January 2017
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Our banner cat for January is GC, NW GROVEWOOD BOURBON STREET, a seal lynx point Himalayan. Photo by Larry Johnson



Club fees and membership lists must be RECEIVED in CFA Central Office by February 1, 2017 to be eligible to vote for the CFA Directors-at-Large.  Check here   to see if your club is in good standing.

Deadline for declaration for election to one of the five director-at-large seats is March 15. Information about declarations is available here.


The calendar page has turned and we find ourselves in the middle of January! CFA cat shows are back from holiday break in earnest and our show halls are beginning to fill back up again.

Here is wishing all of our readers a healthful and prosperous New Year. Safe travels, enjoy the shows, and be kind to one another.


First, as many have already heard, Fred Jacobberger passed away on January 12th.  Fred was married to CFA judge Pat Jacobberger.  Fred served as CFA Attorney when Craig Rothermel, Don Williams, and Pam DelaBar were CFA President.  He was a Director At Large when asked to assume the position of our attorney and he resigned his seat on the Board in order to accept that new assignment. Pat and Fred spent most of their lives in Minnesota and last summer moved to Las Vegas to start their new lives as retirees in a warmer climate.   Our thoughts and prayers are with Pat.

CFA's financial report for the first half of our fiscal year should soon be shared with our clubs.  Copies will be available from your club secretary.  Suffice to say we are having another outstanding year.  A big part of our financial success is the increase in registrations and registering new cattery names.  New cattery names usually means new breeders and exhibitors joining our exciting hobby.  When you encounter new exhibitors at our shows, please go out of your way to make them feel welcome.  We want them to enjoy their experiences at cat shows and return for more.

The Board of Directors meet February 3-4, 2017, in Alliance, Ohio.  At this meeting we will discuss the results of the recent Breed Council ballots and vote on changes to breed standards.  I expect to send out an advance Agenda of this meeting and encourage you to share your thoughts and comments with your Regional Director so he or she may have the benefit of your input for the meeting.

A reminder that club dues ($120) and membership lists are due.  In order to be eligible to vote for Directors At Large next Spring, clubs must be in good standing as of February 1, 20017.  That means dues and membership lists must be RECEIVED by that date.   Check here   to see if your club is in good standing.  This list is updated every few days. Dues can be paid online here.  Membership lists and officers' names can be emailed to Verna Dobbins.   Questions should be referred to Verna. Remember this year we are voting on FIVE Directors At Large as the delegates changed the CFA Constitution to decrease the number from seven.

Interested in running for a Director At Large seat?  The deadline is March 15, 2017.  Get more information here

We welcome Melissa Watson to our staff.  Melissa takes over show licensing.  In time, as she becomes trained, Melissa's duties will expand.  If you have questions relating to licensing a show, touch base with Melissa.

That's it for this month.  

Terri Barry
CFA Executive Director
It's hard to believe that the holidays have already come and gone.  While 2016 has officialy ended, CFA's yearend will close in April.  I do want to let you know that so far 2016/2017 continues to be a remarkable year for CFA.  Through key board leadership decisions, we continue to work and strengthen CFA while expanding internationally.  I've had the privilege of being Executive Director for over two years now, and I continue to be excited about our goals and accomplishments.

Our dedicated staff continues to do an incredible job of expanding our outreach for registration and strengthen our programs and services.  General registration is up over 30 percent and an additional registration associate was added this month.  Please join me in welcoming Kelly Williams.  Kelly will be in training over the next few weeks.  In late December we welcomed Melissa Watson.  Melissa replaced Michelle Fergason and will be handling show licensing and clubs. 

Meanwhile, CFA is preparing to launch a new service in 2017. Thanks to a partnership with Neogen's GeneSeek Laboratory; CFA will unveil an affordable feline DNA testing tool that will provide valuable health information, enabling early diagnosis and treatment of genetic disease. Additional information will be forthcoming via our social media and website. 

Mark your calendars
If you haven't already, here's a friendly reminder to mark your calendars:
  • April 19-23, we head to Las Vegas, NV, to host the 2017 World Cat Congress. It will be held at the Flamingo Hotel, with the World Congress Cat Show slated for April 22 - 23.
  • June 26-July 2, it's on to Chicago for the CFA Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet.
  • November 18-19, CFA returns to the West Coast with The International Cat Show. Portland, OR, will provide a multi-cultural atmosphere, ideal for both international and national competitors.
I wish you all a safe, healthy and happy 2017.

CFA IT Program Report
Tim Schreck
CFA IT Program Chair

We are pleased that the new Entry Clerk program successfully made it through week one of our January Shows. We will acknowledge that it was not without a few problems, most of which were quickly resolved.

I would like to thank both Sheryl Zink and John Colilla for the time and effort put into making this happen successfully. I personally have learned more about the entry clerk process than I ever cared to know. I would also like to thank all the entry clerks using this program for their patience and understanding while this was being developed and tested. The first shows have not been perfect but we will continue to make needed corrections and enhancements.

I am extremely pleased to announce that I am soon giving up the position of entering upcoming shows, as this will be turned over to Central Office later this month.
Most of the shows through February are entered into the system. If you plan on using this program and need information and access, please feel free to contact me at tschreck2003@yahoo.com.
More information will be available on the CFA website soon.
Also, we know there are other products you can use for entry clerking your shows and if you are using any of these please let us know so we will not set you up in the new program.

Hopefully now we can also get back to making more improvements to Central Office computing.

CFA Online Almanac
Teresa Keiger
Webmaster, CFA Online Almanac

You may have noticed a change in the epoints by breed lately. Beginning this year, breed awards will be awarded in each of CFA's competitive geographic areas (Regions 1-9, China, and the rest of the International Division). Points by breed are now listed for each breed in each of these three geographic areas. Thank you, Dick Kallemyer for generating these reports every week

Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger

The February issue of "Cat Talk" magazine will be going to the printers soon. We take a look back at the Dr. Elsey's CFA International Show with pages of photos and complete scoreboards from each show. This is also our annual "Breeding" issue, and that section features a look at the importance of maintaining pedigrees and a look at two popular pedigree software programs.  You'll see in the International Division report that CFA had its first presence in India and we take a closer look at how that event came together. And as February brings Valentine's Day, we ponder the question "what if cats could take out 'lonely hearts' ads?"

Don't miss an issue of "Cat Talk!" It's available in print here, or online via Magzter

Wagging Tailz - id bands and collars for kittens and puppies

Winn Logo

by Vicki Thayer DVM , Winn Executive Director

A special thank you to our honored cat club donors for December.
Nutmeg Cat Fanciers Club
Ocicat + Ocicat Plus Association
Winn had many honored donors of $100 or more for December and their names are posted on this linked table. Please join Winn in issuing a giant THANK YOU for their generosity.

The Future of Cat Health: Winn Feline Foundation will have our 2017 Winn grant   review in Las Vegas, NV on March 10th. We have a superb mix of 36 research proposals  to evaluate for funding. An exciting time for cat health!
Visit Us!: Winn will have a booth at Meet the Breeds at Pier 92 in NYC on February 11th. Stop by, learn more about Winn and ask Beth Adelman, a cat behavior consultant, your questions on cat behavior.
2016 Holiday Photo Contest Results: Out of 31 wonderful photo submissions, the winners in each category are Holiday Attire: "Leo-A Meowy Christmas", and Most Humorous: "Ledges". Their humans will receive a $50 Amazon gift card. The runner up as the Most Beautiful is "Nougat" and her human will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. All of our holiday cats are winners and Thank You to those who sent a photo. The  winning photos are available for viewing here.
Winn and the AAFP are offering two joint scholarships to veterinary students with an    interest in feline medicine. Each scholarship is for $2500. If you know of a veterinary student who might qualify, they can view the details here .

An important Planned Giving (tax) tip for January - When making donations some taxpayers may transfer funds from their IRA to an eligible charitable organization.  These transferred amounts are counted in determining whether the donor has met the required minimum distribution from their IRA.  To do so the donor must be 70 ½ years of age or older.  Up to $100,000 a year may be transferred tax-free directly to an eligible organization.  More information about qualified charitable distributions may be found in Publication 590 B, Distributions from Individual Retirement Arrangements.

For any questions, please contact info@winnfelinefoundation.org

Speaking Up in 2017

All fifty states will have legislative sessions this year along with over 30,000 local governments. The chances are that cat fanciers will see a lot of legislation detrimental to their hobby proposed this year. The CFA Legislative Group typically tracks over 100 state bills each year from New York alone.  Absent a dissenting voice, many state bills and local ordinances will be enacted. The more voices, the merrier, but large numbers are not critical. A small, vocal, and prepared resistance can stop harmful legislation in its tracks or remove the adverse provisions. You can be that voice - either as a spokesperson or as background support.
First, know that yours is not the only voice. A variety of different people may have an interest in the proposed legislation. Those that come to mind first are other animal fanciers, pet owners, community cat managers, breed rescue groups, and veterinarians that may be adversely affected by legislation and potential allies. However, farmers, hunters, pet stores and others in the animal industry may also have a stake in stopping legislation affecting the cat or dog fancy. Farmers were instrumental in stopping a bad anti-breeder bill in Michigan. Pet store owners would have an interest in a pet store ban that includes home-based breeder provisions. Cultivating these contacts before you need them puts you a step ahead when there is legislation to oppose. The CFA Legislative Group may be able to help connect you with groups in the affected area. For example, there is a group of dog fanciers in Pinellas County, Florida that could use some on the ground help from cat fanciers. Working in groups allows you to divvy up the work according to the strengths of the individuals, but even one voice can be effective.
It is also important that grassroots advocates know the facts about the legislation. The background information on the legislation, the people driving the legislation, your elected officials, and the current law will shape the strategy used. Community research will define the problem or show there is insufficient information to identify the issues faced by the community. Having a substantial amount of good long-term data will demonstrate whether the proposed legislation presents a real solution to an actual problem. With this information, advocates are in a much better position to successfully oppose the legislation and be heard.
Fanciers unaware of impending legislation are mute so watching out for it is critical.  The CFA Legislative Group created the CFA LegislativeNews Facebook page to pass on reports of legislation adverse to fanciers. Check it out at the link at the end of this article and if you hear of legislation near you, let us know. With so many governmental territories to cover, nothing can replace you as our eyes and ears. Look for news reports in your area about legislation under consideration or groups saying there ought to be a law. Review city and county agendas, they are often online, for detrimental legislation affecting you. Local ordinances can be proposed anytime of the year, unlike state legislatures with set calendars. Bills introduced at the state level can often be found on the state's legislative website. Today, you may not have adverse legislation in your area. Next week may be another story. Either way, if you are willing to speak out, email the Legislative Group at the address below with your contact information (include city, county, and state in addition to email and phone number) so we can contact you if the need arises.
It is never too late to make your voice heard. Many people start advocating against proposed legislation after hearing about it on the evening news or reading it in their local people. However, the first news report may occur immediately before the scheduled vote or even after passing the proposed ordinance. The bigger head start that you have, the better. Grassroots Advocacy is not just reactively responding to legislation at the eleventh hour; it can be proactive as well. There are many things fanciers can do to prevent bad legislation from getting a strong foothold or, possibly, even being introduced. Contact the CFA Legislative Group at the email listed below for more information on how to get started.

Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -   
Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news.

CFA Ambassador Program
Candilee Jackson
Ambassador Chair 

Happy New Year!  All of us are very glad to finally put 2016 behind us, and are ready to enjoy the snow and excitement winter brings ... well, some of us are, those not gripped in ice down south!  With the printing of our new Pet Me! Cat banners and discovering a cache load of Pet Me! Cat pennants in storage, Central Office has been wonderful in getting these materials into the hands of clubs and coordinators around the globe.  The Ambassadors are exceptionally excited to have so many Pet Me! Cats at the upcoming Food and Water Bowl XXV hosted by the San Diego Cat Club.  Billed as the largest cat show in the western US, the venue at the del Mar Fairgrounds is right on the beach and is a wonderful retreat for snowbird cat exhibitors longing for a touch of summer in the middle of winter.

Region 5:  Donna Fujie -  Hawai'i Division
So many wonderful people helped set up for the Cat Fanciers' of Hawaii Club party, and there were wonderful things on hand for the curious shopper.   The exciting part of the bazaar is the majority of the cat beds, cat furniture, cat food and supplies were donated:  that means all the monies raised from this event was PROFIT!  Wow!  Thank you to everyone who donated and participated.  Funds raised from this event and others throughout the year go to budgetary expenses such as judges' fees, airfare, lodging, venue expenses and ribbons.  We can't wait for our January show so we can host beautiful cats, their exhibitors, our ambassadors and visit with our spectators!

Region 6:  Candilee Jackson
The MWR is excited to try a new ring format for this current show season:  4 rings only.  The idea is to have more participants while cutting down on costs at the same time.  MWR folks have been scouring the region for inexpensive yet appropriate venues, and have come up with some great places to show off our feline beauties.  January 13th saw Tornado Alley Cat Fanciers host a 4-ring show in Gardener, KS, and following directly on their heels in the SAME location was ANOTHER 4-ring show on January 14th, sponsored by Topeka Cat Fanciers and Frontier Feline Fanciers.  Sharing expenses was a no-brainer, and ambassadors were on hand for the wonderful gate that came through during the two shows.

Region 8:  Takako and Masanari Kojima
The Portland Cat Club and Sun Pearl Cat Fanciers joined forces to have a Merry Christmas show on December 24-25, 2016, in Tokyo.  There were 6 Japanese judges and 5 American judges.  The show had 137 entries, including 8 HHPs.  The show also had The Best of The Best ring with Kim Everett-Hirsch presiding as Judge Emeritus.

Following the show there was a Bengal Special Handling Seminar featuring the expertise of judges Kim Everett-Hirsch, Darrell Newkirk, Ellyn Honey, Brian and Pam Moser.  There were 12 beautiful Bengals at the show courtesy of TICA Bengal breeders and the Japanese Domestic Cat Association. Everyone who attended couldn't wait to touch and handle these beautiful cats.

Although, Takako was the show secretary, he took Raptor. Raptor has not had as many opportunities to see exhibitors and spectators in Tokyo.  "I was worried that I could not take care of Raptor during show, however, he found new friends, among them several young girls.  Both girls wore masks as they are allergic to cats, but Masanari suggested they remove their masks when touching Raptor.  They were surprised that they had no serious problems with their eyes and noses," reported Takako.  The two girls were so surprised they didn't have allergy issues in the show hall.  Masanari explained that cats in show hall were bathed and groomed to perfection so spectators should not have allergic reactions.  They understood and were so happy they could touch the show cats without trouble, tears and sneezes!

Then one little girl came to see Raptor.  Raptor came out of his show shelter to play with her. The little girl started to chase Raptor, and he was excited to have a new friend to play with.  Finally, they got together on the carpet where they looked like a young sister and older brother.
Thank you so much to the five American judges who acted as teachers and to all of attendants of the special Bengal seminar. We had a wonderful time !

Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of OAPHHT.  There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at https://www.motel6.com/en/cp/cat-fanciers-association.html or you may call 800-466-8356.



Budget Car Rental
Link to Avis


Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by John Adelhoch,  Regional Director 

Happy New Year to all of you! 
Yes, as we enter into the New Year we all start to make some resolutions to improve our lives, and to better our relationships in the world. Well for most of us the Fancy is a large part of our world.  I suggest that one of our resolutions is reaching out to fellow exhibitors hoping to make a new friend. 

 As we stand or sit in the show hall why don't we all just look around and see who is benched next to us, or opposite us and start to talk about our breed and why we show?  Some of my best friends are people in the fancy, past and present.  Keep in mind that on a weekend we spend hours at shows, and what better place to start and learn our fellow exhibitors.  You might come to realize that we all may have other things in common beyond showing cats.   I have met exhibitors that showed dogs, birds, flowers, cars and even fish!  Get involved with not only the show, but in making new friends.

The holidays were well celebrated by Straight and Curl and Finicky Felines.  The festive holiday was all over us at the show, good tiding of joy and love. OH and let's not forget the food and Santa!
I am planning on having a NAR meeting at the National Norwegian show, February 26th, Sunday time to be announced. The agenda will be sent to all the clubs.

"These are the Good times"
so get out there and enjoy

Region 2
Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary  

The January show season started out with Responsible Cat Fanciers of the Northwest presenting "Treat Yourself!" The judges had various themes as well as the exhibitors which were expressed in the cage decorating contest. Gary Powell as chef and Linda Osburn's "bubble bath" were a couple of the highlights. Money was the theme in Wain Harding's ring and certain cats got cash prizes. I don't think Gary got to cook anything but his chef's outfit was really fun. And of course, our Linda won the cage decorating contest. My husband got second place and I had to learn that from Linda. Seems he didn't want to share the prize! All in all this was truly a fun event and one that you should put on your list for next year. In addition to all the fun, any profit goes towards Purebred Animal Rescue in the upper Northwest.

The annual Poppy State Cat Club will be held in Stockton, CA on January 21 st . Again this is a very nice show in a wonderful location. The theme is "Winterfest - Skating on Thin Ice". Entries close on the 16 th so be sure to get your entries in before this date. 

Region 3
by Kathy Black, Regional Director   
Judges Brian Pearson and Carla Bizzell in the Christmas spirit.

Region 3 recently held two fantastic shows with Show & Tell and Houston Cat Club. Both shows are highly anticipated and were very well attended.  Show & Tell had a pot luck lunch, gift exchange, and Christmas music to fill the show hall. Everyone was in the giving and Christmas spirit. Jan Rogers and her group of elves made sure everyone had a great time.
Leesa and Mike Altschul

Becky Galloway, Traci Whittenberg, and  Charlona Ingram
Houston Cat Club had a full 225 entry with fierce competition in each category. This show is always a great venue with a large gate and entry. Congratulations to all the winning cats and owners.

Donna Hinton

Region 4
by John Colilla, Regional Director
Our region is very active in social media. We are a member of Pinterest and have our own Facebook page. You can check out what is going on in our region through these social media sites at:
To All exhibitors, have a very Happy New Year and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Chinese New Year (Kung Hei Fat Choi).
Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:
 ( More information can be found online at www.catshows.us/greatlakesregional/  )
  • Jan 21 - Cleveland Persian Society, Parma, OH  4 AB; 2 SP    
  • Jan 22- Cleveland Persian Society, Parma, OH  4 AB; 2 SP
  • Jan 28-29 - Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers, Monroe, MI  7 AB; 3 SP; 10 HHP
  • Feb 11 - Steel City Kitties, Monroeville, PA  4 AB, 2 SP
  • Feb 12 - Steel City Kitties, Monroeville, PA  4 AB, 2 SP
  • Feb 18 - Kittyhawk Felines ,  Dayton, OH 5 AB , 1 SP;  CH: 5 SSP,  1 SP; 6 HHP
  • March 04-05 - Genesee Cat Fanciers Club, Brockport, NY  7 AB; 3 SP; 10 HHP (Back-to-Back) 

Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 

The Southwest Region sends its deepest condolences to Patty Jacobberger
and her family. Words cannot express the sorrow we feel for her in the
loss of Fred. While they've lived in the region a short time, the
Jacobbergers' have made a large impact.

If you're not entered yet to the San Diego Cat Fanciers' annual event in
Del Mar, get in! Eight competitive rings, agility, education rings, tons
of vendors and spectators. This show is a must-not-miss.

Region 6
by Mary Auth, Midwest Regional Director

It's the new year and time to start thinking about the 2017 Annual this year in June in the Midwest Region. We have a committee that is actively working on making the region's Friday night hospitality room full of fun with a Hokey Pokey dance contest in costume. Start planning now for your entry - Brian Pearson is the Hokey Pokey king and finalizing the details. Big prizes are planned for the top Hokey Pokey dances that match the costume. If you are looking for inspiration, you can listen to the tune here 

Thanks for Renee Farley for her design, we have two fund raising pins (see photos of Chicago skyline).  Cathy Dunham, Rick and Pam DeGolyer, Tom Lukken and Mary Auth are selling the pins at $20 each.  Look for them at a show near you.  Or you can order the pins from webmaster@cfamidwest.org.

The other fund raising activity provides membership in the Cool Cat Crew club. (see photo below). For $50 you get a membership card, special pin, fedora hat and wine glass (both available at the Annual Meeting) and an invitation to a wine party on Saturday during the annual. 

We are also close to getting a discount at the Chicago House of Blues to go along with the membership. Bobbie Weihrauch and Mary Auth will start selling pins at the Saintly City Cat Club show January 28th. Or you can order by sending an email to Mary Auth at mary@maryauth.com or from Bobbie at bobbie@koratcat.net.  Paying via PayPal is super easy - and will save the region a handling fee - if you pick friends and family.  Log on to your PayPal account, select SEND & REQUEST, then send $50 for one membership to treasurer@cfamidwest.org. You can also pay by check made out to Midwest Region

Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

We started off the new year with a bang and welcomed exhibitors from all over the country to the South at the Nashville Cat Club's "Mewsic City" show. The weather was a little damp but it was warm and it didn't dampen our spirits at all! The club went all out, hosting a wonderful New Year's Eve party with everything from sparkling wine to smoked salmon! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did! There was no better place ring in the new year than at a cat show! 

Plans are well underway for our regional celebration in Roanoke, Virginia. Watch for details and join us the second weekend in June. 

The new year also brings some exciting upcoming shows from Florida to Virginia! These include:
Roanoke, VA - Star City & Central Carolina CF - Jan. 28-29
Birmingham, AL - Birmingham Feline Fanciers - Jan. 28-29
Newport News, VA - Pawprints in the Sand - Feb. 4
Jacksonville, FB - Absolutely Abysinnians - Feb. 11-12
Check the show calendar and join us at a Southern Region cat show !
Region 8
by Edward Maeda, Regional Director

I'm very proud to announce the 2017 Japan Regjonal show in Tokyo held this past January 7-8, 2017,  was a success. It was a 6 x 6 format. This show was the biggest show in Japan this show season. We invited 2 American judges, one Hong Kong judge and 8 Japanese judges. We held 2 Super Speciality rings judged by Kayoko Koizumi and Yaeko Takano. This was the first time that Japanese exhibitors experienced this format and it was exciting for them!

Photos from the Japan Regional show

This year is great year for the Japan as we are celebrating 25 years since Japan Region became a region at the annual meeting. We invited Robert Zenda who introduced CFA to Japan 55 years ago, We must say thank you very much to him.

We lost three key persons in the Japan Region: Kenji Takano, Kazuko Akiyama and Bess Chisato Higuchi who worked for Japan Region for long time. We thank them for their longtime regional support.
Region 9
by Michael Hans Schleissner 

The Largest Cat Show in the World!

Once again on December 3 & 4 in 2016 the largest show in the world took place at the Crocus Expo Center in Moscow/Russia. The main sponsor, Royal Canin, once again did a great job in getting together multiple organizations for this spectacular event. The Moscow Cat Fanciers under their president Natalie Belueva perfectly represented CFA. Together with FIFe, WCF, TICA, and local cat organizations, they had around 2000 cats in the show hall. Moscow as one of the biggest cities in the world has a large community of cat lovers, so that the gate was amazing with thousands of visitors attending.

CFA winning cats with owners and Sunday judges
The CFA judges' board was Pam DelaBar - Finland, Chloe Chung - China, Irina Tokmakova - Russia, Michael Hans Schleissner - Germany, Mrs. Belyaeva (Gues) - Russia, and Dmitry Gubenko (Guest) - Ukraine so this made the CFA show very international.

Every organization does its own show under their own regulations, but at the end of the show, a board of judges from each association together make a final decision together and elect the Best Cat In Show.

For the CFA show the best cats were:
Best Cat in Premiership with judge Michael Schleissner

Best Kitten
Dark Diamond's Mady Me ; Exotic Shorthair tortie, Owner Irina Samuolene

Best Cat
Dar-Liz Bambi ; Exotic Shorthair red tabby and white, Owner Zoya Shulga

Best Premier
Dark Diamond Opium ; Exotic Shorthair black, Owner Irina Samuolen
Best Kitten - Dark Diamond's Mady Me The Little Diva

Zoya Shulga (left) and Irina Samuolene (right) and their winners

Once again happened that CFA shown cats were the winners in this big event and two of the CFA winners also became the Best of the Best winners. Congratulations to Irina Samuolen with Dark Diamond's Mady Me and Zoya Shulga with Dar-Liz Bambi.

Upcoming shows:
01/21/17  -  German Catwalk Club
6 AB, Eching ( close to Munich ) Germany

01/4+5/17   -   44Gatti Cat Club
5AB + 1SP LH/SH, Chiduno ( Bergamo area ) Italy

02/4+5/17   -  Club Felino Espagnol
3 AB+3AB/LH/SH, Madrid Spain

02/11+12/17   -  Feline Fanciers of Benelux
4AB+2SP LH/SH, Grote-Brogel Belgium
International Division
Dick Kallemyer, International Division Chair 
CFA Takes First Baby Steps into India
Allen Raymond, Saquib Pathan, Adilah Roose
India.  A land of mystery and myth to most of us in CFA, a country with 1.5 Billion people with a growing, young middle class as is the case with many Asian countries... and CFA has landed!
On December 18 & 19, 2016, at the request of the Cat Fanciers' Association of India (CFAI), spearheaded by Mr. Saquib Pathan, CFA took its first baby steps into India under the form of a "Fun" (non-Championship) Show and Cat-Together Feline Conference.  Allan Raymond and Adilah Roose embarked on what would be a fun filled and exciting weekend of shows and meetings.

Pet-Together Pet Expo (S4) was the site of the Pet-Together Cat Show, India's first non-championship cat show on December 18, 2016, based on the experimental Super Speciality format:
Top 10 best Longhair Kittens, Top 10 Best Shorthair Kittens, Top 10 Best Kittens
Top 10 best Longhair Adults, Top 10 Best Shorthair Adults, Top 10 Best Adults
Top 10 Best Premiers, Top 10 Best in Show

35,000 people attended the Pet Expo and we are pretty sure ALL of them came into the cat show pavilion!

The exhibitors for the show were enthusiastic, eager and more than willing to learn, and with few exceptions, none were below the age of 35!  A great time was had by all!

On December 19, 2016, CFAI held the first ever "Cat-Together" Feline Conference - Presentations by Sponsor, two vets (Adilah found this very enlightening!) Allan and Adilah.
Allan presented CFA and 8 of CFA's most popular breeds, while Adilah presented papers on Grooming and CFA Standards of Grooming, Cattery Management and a quick blurb on Breed Specific Diseases.  Jaws literally dropped when Allan presented Persians and Exotics!  Amazement, truly, when Adilah said "white must be kept WHITE".

We believe that once a few hurdles are cleared, India will become a major member of the CFA family in the future, meanwhile, more baby steps before they can RUN!

Have a question or a comment about the CFA Newsletter? 
Feel free to contact me at  tkeiger@cfa.org
Thank you for being a subscriber!

Teresa Keiger
CFA Newsletter Editor