February 2017
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Our banner cat for February is GC, GP, NW PURRTIGERS CROCKETT, a red tabby and white Maine Coon Cat.


Exotic Again CFA's Most Popular Breed in 2016
Based on registration statistics for the 2016 calendar year, the Exotic can claim the title of CFA's most popular breed. This makes the third year running that the breed has claimed the number one spot. The Ragdoll and then the British Shorthair rounded out the top 3 spots.

A complete listing of the top ten most popular breeds is available here.


March 15  is the last day for declarations for the office of director at large.

April 14 Proposed Amendments & Resolutions must be RECEIVED in CO by this date.

Central Office Schedule
CFA Central Office will be closed next Monday, February 20, in observance of President's Day


Happy Day-After-Valentine's Day. Here's hoping that you remembered your furry crew amongst your loved ones.  The groundhog surely did not see his shadow in our portion of the country (or was wearing dark sunglasses!) as we now have some daffodils up and a few trees beginning to bloom! These overeager harbingers of spring are at least a month early! But perhaps this bodes for some smooth traveling to a few upcoming shows.


Ten days ago your Board of Directors met at CFA headquarters in Alliance, Ohio.  It was a very productive meeting.  Annette Wilson sent out a summary of the motions made at the meeting and I followed with a report with a bit more detail, so many of you have heard what we accomplished.  We made a number of decisions regarding the 2017 CFA International Cat Show.  The show is being held November 18-19 in Portland, Oregon.  We have returned to our previous format of one show with 8 judges handling kittens/HHP and another 8 judges handling championship/premiership.  That's a total of 16 rings with 8 judgings per entry with an entry limit of 1,000 cats.  We will soon send ballots to our clubs so they can vote on judges for the show.  CFA has hired a local PR firm to help us attract a terrific gate.  If you have questions or want to volunteer to work on the show, contact show manager Pam Moser

Another important decision made by the Board was to invest some of our money.  We have a significant amount of money sitting in bank accounts earning no interest and the Board agreed some of it should be invested.

CFA has provided $500 in sponsorship to our shows to help them advertise their show to the public.  The Board agreed to increase that sponsorship to $1,000 effective with the new show season.  We will continue to require that $500 be spent on advertising the show to attract spectators; however, the additional $500 can be spent as the club wishes.  This is a significant investment on the part of CFA to help our clubs.

CFA is hosting the World Cat Congress (WCC) in Las Vegas in late April.  This is an exciting event and we are delighted to be this year's host.  There will be a series of seminars on Friday, a 6x6 show on Saturday and Sunday, and an open business meeting on Monday.  Check the article elsewhere in today's newsletter for more information on this event.

CFA continues to grow.  As our workload increases, our staff has also increased.  We are pleased that our staff has been able to exceed our goal for time spent to register your cats and litters.  Congratulations to our terrific staff.  If you have questions or issues and they are not being adequately addressed by the staff, bring them to the attention of our Deputy Director, Verna Dobbins.

This week our Treasurer, Kathy Calhoun, is sending out our latest financial report to all our clubs.  If you are interested in reviewing it, contact your club secretary.  Our bottom line reflects a financially successful time for CFA.

Now, on to the rest of this month's newsletter.
Terri Barry
CFA Executive Director
We are halfway through winter, but plans are heating up here at Central Office as we move forward implementing actions that transpired during our onsite Board of Director's meeting.
The Board approved Central Office closing on all Federal holidays.  President's Day is celebrated Monday, February 20th therefore Central Office will be closed.

A couple of announcements:
CFA launched its new service providing affordable feline DNA testing.  Links are available at CFA's website. The direct link to the pages is  http://www.catdnatest.org.  Thanks to all the clubs who have publicized the testing program via their websites/Facebook pages. 

The World Cat Congress and Show has been moved to the Rio in Las Vegas.  It had originally been scheduled to take place at the Flamingo but was moved due to construction.

Have you marked your calendar for June 26 - July 2 for the CFA Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet? Allene is working hard to finalize details.  Stay tuned! We will be adding updates to the CFA Annual website, and we will be making that link available to you during the next month.

You can keep up with all of the latest CFA information by visiting our website at www.cfa.org, which also has links to our social media pages.

The CFA Yearbook, 2017 edition pre-orders, were shipped at the end of January.  If you have not purchased yours or would like additional ones, you may order yours through CFA's catalog.  They are $45.00 each, plus shipping. 

Please join me in congratulating Verna Dobbins in her new role as Deputy Director.  Verna always comes to work full of enthusiasm, ready to take on new challenges and eager to share her insights.  She brings new perspectives and boundless energy that is welcomed by all. Verna's work has been an essential part of our success.

Meanwhile, as we enter the last few months of the show season, I wish all of you success!

CFA Appoints Deputy Director
We are pleased to announce that Verna Dobbins has been appointed CFA's Deputy Director.  Verna was one of our original hires when we moved the Central Office to Ohio in 2011.  Her hard work, good attitude and excellent customer service earned her the title of Director of CFA Services and she has again been promoted, this time to Deputy Director.  Please join me in congratulating Verna on a well-deserved promotion.  

Remembering Wayne Trevathan
Wayne presenting Best in Show at the 2013 World Show  (photo by Preston Smith)
by Teresa Keiger

The passing of any member of the CFA community leaves a void in the show hall and in our hearts, but often those wearing the biggest shoes leave the largest void. And so it is with the passing of Wayne Trevathan, CFA Allbreed judge and breeder of European Burmese. Wayne passed on January 18, 2017 after a short illness.
A native of New Zealand (and retaining the delightful accent throughout his life), Wayne came to CFA from the Canadian Cat Fanciers in 1980.   He originally bred Persians and Burmese under the Trebar prefix. Later, he began breeding European Burmese under the cattery name "Bondi" and was instrumental for bringing that breed to registration status in 1993, and then championship status in 2002.
Watching Wayne judge was a study of opposing forces in action. A firm and deliberate decision maker, he handled each cat with love and care. One never worried about one's cat when it was in Wayne's gentle hands.  He was regularly invited to judge the CFA International Cat Show (and later the World Show), but also to shows throughout the world for both CFA and various other associations.
His other positions within CFA included serving as Southern Region Director and various roles in the CFA Judging Program Committee. He regularly trained judges coming through the program, and this was an experience that would positively shape their judging skills. His colleagues on the judging panels enjoyed both his wit and sense of humor, along with his professionalism in the ring. Clerking for him was always a delight.  I often clerked for him in the 2000's including a number in 1500 count Internationals. He would always be one of the judges who had to have his entire schedule of cats done in two days (rather than two and a half) so that his ring could be broken down for the final presentations. And even with that, he made it look flawless. Karen Boyce remembers that "He was very humble and never created issues. I don't think I have ever seen him mad. Clerking for him was always such a pleasure."
Karen Lawrence remembers: "One of my fondest memories of Wayne Trevathan ... judging together in Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2010. We judges were the first Americans to visit a nearby Cossack village, and were given wonderful sleigh rides through the forest."
Another dichotomy of Wayne's life was that although he was in the spotlight as a judge, and co-producer (along with Vicki Ableson and Stan Barnaby of the infamous Pajama Party show), he was at heart an intensely private person. I discovered while compiling information for this piece that he had been a virtuoso pianist, a pastry chef, did stained glass, and at one time bred King Charles Spaniels.
The suddenness and swiftness of Wayne's illness took him and many others by surprise. This extended to the caregiving and ultimate placement of his cats.  Through the actions of several friends, including Karen Boyce, Karen Lane, and his neighbor, his cats were placed with Cat's Exclusive Cat Adoption Center and Veterinary Clinic  (catsexclusive.org) in December. Here they were evaluated, treated, neutered/spayed, and finally found forever homes. The last cat was placed in its forever home February 7th.  Should anyone wish to remember Wayne, a donation in his name to Cat's Exclusive would certainly be appreciated as it would help them offset his cats' expenses. You can do so online via the PayPal link, then email Maria Kane (their bookkeeper) regarding your donation and that it is to be earmarked for Wayne's cats. Or send a check to
     Cats Exclusive Inc.
     6350 W Atlantic Blvd #1, 
     Margate, FL 33063
My thanks to Vicki Ableson, Rachel Anger, Karen Boyce, Karen Lawrence, and Annette Wilson for their help with providing material for this piece. The April issue of "Cat Talk" magazine will feature a more in depth look at the man who left his mark on both individuals and on an organization. 

CFA Judging Program
Annette Wilson
Chair, CFA Judging Program Committee

At the February Board Meeting, we welcomed three applicants into the program:

Bethany Colilla - Longhair Trainee, first specialty
Mie Takahashi - Longhair Trainee, first specialty
Wendy Heidt - Shorthair Trainee, second specialty

Advancing at this meeting:

Kit Fung - Apprentice Longhair, second specialty
Marilee Griswold - Approval Pending Longhair, second specialty
Wendy Heidt - Approved Longhair, first specialty
Suki Lee - Approval Pending Shorthair, second specialty
Danny Tai - Apprentice Shorthair, second specialty

Elevated to Judge Emeritus:

Craig Rothermel (posthumously)
Wayne Trevathan (posthumously)

CFA IT Program Report
Tim Schreck
CFA IT Program Chair

With additional funding approved by the Board, we will continue with enhancements and corrections given to us during the first several weeks of usage of the new Entry Clerk program. Again I would like to emphasize that sending corrections directly to me is the quickest way to get corrections made.

Melissa Watson at Central Office is now entering your shows in the new program as the paid licenses are received at Central Office. We will continue entering already licensed shows until all shows are in the system. This should be accomplished soon. If for any reason you believe your show has been missing please contact either Melissa at mwatson@cfa.org or me at tschreck2003@yahoo.com.

More information will be available on the CFA website soon.

We know there are other products you can use for entry clerking your shows and if you are using any of these please let us know so we will not set up your show in the new program.

Specifications for completion programing to move all of show licensing functions from the HP system are being completed and quoted now. When finalized, this will eliminate the need to enter this information in both systems, and save valuable time at Central Office.

We are also looking into improvements to assist registration entry to reduce possible errors.
Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger

The February issue of "Cat Talk" magazine arrived recently. This was our "breeding" issue in which we always look at things of interest to breeders. This year, we took a look at pedigrees and pedigree programs.  We'll begin thinking of topics for next year's issue soon, and I invite our readers to email me with any suggestions that you may have on breeding and related issues.

In that same vein, we're always looking for suggestions for new article topics and article submissions. The "Cat Talk" staff is pretty clever, but we can't possibly think of every topic our readers are interested in. So again,   email me with any suggestions that you may have.

Cat Talk magazine is a great (and easy!) gift to give to your veterinarian, pet buyers, or cat fancy friends. It's available in print here, or online via Magzter

Wagging Tailz - id bands and collars for kittens and puppies

World Cat Congr ess

The World Cat Congress (WCC) is an organization comprised of nine cat registries around the world.  This group was formed to discuss mutual interests.  They meet once a year and each of the member organizations takes a turn as host.  This year CFA is hosting the event in Las Vegas.  There will be a 6x6 cat show on the weekend of April 22-23.  The four Allbreed rings each day will be judged by CFA judges and the two Double Specialty rings each day will be judged by Guest Judges from among the other members of the WCC.  Fate Mays, the TICA President and WCC delegate, will be the only Guest Judge from the USA.  While the Guest Judges are from around the world, most or all have experience with CFA shows.  Cheryle U'Ren from Australia, for example, has probably judged 50 or more CFA shows.  The show has a 225 entry limit and is being held at the Rio Hotel & Casino.  Here is the show flyer.

The Friday preceding the show there will be seminars throughout the day at the hotel.  The flyer lists the various topics and speakers.  One that should be particularly interesting is Pat Jacobberger's discussion of the Ethics & Psychology of Judging.  Karen Lawrence will address the Delegates and guests about the CFA Foundation's Feline Historical Museum housed in CFA's building in Alliance, Ohio.

The Monday after the show there will be the WCC's annual meeting and the public is invited so if you are in town, consider hanging around another day for this.

When planning your upcoming shows, give some thought to joining us for what will be an exciting show in an exciting town.  There is a lot to do in Las Vegas including, of course, the casinos and the many star-studded performances.

Winn Logo

by Vicki Thayer DVM , Winn Executive Director

A list of our donors contributing $100 or more in December is available  

Have A Heart and Spare Some Change Fundraiser: Valentine's Day is almost here. We celebrate with those we love, including our fur kids, who love us unconditionally. It is also a time to remember those loving, wonderful memories of our fur angels taken by FIP. We wish with all our hearts that they were here to celebrate this special holiday with us.
Through your support of the Bria Fund, important FIP research is underway. Every year we gain important knowledge needed to diagnose and treat FIP and to develop an effective vaccine to prevent FIP. 
If you are still using real money, do you save coins in a jar? Would you consider collecting change for a month and donating it to the Bria Fund? If you don't collect change, a donation of $10 or more would help so much. You can donate via credit card through Winn's new direct Bria Fund donation page link
  Or you can donate through our main donation page  where you select a Specific Purpose or Fund and choose the Bria Fund.
Winn and the AAFP are offering two joint scholarships to veterinary students with an interest in feline medicine. Each scholarship is for $2500. If you know of a veterinary student who might qualify, they can view the details here 
The Winn Symposium Registration is Open : Our speaker is one of the foremost experts on FIP, Dr. Niels Pedersen, and the 2 hour symposium on June 29th in Chicago will be dedicated to current information about FIP. We expect a large crowd so it is recommended to register early . Details to register are here. 
An important Planned Giving (tax) tip for February - One often overlooked source of charitable deductions is giving through an employer's payroll plan.  These plans are easy and convenient, which may also make them easy to forget.  
Be sure to include these contributions which may be found on your pay stub, form W-2 or other document furnished by your employer.  These need not be sent in with your tax return but should be retained for your records along with the pledge card that shows the name of the charity.  
For federal workers you may make donations to the Winn Feline Foundation through the Combined Federal Campaign (#10321).
For any questions, please contact info@winnfelinefoundation.org .

Legislative Update: the Old (New Jersey, Pinellas County, Florida)
and the New (Alabama, Tennessee)

The new year brings new breeder licensing legislation to join the legislation carried over from 2016. The New Jersey and Pinellas County, Florida Pet Dealer legislation were amended again last month and move forward. New state breeder licensing bills have also been introduced in several states. Short summaries of two new bills and updates to the 2016 legislation are below.
New Jersey Companion Bills, Senate Bill 63 and House Bill 2338 The Assembly Appropriations Committee passed amended version of these bills. The Pet Dealer definition still includes people, inside or outside New Jersey, who sell animals in the ordinary course of business for profit. However, the non-face-to-face provision is gone. This broadens the range of people subject to the Pet Dealer requirements. Any person selling more than five cats or dogs in one year to New Jersey consumers qualifies as a Pet Dealer. For a history of these bills, see the CFA e-newsletter 2016 What's Hot articles for June, October, and December.
Pinellas County, Florida. The amended ordinance draft would require Pet Dealer permits of anyone who advertises or sells one or more litters of cats or dogs per year to the public. To be exempt from the Pet Dealer permit and inspection requirements, a Hobby Breeder cannot sell more than two litters or 20 Animals, whichever is greater, per year per household. To obtain a Hobby Breeder permit, an applicant must comply with all other provisions of the ordinance and applicable law. A Hobby Breeder means a current member of a Dog, Cat or Kennel Club that is, or is affiliated with, a nationally recognized organization and that houses or breeds Dogs or Cats at a private residence. A hearing on the revised ordinance draft is scheduled on February 21, 2017. A history of this proposed ordinance can be found in the What's Hot articles for November and December 2016.
Alabama Companion Bills: Senate Bill 17 and House Bill 45.  These bills would require cat and dog breeder licensing of "a person who possesses 11 or more adult intact female animals, is engaged in the business of breeding those animals for direct or indirect sale or for exchange in return for consideration, and who sells or exchanges, or offers to sell or exchange, 20 or more animals in a calendar year." A six-month-old intact female will be presumed to be capable of reproduction for the adult intact female count. There are limited exemptions for dogs (hunting, herding, and others) but none for cats. The legislation would also create the Alabama Dog and Cat Breeders Commission which will be responsible for developing rules, enforcement, and setting fees to cover the costs of enforcement.
Tennessee Companion Bills: House Bill 265 and Senate Bill 282.  These bills would require a commercial dog breeder license of "any person who, during a twelve-month period, possesses or maintains ten or more intact female adult dogs for the primary purpose of selling their offspring as household pets." Cat fanciers should take note of this bill, not only because of the "and cats" issue but because the repealed 2009 breeder law included cats. The 2009 breeder law was repealed because there were insufficient licenses to justify the administrative costs. The threshold for licensing in the 2009 law was also higher. These bills halve the threshold to 10 unaltered female dogs. There were also unsuccessful attempts to replace the repealed law in 2015 and 2016.

Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -    legislation@cfa.org
Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news.


by Karen Lane
A-Cats Program Chair
Hopefully many of you have seen our members in their new purple official clothing at the shows. Our entire group is thankful to have another item that bonds us all together. This is another step in professionalism as we reach out to the public and introduce them to our CFA pedigreed cats.

Coloring Book Update....

Nancy Bueno, our coloring book artist, has had some personal issues that will prevent her from going forward to completion with our coloring book project, After a search for another artist, we are contracting with Austen Redinger to bring this project to publication. Austen lives in Portland, Oregon and we are hoping to have him join us at the International Show this next year, so we can actually "Meet the Artist". You can see by the sample drawings, why we chose him. We plan on having our coloring book available for all of our Ambassador Cats at the CFA Annual meeting in Chicago. This is another exciting CFA project. We are thrilled to be able to offer a coloring book to the public in the future.

CFA Ambassador Program
by Candilee Jackson
CFA Ambassador Program Chair 

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  CFA's Ambassdors are not only "the Face of CFA," but to me, the "sweethearts" of CFA!  I am bursting-my-buttons proud of the Region 5 Ambassadors  who truly came through at the recent Food and Water Bowl in sunny and warm Del Mar in California!  So many thank yous to the small but incredibly mighty San Diego Cat Fanciers whose job it was to work with not only a high entry count, but an incredible gate of over 4000!!!  Well done, everyone... GREAT FORM! as they say across the pond.  Many thanks also to Chris June who helped coordinate the Pet Me! Cats displays in Vermont the week prior.  Between these two shows, literally thousands of CFA Ambassador show hall brochures were handed out, and after discovering a cache of Pet Me! Cat supplies at Central Office, our CFA mail room was very busy shipping off banners, brochures, Ask Me! Buttons and other supplies to both coasts!  Many thank yous to the Central Office staff for making sure both shows got their supplies on time and in great condition!  You all ROCK!

Region 1:  Chris June
Chris attended a great two-show weekend on January 14-15:  Vermont Fancy Felines held their show on January 14th and was followed up the next day by the Club Felines Fleur de Lys show in Burlington, Vermont.
The entire first row in the show hall was full of Pet Me! Cats, and the hall was FULL of spectators both days.  The row was adorned with the CFA Pet Me! Cats signs and yellow Pet Me! Cat banners which brightened the row, and flagged the cats who were available to be petted.

Many spectators came back to the PMC row multiple times to love on our cats and young and old alike enjoyed the friendly cats all weekend.
Chris personally spoke to a lady who will be a new exhibitor soon with her HHP, and she provided her with a list of everything she needs to come to her first show.  She knew to come ask me because of all the signage!

Region 3: Janis Walkingstick
It's always a great time at the Wichita Cat Fancy Show. This year's show February 4-5 was no exception. Plenty of goodwill filled the showhall, with lots of spectators for Ambassadors to assist, and some great vendors. Local veterinarians pitched in with ring sponsorships and special certificates for free services in gift bags made just for lucky household pet entrants.  Ambassadors were on hand to answer questions ranging from grooming to locating certain breeds.  Several were visiting for the first time, and were amazed by the round wooden dance floor of the Cotillion Ballroom.
Region 5:  Shari Millar
San Diego Cat Fanciers put on the region's biggest show here on the west coast, in Del Mar, on January 28-29. What sets this show apart from all other shows is not only the competition level, but the huge organizational efforts to educate and entertain the large gate which comes each day. The education ring was very busy full-time on both days, and Joan Miller's the information booth assisted many spectators to locate a specific breed, was very helpful this year. The show hall was filled with Ambassador buttons, lots of Pet Me! cats and smiling faces all weekend.  Congratulations to everyone who made this show possible!

Attention All (Air) Travelers!
by Mary Kolencik

Heads up for fanciers who fly!
Starting in January 2018, if you live in one of nine US states, you will need more than your driver's license to get through a TSA airport security checkpoint for a commercial domestic flight. Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Washington are not in compliance with the REAL ID Act because their driver's licenses and identification cards do not meet the Act's minimum security standards. Only 24 states are in full compliance. Of the remaining states, most have been granted extensions. These nine have not yet received an extension.

If you live in one of these nine states and want to fly, what should you do? Well, your driver's license will still be good enough for domestic flights until January 2018. After that, you have two choices. First, you can hope your state receives an extension during the next year. Check for updates on your state's compliance here

Second, you can get a passport! The US Department of State handles passports, and you can find the application and instructions on this page.

Since this year is the 10th anniversary of the requirement to have a passport for travel to Mexico, Canada and Caribbean, the state department anticipates a glut of renewals. So do not wait until the last minute to start the process! Once you have your birth certificate in hand (which can take several weeks if you have to order one), the application process can take six to eight weeks at least. Passports are good for 10 years, and you never know, getting a passport might motivate you to take a trip to Tahiti, or maybe a cat show in Hong Kong.

You can read more about the REAL ID Act and secure driver's licenses at https://www.dhs.gov/secure-drivers-licenses .

Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of OAPHHT.  There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at https://www.motel6.com/en/cp/cat-fanciers-association.html or you may call 800-466-8356.



Budget Car Rental
Link to Avis


Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by John Adelhoch,  Regional Director 

Our region started the year with the annual Vermont shows, Vermont Feline Fanciers and Club Felins Fleur De Lys, held in the beautiful city of Burlington, VT. The shows had a really nice entry and extremely large gate both days.  As tradition the club presented its VFF benefit auction with the very lovely, as always, Shelia Mizzi as their auctioneer. They were able to raise a substantial amount of money for the Franklin County Humane Society. Kudos to all!  For those of you that have never attended the show put it on your calendar for next year, the show is amazing and the city of Burlington is a shopping and foodie heaven.

We have two clubs producing a show in February, Black Diamond, 02/18-19, and National Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Club, 02/25-26, at which I will be holding a Regional meeting to discuss the upcoming Regional in Matamoras, Pa.

In closing remember these are the good times, so get out there and show!

Region 2
Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary  

Region 2 is very excited to announce that Wendy Heidt has been advanced to Approved Longhair status and accepted for shorthair training. The region has lost so many judges to retirement that this is great news to all of us. It is so nice that CFA has been able to attract quality people to the judging program. Wendy is a top example of this. Congratulations Wendy! Thanks to her clerk, Ariel Bartelmes for the pictures of Wendy at the Rip City show in Chehalis, WA.

The region held two traditional shows this past couple of weeks. Meghan Antijunti reports that she had a great time clerking for Neil Quigley at the Poppy State Cat Club show on January 21 st . She states that even though they were doing a double specialty they finished first which was super for her as she was part of the cage service team. The homemade cookies and sandwiches were yummy. The rain stayed away and they had a good gate.

Rip City Cat Club along with Seattle Cat Club and Valley Cat Fanciers held their annual show in Chehalis, WA on February 4 th . Mardi Gras was the theme which made for a very colorful show hall. Linda Osburn did the decorations so it was spectacular. Of course, we also had the rain which is nothing unusual in Washington. Fortunately we missed the snow storm that came after the show.

On February 18 & 19, Call of the Wild Cat Fanciers will hold their two day show in Santa Rosa, California. They are also having a Mardi Gas theme. On February 26 th , Fort Vancouver along with North American Blues will hold a Sunday one day show in Longview, WA. The theme is "Hello Kitty Goes Eastwood". On Marh 11 th , the CFA Northwest Region is holding a 6 ring show at the Double Tree, Lloyd Center in Portland, OR. This show has had a change in show hall and city due to double booking of the Chehalis venue. The theme is "Luck of the Irish". This is the McKenzie River traditional show date. The McKenzie River club is holding a joint 10 ring show with Puget Sound Cat Club on April 8 & 9 in Longview, Washington.

Region 3
by Kathy Black, Regional Director   
Pam Bassett with her best cat.

Wichita Cat Fancy held their annual show the first weekend in February.  For over 40 years Wichita Cat Fancy has served the northern area of our region, and our only show in Kansas. In the past, this show has been a sleeper campaign show. This year their entries were a little smaller than normal. But thanks to the local veterinarians' sponsorship and advertising the club brought in more than $1000 in gate. The club president announced they will be having a show again next year!

Jeff Janzen judging Persian class

Highest scoring Household Pet at the Wichita show, a brown mackerel tabby and white named Blaze of Marleevo, picks up a Best Household Pet rosette in Brian Pearson's ring. Blaze is owned by Region 3 exhibitor Allenia Voerster.

Be sure to mark your calendars for these upcoming shows:
Feb, 25, 2017 Port Arthur, TX - Wildcatters Cat Club - This club has sponsored rings and held joint shows with other clubs. This year they are hosting their own show. Please support this club in south Texas.

Mar. 18, 2017 Cleburne, TX - Ozark Cat Fanciers. Ozark is one of our oldest clubs still producing shows each year. Marsha Ammons and her club members host a wonderful show each year. Don't miss it.

Our Region has three shows in April.

Region 4
by John Colilla, Regional Director
No report received
Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 

Take a spring break in the Southwest Region! Get away from the snow, ice
and cold to warm California and Nevada. First up is Malibu in Glendale,
CA. Malibu always puts on a fabulous show. Glendale could not be more
convenient--just a few short miles from the Burbank airport and also close
to LAX, Long Beach, Ontario and Orange County.

There two opportunities to visit the Southwest in March. Come out for Las
Flores in Ontario on the 11th. Fly into Ontario airport, just a quick
trip to the showhall. It doesn't get more spring break-y than Palm
Springs--join Los Colores for their annual show on March 25.

Region 6
by Mary Auth, Midwest Regional Director

Planning for a fun and festive 2017 Chicago Annual - Midwest-hosted Hospitality Room is well underway.  Expect the details as we finally the ideas brought forth by Brian Pearson and refined by the committee. Committee members are Bobbie Weihrauch, Pam DeGolyer, Lucy Drury, Brian Pearson, Leann Rupy, Cathy Dunham, Allene Keating, and Kathy Calhoun ex officio.  Any others who would like to help, please contact Mary Auth. Fund raising pins are available from Jack Nichols, Pam DeGolyer, Cathy Dunham and Mary Auth.
New Exhibitors from KC
Yili Xu is a new exhibitor with CFA, showing a Ragdoll.
The Hawkeye Cat Club show in Altoona, Iowa was great fun and particularly notable for the number of new and returning CFA exhibitors. Allene Keating and Nancy Brown made sure that we knew who the new people were so that we could welcome them properly to a CFA show.

At the Hawkeye show we introduced and began the tally for the new Midwest Region Felines Nines program.  Briefly, exhibitors' tenth entry (after your ninth - thus the nine), will be free (up to $50). The region will rebate the exhibitor for their tenth entry in a Midwest Region show.  We started this program to help boost entries in our region's shows.  The name of the program was created by Chris Crane and Susan Norbury and Susan's husband.  Chris is managing the program for the region. The program rules and claim form are on the Midwest Region web site.

Bobbie Weihrauch enrolls Brian Pearson in the Cool Cat Crew club
The other fund raising activity provides membership in the Cool Cat Crew club. (see photo left). For $50 you get a membership card, special pin, fedora hat and wine glass (both available at the Annual Meeting) and an invitation to a wine party on Saturday during the annual. Bobbie Weihrauch and Mary Auth will start selling pins at the shows. Or you can order by sending an email to Mary Auth or   Bobbie Weihrauch.  Paying via PayPal is super easy - and will save the region a handling fee - if you pick friends and family.  Log on to your PayPal account, select SEND & REQUEST, then send $50 for one membership to treasurer@cfamidwest.org. You can also pay by check made out to Midwest Region.

Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

After ringing in the New Year in Nashville, TN, the Southern Region started the year with a fun show in Ormond Beach, FL, followed by not one, but two shows in the Region - Birmingham, Alabama and Roanoke, Virginia. I was at Roanoke, and the two clubs, Central Carolina and Star City, put on a fabulous show! No snow this year - just a great time had by all! There were several new grand champions, and all the cats were beautiful! As the site of the Southern Region's regional, Roanoke is a lovely city with great restaurants and things to do. I hope lots of you will join us there for our regional show the second weekend in June.

I heard that our exhibitors at Birmingham were also having a great time, with lots of competition and lots of fun. Last weekend in Jacksonville, Ray Cherrington and Absolutely Abyssinians hosted a beautiful Valentines' show. The rosettes, donated by Ray, were absolutely gorgeous, as were the decorations! Their annual wine and cheese party gets better each year, and thanks to the efforts of Connie Wardlaw and others, it was a huge success. Pet parents of one of Katherine Brady's cats who live in the area even came to the party and brought a smoked salmon!

We also had several new grands at the show, including a new exhibitor with her first new grand! Thank you, Barb Leffler, for your mentoring efforts and bringing a new exhibitor into the fancy. A happy Valentines' celebration was had by all!

With more shows on the horizon, I hope to see you at Southern Region show soon!

Region 8
by Edward Maeda, Regional Director

Sunflower Cat Club held a show which was dedicated to the memory of Mr. Kenji Takano in Tokyo Japan in Feb 4-5, 2017. A total number of 170 cats made it the biggest count in this show season in Japan Region. There were some events including raffles and cosplay of cats. All exhibitors looked as though they were having a lot of fun! But competition was very hard because all the cats were so beautiful and in gorgeous condition.

A lot of people were standing in front of Kenji's memorial booth. He has been loved by everyone, even now.
Region 9
by Michael Hans Schleissner 

German Catwalk e.V. January/21/2017 Bavaria / Germany
For the 2nd time the German Catwalk e.V. was guest in the beautiful municipality of Eching, in the district of Landshut in Bavaria Germany.
For one day, 120 cats came to the 6 AB Ring Show and the farmers market became the right 'CATWALK.'

George Cherrie, Kenny Currle, Cathy & Jim Dinesen, Arie Groenewegen, and Olga Rakitnyh gave it their all so the show ended on time.

Congratulations to:

Best Kitten: KUORII KOKKODIMAMMA, Owner: Carnevaletti - Scardaccio
Best Cat in Championship: CAMALICH VASILE, Owner: Maria Eugenia Camalich Massieu
Best Cat in Premiership: DARK DIAMOND OPIUM, Owner: Irina Samuleone

All around a very successful show which we ended on Saturday in a small group with a "Bavarian evening."

Thanks to all who supported this show - the German Catwalk Team is looking forward to seeing you all soon again.

44 Gatti Cat Club on January/28 & 29/2017 Milan area / Italy

Once again 44 Gatti Cat Club produced a wonderful show in conjunction with a TICA club. There were 121 cats entered in the CFA show and 90 in the TICA show. This time also a local ferret association took part with a small selection of ferrets which were shown and judged.

The gate was spectacular with over 1.500 visitors
Best Kitten: KUORII KOKKODIMAMMA, Owner: Carnevaletti - Scardaccio
Best Cat in Championship: CAMALICH VASILE, Owner: Maria Eugenia Camalich Massieu
International Division
Dick Kallemyer, International Division Chair 
The government of Bali has notified ID rep Danny Tai that they will be one of the sponsors for the ID award banquet on August 19, 2017.  More details will follow.

Danny Tai and Frankie Chan, elected ID reps, have provided more details for the International Division Asia Work show to be held in Bangkok on March 17-18, 2018.  The show will be 16 rings with 8 rings for kittens and HHPs and 8 rings for Championship and Premiership.  Each show will have a 400 cat limit.  The government of Thailand will waive quarantine restrictions for cats coming from outside of Thailand.  The show venue will provide the show hall space at no cost and will sponsor the hotel bills for judges and staff.  A cat food vendor will assume all profit and loss responsibility for other show expenses.  The ID will be guaranteed 40% of the entry fees regardless if the show has a profit or loss.

Show committee_ judges and photographer Larry Johnson.
K-Cats successfully had their largest show, a 6x6 show in Kuwait City, Kuwait on February 3 and 4, 2017 with exhibitors, judges and staff from Asia, Europe and the United States.
Sandra AlSumait on Kuwait TV 1 talking about the show

Show venue at Abu Baqar Al Sadiq Street Dauliya Center

Marcus Bierl and Jan Rogers toasting with Arabic coffee to start the show

Show hall lunch buffet
Judge's Dinner on the 87th floor of the Kuwait Towers

K-Cats went out of their way to prepare special commemorative gifts for the CFA show judges

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