinance also requires a cattery license wherever eight or more cats, three months of age or older, that are kept, bred, harbored, or maintained. The cattery permit/license is $100 per year if any cat is unsterilized. Although a cattery license does not confer the right to breed the cats. A cat or dog breeder must first obtain a breeder permit before intentionally or accidentally breeding a cat for each cat bred. A breeder's permit is another $100 fee. Each offspring of an unpermitted breeding is considered a separate offense, punishing the person whose cat happens to have 12 offspring disproportionately from those with litters of one. 
This complexity of the legislation can also cause non-compliance issues. For example, a person owns eight sterilized cats and a neutered dog. Are they required to obtain both a multi-pet and a cattery permit? The cost may not change but will the permit holder be subject to multiple inspections? The legislation fails to answer this question and others. The 21-member commission
could vote on the proposed ordinance as early as next month.
"How Many Pets Are Lost? How Many Find Their Way Home? ASPCA Survey Has Answers." ASPCA. ASPCA, 28 June 2012. Web. 12 Aug. 2016. 
Lowary, Jake. "Montgomery County Takes First Step Toward Requiring Pet Licenses." The Leaf Chronicle. USA Today, 22 June 2016. Web. 12 Aug. 2016. 


Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -
Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news.

CFA A-Cats
by Karen Lane, A-Cats Chair

The purpose of the A-Cats is that of a public outreach to spectators at CFA cat shows to let them know more about pedigreed cats. The trading cards featuring individual A-Cats have been a resounding success with spectators over the last two years.

We are now developing a new outreach tool: a CFA coloring book! This joint publication of CFA and the Ambassador Cat Committee will be fun for children and educate both them and their parents about pedigreed cats.

The last couple of years of A-Cats activities were highlighted by their numerous appearances at shows, where the A-Cat banners and trading cards were very popular with spectators. Our thanks to Nancy Jo Bueno for supplying the artwork!

Eventually, we are hoping that a digital version of this coloring book will also be available for download on our website  and that our young artists' submitted colorings can be featured on CFA's website.

nullby Karen Lawrence

The CFA Foundation is delighted with its latest acquisition. Alwyn Hill, of the UK, has donated her precious BIRMAN historical documentation. There are eight Annuals published by The Birman Cat Club (UK)(1991-1999), a selection of historical books and magazine articles, many in foreign languages (with translations), that detail the history of the Birman breed. And, 39 binders of pedigrees, all meticulously sorted alphabetically, and preserved for historical purposes.

The CFA Foundation extends a HUGE Thank You to the CFA Birman Breed Council, who stepped up to the plate by facilitating the shipping of this donation from England to the US ... and covering the cost! Thank you, thank you to both Alwyn and the Birman Breed Council members, for caring enough to preserve these records for future generations.


As a direct result of the acquisition of the historical Birman documentation, The History Project is pleased to announce the addition of a GALLERY page for Birmans! This initial gallery has the first 10 early Birman photos with links to temporary Fact Files. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be adding the first completed histories of the earliest Birmans, starting with the foundation lines imported into France from Burma in 1920, up to the early cats that had the most significant influence on the breed both before and after the Second World War. will take you to this fascinating file on the Birman breed, which is simply a little taste of what is yet to come.

The History Project has also recently uploaded a new gallery - this time, of people rather than cats. Photos of over 240 exhibitors, breeders, owners, and judges are included, ranging in date from 1890 through today. It's by no means complete ... we already have another 30 photos of people to be added. If you know of someone you'd like to see included, please let us know via email to You can browse through the People Gallery at
by Candilee Jackson, Chair

Ambassador Updates
Happy Dog-Days of Summer!  I don't know about the rest of you, but I am sooooo ready for fall:  cool, crisp nights, awesome colors, baked potatoes done in a bonfire, football games, and pumpkin spice everywhere!  With that said, I know fall will be a busy show season for everyone which means don't forget to jot down some notes about your interactions at the shows and take a few pictures!

 Art Graafmans has designed a gorgeous Pet Me! Cats banner that should be in the hands of your region's Ambassador Coordinator. if you'd like to have one for your shows, let that person know, or, if you are too far away to share, I can have one sent to you.  It comes with a wonderful (and EASY to set up stand).  Again, THANK YOU, Chris June, for this wonderful idea!
Candilee and her therapy cat Lady Bronwyn at a health fair

Ambassadors OUTSIDE of CFA
The Ambassadors have recently had a "duh!" moment:  with all the community based homecomings, fall festivals and winter carnivals, all including pet expos, the ambassadors have been branching out.  Informational booths, Pet Me! Cats, and breed information are popular items at these events.  But beyond these events are others:  many of our ambassadors have cats who are involved with emotional support therapy, visiting nursing homes, senior centers, children's hospitals, schools, libraries and health fairs.   Conversations about cats, grooming, showing and responsible handling are always underway, just as if the ambassador was at a show.  If you have a cat involved in activities OUTSIDE CFA, please drop me a line and let me know what you and your fur kid are up to!  

Region 2:  Meghan Noecker  
July in the upper northwest means Seaside, and we had a great time. We had several spectators who were interested in learning more about showing their cats at a future show.  Meghan even met two ladies staying in the same hotel who drove up from Salem to learn about showing cats.  They chatted in the hotel parking lot, and she expects to see them at the next show.  The ambassadors had information cards around the show hall for the various breeds, and have a club sale event coming up where they will have a household pet display to promote the cat show and introduce people to showing.
Region 6:  Candilee Jackson

The first weekend in August is always the TGIF Show, and this year the event was in conjunction with the MWR as a fundraising.  Held at the beautiful event center at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, MO (15 minutes from downtown St Louis), the show was something else!  The event center is a building built specifically for SHOWING, and is divided in half:  one side is about the size of a football field and has a padded floor; the opposite side is smaller, just purrfect for a cat show.  Down the middle is the Checkerboard CafĂ© utilizing interns from L'ecole Culinaire, a premier cooking school in St Louis.  Tasty meals for under $8!

On this particular weekend there was a DOG show on the larger side along with our cat show on the smaller side.  The gate was tremendous!  There were so many dog people who were VERY curious about what a cat show was all about.  The ambassadors
Birman Voijers Maude entertained a lot of spectors
were really on their toes, answering tons of questions!  

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Region 1
by John Adelhoch,  Regional Director 

Garden State Cat Show! It's one of the most prestigious show in the North Atlantic Region. Their members put on a terrific show. It was an honor and pleasure to be asked to judge the show again this year. Congratulations to all our winners and a special thanks to all our NAR exhibitors for their support and attendance year after year.
I held my first Regional meeting early Sunday morning and we had a very nice turnout. There were many NAR exhibitors and members present to represent their clubs along with other exhibitors from neighboring regions. We discussed the direction our Region needed to pursue in order to continue financial stability for the future.  Ideas and plans for our 2017 Regional Awards show and banquet were set on motion. Our banquet will be held at the Holiday In at Hunts Landing, PA. on the third weekend in June.
Upcoming Regional Shows:  Cat's without Borders September 10th, Southern Tier CC, Binghamton, NY (Regional meeting Sunday morning of the show)
Refer to our NAR website for minutes of the meeting and for future NAR Meetings.
See you at the shows!

See ya at the shows

Region 2
Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary  

Region 2 had two traditional shows in the month of July. First the annual two day show in Seaside, OR. Seaside is a great show location with many varied activities at the beach when the cat show is over. One of the features of the show is the awarding of beautiful bronze plates to each Best in Show cat.

The second show is the Poppy State Cat Club show held in Roseville, CA. This is a one day six ring show. The weather was warm but all had a great time at the show. Unfortunately, I had to miss the show this year.

This weekend the Upper Regional picnic will take place at Hudson-Parcher Park in Rainier, OR. We have a potluck picnic, raffle and bingo game. The raffle proceeds go to support Region 2 clubs. I know that several clubs benefited this year from the raffles held in Oregon and California. The weather is going to be in the 90s so I hope our regional director survives! I guess we can hose her off with buckets of water. LOL! The area is a covered venue so it most likely won't be too bad.

Pam Moser, our regional director, held regional meetings at each of the July shows. The biggest announcement was that the International show for 2017 will be held in Portland, OR at the Expo Center. This location has many hotels within easy distance from the Expo Center and is about 15 minutes from Portland International Airport. We are all very excited about having the opportunity to host the show.

Second item of discussion was the regional banquet for 2017. We are going to try something a little different. The banquet will be held at the Seven Feathers Casino Resort in Canyonville, OR. This is just off Interstate 5 in Southern Oregon. It will be centrally located for reasonable travel from the southern part of the region as well as the northern part. We are not going to have a show in conjunction with the banquet this year. 

Region 3
by Kathy Black, Regional Director   

Alamo City Cat Club and Region 3 held a 6x6 in historic Seguin, TX. Seguin is about 45 miles from the Alamo, but has a charm of its own. Old Palace Theater on the corner, historic brick buildings, the Guadalupe river in the distance, and a spacious show hall was the setting for a fun, busy weekend.

It had been over 15 years since a cat show was held in this facility. It was very spacious, plenty of room for the cats, raffle tables and judging rings. The show was well attended with exhibitors from almost every region: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7.

Great food, wonderful company, beautiful ribbons, very competitive classes and the sound of "New Grand" filled the hall both days. This show boasted the highest kitten count for the weekend. Counts held as entered with only 5 absentees. The weather was hot as was the competition. This facility will be used again! Congratulations to Alamo City, we are happy to have you hosting shows again.

Our next show date is a new one, Cenla Cat Fanciers in Alexandria, LA, August 27, 2016. Be sure to check out this hotel show, the spicy Cajun food available, and Louisiana hospitality.
Region 4
no report received
Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 
Opposites Attract Cat Club's early bird was a huge success, the show is
more than half-way filled! It is August 27 in Glendale, California.
Glendale is conveniently just a few miles from Burbank Airport (BUR).
LAX, Ontario (ONT), Long Beach (LGB) and Orange County (SNA) are all
within driving distance.

September in the Southwest has something for everyone. The Hemet Feline
Fanciers are having their annual ice cream social show on August 10. This
show is always an exhibitor favorite. Up next is the Santa Monica Cat
Club on September 17-18. This ten ring show is in Ontario, CA, very
convenient to ONT airport for fly-ins.
Region 6
by Mary Auth, Midwest Regional Director
Purina Farms

It's the dog days of summer - quite literally with the only summer show left this year in the Midwest region happening at Purina Farms Event Center outside St. Louis. The 6-ring one-day show attracted a good entry, with some traveling from as far away as California. Next door, dogs competed in agility trials, which provided some good entertainment for cat show exhibitors who wandered over to peek - and maybe get some tips for their own agility competitions.
A 4-ring show.  While not much has happened over the summer, plans are being made to try something new in the Midwest Region - in the same venue as the show above. On November 5, TGIFriday will help out the region by licensing a 4-ring one day show.  It's an experiment to see what kind of response we get and to help determine whether it's financially feasible to try elsewhere in the region. Thanks to the generosity of a consortium of clubs, we won't have the expense of a cage service.  And so that the TGIF membership is not overly taxed right after their summer show, a number of regional members have stepped up to help. It's gratifying to see a team of people come together to give this format a whirl.
Mary Margaret Richardson, Cindy Browning and Bruce Bradshaw
Along with this 4-ring show, we are offering a small seminar on how to enter and show your cat. We are reaching outside the CFA family to get entries and think this will be a valuable program to offer in a small, comfortable venue.
But before all that, we still have several shows to offer up to cat fanciers. The Topeka - The Atchison -- & -- the Santa Fe railroad pulls into Topeka for their one-day show on September 3. Right behind them is the American Gothic Show on September 10-11 in Peoria, Ill and then later in September is the Twin City Cat Fanciers in Crystal, Minn.  I ask you all to support the shows in the Midwest Region to see how we are bringing the fun back. 
Soon, I will be introducing a rewards program to the Midwest region where every entry in a Midwest show gets you closer to a free entry paid by the region. Monte Phillips is in the process of working the numbers so that we can see what is a meaningful threshold to attain.  Stay tuned.
If you haven't been to the new Midwest Region web site - take a look:  Cathy Dunham has done a great job in keeping it current and recently added some photos from the past. Look under INFORMATION for the Memory Lane link.  You can also go back and look at Midwest Regional winners all the back to 2000 under the TOP CAT link.  It is still a work in progress. Enjoy.

Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

With the exception of the GEMS show in Richmond, VA the end of July, we have been sorely lacking in the "show department" this month. 

We lost a long standing club, Foothills Felines, this year and with it goes many memories of their "ice cream" shows, which would have been this month. I struggle for positive words of encouragement and I find that I am talking to myself as much as anyone. As a longhair breeder, this is the time of year when cats are "between coats"--but as those new guard hairs begin to peak out I know they will be show-worthy soon! So here is good news: I have been discussing and met with several people from South Carolina who are interested in continuing the legacy of the shows there. A fund raiser to kick off interest in the area will give us a way to help a potentially new club. I am excited for them and look forward to helping them.

I have asked Barbara Leffler, of Purrstar Himalayans, to be the Mentor coordinator for the Southern Region. Barb brings years of breeding experience to us, as someone I have personally consulted with in my own program for years. She has lived in Region 1, but is in South Carolina now. She will be an asset to our region and CFA.

In September, I am looking forward to Ocicats/Maine Street the first weekend, and Freestate Felines in Maryland at the end of the month!

Come join us in the Southern Region in September!
Region 8
by Edward Maeda, Regional Director 

The Japan Region held Japan Regional Awards Banquet for 2015-2016 show season and a CFA club meeting this past July, 17 2016 at Biwako Ohtsu Prince Hotel Banquet Hall. Over 100 award winners gathered from all Japan, including the Hokaaido area, and Kyushu. Royal Canin Japan supported our this event and we thank them very much for their support. We send our congratulations to all winners.

Best Household Pet winner, Mrs Miyuki Nakamura, dressed up in a beautiful formal Japanese Kimono whose style dates back 1000 years. Juuni Hitoe and her husband also dressed up Japanese traditional formal Kimono at winners' stage.

Already new show season opened in CFA. We promised all of attendees to see again at next award banquet in Tokyo, 2017.
Region 9
by Michael Hans Schleissner 

Minutes of the open meeting at the show of Cat Friends of Germany on May/29/2016

1. The region will continue to provide no interest loans to clubs to be repaid within 90 days after the show. We had a discussion on what should happen if clubs do not repay the loan. We decided clubs could have up to 2 show licenses within the following year to help repay the loan; however, a club must finish repaying the loan within that 1 year prior to any additional shows being licensed.

2. The region is very large and some areas require visas. As of 1 September, animals entering the European Union from Russia will be required to have current rabies vaccination titers. In order to attract new exhibitors, we must focus more on attracting local exhibitors. In the past, we only scheduled 1 show per weekend in the region. In the future more than 1 show per weekend will be allowed as long as there is sufficient distance between shows - for example, shows in Russia, Southern Europe and Great Britain would be allowed because of the distance, visa requirements, and travel restrictions for pets in airline cabins.

Additional information input from Yury Novitskiy

Russia still is a "listed country" and no need to have a blood antibody titres for entering EU after Sep 1st. Here is a link to file with all "listed countries"  

3. We had no household pets earn sufficient points for a regional win this past show season. Clubs are encouraged to promote household pet competition at their shows. Hopefully this will help shows get more entries and encourage new exhibitors at our CFA shows.

4. Some clubs are concerned about entry fees, specifically for shows where two or more clubs are sponsoring one show. Clubs must base their entry fees on the show budget developed for their specific show. CFA show rules state the minimum fee required by ring - we cannot demand clubs charge any specific amount for their entry fees.

5. The Breed Awareness and Orientation School was discussed along with the need for more judges in the region. The meeting attendees voted to support "scholarships " to promote attendance at future BAOS. A specific amount was not decided but most felt the region could pay the registration fee.

6. A suggestion was made about guest judges. Instead of CFA requiring prospective guest judges to have a minimum of 5 years as a judge, the guest judge could be required to be tested on CFA show mechanics and standards. (This has been passed on the to CFA Judging Program Committee.)

7. Cat Friends of Germany was thanked again for sponsoring an absolutely wonderful regional awards banquet.

International Division
Dick Kallemyer, International Division Chair 
Feline Fanciers Society of Singapore held their 2 nd show in Singapore on July 23, 2016.  Judges Bob Zenda and Brian Pearson showed off the new judging uniforms for SE Asia shows.  (left)

Brian and Bob conducted breed seminars on 5-6 breeds.  An additional highlight was a pet masseur instructing attendees on how to give your cat a massage.  Bob Zenda conducted a clerking school as well. (below)

Show hall in Singapore

Best Decorated Cage winners

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