August 2018
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Our banner cat for August is CFA's Ninth Best Cat in Premiership Regions 1-9, GC, GP NW 
Mcpride Lucille Ball Of Jaspurrcats
, a brown patched-tabby and white Maine Coon Cat spay.

(photo by Larry Johnson)


August 22
All CFA Yearbook ads should be in to Shelly Brokawski by this date. See submission information elsewhere in this Newsletter.

August 28
CFA International Show early bird deadline

August 31, 2018
Deadline for CFA International Show rosette sponsorships

September 25
CFA International Show closing date.


The "dog days" of summer have nothing on the cat fancy! As we move towards summer's end, we're seeing more activity, including more cat shows! And with the CFA International Show now in October, it's an even busier time than ever!


  This past weekend Allene Tartaglia moved to Alliance where she will remain for the next few months as our interim executive director. She has rented an apartment and is settled in. She showed up for work in the Central Office on Monday, August 13th, and is getting to know the staff and our current procedures. A lot has changed since she left as our executive director in 2010 yet much is very familar. We moved from New Jersey to Ohio and hired many new staff members. We have updated our computer system which required a number of changes since Allene last worked in our Central Office. We are excited to have someone with so much experience help us, even temporarily, as our executive director.

Our next big event is the CFA International Cat Show presented by Royal Canin. The show is being held October 13-14 in Cleveland, Ohio. Check out all the information about the show on our blog.  Mary Kolencik is diligently working to keep the blog chock full of great information. Lorna Friemoth is in charge of coordinating sponsorships at the show which includes judges, breeds, and more. We rely on sponsorships from clubs, catteries, businesses, etc. to help us cover the show's expenses. Please consider sponsoring. This is a very expensive venture. Entries are now open so get them in early. The show hotel, the Cleveland Airport Marriott is nearby and has shuttle service between the airport and hotel and to the show hall. Rooms are only $89 so get your reservations in early before they sell out. Their normal room rate in almost twice that. This show is always our largest cat show and chock full of excitement. You don't want to miss it.

Lydia Bohm and Kathy Black are the new co-chairs for CFA's Marketing Committee. They are working with Desiree Bobby to increase our marketing efforts. The board has devoted additional funds to this effort this year over past years. Kathi Hoos is our new Mentoring Committee chair and she is working to revamp the program to make it more beneficial to our new exhibitors and breeders. Thanks for their volunteer efforts to make CFA even better.

The A-Cat Program under the leadership of Karen Lane and Joel Chaney have produced two great coloring books the past two years and this year they are working on a CFA calendar. They have shown the quality of their coloring books so we can't wait to see what they do with a calendar!
We are starting to see more shows this time of the year. I hope you attend some near you. They need your entries.

Allene Tartaglia, Interim Executive Director

CFA and all of the Central Office team are dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service. Please contact me or CFA's Deputy Director,, if we do not meet your expectations. We are here for you.
The deadline for receipt of Breed Council membership applications for the 2018 has passed (August 1) and have all been processed. Membership cards are being sent out to all 2018 members during the week of August 13. Our apologies to anyone who previously received an incorrect card. The membership rosters online are up to date and complete for the 2018 membership year. See them here.
The CFA International Cat Show presented by Royal Canin is approaching fast.
  • Advertise in the show catalog. The deadline for the receipt of ads is Friday, September 21. Info is available here
  • Don't miss out on this year's collector pins and keychains. See the ad further down in the newsletter.
  • If you need a letter of invitation to obtain a visa for travel to the show, please contact me.
  • Enter your cat - the early bird entry deadline is August 28 and the second and final deadline for all entries is September 25.  Enter online here
  • Reserve your hotel room at the Marriott Cleveland Airport. Hotel rooms are going fast.
Next up, some local happenings for the Central Office from CFA's Deputy Director, Verna Dobbins.

CFA has been mugged!
I was invited by the Alliance Kiwanis Club to come speak at their August luncheon and what a wonderful experience it was! My 15-minute speech turned into 30 minutes with all the interest and questions. We discussed the upcoming International Show and I invited them to please attend and look me up so I can help answer any questions. CFA provided them with an incentive coupon. We discussed different programs that CFA offers and they were particularly interested in our Youth Feline Education program. I also invited them to come to the CFA Museum on August 8th & 9th to view the visiting Lykoi, Khao Manee, and Sphynx cats. After such a welcoming and exciting discussion, they graciously presented me a mug that says "I got mugged by some really nice people at the Alliance Kiwanis Club." It was an honor to be able to represent CFA at this event.

Our Mission
In accordance to with the CFA mission statement, Central Office and their friends and families will be participating in a drive to help our local no-kill animal shelter.  Kylie Westfall will be spearheading this campaign. Kylie is looking at ways to make this a competitive and fun event for us in Central Office while at the same time making sure we are giving back to our community. Thank you, Kylie, for taking this on.

Meet the CFA Central Office Staff!
Erica Minich

interview by Geri Fellerman 

Erica joined the crew at Central Office in January of 2014 and quickly became proficient at pedigrees. Her day includes preparing, processing and printing certified pedigrees. In addition, she does cattery registrations - new, renewals and permanents - as well as cattery reports and reverse pedigrees. A visit to a cat show in April of 2014 went a long way toward allowing Erica to see up close and personal the different breeds and colors she deals with each day. She says that she definitely had a fun experience.

She especially enjoys the data entry aspect of her position and really has no complaints at all - not even with the computer system.

After the work day is done, Erica loves to relax with her two cats. She is also a musician and plays drums and keyboards.

We were fortunate to have snagged Erica - this is her first job after completing home school and it seems to have been a great fit.


A Yearbook is Forever!
Other media comes and goes, but Yearbooks are held by Cat Fanciers forever. Advertising in the CFA Yearbook provides a unique opportunity to be seen by many. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity, advertise today!

A complete advertising package, including our rates, can be found on the CFA website HERE 

If you don't know how to design your ad, let us do it for you! All we need is the text, photos and payment. We will be happy to take it from there and design an attractive, attention-getting ad for you. You can email everything to or mail it to Cat Fanciers Association, Inc., 260 East Main Street, Alliance OH 44601, ATTN: Yearbook AD.

Deadline for all ads is August 22, 2018.


The 2019 Yearbook will feature cats that have become a Grand, Grand of Distinction and Distinguished Merit during the show season of May 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018. If you haven't yet sent in your photo and payment to be included in this fine publication, please do so now. You can email everything to or mail it to Cat Fanciers Association, Inc., 260 East Main Street, Alliance OH 44601, ATTN: Publications.The deadline is August 22, 2018. 


Picture your 2017-2018 Regional Winner for $32.00 in the special Regional Winner section of the 2019 Yearbook. This special section will feature the cat's picture, and list the award, cat's name, description, breeder and owner. Don't miss this opportunity. Email a high resolution digital to  and make your payment here

Any questions please contact Shelly Borawski - - 732-492-7216

Support the CFA International Show!
Lorna Freimoth
International Show Sponsorship Chair

The 2018 CFA International Show Presented by Royal Canin will soon be here. We are in need of a number of sponsors to make this show a financial success.

This year's show format will be awarding top 15 across the board in Kittens, Championship, Premiership. We have 2 AB, 3 SP and 3 SSP rings. We are also offering top 4 champions and top 3 premiers. Yes, that is right, there are 12 spots for champions in the AB and SSP rings and 8 in the SP rings. There are 9 spots for premiers in the AB and SSP rings and 6 in the SP rings. This is a great event for your champions and premiers. The purple show will have top 15 HHPs and the teal show will have top 10 Veterans. The purple show will have 1032 rosettes. The teal show will have 992 rosettes. That's 2024 rosettes just for the ring finals. We are also providing newly enhanced rosettes for the best kitten, cat, and premiership cat in every breed and division in both shows (including Lykoi and Khao Manee in the teal show), top 3 HHP in the purple show, and top 3 veterans in the teal show. We are also offering our tiered sponsorship of the Education and Agility rings as we have in years past, starting at just $100.

New to this year's show, we will be offering sponsor sign up and purchase through the CFA catalog. The deadline for rosette sponsorship is August 31, 2018. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Please contact Lorna Friemoth for any questions, at

CFA Judging Program
Melanie Morgan
CFA Judging Program Committee Chair

Hello all, here are the Judging Program Committee changes and advancements from the June 26th, CFA Board Meeting:

Change of status:

The following service awards were given:

5 Years
Irina Kharchenko

10 Years
Cathy Dinesen
James Dinesen
Anne Mathis
Makoto Murofushi
Lorraine Rivard

15 Years
Iris Zinck

20 Years
Edward Maeda

25 Years
Kayoko Koizumi

30 Years
Victoria Nye

35 Years
Teruko Arai
Yukiko Hayata

40 Years
Gene Darrah
Robert Goltzer


Bob Molino - We were saddened to learn that the cat fancy lost one of our greats in May.

Miriam Faulkner. Retired CFA Allbreed Judge Emeritus, Miriam Faulkner, passed away May 1, 2018 at the tender age of 101.

Leave of absence:

Koji Kanise was granted a Leave of Absence until November 30, 2018.


Pam DeGolyer to Apprentice Longhair, First specialty

Toshihiko Tsuchiya to Approved Longhair, Second Specialty and Approval Pending Allbreed

Mihoko Yabumoto to Approved Shorthair, Second Specialty) and Approval Pending Allbreed

Congratulations to our advancing judges on a job well done!

CFA Marketing
Desiree Bobby
CFA Marketing & Communication Coordinator

" Collaboration is like carbonation for fresh ideas. "
Caroline Ghosn

The CFA Marketing Team works to strengthen the CFA brand, preserve and promote our recognized pedigree breeds, bridge the rescue-pedigree gap, promote responsible ownership, and support member clubs in all areas.

Each month we highlight some of our current projects. This month, we would like to share three marketing initiatives in place to support CFA sponsored shows and members. We also will share 3 tips on how you can support the CFA brand as well.

1. Advertising Shows With Catster

All CFA shows in the United States can now be advertised on for free!
Please submit the following via email to no less than 45 days before your show:

1.  Show details including date, time, location, an exciting show description and a list of activities with a link to the show website.
2.  1-3 high quality, "striking, fun and up-to-date" photos representing your show (with photo credit.)  Please note, the Catster Art Director will chose the photo and reserves the right to use an alternative.

There is also an opportunity for 3-4 "large shows" to be highlighted on the "Happenings" page in the quarterly Catster Magazine. In order to have your show reviewed for this advertisement opportunity, submissions must be received 4 months prior to your show.  Catster will review submissions and determine which is the best fit and they ask that you include a mailing address in your submission for a complimentary copy of Catster 
in the event your ad is chosen.

2. Facebook Events For Your Show

Do you create Facebook Events for your shows?  

We have seen that people often come to the CFA Facebook page to view upcoming CFA Shows on our "Events" tab.  If your club has created a FB event for your show, you can now share it with CFA's 19,000+ fans by adding CFA as a "co-host" in your event settings. Please contact Desiree Bobby on Facebook if you need more details on how to do this.

If you have never created a FB Event for each of your shows, there is a great article in CatTalk written by Mike Atschul that explains how to set up, promote and measure Facebook Event activity for your shows. Many shows have been very successful using Facebook Events for show promotion and our goal is to have every show use FB as an advertising tool.

You can also contact Mike via email, if you would like more details on how to create Facebook Events.  He will be happy to assist you.

3. CFA is Now On Instagram

I nstagram is a visual platform that helps CFA connect with others that like to share and view cats and cat related photos. We share photos of our recognized breeds and breed winners and we often engage with cat lovers from all over the world by using hashtags that relate to our desired audience.

Our following has been growing substantially since June and we now have over 1150 fans!
We love to give shout-outs to members of our CFA family and to repost CFA related images such as show advertisements, judges in action and photos of registered kittens and cats. If you are on Instagram, be sure to add #cfacats to photos of your cats and of the shows you attend!  
If you are have not yet started using Instagram and would like to learn how, here is a short tutorial to get you started:  

Three Ways You Can Support the CFA Family Brand
  1. At A Show?  Greet everyone with a smile and be kind!  Imagine you are on stage and everyone is watching.  Show the best you! This reflects on your cats and CFA.
  2. Honor Thy Pedigree!  Register all your kittens and share the registration certificate with your kitten's new family.  Explain to them how they can also order a certified pedigree, frame it and display it on their wall just like a family tree.
  3. Rock & Roll Kitties!  We are celebrating the CFA International Cat Show presented by Royal Canin by dressing up our cats like the rock & rollers they are! You can start taking some great photos now because we will be launching a Rock & Roll Cats Photo Contest within the next couple weeks. We will be looking for great photos to showcase in some of the CFA International Show promotional materials.
If you would like to share any ideas, you may contact:
Desiree Bobby
New Points Chart Available
Attention all clubs (and other folks helping out new exhibitors). Trying to explain the difference between grand points and regional/national points and how to calculate them? In case you missed the notice in the delegate booklet at the CFA Annual, we have a new chart for that! 

Created by Teresa Keiger with input by Mary Kolencik and Monte Phillips, this chart gives an easy graphic representation of HOW points are determined. It is located on the CFA NewBee site, and available for direct download here.

CFA IT Committee
Tim Schreck
IT Committee Chair

We want to thank everyone for their cooperation during our brief shutdown last month. The transition to a new vendor for CFA's server and programming needs went well. There were only a few minor issues that occurred during this process and they are mostly resolved at this time. Progress on existing and new projects maybe a bit slow at first as the new company learns about our existing applications and how to improve them.

It has come to our attention that some users are still using the old links sent to them for registration pdfs. These links were broken during the software transition when the file containing these links would not properly restore and thus needed to be rebuilt. If anyone is getting an error when trying to access these old links please contact Central Office using the email They will respond with in 24 hours during normal business days. We do apologize for this inconvenience but it was made necessary since our previous vendor could not supply a working copy of the file. Thank you for your continuing cooperation as we move forward with the new Vendor.

Testing of the electronic master clerking process has begun but there is still a lot to be completed before this can be implemented.

I also what to thank all those that worked on the electronic voting for this past annual. It was a huge success and will continue to be improved.
Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger

The August issue of Cat Talk should be arriving in your mailboxes any day now! This is our annual "Year In Review" issue where we look back at the cats and events that made the 2017-2018 show season special.

Many thanks to those of you who took advantage of the Cat Talk/CFA Yearbook advertising special!

August is "Disaster Preparedness Month" and we take a look at being prepared for storms. 

We have another installment of "Social Media Smarts" about how best to feature your club's show on Facebook. We're really happy to hear what an impact using social media has had in improving show advertising. 

Our featured cat in the ongoing "What You Don't Know About..." series is the Sphynx! What a great insight into living with these outgoing naked kitties!

Remember that we want to include articles that YOU are interested in, so if you have a suggestion for a future article or series of articles, please do not hesitate to contact me.  OR if you have an article that you'd like to write or submit - we're always interested in that as well so please contact me about that.

Remember that you can subscribe to either the print or the online version of Cat Talk. It's available online through the Kindle Newsstand or through Magzter. Complete ordering information is here

Winn Logo

by Lorraine Shelton

A list of our donors contributing $100 or more in July is available here

Feline Research Award Awarded to Dr. Philip Fox
Dr. Philip Fox, head of cardiology and director of the Caspary Research Institute and Education Outreach at the Animal Medical Center in New York City, is this year's
recipient of the AMVA/Winn Feline Foundation Excellence in Feline Research Award. He was one of Winn's two speakers at our 2014 annual Winn Symposium in New Orleans. The audio from his presentation is available in our podcast library and transcripts of the talk are also available on our website. Dr. Fox was the principal Investigator of a multi-year Winn-funded study, titled "Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM): Five-year outcomes and risk assessment". His research is the center of a large nine-year international study to better understand the risk of HCM in cats. The study included 1,730 cats from 50 veterinary centers in 21 countries. Summaries of the results from this study have been published in our Cat Health News Blog. The results from this large and hugely significant study have been published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine (JVIM). Winn has published on our Cat Health News Blog a summaries of the final progress report and Part One and Part Two of the JVIM publication.
Congratulations to Our Scholarship Recipients!
The Winn Feline Foundation, together with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF), recently presented $2500 scholarships to two students. Laurel Krause, of the 2020 class of Colorado State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, developed an interest in clinical research studies around novel causes of chronic kidney disease and infectious diseases in cats. Taylor Opgenorth, from the 2019 class of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, works at the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory where she processes samples and performs PCR testing. Taylor comments, "I had the opportunity to perform research through the UW Shelter Medicine Program on the H7N2 outbreak in New York City cats. For the study, I performed viral isolation on serial samples over a number of days to determine the length of time cats were shedding active virus." Winn and AVMF believe both students will continue to have a significant impact on the future of feline medicine.
Celebrate Cures4Cats Day-on October 20, 2018
This year, to support our Cures4Cats awareness program and celebrate our 50th anniversary, Winn Feline Foundation will be announcing the launch of a new campaign to find answers for feline kidney disease (FKD). Watch our social media, website and Winn Wins emails for further details around the first part of September on how you can join Winn in finding answers regarding feline kidney disease.
Support Winn with a Facebook Fundraiser!
Many cat lovers are reaching out to friends and family through Facebook fundraisers as a means of supporting future cat health studies. Because a large percentage of the Facebook fundraisers are to support the Bria Fund for FIP research, the fund's founder, Susan Gingrich, has a few hints on how to set up a successful fundraiser. She recommends contacting Winn at with the dates of your fundraiser. When your fundraiser ends, send Winn a list of your donors and the amount each
donor gave. Facebook does not provide this specific information to Winn or any
other non-profit. By providing these details, your donations will be targeted for the fund you specify. Susan suggests that you personalize your message, such as including your FIP angel's name or the name of your kitty fighting FIP for a Bria Fund fundraiser.
Planning a Loving Legacy? Join Winn's Nine Lives Society
If you or your family have established a gift to Winn Feline Foundation as part of your will or estate planning, Winn has founded a legacy society as part of our planned giving program. Winn will offer website recognition for those members who wish to be acknowledged for a lifetime legacy of support for feline health. If you wish to belong to the Nine Lives Society, please contact . Winn has information available about planning for your estate and leaving a loving legacy on our website, including monthly planning and tax tips going back through 2015. You can view our Planned Giving page here.

For any questions, please contact .

Will Palm Springs, CA be the next city to categorize in-home breeders as "backyard breeders?"

In July 2018, the Palm Springs City Council fielded a proposed animal ordinance amendment to outlaw "backyard breeders" that had quietly appeared earlier in other cities in Riverside County. The Palm Springs City Council member behind the proposed amendment, Christy Holstege, told the local newspaper, "The animal shelter wanted me to bring the ordinance forward."
Riverside County cities that previously passed ordinances outlawing backyard breeding include La Quinta in 2015 and Desert Hot Springs in 2016. La Quinta prohibits catteries altogether. However, the Desert Hot Springs ordinance contains an exemption for "reputable breeders" whose catteries or kennels are licensed pursuant to the County Code animal control regulations as adopted in its entirety by Desert Hot Springs. 
In the Palm Springs amendment, that pejorative "backyard breeder" term would effectively include all in-home breeders without exemption. In the proposed amendment, backyard breeder was defined as "the breeding of dogs and/or cats for any business or commercial purpose on property zoned for residential occupancy." The terms business and commercial are so broad and vague that they are all inclusive in this context. Given the laws currently in effect or soon to be in effect, little to no benefit will be had by such a measure.
Palm Springs already has a kennel ordinance covering  anyone with premises upon which " four (4) or more dogs or cats at least four (4) months of age, are kept, boarded or trained, whether in special buildings or runways or not." Anyone maintaining a kennel is subject to zoning and health regulations. The city also passed a law restricting the source of dogs and cats that a pet store may sell to those obtained from shelters or rescues prior to the state-wide law, A.B. 485 enacted in 2017, supplemented by this year's A.B. 2445 (already chaptered) and effective January 1, 2019.
Another concern for residential hobby breeders is appearing to be a "business" when this may conflict with zoning or other restrictions.  The 2007 policy change by California Board of Equalization requiring a seller's permit to collect and remit sales tax for sellers of more than two pets or other nonfood animals during a twelve-month period can be such a risk. 
There probably are no true commercial breeding operations in the city with the existing ordinances and the relatively small population of under 50,000. This begs the question of what problem are the proponents trying to solve or if one really exists. If a problem exists, legislation should be narrowly tailored to address the problem without making criminals of hobbyists who happen to live in the area. Painting a broad brush and then trying to carve out exceptions is almost guaranteed to harm someone the proposed legislation was not meant to address.
If you live in the Palm Springs area and are willing to help prevent bad amendments from becoming law, let the CFA Legislative Group know. Contact us at

Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -  
Visit the  CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news.

by Karen Lane
CFA Ambassador Cats Program Chair


The CFA Ambassador Cat Program has always been an out-reach marketing program. We want to bring CFA, and our cats, to the general public. Our mission has always been "CFA First".

Within our mission, the A-Cat Team has been given the go-ahead for a new marketing publication. The new CFA Calendar is in production, and will be ready in late September.

2019 will start our CFA yearly calendar program. This calendar will be given out, without charge, at CFA Shows and other CFA related events.

The new calendar will feature our CFA cats, both recent and "cats-from-the past". The calendar photos are coming from our CFA files and we will use both pedigreed and HHP cats.

This calendar will be available from September through January only. They will be available to any club holding a show within our calendar time-frame or any CFA Program. Because there will be a limited printing of our calendar, we are requesting clubs and program chairs to contact Karen Lane. We are announcing the new calendar early since we are looking at how many clubs and groups want to have our CFA calendar, so we will have a more accurate number for our first limited printing. Our calendar will be available at the International Show in Cleveland.

When the calendars are gone, they are gone. So, if you want to have yours, please get on the calendar list. This list will not be for individuals but for clubs and groups only.

CONTACT; Karen at or "heaven forbid" you can call her at 561-274-1911. The deadline for getting on the calendar list is September 2nd, period. You have a little over two weeks to get on the list.


Karen Lane & Joel Chaney, A-Cat Chairs

CFA Ambassadors
Candilee Jackson
CFA Ambassador Chair

Ambassadors are reporting in! First, all of want to know why June and July lasted about ten minutes, and how is that we are starting school already in the Midwest!!!! The "dog days" of summer are here once again, but the celebrations of International Cat Day, August 9th, are ongoing! Praise be, the Day of the Cat!

"Adult" Coloring Books are NOW AVAILABLE! Watch for them in the next month as shipments go out to regional ambassador coordinators. They are incredibly PAWESOME!

Supplies: If any of you need supplies (ie- children's coloring books, breed profiles, show hall brochures, or ambassador pins, please let me know. If your region is planning a Pet Expo or a special Pet Me! Cat section for an upcoming show, please give me a few weeks lead time to make sure you get your supplies on time!

Region 1: Northeast (Chris Jeune)
Garden State Cat Club hosted "Puttin' On The Glitz" at the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison, New Jersey, on July 21-22.
"What an amazing show!  There was so much to see and do that it was difficult to experience everything this hard-working club provided for spectators and exhibitors during the two day run of the show.  There were many Pet Me Cat opportunities and SO MANY spectators!" enthused Chris June, Ambassador Coordinator for Region 1.  

Although Chris did not officially advertise her cats as Pet Me! Cats since they are young and new to showing, she could not miss an opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of young and old alike, especially the disabled.  If she saw spectators who were trying to see the cats through the dark doors of the show shelters, she would grab her future therapy Burmese and put her in the lap or arms of our guests ages four years old to ninety-two.  "Flurry simply goes limp and falls asleep when held. I call her my boneless Burmese, and she won the hearts of many future Burmese owners!" stated Chris.  Sue Robbins set up a lovely Pet Me! Cat exhibit at her Sturdi-Products vending space with her popular and world-famous GH, GHD, NW, Blaise, who interacted with scores of guests who shopped in the vendor area.  Kudos to the show officials and committee who put on this remarkable and mind-blowing show!
Region 6: Midwest (Candilee Jackson)
The summer has been an exciting one, keeping everyone on their toes. The first weekend in August is a HUGE show weekend for the MWR: TGIF sponsors a large show on Saturday, August 4, followed immediately the next day by the National Birman Fanciers show on Sunday, August 5. Both shows are at the region's premium venue, Purina Farms Event Center in Gray Summit, Missouri, just outside of St. Louis. With a dog agility show going on in the other side of this huge venue, the gate is tremendous both days. Lots of questions were asked, with many visitors staying to watch the large kitten class each day. Therapy cat, Lady Bronwyn, pranced around the show hall on her pink harness and lead, looking for people to entertain and love. Lady Bronwyn loves people in wheelchairs: she puts her paws on a visitor's knees, and asks permission to climb into their laps for a snuggle and visit. She visited with a lovely lady with in the early stages of dementia, and allowed her family some wonderful time visiting with everyone without dementia symptoms!

August 11-12 found the Topeka Cat Fanciers hosting a terrific show, "Cool Cats On the Fast Track", in Lenexa, Kansas. This well attended show featured a number of ambassadors and Pet Me! Cats. The gate for this venue is always generous, and many questions were asked by visitors.

Region 8: Japan (Masanari and Takako Kojima)
Japan's Region 8 began its new show season with a May show hosted by the Delight Cat Fanciers, and another in June sponsored by the Janpan Shaded Fanciers in Tokyo. Takako was excited to be one of the judges and Masanari was an exhibitor. The highlight of their evening was gathering donations for the 2018 Annual Meeting Hospitality Night on Friday in Atlanta. "Many wishes for a successful annual in Atlanta" from all of Japan.

On August 5, the Nishinihon Cat Club hosted their Mid-Summer Show in Osaka Act III Hall. Although the weather in Japan has been very hot, the entries were good. Takako was not able to attend this show because she was at home, birthing babies (Congratulations!) Accompanying Masanari was Raptor, another cat and a kitten, a son of Raptor. There were several new exhibitors which is always exciting. One new exhibitor was showing a Ragamuffin kitten, the very first Ragamuffin to be shown in CFA in Region 8! All the judges and exhibitors were so excited to see and welcome this rare breed to Japan. Takako stated she would help insure this kitten's registration in CFA! The breeder call Takako later to say she would love to attend other shows in the near future.

by Karen Lawrence

The Feline Historical Museum took the opportunity to introduce our museum visitors to CFA's newest breeds on August 8th and 9th when the Lykoi and Khao Manee cats were in house for visitors to enjoy. Desiree Bobby brought two Lykoi with her, as well as aSphynx. Local breeders, Lori and Joe Haas, brought two Khao Manee cats and also introduced us to a new breed from Thailand - the Suphalak which comes in lovely brown and lilac colors. Over two hundred people visited during our little two-day display, with spectators (especially the children) thoroughly enjoying the cats.

We have had several donations to the museum lately -

· Leslie Leavitt, NM, donated her Christmas ornament collection

· John McMonagle and Carolyn Vella, PA, donated a series of feline health magazines and autographed copies of their books

· The estate of Neuel Curtis Graves, CA, donated a series of figurines

· An anonymous donation of a framed Charles Wysocki print

· Gayle Hand donated two boxes of show catalogs, dating back to 1959, from the estate of Valerie Edwards

· Nan Still, OH, donated five Harmony Kingdom figurines

· Delight Swenson donated two computer monitors and a computer tower from the estate of Willis Ruther

· John Smithson and Karen Lawrence donated an early 1900's chromolithograph by Louis Wain. (below)

Remember, the CFA Foundation is always happy to accept donations. We are also listed as a not-for-profit Foundation on Facebook, so next time you have a birthday fundraiser, please think of including us as your beneficiary.

Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of OAPHHT.  There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.



Budget Car Rental
Link to Avis


Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by Sharon Roy, Regional Director 
"Bandit," owned by Lexi McLain, was the best in show

The Ocean County 4H Club attended the National Norwegian Club show in February of this year.  After the show, they contacted CFA for help in having their own cat show. This request was referred to the Youth Feline Education Program  and the judging program.  The judging program asked Mike Jacobi, long time CFA exhibitor and master clerk to facilitate and "judge" the show.  Mike readily accepted and provided a grooming lesson along with the show.
The members are really looking forward to attending the next show in their area.
Congratulations to the Garden State Cat Club on hosting another very successful show!  What a phenomenal group of cats competing.   The spectator attendance was amazing.

Upcoming shows in the NAR
  • August- NEMO Cat Club, August 25&26, Sturbridge MA.   Hotel Show!
  • September 8&9, Hatfield PA.    All Chiefs and No Indians and the North Atlantic Region.
  • September 15& 16, Syracuse NY,  Salt City Cat Club and Cats without Borders.
  • September 29th New Castle Delaware, Delaware River Cat Club.

Region 2
Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary  
Mary Auth judging kittens at the April Puget Sound Cat Club Show in Longview, WA

Poppy State Cat Club held their annual show on August 11 th in Roseville, CA. The show hall has been newly remodeled and "air conditioning" is part of the upgrade. Good news for all of us who have suffered through the Sacramento area heat and the "swamp coolers." They closed with a super count and we were all looking forward to the show.

On August 18 th the Northwest Region Fundraiser will be held in Rainier, OR at Hudson-Parcher Park. The picnic flyer can be found here    This is a picnic, raffle, and bingo game. This is a great summer social with a chance to raise money for our local clubs.

On September 22 nd , the Seattle Cat Club/Grandview Cat club will host a 6 ring show in Longview, WA. This is a new venue for the show. Flyer and entry information can be found here.
The Emerald Cat Club information isn't posted yet at the website. I will be passing out flyers at Poppy State and the show information is available at This show is scheduled for October 20-21, 2019 in St Helens, OR.

Region 3
by Kathy Black, Regional Director

The region is seeing some growth, both with new exhibitors and an increase of spectators. The Gulf Shore is most welcoming to all who attend our shows.

We are coming into the busy part of the show schedule. Be sure to checkout and support these shows:
  • August 25-26 Cenla Cat Fanciers in Alexandria, LA is hosting a 10 day show
  • September 15-16 Happy Alternative and Gulf Coast Feline Foundation have teamed up together to host a new show to our schedule in Deer Park, TX. This is an 8 Ring show.
  • September 29-30 in Loveland, CO is Foot of the Rockies and National Maine Coon Cat Club are hosting an 10 ring event. This is the 50th year for Foot of the Rockies. Congratulations!! Be sure to help them celebrate their golden anniversary of holding shows in Colorado.

We are sad to announce two deaths in the region. Jeff Janzen, AB judge recently lost his mother Reba to a short-term illness, and Joe Edwards, TICA judge and past cage vendor for our shows, lost his daughter Beth Edwards to cancer. We hold these families in our thoughts and prayers
Region 4
by John Colilla, Regional Director
Our region is very active in social media with a Facebook page as well being a member of Pinterest. 
Please stop by and check out what is going on in our region at: and
Show Report
July 14 and 15 in Lexington Kentucky, there was a great show at Indoor Sports and Soccer near the mall. There was a great gate, and plenty of things to do! There were 50 vendors and a few humane societies with cats for adoption. There was also a giant raffle on both days, with over 120 raffle items on Saturday and 75 raffle items on Sunday. The raffle included a two-day raffle with a flat screen TV that John Collila won! It was a spectacular event, with a selfie station and face painting by donation for the kids. Hopefully next year will be as big and fun as this year's show, as it was one we will never forget. 
2022 Annual Fund Raising for Louisville
Great Lakes Region Fundraiser Calendar will be available at all GLR show. Please contact Nannette Schindler at  for mail order.
Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:
More information can be found online at
  • Aug 19 - Monroe Shorthair Club, Brockport NY, 5AB 1SP
  • Aug 25-26 - Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers, Medina OH, 7AB 3SP
  • Sept 01-02 - National Siamese Cat Club, Brockport NY, 7AB 3SP
  • Sept 15 - Thumbs Up Cat, Taylor MI, 5AB 1SP 1HHP
  • Sept 29-30 - Queen City Cat Club (Additional sponsor : Kittyhawk Felines) Wilmington OH, 7AB 3SP 1HHP

Region 5
by Howard Webster, Regional Director 

The SW Region's website has been under construction with an all new look and functionality in mind. A HUGE THANK YOU to Debi Gomez for taking on this task! We've brought it all to the home page! Maybe you've never been to our Facebook page, or did you know we're on Instagram? Probably not, we just created that too! But seriously, most of us visit our region's websites to check the show schedule, but now, our site is a portal to all the places you might want or need to visit as an exhibitor in the SWR Region. Facebook links, Yahoo Groups, a list of useful CFA links. The shows are listed in a row, and our SW Region New Bee page has an identity of its own. We have way more in store so check it out!

The SWR is having a fundraiser at the Hemet Feline Fanciers show on September 8, 2018 in San Jacinto, CA . The Region is having the famous chef, Mark Campbell, making breakfast and lunch with all the proceeds going to the region! We are also having a bake sale. Many of our region's bakers are bringing in baked goods to satisfy our sweet tooth. So come to the Hemet show and support the Southwest Region!
Remember our other upcoming shows:

*  Opposite Attracts, Glendale, CA - Aug 25. Closes Aug 20
*  Hemet Feline Fanciers, San Jacinto, CA - Sep 8
*  Santa Monica Cat Club, Ontario, CA - Oct 7-8
*  Superstition Cat Club, Phoenix, AZ - Oct 20
*  Abyssinian Breeders International, Arcadia, CA - Oct 27

Region 6
by Mary Auth, Regional Director

Despite the heat, the Midwest Region has had an active summer. There was the 4-ring show in Lawrenceburg Indiana in late July and three shows in the early part of August. Our next regional show is coming up September 8-9 in Peoria.
The region hosted a clerking school on August 3 at Gray Summit Missouri for 11 students. The school was taught by Bethany Collila and held in the same facility as two shows that weekend. TGIF hosted their six-ring show on Saturday and the National Birman Fanciers. The robust entry was good for both shows and we had exhibitors from across the U.S. join us in the Midwest Region.
These are some of the 11 participants in the August 3 clerking school

Ed Keating mans the gate for the Topeka show with two cash boxes for the very nice gate the show had.
Topeka Cat Fanciers held their show on August 11-12 and, as always for an Allene Keating show, a good time was had by all. Allene had games, a nice raffle and coloring books with prizes.


The National Birman Fanciers held their annual show in Gray Summit Missouri conjunction with TGIF.
Jeanne Nangle is entranced in her book at the TGIF show.


Region 7
by Kenny Currle, Regional Director

Regional Committee Appointments 
The following people have agreed to serve (or continue to serve) on the Southern Region Coordinating Committee:
Great ideas (and people!) come from everyone and everywhere. Please reach out to any of these people (or to Regional Director Kenny Currle) with any thoughts or ideas that you may have.
In Memorium - Dawn Crisp
We're sorry to learn of the recent passing of one of our region's outstanding exhibitors. Dawn Crisp passed away on July 17. She, along with her husband Jerry, have been fixtures in our show halls for years, and until somewhat recently Jerry could be seen wheeling her up to the rings. Jerry has requested that donations in her memory be sent to the Winn Feline Foundation

Recent Shows
Bengal exhibitors at the Bengal Alliance show
On July 28-29, GEMS and The Bengal Alliance held back to back shows in Richmond, VA. Many rings held special Egyptian Mau and Bengal judgings and there were spots abound!
The Southern Region is past the summer show doldrums!   Please considered entering and supporting these great upcoming Southern Region Shows
  • September 1  -  Ocicats International  -  Oakwood, GA
  • September 2  -  New Vision Cat Club  -  Oakwood, GA
  • September 22 - Freestate Feline Fanncers - Timonium, MD
  • September 23 - Freestate Feline Fanncers - Timonium, MD

Enter any or all of these shows at

Region 8
 Kayoko Koizumi, Regional Director

No report this month
Region 9
by Michael Schleissner, Regional Director 

Hello Europe,

There was no show in Europe during the last month, but this doesn't mean that we have not been busy! First of all we have created a new logo for Europe. Our motto is still "one love - one hobby - one region", but with a new design and new colors. Thanks to Markus Bierl for creating the new style.

I've also created my committees with some new people but also with experienced longterm helpers. So, this is the place to say thank you to all who have accepted. If you are interested in the new crew, please go to the Region 9 Europe homepage and have a look on the "info" page. For the next couple of weeks our homepage will be under a kind of construction, but it will be online. The plan is to do some changes in the design and the information. If you miss something, which should be online, please let us know.

More important information. I've planed to do a Region 9 meeting at the 44 Gatti Cat Club show November 24th 2018 at Bologna/Italy. Thanks to Giulia Di Natale for organizing a meeting room in the show hall center. Exact place and time will be announced via email in advance. The meeting is for club presidents and club secretaries only. The meeting will last for 2 hours, so if you have something you want to have on the agenda, contact your club secretary for to submit it with me. The agenda will be published with the clubs two weeks before the meeting.

Also Tuija Aaltonen actually creates a list with entry clerks in our region. If you already have done entry clerk and you want your name on the list, please let her know, so that she can submit your name and address. If you have never entry clerked a show, but willing to learn, let her/us know so that we can help.
International Division
by Dick Kallemyer

No report this month

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