December 2018
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Featured Cat
Our banner cat this month is CFA's 14th Best Cat in Premiership, CH, GP, NW DALEE CRACKERS OF LA CATTIQUE, a golden shaded Persian.

(photo by Larry Johnson)


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*  December 24-25
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It's looked a whole lot like Christmas this past week as the snow that blanketed central North Carolina last weekend is now finally almost gone!  Here's hoping that the little four-legged elves in your households have been good (or as good as they can be) with all of the holiday decorations and excitement around them!

May your holidays be joyful, and may 2019 bring you peace and joy. 


As we wrap up calendar year 2018, it is a good time to share more of Dick Kallmeyer's statistics. During the first seven months of this show season (May through November), entries increased in Regions 1-8 and the number of shows also increased in those eight Regions. The biggest increase was in the North Atlantic Region. Let's keep this positive growth going in the new calendar year. We would love to see increases in Europe and the International Division as well. Overall increases in our registrations as well as at shows is an indication that CFA is healthy.

Verna Dobbins, our Deputy Director, left CFA last week. We wish her well. Allene Tartaglia also changed from our Interim Executive Director to our permanent Executive Director. As many of you are aware, Allene has been with CFA for more than 30 years and she served as our Executive Director in New Jersey prior to our move of our office to Ohio. Allene has moved to Ohio. We are excited to have Allene in this important role. She will also continue to serve as the coordinator for the Annuals and the CFA International Cat Shows.

Following up on the tremendous success of the CFA International Cat Show held in Cleveland this past October, we are already working on next year's show to make it even better. Linda Murphy is returning as the show manager and the show will again be held at the I-X Center in Cleveland. Desiree Bobby coordinated our marketing efforts which brought in our best gate ever and she has numerous ideas to build on the gate.

The holidays are here and I hope each of you has a great time spent with family and friends. I also wish you the best in the New Year.


Allene Tartaglia
Executive Director

Window Dressing
The windows at the Alliance office are decorated for the season. The photos do not capture the beauty of the window paintings. Unfortunately, we haven't had much sun shining in Alliance recently but, as luck would have it, the sun was shining when these pictures were taken and caused a bit of interference with the quality of the photos. Students from the Alliance High School took on the project. They started by creating the designs in their art class and then were onsite for five days after school to bring their design to life. Just this morning a local restaurant owner commented on how much he enjoys seeing the window decorations.

CFA Yearbook
The 2019 CFA Yearbook is going to press this month. The proofing and printing will take a month and we expect to start mailing Yearbooks in early February. The 2019 edition will be bigger than previous years with expanded features. If you haven't ordered yours yet go to and order by December 25 at the discounted, pre-order rates.

Did You Know...
That until 1978 a cat's record consisted of a 3"x5" index card? The cat's basic information was maintained on one side of the card and on the reverse side, the record of Grand Points were kept.

The cards were filed in large, metal, multi-bin machines. Each bin was assigned a number. The bin number was punched into a key pad and the bins would rotate and stop at the appropriate bin, similar to how a Ferris Wheel turns. The "card-veyor" pictured here was the smaller of two. The larger one reached almost to the ceiling. 

The office started moving away from the 3"x5" card system in the mid 70's and by 1978 all registrations were being processed via an IBM computer. The "conversion" of registration info from the index cards continued for many years. As cat records were needed to complete a pedigree or a litter, the card was pulled and the data added to the database. Predictably, there were a LOT of cards being converted in the early years and the number tapered off little by little over the years.

A big thank you to Karen Lawrence, curator of the Feline Historical Museum, for her ongoing help so we can bring tidbits of CFA history to you each month.

Office Holiday Hours
The office is closed December 24-25 and December 31-January 1 for the holiday season. We'll be open for normal business hours starting January 2, 2019. Happy Holidays everyone!
Meet the CFA Central Office Staff!
Mariane Toth

interview by Geri Fellerman 

Mariane joined the CFA family in 1990 when she started breeding and showing Maine Coons under the MEOWCHI cattery name. She began working at Central Office in 2012. Mariane took a brief hiatus from December 20, 2013 until July of 2014 when she was asked to return "for a month." That month really stretched out and she is still working full time. Her duties include registrations, Cats Ancestrial Tracking, Cat Talk and NewBee program. In addition, Mariane's time also goes to answering phone inquiries.
A real upside to her workday is the fact that she loves her coworkers and dealing with people in the cat fancy, especially answering questions. The main downside is her hour commute from Cleveland.
Mariane absolutely loves showing her cats and being active in cat shows (at this past Annual, she received her 20 year pin for clerking). Besides her Maine Coons, she has also shown a Korat (Meowl Sima Bohemian Rhapsody) who was very talented and able to unzip her security cage at will, an Abyssinian, a British Shorthair, and a Turkish Angora. Sadly, her significant other half passed away in January leaving her by herself, although she is very occupied taking care of her 88 year old dad (who has a dog and 3 cats). Mariane also has a dog, a British Shorthair, a Turkish Angora, and the Maine Coons. A friend who has a farm keeps Mariane's two dwarf Nigerian goats and she loves to visit frequently. Her other hobbies include reading and gardening.

CFA Show Rules
Monte Phillips
CFA Show Rules Chair

At its December 11th meeting, the CFA Board approved eight changes to show rules, many immediately effective.  
Show Rule 2.20h was modified to specify that at a show held over two days, or at a 6x6 set of shows, where agility competitions were being held, each day of agility would be treated as a separate agility competition. That is, there would be a Saturday agility competition scored and awarded placements, and a separate Sunday agility competition also scored and awarded placements. This rule was actually passed back in October, but the text for the change was not available at that time. The rule was made effective with that October board meeting.
Show Rule 3.02b was revised to match the identical wording in Judging Program rule 10.2 regarding the requesting of judges to judge shows in the International Division. Specifically, in the past, judges from any level in regions 8 or 9 could be invited to judge at shows in the International Division. This ability was removed, and now only approved or approval pending judges in regions 8 or 9 can be invited to judge shows in the International Division. This change takes effect at the beginning of the next show season.
Show Rules 3.04 through 3.07 were revised to change the method by which clubs contract judges to judge their shows. Right now, a club requests a judge to judge a show, and the judge sends a signed contract to the club if they accept. The club is supposed to then sign the contract and return a copy to the judge. That didn't always happen, causing significant confusion on the part of the judge to know whether they had a contract for that weekend or not. The NEW process, that takes effect with the beginning of the new show season, is that a club will send the judge a signed contract as part of the request to the judge to judge their show. If the judge accepts, they will sign the contract and return the COMPLETED contract to the club, keeping a copy for themselves. At that point, every one will know that a valid contract exists for that judge at that club's show. If the judge does not accept, they just don't return the contract and let the club know they are not judging. The rest of the rules discuss how many copies are returned, how they are filed as part of the show license application process, and who keeps which copies.
Show Rule 6.28 was revised to clarify that exhibitors are entitled to a refund of entry fees when a show previously scheduled is completely cancelled. The club is not entitled to keep the entry fees paid for the now non-existent show. This change was made immediately effective.
Show Rule 7.11 was clarified to make it clear that cats entered as exhibition only do NOT need a registration number to be in the show or listed in the catalog.
Show Rule 8.03's table was modified to allow clubs to use a green ribbon in addition to the currently required red & white for the household pet merit award. Green was chosen by the vast majority polled, and is an easy ribbon to obtain as that color is also used by horse show competitions and AKC competitions. The change allows clubs to use either color, so they can still use that supply of red&white ribbons they already have on hand.
Show Rule 11.32 was modified to eliminate the specification of a color ribbon for a household pet merit winner. That is already addressed in the above show rule 8.03, and need not be duplicated here. Both this, and the previous 8.03 were made effective immediately.
Finally, Article XXXVI, National Agility Awards, was revised to provide those winners with a change of title. Prior to this show season, cats winning an agility national award got a rosette, and that's it. No corresponding title was given to those cats. Beginning with the end of this show season, cats that receive a national agility award can add an "N" to the end of their agility title, so they can be ACN, AWN, AMN, or AGN winners.
Any assistance is always greatly appreciated, so if you can think of a rule that you would like to see revised, please let me know which rule, what you think it should say, and WHY. Without a why, nothing will happen. Please feel free to forward them to your Show Rules Committee Chair at

CFA Judging Program
Melanie Morgan
CFA Judging Committee Chair

CFA Judging Program updates from the December 11th board meeting.

Change of status
Allbreed Judge Larry Adkison on medical leave of absence from the Judging Program, November 22, 2018 through January 10, 2019.

The following individuals were advanced by the Board - please join me in congratulating them:

Advance to Approval Pending Specialty:
Bethany Colilla (Longhair - 1st Specialty)

Advance to Approved:
Wendy Heidt (Shorthair - 2nd Specialty)
Jennifer Reding (Shorthair - 1st Specialty)
Teo Vargas (Longhair - 1st Specialty)

Advance to Approval Pending Allbreed:
Wendy Heidt

Congratulations to all of our advancing judges on a job well done!

CFA Marketing
Desiree Bobby
CFA Marketing & Communication Coordinator

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
Helen Keller

December Photo Contest

We have partnered with a few organizations to provide our followers and fans with opportunities to win some neat stuff. During the month of December, we are running a "My Cat & I" photo contest in partnership with Chronicle Books.

The contest was inspired by the books "Artists and Their Cats" and "Writers and Their Cats." Five runners up will receive the book set and the Grand Prize Winner will not only win the book set, but a number of other cat books and a $100 Amazon gift card.

Take a shot at it! Entries will be accepted until midnight, December 22, 2018.

If you would like to share any ideas, you may contact:
Desiree Bobby
Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger

December issue of Cat Talk came out last week with these cute Himalayan kittens bringing us holiday joy! We usually try to focus on giving for our December issue. This issue has the story of how CFA BAP "rescued" 13,000 cans of food and got it into the paws of Texas rescue organizations. Cats (and dogs) give to us humans in many way, including acting as service, therapy, and emotional support animals. Learn the difference between these categories and the training required for each.  And where there's giving there's also gifting!  Check out the latest new cat items on the market, read verse and photo about one owner's struggles with finding his cat an "Ex-Mouse" gift, and read what kitties are asking Santa for in our annual "Letters to Santa" feature. 

This issue includes photos and news from the CFA International Show last October, we ask (and answer) the question "Do Cats Grieve," explore what you don't know about Japanese Bobtails, look at webcams to interact with your cat, see how the new APHIS ruling affects you as a breeder. CFA's Mentor Program chair, Kathi Hoos gives information about learning to show cats. And finally - just when you thought that fruitcake of unknown date would be the scariest thing you encounter this season, "Su-PURR-stitions" brings us tidings of....Cactus Cat!

Remember that you can subscribe to either the print or the online version of Cat Talk. It's available online through the Kindle Newsstand or through Magzter. Complete ordering information is here

Winn Logo

by Julie Legred

A list of our donors contributing $100 or more in November is available here

2018 George Sydney and Phyllis Redman Miller Trust Grant Award
Recommendations from Winn Feline Foundation: TOTAL $132,104 Announced
In 2002, the George Sydney and Phyllis Redman Miller Trust designated Winn Feline Foundation as one of its advisor organizations. Winn has subsequently been provided an unprecedented opportunity to make annual recommendations for grant awards to the San Francisco Foundation, trustees of the Miller Trust. The total grant funding varies each year.
We are excited to announce the 2018 summary of these awards and this can be viewed here .
Bria Fund Turns 13 Years Old
Thirteen years ago on November 18th, Dr. Susan Little DVM, then President of the Winn Feline Foundation announced creation of the Bria Fund for FIP Research, dedicated to the study of Feline Infectious Peritonitis.  
Bria, a nine month old Birman kitten died from complications of FIP on April 19, 2005. In her memory, Bria's parents, Susan Gingrich and Jim Shurskis, successfully approached Winn with their proposal for the Bria Fund. The original Winn announcement stated, "In memory of Bria, the fund will advance FIP research to hopefully someday eliminate it, or at the very least, develop an accurate test and make FIP a treatable, chronic illness."  
Because of the Bria Fund's creation, interest in FIP research increased, and donations of over a half million dollars from supporters funded 26 important studies from FIP researchers around the world. FIP progress occurred beyond part of Winn's vision in 2005. Some cats are now living with FIP as a chronic disease. Beyond that, two clinical trials, using anti-viral drugs resulted in cats seemingly cured of FIP, some of them for over two years and living normal, healthy lives. Although not approved, nor on the market yet, these drugs and others currently being researched will be a game changer for many cats with FIP.        
Planned Giving by George Eigenhauser
Traditional IRAs require minimum annual distributions once you become 70 1/2 years of age.  Generally distributions from a traditional IRA are taxable and the penalty for skipping a minimum distribution is 50% of the minimum distribution missed.  A qualified charitable distribution (QCD) is a nontaxable distribution made directly by the trustee of your IRA to a qualified charity by which you may satisfy the distribution requirement.  By having your trustee transfer funds directly from an IRA to an eligible charity the amounts transferred count toward your minimum distribution but are not subject to taxation.  For donors 70 ½ years of age or older up to $100,000 a year may be transferred tax-free from your IRA directly to charitable organizations.  A QCD won't be part of your taxable income so you DO NOT need to itemize your taxes in order to take advantage of the rule.  You must make your QCD by December 31 and the charity must be a 501(c)(3) organization, such as the Winn Feline Foundation, to exclude that amount from your taxable income and avoid the penalty for failing to make the minimum distribution.  For more information please see IRS Publication 590 B.
Holiday Photo Contest Underway
Get in the holiday spirit early and participate in Winn's Best Holiday Cat Photo Contest

Send a photo of your cat in a holiday setting and/or holiday attire to us. Your photo will reside on Winn's gallery page for viewing.

Details for submission:

     - Include the cat's name and your name with the photo
     - Photo size maximum is 3 MB
     Categories for prize winner
              Best of Show in Holiday Attire
              Most Humorous Holiday Spirit
     Last day for submission is December 24, 2018.
For more details, click  here .

For any questions, please contact .

Hawaii Deports Bengals Back to the Mainland
Recently Hawaii was in the news for a restrictive regulation making domestic Bengal cats illegal and prohibited wildlife, thereby forcing a newly transplanted couple to ship their pets back to U.S. mainland ( click here for the article). Although labeled domestic cats, the State Agriculture Department agents inspected and then confiscated the cats at the airport in September. According to the article, the owners did not know their pets were anything but domestic cats. Even had they known, Hawaii does not make it easy for cat owners to determine that Bengals are illegal in the state. State law says is that the legislature has delegated its authority to identify which animals would be allowed in the state to the Hawaii Agriculture Department. Thus, making the agency website the next step in researching the issue.
The agency website creates its own set of interpretive issues however. The prohibition against Bengals is found in the Non-domestic Animal and Microorganism lists, yet the Bengal is considered by most people and governments to be a domestic animal. The two largest cat registries in the United States allow Bengals to be shown as the domestic cats they are along with other domestic breeds, such as the Persian and Singapura. The average pet owner may not think to look any further. However, if they did dig deeper, they may discover the List of Prohibited Animals. The pet owner must then decipher the cryptic language contained therein. Under Mammals, the Scientific Name column includes the following entry: "Felis Catus crossed with lynx, ocelot, margay, puma, jaguarundi, bobcat, leopard cat, wild cats, etc." The corresponding Common Name entry is likewise unhelpful: "cat, hybrid; (all hybrid-crosses where one or both parents are prohibited or restricted)." Applying this analysis to the broadest extent would make all domestic cats illegal as all domestic animals have a wild ancestor somewhere in their lineage. The agency further obfuscates the fact that Bengals are "catus nongrata" by not specifically identifying Bengals on the agency website, even where it identifies other popular pets banned from the state (i.e., ferrets, gerbils, and hamsters). Given the popularity of Bengals as a pet, the agency does a disservice to the cat-owning public by not being explicit about the Bengals' status.
The article cites the Department rationale for the bias against Bengals as being that the cats are allegedly a threat to native birds and carry the parasite Toxoplasmosis that is deadly to Hawaiian Monk Seals. As other domestic cats are allowed in Hawaii, the inference would be that Bengals are a greater threat than other breeds and random bred cats. Domestic cats, in general, have been given a bad rap for killing birds although the "studies" typically relied on to support such claims are often derived from "junk science" according to Vox Felina . However, no breed or breeds have been singled out as a "superpredator" to the CFA Legislative Group's knowledge. As to Toxoplasmosis, there is a study, Toxoplasma gondii seroprevalence varies by cat breed, indicating there are differences among certain cat breeds in T. gondii expression. The breeds that deviate from the normal expression of T. gondii seroprevalence include the Birman, British Shorthair, Burmese, Korat, Norwegian Forest Cat, Ocicat, Persian, Scottish Fold and Siamese. Bengals are noticeably missing from the list. It is unknown what scientific evidence the agency relied on making its decision to ban Bengals from Hawaii.
When the administrative state, or bureaucracy, is given carte blanche to develop regulations that have the force of law, doors are often closed to credible evidence that was not specifically sought by the agency. The agency may not have known where to look for studies providing a counterpoint to "evidence" they may have been fed by supporters of the regulation or found on their own. Doors are often closed to the public opinion as well since the public is less likely to discover rule-making efforts than legislative efforts. Also, the rule-making process typically does not allow for back and forth discourse with the public or the scientific community. Neither does it have the debate and decision-making process that provides multiple points where problems can be fixed inherent to the legislative process. The more limited rule-making leaves little opportunity to avoid regulatory problems. Fixing the problems after the fact usually involves lobbying within the agency or convince legislators to exert influence on the agency via funding or some other mechanism. Whatever the rulemaking process in Hawaii is, there is a history behind the decision to ban Bengals. That history is important to add context to the reason for the rule and give us a better understanding of what led to the Bengal bias.

Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -  
Visit the  CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news.


CFA Ambassador Cat and CFA Ambassador Program
Merge to Become
CFA Ambassador Cat Program

Karen Lane
A-Cat co-chair

Great news for both of these CFA outreach programs! Starting January 1st these two great programs will merge and come under one umbrella called, CFA Ambassador Cat Program. We are joining together for better coordination and reporting to CFA. Our board members, going forward are Joel Chaney, Karen Lane, James Flanik and Candilee Jackson.

Together both of these programs will have better accountability to CFA and together we will expand into areas we presently have been absent.

Lead personnel and their duties in the program are now:
James Flanik, Secretary. Jim will keep an up-to-date recording of who, what, and where within our now larger program.

Joel Chaney, Cat Operations. Joel will be the go-to guy for all of the A-Cats and the Pet Me Cats. All things "cats" will be his responsibility.

Candilee Jackson, Ambassador Operations. Candilee will be responsible for keeping current records for our Ambassador people and their activities. Candilee will also be instrumental in recruiting Therapy Cats for CFA and special Educational Cats for CFA. Both Therapy and Special Education Cats will be a new program for us. We are also looking at expanding into Children's Charities for our CFA A-Cat Coloring Books and other future materials.

Karen Lane, will help coordinate all of the programs and will continue the A-Cat special projects. 

Because these programs are coming together, current participants will be asked to contact us and let us know if you are still participating as an Ambassador or a Pet Me Cat or want to be an Ambassador or Pet Me Cat.  Record keeping is a large part of a successful program and merging two sets of record keeping is a huge task.

If you are presently a Pet Me Cat or want to be a Pet Me Cat:  contact Joel Chaney and register. You will be asked for your name, breed of cat and your contact information.

If you are presently a CFA Ambassador or want to be a CFA Ambassador: contact Candilee Jackson or James Flanik and register. You will be asked for your name and contact information.

If you would like to be part of the A-Cat Program: contact Karen Lane and get all of the information about being an A-Cat.

This is a very exciting time for our new and expanded program. Please join us and become an important part of CFA.  Together these two programs will grow and be larger and stronger than before. We have raised our horizon and are goals have been set.

The new CFA Calendar was a huge success! We printed 10,000 calendars; between the International Show and Clubs that produce shows between October and the end of January all 10,000 calendars will find their way into households across the USA. The calendars and the coloring books have been great tools to bring the education of cat ownership and the CFA story into so many hands. Many thanks to Larry Johnson, Richard Katris, Scott Carter, AmyWorks, Preston Smith, Helmi Flick, and Ree Yip for providing us with the great images for both the CFA calendar project, and for the individual A-Cats throughout the year.

All of us, A-Cats, Pet Me Cats, and Ambassadors wish you the best holiday season ever and a great 2019 as we undertake the job of putting together two great programs to better represent CFA!
by Karen Lawrence
CFAF Director

December was an exciting month for the CFA Foundation as it brought a very large donation from the Shirley L. Hopkinson Trust in California. Over 100 boxes were shipped and have arrived at the museum. They will take some time to unpack, but we are excited to see what is included in this donation.

Ms. Hopkinson was a Professor of Library Sciences at San Jose University, and author of several textbooks on that subject. She was a life-long cat lover, and even provided for her remaining cat - Tiger Lily - by establishing a trust to cover the cost of her care for the rest of her life. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors of The CFA Foundation, I want to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.
Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of OAPHHT.  There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.



Budget Car Rental
Link to Avis


Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by Sharon Roy, Regional Director 
Anjelica with Carmen Lawrence

This month I would like to again highlight one of our newer exhibitors.
Anjeli ca Whitney, an exhibitor from NH is currently showing HHP. She is involved in the YFEP. Last year she received 1st in her age division for YFEP in the region and 3rd in her age division for YFEP nationally.
Angelica regularly stewards and will be starting on being a clerk soon.

I mentioned many cats and Region 1 exhibitors that did well at the International show. Unfortunately, I missed a few...
  • Charo's Gabriel, Blue and White Bi-color Persian kitten, Best Bicolor. Owned by Charmayne Phillips.
  • Euphoria's Lucious Lyon, Bombay Neuter, 5th Best in the Teal show.
  • Burmeezpleez, Kiwi Tart, Burmese Spay, owned by Chris June.

Upcoming Region 1 shows
  • Burmilla Enthusiasts' and Straight and Curl Cat Club, December 14&15, Morgantown PA.
  • Finicky Felines, December 29th, Leesport PA
  • Vermont Fancy Felines, Club Felins Fleur DeLys, January 12&13th, Burlington VT.
Please come out and support these long- running Region 1 Shows.

Region 2
Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary 

Lewis & Clark LH SP Cat Club successfully completed their 47 th annual December show, "Santa Claws and Kitty Paws." The show had a full 225 count and a fabulous gate. The club gives a dollar for every spectator that attends the show to The Cat Adoption Team. This year the donation was $1,050.00. And the raffle! Wow! The club had some new designs from Sturdi Bags in the offerings. These designs are not yet available on line. I know, I looked. You might want to put this show on your list for 2019.

We have a new show coming up in January. One of our traditional clubs has retired and Emerald Cat Club picked up the date. The club is holding a two day back to back show in Seaside, OR on January 5 th and 6 th , 2019. The Ebb-Tide hotel has offered the exhibitors a wonderful rate on rooms with no pet fees. Home baked cookies every night and treats for the cats are part of the package deal. Details for the show can be found on the website or Catshows.US. Winter weather is mild on the Oregon coast and highway 30 is a very good option for the drive.

The Poppy State Cat Club is holding their annual January show on the 19 th in Auburn, CA. This is a one day six ring show. The venue is quite nice and the show is really a lot of fun. Again flyer and details can be found on

Happy Holidays from Region 2. May you have a safe and warm December.


Region 3
by Leesa Altschul
Wow! We have had some awesome news for the region this month. The October 27th and 28th Regional Fundraiser & Cow Hill CC show in Mesquite, TX, was a huge success. The 2-day show made an impressive profit thanks to our high entry count (182 entries), our spectacular raffle ($1,500), and our gate from our fabulous Facebook advertising campaign by Mike Altschul (over $4,000), to name a few things that brought in lots of money. Agility was a big hit with HCC supplying equipment and Sue Riley and Pete Deal as ringmaster. Look for more shows with Agility in the future. Thank you to the exhibitors that really contributed support to making the Regional such a success. Cow Hill CC now has seed money to continue being a show-producing club and it's great to be able to add them to our show calendar. Their next show is July 27, 2019. We had four new exhibitors attend the show: Sandi Chesser (Siamese), Michelle Long (Exotic), Debra Lyne and her mom (Birman), and Wendy West (Ragdoll). They all did a fantastic job and really enjoyed showing their cats. Thanks to everyone who made them feel welcomed! We hope to see them back soon! Check out these video highlights created by Leah Dow.

Brazos Valley CC got started back up after two years off. They had a great show on December 1st in Orange, Texas. It was at the VFW Center, which was a wonderful new location for the show. We had great judges, a wonderful build-your-own sandwich luncheon table, friendly exhibitors, and a steady gate. We had a new exhibitor, Suzanne Snell, who showed a 4-month-old Maine Coon kitten and she made some finals, too, at her first show! She is being mentored by Becky Galloway. We love our new exhibitors.
Check out the video highlights created by Leah Dow.

Upcoming Shows
BREAKING NEWS! The Show and Tell CC show on December 22nd has moved its show hall to Mesquite, TX. It now will be a show and hotel combination at the Mesquite Convention Center at the Hampton Inn and Suites, Mesquite, TX. Don't forget to bring your favorite dish for the fabulous potluck lunch, a gift for the fun gift exchange, and bring items for the raffle. There will be a craft fair with vendors, gift cards for the best-decorated cage and for the best-decorated person, too! Don't forget that Meals on Wheels will be taking donations for cats.

January 5th and 6th is the BIG Houston CC Charity Cat Show at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX. There will be feline agility on both days. Show photographer is Helmi Flick Photography. There is a 4-entry special price as well as a multi-cat discount, too. Mark your calendar now.

Please send regional news and pictures to Leesa Altschul at

Region 4
by John Colilla, Regional Director
Our region is very active in social media with a Facebook page as well being a member of Pinterest. Please stop by and check out what is going on in our region at: and 
Show Reports
Cleveland Persian Society pulled off our first November  show with 175 entires in a new location.  As with all new locations, we had to re invent the wheel.  We had 2 rooms to deal with and a  limited sound system.....we did the best we could.  Everyone loved the carpeted rooms, it made for a quiet show.  The facility was very nice and the food was great.  Getting everyone out by 3PM on Sunday worked but we had to lean on our judges to do the hurry up.  The gate was limited and it was a good thing because the benching area was tight.
Ohio State Persian Club hosted their annual show the first weekend in December.  Our fabulous advertising crew, headed by Lorna Friemoth, drew in the largest gate we have ever had. 
Our club members baked homemade cookies and put out a wonderful spread.  Santa even paid everyone a visit on Sunday spreading some holiday cheer.
Our club is one of the oldest in CFA and our membership is growing with fresh new faces. 
Holiday spirit was evident throughout the show hall. Please put this show on your calendar for next year. The club promises to make your weekend enjoyable with free cookies and a smile
Just Cat-In Around Cat Fanciers had a great show! well attended and received by the public.  The exhibitors loved the free coffee and doughnuts, there were just crumbs by 10:00am in the boxes.  It really helped that it was sunny and no snow!  Our brand new show hall was well received by the exhibitors too. The restroom were easily accessed just across the hallway from the large gym that were in.
Clerking School
Cleveland Persian Society hosted a clerking school on Friday, November 16. The class reviewed show rules, clerking guidelines, ring management, etiquette, ethics and mechanics. They had 16 students in attendance consisting of members from both the Great Lakes and Midwest Regions and the class was taught by Bethany Colilla.
2022 Annual Fund Raising for Louisville
Great Lakes Region Fund raiser Calendar will be available at all GLR show. Please contact Nannette Schindler at for mail order.

Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:
  More information can be found online at
  • Jan 19 - Cleveland Persian Society - Parma OH, 4AB 2SP HHP      
  • Jan 20 - Cleveland Persian Society - Parma OH, 4AB 2SP HHP      
  • Jan 26-27 - Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers - Taylor MI, 6AB 2SP (back to back)
  • Feb 9 - Steel City Kitties - Monroeville PA, 4AB 2SP
  • Feb 10 - Steel City Kitties - Monroeville PA, 4AB 2SP

Region 5
by Howard Webster, Regional Director 

Happy Holidays From Region 5!
We have some of the good news to share about the new exhibitors showing in our region.

At the Glendale show, we had several newer exhibitors -- some coming over from TICA and a couple from Region 2.  Robert McEvilly also joined us as a first time exhibitor with his handsome cat Louie.  Robert had a successful show, making most finals, learning a lot, and having fun.  His cat even participated in the Cats in Hats contest!  He definitely plans on show more!

At the recent Mesa show, a very nice couple from Region 2 joined us in their 3rd show with their stunning exotics.  Jonathan Gerow, his wife, and lovely Maine Coon joined us for their first show.  The show was tough and they did not make any finals, but they had fun and very much intend to enter another show, probably the SW Regional Fundraising Show in March.

From my informal survey after shows, it does seem we are doing an excellent job of making these newer exhibitors feel welcome!  And that's great -- this weekend I saw many people talking to Jonathan and offering him helpful suggestions.

So keep up the good work with being friendly to the newbees!
Linda Hornberger
QED Cats
Region 5 NewBee Coordinator
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Thank you to all of you who have been participating and to all who have not please visit our website to learn more.


This last weekend The Phoenix Feline Fanciers had their annual show in Mesa, AZ, the second largest show in our region.  We had a great time showing our cats and decorating our cages.  All About Animals Rescue were there and reported 32 kitties found new homes! - Congratulation.

Our next two shows coming up are:
  • Crown City Cat Club, in Ontario, CA - January 12-13
  • San Diego Cat Fanciers, in Del Mar, CA - January 26-27
If you want to get out of the cold weather these shows will be the place to come.
See you there!

Region 6
by Mary Auth, Regional Director

The Midwest region will be a bit slow for December with our next show will be a 4-ring show in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. The newly-named World Wide Feline Fanciers will hold their show at the fairgrounds on January 5, 2019.
At the end of January, Saintly City will host their show in conjunction with the St. Paul Winter Carnival - promising, as always, a fun time. The show is January 26 - 27 in St. Paul, Minnesota.
In the rear view mirror is the Frontier Feline Fanciers show that was held on Thanksgiving weekend in Gardner, Kansas. Judge Kathy Calhoun dressed as a Chicago Bear officiated the cat costume contest. The club also hosted the Siamese Rescue Group that was able to adopt one of the three cats they brought to the show and generated some interest in future adoption. The group also garnered a few donations from spectators, as well.
The World Wide Feline Fanciers has adopted a theme similar to worldwide wrestling and features a boxing cat on their catalog cover.
Frontier Feline Fanciers welcomed the Siamese Rescue group at their Thanksgiving weekend show.

At the Frontier Feline Fanciers, Kathy Calhoun awards best costume to Brutus, owned by Vicky Edwards and Pat Idleman.

Region 7
by Kenny Currle, Regional Director

There's been only one show in the region, but what a great one Greater Baltimore Cat Club produced! Here's Sarah Sieffert's show report.

The Greater Baltimore cat club, a small club in comparison to say Cotton States or Garden State just hosted their 48th Annual "Santa Paws" show in Parkville, MD. It was a huge success thanks to EVERYONE!!! We filled with 225 entries for the second year in a row and are planning for a 3-peat in 2019! It was an 8-ring back to back format with a judging lineup from 4 of the 7 US regions! The club provided FREE coffee, tea, hot chocolate and apple cider as well as donuts and pastries for all.
A very successful raffle kept Shirley Peet and Sarah Sieffert busy.

Just one of the many beautifully decorated cages

Many many thanks to those who entered and were present as we had 7 new grands to celebrate and only 7 total absent cats!!! The raffle was our best yet with ten tables, two ledges, a brick wall and five rosette racks FULL of prizes to win + a lottery tree!!! We had 10 vendors including Lucky Cat Rescue who greeted our gate and had several cats adopted! Our gate was better than years past, they really appreciated those who talked with and were allowed to pet...many thanks to the A-cats and pet me cats who participated! We had so many exhibitors participate in our Holiday themed Cage Decorating contest, we awarded three prizes! Last but not least, in traditional Santa Paws fashion we honored our highest scoring HHPs with special rosettes and prizes sponsored by Carol Thompson. Overall Highest scoring and Mr Santa Paws was Pierrot. Mrs Santa Paws was Lola and Baby Paws was Layla.
So many raffle items!

Congratulations to ALL the winners and the club for a very successful show...looking forward to another in 2019!!!

Upcoming Shows
The Southern Region kicks it into high gear when the new year starts as we have 7 shows in 7 weeks!!
  • Dec 31-Jan 1 - Nashville Cat Fanciers, Nashville, TN
  • Jan. 5-6 - Absolutely Abyssinians CC - Jacksonville, FL
  • Jan. 19-20 - Cat Club of the Palm Beaches - Ormond Beach, FL
  • Jan. 26-27 - Star City Cat Fanciers (add. sponsor: Central Carolina Cat Fanciers) - Roanoke, VA
  • Jan. 26-27 - Birmingham Feline Fanciers - Irondale, AL
  • Feb. 2 - Pawprints in the Sand - Newport News, VA
Complete info is at the regional website or

From all of us here in the Southern Region, we with our fellow fanciers a joyous holiday season filled with laughter, love, and peace.
Region 8
 Kayoko Koizumi, Regional Director

No report this month
Region 9
by Michael Schleissner, Regional Director 

No report

International Division
by Dick Kallemyer

No report

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