July 2016
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Featured Cat
Our banner cat for July is CFA's Fifth Best Kitten Reg 1-9  GC, NW KELLOGGS ROCK 'N' ROLL REBEL, a silver tabby American Shorthair male.
(photo by Tetsu)


ISO Household Pet Photo
We are looking for an appropriate photo to use on the Household Pet banner which is to be hung from the ceiling at the CFA / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter International Show.  
Email photos to CFAHHP2016@yahoo.com by August 1, 2016.  Professional photos only please.  We will need a high res image of the selected photo.
Couldn't pick up your award from the Annual and need to have it shipped to you?

Please contact Kay Chamberlain at Kchamberlain@cfa.org include the award you would like shipped.  She will then get in touch with you.

The recipient will be charged for the shipping and packaging, and a $10 handling fee. Credit card payments accepted.
New CFA Legislation
FB Page!
Did you know that South Korea is considering the regulation of pets or that pet ownership there has increased over 20% in just one year?  Or that St. Claire, Michigan is considering pet limits?

Visit the CFA Legislative News Facebook page to get current legislative news and events. The CFA Legislative Group reviews hundreds of proposed legislation every year. We also monitor other news sources that may tell us about legislation or regulation considered in the United States and elsewhere. 

We will post items we think fanciers will find interesting on CFALegislativeNews To make sure you don't miss a thing, make sure your notification settings are set to "all on" and "see first." Give us a like and tell us what you think.

CFA Yearbook Ad Deadline
August 1
(read more about advertising guidelines and pricing in this newsletter)

Breed Council Membership Deadline - August 1
See the Breed Council article in this Newsletter for complete details


Happy July to you! As you will read throughout this Newsletter, many of us were at the Annual in Las Vegas and had a thoroughly wonderful time reconnecting with old friends and meeting new friends. I'd like to add my thanks to those Central Office staff members, the Southwest Region, and the many other folks who all helped make this event go so smoothly.

The Nevada heat really pushed all of us here in the Northern Hemisphere into "The Dog Days of Summer." Which I have to then wonder if our antipodal friends are experiencing "The Cat Days of Winter" where our feline friends begin piling on each other (or us!) for warmth. Personally...I think that that  Sharri Millar's Manx down there in the CFA Ambassador' section has the right idea! 



Two weeks ago many of us were in Las Vegas for CFA's Annual Meeting.  It was great seeing so many cat fanciers from around the world, many of whom we only get to see this one time a year.  We participated in both business meetings and in social settings such as the hospitality suites.  Our Secretary, Rachel Anger, is toiling away on the minutes for the board meetings and the delegate meeting and you will soon be able to read them online.  Take a peek and you will see some of the minutes are already up.

The highlight of our annual gathering for many of us is the Saturday night banquet when we come to celebrate the national winning cats for the show season that wrapped up last April.  This year the Board of Directors broke out the national wins geographically so there were many more awards handed out.  Remarkably, everything was so organized that we finished earlier than usual. 

For the first time in modern history, CFA's Central Office coordinated the Annual events rather than one of CFA's seven North American Regions.  This was done at the request of our Regional Directors and our Central Office staff did an incredible job.  The Southwest Region hosted the Thursday night hospitality event, which included an Elvis impersonator conducting wedding vow renewals, and they provided  delegate bags.  Central Office called upon volunteers from within the fancy for assistance in various endeavors but much of the work was handled by CFA staff members.  Many thanks to all who helped out including Cyndi Byrd, Darrell Newkirk, Donna Isenberg and others from the fancy and thanks also to Terri Barry, Allene Tartaglia, Verna Dobbins, Michelle Fergason and other CFA staff members. 

The Annual Meeting was also where the ballots for various seats on our Board were counted and the results announced.  This year the four Officers and nine Regional Directors were up for election.  New to our Board are Regional Directors John Adelhoch, Mary Auth, and Kathy Black.  Kathy Calhoun moved from serving as a Regional Director to CFA Treasurer, a position she held in the past under Presidents Don Williams and Pam DelaBar.  Congratulations to all who won their election this year.  Thanks also to departing Treasurer Barb Schreck and Regional Directors Geri Fellerman and Steve McCullough for their efforts the past two years.  For the past six years Ed Raymond has served as CFA's attorney.  Ed was not interested in continuing in that role so the Board approved the appointment of John Randolph as our new attorney.  John lives in Phoenix AZ where he has served as show manager the past two years for the Phoenix Feline Fanciers.  John exhibits Russian Blues.  Please join me in thanking Ed for his help the past six years and welcome John.

The next big CFA event is the CFA/Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter International Cat Show scheduled for November in Novi, Michigan (a Detroit suburb).  We used the same facility for this show in 2013 and many requested a return visit.  In 2017 the show is scheduled to move to Portland, Oregon.

CFA belongs to the World Cat Congress, an organization with many of the major cat registries as members.  Each year this organization holds a meeting in the Spring accompanied by a show held by one of the member organizations.  Next April CFA is the host.  We will be producing a CFA cat show in Las Vegas the 4 th weekend of April.  Rachel Anger is the chair and Rhonda Avery is the show manager. Details will be announced in the coming months.   

Terri Barry
CFA Executive Director
Well, another Annual for the history books!  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time in Las Vegas.  I am aware that many attendees experienced flight related issues on the way out, but I am glad everyone arrived safe and sound.  I do hope your return trip was less challenging. 

This year was the first time Central Office was in charge of the entire Annual.  I would like to thank all staff involved, Allene Tartaglia, Verna Dobbins, Shelly Borawski, Michelle Fergason and at home Brian Buetel.  I would also like to extend a thank you to Pat Zollman with Helms Briscoe for her assistance before and during the Annual.  I can't thank Lisa Marie Kuta and the Regional Annual Committee enough.  They assisted throughout the planning period as well as behind the scenes the week of the Annual.  I look forward to seeing all of you again next year in Chicago.
Plans are now in the process for the upcoming International Show, the World Cat Congress which C.F.A will be hosting next April and a meeting with the hotel staff for the 2017 Annual is planned for early August.

I would like to welcome back our officers with the exception of Barbara Schreck, now our past Treasurer.  I will miss Barb, over the last year and a half she and I have worked closely together.  Also leaving is Ed Raymond, our attorney. John Randolph has now stepped into that role.  I would like to welcome Kathy Calhoun who has traded her Regional Directors hat for that of the Treasurer's. I'm also extending a welcome to  John Adelhoch the new Region 1 Director, Kathy Black as Region 3 Director, Mary Auth the Region 6 Director, and Danny Tai  as International Division Representative - Other. And  of couse I welcome back  all of our returning Regional Directors.  

From Allene:
When the June Newsletter was published, we were in heavy duty planning mode for the Annual in Las Vegas.  Now and a several weeks later, it's over. What a whirlwind it's been! I really enjoyed getting reacquainted with all of you.  I was reminded time and time again how much I missed being part of CFA events.

Please drop me a note and let me know what you did (and didn't) like about this year's event in Las Vegas. My email address is atartaglia@cfa.org . Hopefully, your "did" list is bigger than your "didn't" list.  We may not be able to incorporate all your wishes and we may not be able to change some things, but your feedback and ideas are very important and will assist us in planning the 2017 Annual in Chicago.

CFA Yearbook Advertising
2016 CFA Yearbook Shelly  Borawski
CFA Yearbook Editor


Congratulations on a great show season! We know you must be delighted and proud. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to advertise this fine achievement in the 2017 Yearbook. Take a look at our reduced rates. A complete advertising package, including our reduced rates can be found on the CFA website at the following HERE 

Not sure how to desgin an ad? Let Shelly Borawski do it for you! Simply send your photo(s) or high resolution digital images and text along with your order form and payment, and she will do the rest. You can email everything to Sborawski@cfa.org or mail it to Cat Fanciers Association, Inc., 260 East Main Street, Alliance OH 44601, ATTN: Yearbook AD.


The 2017 Yearbook will feature cats that have become a Grand, Grand of Distinction and Distinguished Merit during the show season of May 1, 2015 through April 26, 2016. If you haven't yet sent in your photo and payement to be included in this fine publication, please do so now. You can email everything to Sborawski@cfa.org or mail it to Cat Fanciers Association, Inc., 260 East Main Street, Alliance OH 44601, ATTN: Publications. The deadline is August 14, 2016.

Any questions please contact Shelly Borawski - sborawski@cfa.org - 732-492-7216
IT Committee
Tim Schreck
IT Committee Chair 

We have good news! At the Annual Meeting the CFA Board approved a vendor to create a new CFA Entry Clerk program. Work on this project is to begin 07/13. The projected completion may be as early as September/October. We know what a struggle it has been to keep using the old AECFA program and we are looking forward to offering you a new and better product.   

Work has begun of defining the Show Licensing programs to move this process completely to the new system.  Other processes will follow.

Also we hope to be adding more features to your eCats account later this year.

Please feel free to communicate any problems or errors directly to The Central Office staff so they can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Show Rules
Monte Phillips
Show Rules Committee Chair 

Official and Unofficial Count Differences - Some Causes

When you check with e-points or Herman later on in the week, you may discover that the number of grand points or award points you thought you had is actually somewhat less. How could this happen - didn't the Master Clerk count the cats/kittens correctly when he/she posted the count?? Most likely, they did. The discrepancy may be caused by one of three rules coming into play - 6.16, 35.01, or Article XXXVI - Show Points - Official Show Counts - Item 2. In all three of these cases, Central Office will remove the offending cat/kitten from the count when they compute the official count for the show's various competitive categories (kittens, champions, championship, premiers, premiership, or household pets). Most recently a show in the ID dropped 15 cats from its championship count and a show in the Southern region lost 7 cats from its premiership count because of implementation of show rule 35.01.

Often, Master Clerk's aren't sufficiently careful in counting kittens, and inadvertently count a kitten that has no registration number of any kind listed in the catalog. Those kittens are not eligible to be included in the official count per the text in Article XXXVI. Similarly, per show rule 6.16, any cat/kitten whose pedigree submitted to obtain a temporary registration number includes a cat that is not eligible for CFA registration will result in the voiding of that TRN and the removal of that cat/kitten from the official count. However, show rule 35.01 is a little trickier.

Central Office will disqualify an entry for any cat/kitten that is entered incorrectly. Per the rule, if it's in the wrong class, has the wrong name listed, wrong owners, or wrong registration number, it may be disqualified and any wins voided. However, it is the ENTRY that is disqualified, not just the cat. That means when it comes to the official count, it's as if that cat never entered the show, even though it may have shown up and been shown in one or more rings. In the example of the 15 and 7 cats whose entries were disqualified by Central Office and were removed from the official count, these were all cats that were grands, but were entered as Opens or Premiers. Per show rule 28.07, once confirmation of a grand title has been received, the cat may never again be shown as a champion or premier - doing so will subject your cat to disqualification of entry, and removal of that cat from the official count.

If you are still confused on this, please feel free to drop me a line at jouvencebleu1@gmail.com and I'll be glad to explain it to you further.

Judging Program
Annette Wilson, CFA Judging Program Chair

The following judges were accepted and advanced at the CFA Board Meeting held June 30 2016.

Accepted as TRAINEE: 
Amanda Cheng - SH, 2nd specialty
Kit Fung - LH, 2nd specialty
Danny Tai - SH, 2nd specialty
Toshihiko Tsuchiya - LH, 2nd specialty
Mihoko Yabumoto - SH, 2nd specialty 

Suki Lee - SH Apprentice, 2nd Specialty
Wendy Heidt - LH Approval Pending, 1st Specialty
Amanda Cheng - Approved LH, 1st Specialty
Doreann Nasin - Approved SH, 2nd Specialty and Approval Pending Allbreed
Nicholas Pun - Approved SH, 1st Specialty
Neil Quigley - Approved LH, 2nd Specialty and Approval Pending Allbreed
Teresa Sweeney - Approved Allbreed

Breed Council
Carla Bizzell and Melanie Morgan
CFA Breed Council Committee Co-Chairs 

Don't forget that the timeline for the CFA Breed Council has changed this year!
Breed Council Timeline for changes, advancement, and membership are:

August 1: Breed Council membership deadline and deadline for declaration for Breed Council Secretary/Breed Committee Chair.

August 1: New Breed/Color application and advancement deadline.

August 1: Breed Council Secretary must have all proposed standard changes from Breed Council members.

August 15: Breed Council Secretaries must be notified of any breed color or advancement requests that might affect them.

August 15: Proposed breed standard questions to Breeds & Standards Committee for review.

September 14: Breed Council Secretaries' proposed standard changes must be received by Central Office after review by Breeds & Standards Committee.

October 25: Breed ballots will be sent out by Central Office or on-line and available for voting on-line.

December 15: Breed ballots due back to Central Office.

Star Service Awards
Mary Kolencik, Awards Committee Chair

The CFA Star Awards each year for any volunteer who performs some outstanding service to CFA. This is just a small token of thanks or a "pat on the back" for a job well done. 
The 2016 Star Awards were given to the following individuals at the CFA Awards Banquet July 2, 2016.

Jacqui Bennett, for her work on the International Show
Donna Brown, sadly a posthumous award for her work on the International Show
Kim Everett, for facilitating the acceptance of the Bengals as a new breed
Lorna Friemoth, for her work on the International Show
Mari-louise Geurnsy, for her work with Breeders Assistance and Breed Rescue
Kay Janosik, for her work with Breeders Assistance and Breed Rescue
Joan Miller, for her work assisting the opposition to an anti-breeder ordinance in Lee County Florida
Gini Noblit, for her work on the International Show
Tim Schreck, for his work on the IT committee
Teresa Sweeney, for working on the International Show
Annette Wilson, for her work revamping the Judging Program, among other contributions
Sheryl Zinck, for her work assisting with CFA's Entry Clerk software
Rachel Anger, for her work with the Judging Program committee
Linda Berg, for her work as a mentor and leader of volunteers with the Breeders Assistance and Breed Rescue programs
Cheryl Coleman, for her work on the CFA International Show
Ken Cribbs, for his work with the Ambassador Committee
Art Graafmans, for his work with the Ambassador Committee
Pat Jacobberger, for her work with the Judging Program's Continuing Education effort
Dick Kallmeyer, for his work assisting Central Office with multiple scoring challenges
Monte Phillips, for his work revamping the show rules, expansion of the National Wins, and his work on the International Show
Mark Hannon, for his efforts to promote, protect and preserve CFA
Mary Kolencik, for her work on fund-raising for the International Show and the Awards, and the expansion of the National Wins

A complete overview of the CFA Star Awards Program, including a list of all winners to date, will be in the August issue of Cat Talk.

Teresa Keiger

So many things happening at Cat Talk magazine these days!

Editor Teresa Keiger attended the Cat Writers' Association Conference in Phoenix, AZ in June. The meeting was held in conjunction with BlogPaws and featured speakers from all segments of the animal writing community.  CFA has been a sponsor of CWA since its beginnings back in 1992, when the first meeting was held at the CFA Invitational Show in Ft. Worth and then Director of Publicity Michael Brim was a co-founder. At the CWA Awards Banquet, Cat Talk was the recipient of the "Best Magazine - National Circulation."   Teresa also had the honor of presenting the special Michael Brim Distinguished Service award to writer Kim Campbell Thorton. This award honors extraordinary achievement and communications excellence and the permanent plaque is on display at the Cat Fanciers' Association Foundation.

The August issue of Cat Talk is nearing completion. This issue always features photos and a recap of the CFA Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet. But we also thought that, it being August, our cats might like a vacation and we look at several cat-themed destination spots. There's four pages (!) of Grandstand photos, several articles on new developments in cat health and behavior. It's so great that one cover just wouldn't contain it all!

One thing that our readers tell us that they love about Cat Talk is the photos. (we like that too!). I'm always looking for some unique photos that only our readers can give us.  Specifically, I'm looking for high resolution photos of pedigreed cats at play, interacting with their humans, just hanging out at home, during the holidays....you get the idea. And of course - cute kitten photos. Want to contribute? Send your photos to me at tkeiger@cfa.org

Don't miss out on a single issue of Cat Talk Magazine. Renew or begin your subscription here. Or read online at Magzter
You can also purchase individual issues there as well!
CFA/Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter International Cat Show
This year's show is being held November 19-20, 2016 in Novi, Michigan.  This is a suburb of Detroit and the same location used for this show in 2013.  We are returning to this location at the request of many exhibitors.  This year we will again have two shows, RED and PURPLE.  Each show will have seven rings: 4 Allbreed, 3 Specialty.  Judges will award Top 20 Kittens in both Allbreed and Specialty rings; Top 15 in Premiership in both AB and SPEC rings; and Top 20 in Championship in AB rings and Top 15 in Championship in SPEC rings. 

Rich Mastin is the committee chair and the Jim Flanik will serve as the show manager.  Monte Phillips has again agreed to serve as the entry clerk. Clubs selected the judges via a 2-round vote.  The judges were assigned to a show via alphabetical order.  The judges and their assignments are:

Adkison (SP-K, AB-C&P) 
Bassett (AB-K, SP-C&P) 
Currle (SP-K, AB-C&P) 
Doernberg (AB-K, SP-C&P)  
Morgan (SP-K, AB-C&P)  
Pearson (AB, SP-C&P)   
Takano (AB-K, AB-C&P)    


Anger (SP -K, AB-C&P)
Black (AB-K, SP-C&P)
DelaBar (SP-K, AB-C&P) 
Harding (AB-K, SP-C&P)
Newkirk (SP-K, AB-C&P) 
Roy (AB-K, SP-C&P)
Williams (AB-K, AB-C&P) 

Three judges' names were selected via lot at the recent CFA Annual meeting to determine which judges will select the Best In Show.  The selected judges are Kathy Black, Wain Harding and Yaeko Takano.

As in the past, we will feature Breed Booths, Agility, Ambassador Cats, and Pet Me Cats.  We will again have an Education Ring for spectators.  We will invest heavily in paid advertisement to attract a large gate.  We are delighted that Dr. Elsey's will again be our major sponsor.
Stay tuned for more information.

CFA Website
Kathy Durdick
CFA Webmaster
All of the 2015-16 season Breed Winners are now online. You can view those photos by selecting the breed you're interested in from the drop-down menu, then click the "Breed Winners" link in the menu on the right-hand side of the page.

Congratulations to all our beautiful cats - and if you have a missing photo, it's NEVER too late to add it! Just submit a good quality photo to webmaster@cfa.org, and I will be happy to get it posted.

Winn Logo

by Vicki Thayer DVM , Winn Executive Director

A list of our donors contributing $100 or more in May is available here

Winn's 2016 Symposium - The 38th Annual Winn Symposium was held June 30th just at the start of the CFA Annual meeting, Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa in Las Vegas. A successful symposium, the room overflowed with almost 90 people in attendance to hear Dr. Leslie Lyons speak on Genetics & Precision Medicine and Dr. Nicholas Dodman present information about Compulsive Disorders of Cats. To download the speakers' notes and access the audio podcast recordings from the Symposium, go to Winn's Symposium web page.

 Sponsorship of a research project is easy! Simply pick any of the projects below seeking sponsors ($250 minimum donation). Go to our website    for more information on the project and to make  your sponsorship donation online or download a donation form to mail to:
637 Wyckoff  Ave.
Suite 336
Wyckoff NJ 07481

      W16-023: Mefloquine's potential to inhibit FIPV infection in the cat
      W16-034: Evaluation of DNA variants associated with hypertrophic    cardiomyopathy in the Persian cat
      W16-053: Efficacy of a new treatment for cats with ronidazole-resistant Tritrichomonas foetus infection
Winn/AVMF Scholarship ~Elizabeth Rosalia (DVM 2017, University of California-Davis) is the recipient of the 2016 Winn/AVMF (American Veterinary Medical  Foundation) joint scholarship. Selection is based on their academic achievement, leadership, and dedication to and excellence in the study of feline medicine, health and welfare. This year is the eighth year of the collaboration between Winn Feline Foundation and AVMF where an extremely qualified veterinary student has been   selected to receive this $2500 scholarship.
An important Planned Giving (tax) tip for July - When organizing your estate plan please be aware there are different kinds of estates. 
Your Probate Estate consists of assets which are distributed under the terms of your Will (or intestacy if you have no Will), usually under court supervision. 

Your gross or taxable estate consists of the total of your Probate Estate plus any non-probate assets plus other interests passing to another on your death.  Non-probate assets may include property held in joint tenancy; assets placed in trust; retirement plans, IRA's, annuities, life insurance, payable-on-death bank accounts, transferable-on-death securities accounts and other assets not distributed by your Will.  Real estate may be part of the Probate Estate if held as tenant in common or may be non-probate if held in trust or owned in joint tenancy with rights of survivorship. 
You should keep in mind that changes to your Will do not usually affect non-probate assets.  Care must be taken to assure proper distribution of the non-probate assets in your estate; updating your Will alone may not be enough .
For any questions, please contact info@winnfelinefoundation.org

July Legislative Update

Massachusetts Senate Bill 2390 is a muddled mix of cattery licensing, inspections, consumer protection provisions and pet shop restrictions

The Massachusetts Senate passed Senate Bill 2390 (previously S2370 and S1103,) but this much-amended bill adds personal cattery and kennel licensing, consumer protection provisions, and additional restrictions on pet stores.  Proposed Section 174F defines a personal kennel or cattery as "at least 8 sexually intact female dogs or cats between the ages of 1 to 8 years of age, inclusive, are kept to breed the dogs or cats and sell the offspring as household pets."  The new Section 174F, conflicts with the existing personal kennel definition in Section 136A of Chapter 140, Licenses of the Massachusetts General Laws.  Section 136A defines a personal kennel as "a pack or collection of more than 4 dogs, 3 months old or older, owned or kept under single ownership, for private personal use." 
Adding to the problem is that the focuses of the personal kennel definitions are different.  Section 136A allows breeding dogs for specific purposes and restricts the sale of dogs from personal kennels to retail sales only.  Section 136A further distinguishes a personal kennel from a commercial breeder kennel that is in the business of breeding animals for sale or exchange to wholesalers, brokers or pet shops.  Proposed Section 174F does not restrict the sale of the offspring to retail sales. Together with amended Section 137C, it beefs up kennel and cattery inspection requirements.  Section 174F directs the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources ("Department") to make rules and regulations for cattery (and kennel) facility and care standards.  When a cattery is located in a private residence, only those areas used for cattery purposes and areas where cattery records are maintained will be subject to inspection.  Section 174F also directs the Department to ensure the animals are bred in line with "responsible breeding practices" and "shall consider the recommended standards of the American Veterinary Medical Association" in developing these regulations.  The government has no knowledge about breeding practices of dogs and cats for hobby breeders and trying to translate livestock practices to Persians or veterinary clinic standards to in-home catteries does not work.
S2390 also includes a prohibition on anyone transferring a cat or dog less than 8 weeks old as well as consumer protection or "lemon law" provisions that apply to everyone.  Historically, lemon laws have had triggering thresholds based on numbers of sales or commercial character of the person or business.  Only animal control organizations, shelters and certain adoption groups are exempt.  The consumer protection provisions of Section 141D come into play if a veterinarian declares the animal unfit for purchase.  The veterinarian must declare the animal unfit within 14 days from the date of purchase or transfer in case of illness or within one year for a congenital or hereditary defect or misrepresentation by the seller.  Not all animals sold with health issues will invoke the consumer protection remedies. One situation where an animal cannot be declared unfit is when the buyer signed a document acknowledging the issue at the time of purchase.  If a buyer invokes Section 141D, remedies may include returning the animal, replacement of the animal or retention of the animal.  Depending on the remedy chosen, the buyer may be entitled to reimbursement of veterinary fees for diagnosing and treating the animal in an amount not to exceed 150% of the purchase price and point of sale costs.
In addition to the lemon law, pets shops would also be subject to proposed Section 141E restricting the allowable sources of pet shop kittens and puppies.  Section 141E allows pet shops to acquire dogs and cats from United States Department of Agriculture licensees, subject to a number of conditions and requirements.  Pet shops may also acquire animals from commercial and personal kennels and catteries provided they have complied with the requirements of proposed Section 174F.  This bill follows a new trend not to prohibit but to allow pet shops to sell cats and dogs subject to tight restrictions on licensed sources.  Fanciers still need to be aware of traps in legislation with overly restrictive exemptions for local breeders that can include fanciers within the sales ban.  S2390 also allows cities and towns to adopt ordinances that are more stringent, thus, requiring fancier scrutiny to prevent expansion of the restrictions beyond traditional pet shops.
The Legislature should reconsider applying business solutions to hobbyists whether those solutions are consumer protection provisions, licensing, or regulations and inspections.  In addition, existing law already requires licensing and inspection of dog kennels based on numbers.  The new breeder licensing provisions in the bill conflict with existing law.  Conflicting provisions undermine compliance and complicate or discourage enforcement.  Although S2390 has passed the Senate, it is just beginning its journey through the House of Representatives.  S2390 needs to be stopped in the House as it just adds conflict and unnecessary complication to existing law.

Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -    legislation@cfa.org
Visit the CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news.

Cathy Dunham
YFEP Program Chair

The Youth Feline Education Program is very proud of all our youth.  We had 47 youth in 6 Regions and the International Division participating to meet their own personnel goals within the program.  Yes, I said International, for the first time since Joann Cummings and others rewrote the old Jr Showmanship program, youth from the International Division have joined in the fun of the Youth Feline Education Program.  Joann would be extremely proud to know that the program has gone international.  We know that Joann is watching over all of us and cheering for all the youth.
It gives the program great pleasure to recognize this years Overall Winner, Paton Gomez.  Paton's goal was to be the overall YFEP winner the year her home region hosted the Annual.  She met that goal in style while, showing her cats in the HHP and Premiership divisions, talking with the spectators, working in show production, stewarding, running paperwork at the shows, making toys for the cats, decorating her show cages, and so much more.  She also has great start with activities in the current show season as she helped with the delegate bags at the Annual and even added her own touch to the bag with a beautiful butterfly pen for all to enjoy and use in the show hall, thank you Paton.
Paton is just one of several National Divisional Winners, congratulations to all of them.
Payton Gomez
Divisional National Winners:
Division One:
  1.  Abigail Vaughan
  2. Eddie Goatseay
Division Two:
  1. Payton Gomez
  2. Abbey Berry (Bendixen)
  3. Hailey Goldsbary
Division Three:
  1. Nautika Buterakos
  2. Rebecca Gibson
  3. Conner Wright
Division Four:
  1. Chandler Bussey
  2. Willow Miller
  3. Simone Miller
I would also like to take this opportunity to Thank the program committee members - Lorna Friemoth, Sande Kay, Debbie Gomez, Linda Osburn, Iris Zink, Carmen Johnson-Lawrence and Kathy Calhoun (board liaison).  These ladies really do make the program work.  Thank you all for your hard work and support.

by Candilee Jackson, Chair

Committee Updates:
The Southwest Region put on a lovely annual meeting in the posh Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada! Congratulations to everyone who had a hand in its planning!  The Ambassadors enjoyed a small informal reception on Thursday, and as chair, I was so excited to meet a number of ambassadors with whom I communicate on regular basis and was able to faces to names!  

A New Banner!!
The annual was also exciting as Art Gr
aafmans, our graphic designer, surprised me by 
setting up our new Pet Me! Cats banner!  I wasn't expecting them to be ready to go before August, and to have them on display was a real treat!  These will be mailed out from Central Office to Ambassador coordinators in the coming week.  Many thank yous to Chris June for this terrific idea!  This banner will be an awesome asset to those Ambassadors who work outside CFA show halls at fall homecomings, winter festivals, Pride Days, and pet expos.

Welcome Donna!
The Ambassador Committee is pleased and excited to have Donna Fujie, a Siamese breeder from Honolulu, Hawai'i, join us to fill the vacancy left by Ken Cribbs of the Hawai'I Division.  Donna is a sweet breath of fresh air and has some great ideas to keep Hawai'I visible in CFA.

The Paw Project
This grass-roots organization is slowly changing minds of pet owners and vets across the United States with regards to de-clawing.  Realizing de-clawing is quite an issue to handle, we will be working with Shelly Borowski and Teresa Keiger to re-design CFA's brochure on this topic.  I am hoping to have it your hands both electronically and in print by this fall.  There will be an in-depth research article on this subject in the October or December Cat Talk.
Shari Millar of Southwest Region 5 was on hand at the annual, and after several years of communicating via email, it was wonderful to visit with her in person. 

Region Reports
To use a theatrical term, most regions are "dark" for June and early July due to the annual meeting, so reports from Regions 1-9 are few and far between.

Region 5:  Shari Millar
"With no shows in our region to report, we can focus on the FUN of the Vegas Annual which was amazing and truly a nice representation of how we do things on the West Coast. The Red Rock Resort was an excellent venue with huge suites. My breed ambassador Manx named "Vegas" enjoyed watching TV from his Jacuzzi tub. Other high points, the lovely piggy buffet, Oynx Bar for celebration cocktails, live band nightclub for getting the groove on, the lucky slots, we hope we get to do another event there."

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Region 1
by John Adelhoch,  Regional Director 

Once again we were able to celebrate our Regional Show and
 Award Ceremony at  the Sheraton Hotel, Stamford, CT. I want to congratulate all our  Regional members on their National win at the  2016 Annual in Las Vegas this year.    I also want to congratulate all our Regional Winners on their accomplishments this past show season.

I noticed many of you enjoying yourselves, especially at Thursday night hospitality. Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. 
Ideas and plans for our 2017 regional awards show and banquet are moving forward. Our Regional will be at Best Western at Hunts Landing, Matamoras, PA. on the third weekend in June. Check our NAR web site for future NAR meetings at various shows throughout the Region

Moving forward, N.E.M.O is one of our New England clubs and has its yearly show held in August in Sturbridge, Ma. This year they are featuring a Backyard Bar-B-Que (check their flyer for details) and that thrilling Sunday event Cat-and-owners costume contest. Let's give the club our support and participate.
In closing I would like to thank Geri Fellerman for all her support and efforts as our past NAR director.

See ya at the shows

Region 2
Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary 

On June 25 th the Northwest Region held their regional show and banquet at the DoubleTree@Lloyd Center in Portland, Oregon. We had a small but nice turnout for the show and banquet.

"Fun" is our Regional Director's middle name and fun it was! The program flowed beautifully and Kathy Durdick and Tammy Roark did a fabulous job of organizing the awards, certificates and rosettes. (Sande Kay and I personally "know" how trying this can be.) Not only the awards, but Tammy and Kathy were responsible for many other things regarding this function. Richard Ashton and Noly Limjoco organized and presented the "On the Road Again" part of the program. Well done guys! Thanks again to Pat Decano for gathering all the pictures and designing the Awards Booklet. It is always a tremendous effort on the parts of the individuals that work on the show and banquet. You make us proud.

We had two YFEP National Winners in Region 2 this year: Abby Bendixon won second place in Division Three and Hailey Goldsbary won third place in Division Two. We had four regional winners: Abby Bendixon first place Division Three, Mackenna Goldsbary second place Division Three, Michelle Bumgarner third place Division Three, and Hailey Goldsbary first place Division Two.

Region 2 had four National Winners this Year: GC, NW Maradan Orestes of Bella Mia, GC, NW Kelloggs Rock 'N' Roll Rebel, GP, NW Cinema's Cabaret, GP, and NW Luvely Alesana. We also had eight Grands of Distinction: GCD, BW, NW Amber Snow Choclatmousse of RK Gems, CH GPD RW Forevermore Fireworks of Kissyfurs, GPD, RW For-Real Life-Of-Riley, GPD, RW, AM Hoofnpaws Horton Hears Everything!, CH GPD, RW Kimo's Lucky, GC, GPD, RW, AC Kiriki Somewhere in Thai'm, GCD, RW Kotchera Paladin of Anam Cara and GPD, RW Maison DuKat Thorin Oakenshield.

All in all, it was a wonderful show season. Looking forward to the 2016-1017 season 

Region 3
by Kathy Black, Regional Director   

Region 3 has not been taking a summertime siesta! We were well represented this year at our Regional Banquet and show in Oklahoma City June 18-19, 2016. We recognized Willa Hawke for her 50 years of judging and service to CFA. We will miss Willa at our shows and wish her a happy retirement. We celebrated our Regional and National winners, as well as recognizing a few outstanding individuals who give so much and support our region.

Anne Paul

Our exhibitor of the year is Anne Paul. She and her daughter exhibit Cajundoll Ragdolls. It is not unusual for them to bring more than 4 cats to a show. Congratulations to Ann and thank you for supporting our regional shows.
Crystal Wood

Our Clerk of the year is Crystal Wood. Crystal is always willing to help the clubs by clerking, making rosettes, and helping where she can. She embodies great sportsmanship and always has a smile. Thank you Crystal for all you do for our clubs and congratulations!

Irene Allen
Irene Allen was recognized for her longevity within the Cat Fancy. She is well known forher Persians from her cattery Comesee. Irene was awarded the George Summerville Lifetime Achievement Award.

Off to Vegas for the Annual event. Region 3 was well represented with member club delegates and with our National Winners. Congratulations to:

GC, NW ASTECH'S CONEJO, Ruddy Abyssinian bred and owned by Sue Truesdell

GC, BW, NW PAJEAN'S FIRE OF SURREAL, Shaded Cameo Persian bred by Pamela Bassett and A. Ghattas, and owned by Mike and Leesa Altschul

GC, GP, NW PURRTIGERS CROCKETT, Red Tabby & White Maine Coon cat bred by Becky Galloway and owned by C & S Ingram, and Becky Galloway

Our next regional show will be a combination show between Alamo City Cat Club and a Regional Summer Fundraiser July 30-31, 2016 in historic Sequin, Texas. We are looking forward to a cat showdown at the Alamo.

August 27, 2016 Cenla Cat Fanciers is hosting their show in Alexandria, Louisiana.

See you at the shows!
Region 4
by John Colilla, Regional Director
We had a GREAT Regional Award Show and Banquet. The show was the first to fill in the 2016-2017 season, amd it was well attended by spectators. The raffle included a TV, prepaid entries, gift cards and other emticing prizes. Spectators were calling to find out when the agility would begin. John Colilla set an all time personal best of $1222 for the 50/50 raffle.
The award banquet had more than 150 people attending. Diana Doernberg did another fantastic job as chairperson for the event, which was completed before 10 p.m.
The GLR would like to thank everyone for exhibiting at out show and attending our banquet to celebrate our GREAT 2015-2016 season.
Our region is very active in social media. We are a member of Pinterest and have our on Facebook page. You can check out what is going on in our region through these social media sites at: https://www.facebook.com/cfagreatlakes and https://www.pinterest.com/carmencitamarie/great-lakes-region-cfa/
Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:
More information can be found online at www.catshows.us/greatlakesregional/   
  • July 23 - Motot City Jazz Club, Taylor MI, 5 AB, 1 SP and 6 HHP 
  • Aug 06 - Butler Cat Fanciers, Pittsburg PA, 5AB 1SP and 6HHP
  • Aug 13 - Sternwheel Cat Fanciers, Jeffersonville OH, 5AB, 1SP and 6 HHP
  • Aug 20 - Midwest Persian Tabby (Additional sponsor Great Lakes Great Maines),                Taylor MI, 5AB, 1SP and 6 HHP
  • Aug 21 - Monroe Shorthair Club, Brockport NY, 5 AB; 1 SP; 6 HHP
  • Aug 27-28 - Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers, Medina OH, 7 AB; 3 SP; 10 HHP (Back-to-Back)
  • Sep 03-04 - National Siamese Cat Club,  Brockport NY, 7 AB; 3 SP; 10 HHP (Back-to-Back) 


Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 
I want to say thank you to all the attendees, CFA staff and volunteers
whom made the Annual in the Southwest Region a success! Being that it was
the first one since moving the majority of the responsibilities to Central
Office I have to say it went quite smoothly.

Our region worked hard to make sure our parts, the delegate bag and the
Thursday night hospitality event, reflected the spirit of the SWR. They
were smashing successes, to the credit of Cyndy Bryd and her dedicated
group of volunteers. Cyndy and her team deserve all the accolades.
Throughout the planning and execution, I can't remember seeing Cyndy with
anything but a smile on her face and an unflappable demeanor. Thanks

Looking forward to August, Opposites Attract has an awesome early bird
special for their show on August 27 in Glendale, California. If you pay
on or before August 8, you'll save $9 each on your first and second
entries! Glendale is a great part of Los Angeles to spend a weekend
in--close to world-class shopping, Hollywood, the studios and other
tourist favorites. Feel free to ask me for travel tips as I live a few
blocks from the show hall.
Region 6
by Candilee Jackson, Midwest Region Secretary
Mary Auth with Bobbie Weihrauch

Mary's Musings
If it were a competition, I would be working as the new Midwest Regional Director, to make Region Six the best CFA region. It's not a competition, but it does take a team - a team of dedicated and enthusiastic cat fanciers to elevate the region to a place where people want to exhibit and to come and have fun. 

First order of business - build the team and draw upon the varied talents and interests of the Midwest Region. Perhaps you're a quilter - we can create a joint, Midwest region quilt to be part of a fund raiser.  Maybe you have grandchildren you're proud of - let's have a grandkid day at a show.  And, of course, as promised - a social event - a summer picnic in a central region.  No idea for fun is too silly and I welcome all of your ideas.

Let's get started.

Paul Patton, Cathy Dunham, Robert and Nancy Brown
Southwest Region 5 Annual
Midwesties had a great time in the desert at the end of June!  Las Vegas enjoyed rain-cooled weather in the upper 80s with no humidity!  The Red Rock Resort was lovely, and having all our meetings and activities on the same floor made things less rushed and chaotic. 

The MWR is excited to welcome Mary Auth as its new regional director!  She is full of enthusiasm and tons of ideas to make our region the best it can be.  Be sure to complete the survey which will enable her to draft our forward movement.

Congratulations and many thank yous to retiring regional director Kathy Calhoun!  Kathy led our region for the last four years with grace and enthusiasm, and she will take this with her as she assumes the duties of CFA Treasurer.

Pam and Rick Degloyer
Show Reports
Since June through July are  the dog-days of summer for the MWR, your secretary ran across something both   cute and interesting from Susan Norbury of Booneville, Missouri.  Facebook has enjoyed watching her most recent litter of adorable Maine Coon fur babies grow up, but one of her new pet parents gave the Norburys the "piece de resistance", a batch of Maine Coon cookies, each one decorated like a kitten from the litter!

After-show Glow Barbecue:   If you aren't traveling home Saturday night following the Purina Farms show on August 6th, please add the barbecue to your weekend's plans!  Hosted by the Jacksons, the barbecue will be a Mexican fiesta with flamed grilled chicken, and topped off with homemade ice cream for dessert.  Everyone is welcome!

Upcoming shows:
August 6, 2016               MWR/TGIF Fundraising Show                  Purina Farms, Gray Summit MO

Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

Although the new show season is in full swing, the highlight of June for the Southern Region was our awards banquet and show, held June 11-12, 2016, in Duluth, Georgia. And although no event is without its glitches, I am so very proud of everyone who worked tirelessly to make this come together.

I hope everyone that made it to the Las Vegas annual had a great time like I did! The Red Rock Resort is absolutely beautiful-a great choice, and both the Central Office Staff, Lisa, and everyone in Region 5 did an outstanding job! I have to admit - I lost a little money....I fed the nickel slot machine $4.00 and gave the hostess a $1.00 tip for 2 bottles of water-hit my limit of $5.00 and I was done! There were way too many other fun things to do!

While at the annual, I am proud to say that we (the Southern Region) continued to receive compliments about our awesome regional awards banquet and show from all over CFA. The beautiful decorations at our annual were made and coordinated by several members of the Cotton States Cat Club, and I must recognize the hard work of Connie Wardlaw, Lisa Highlan (and her sister!), Cyndi Lewis, Joanne Hardeman, and others, who are AWESOME! They all put in countless hours of time to make it all beautiful, and it was!! They are a constant reminder to me that this is what makes CFA great and sets us apart from all the rest! I am proud to call them Cotton States family!

I have received some great ideas from a number of our exhibitors and clubs, and please continue to send them! We will consider them all! We have implemented a team concept in our region, allowing us to share ideas among exhibitors and clubs all over the region. Although we have lost some shows (and sadly, some clubs), we are excited to have the new Bengal club, and potentially a new club may be in the planning stages in the Carolinas! Many have offered interest in a fundraiser show. There is much to look forward to this show season, and the Southern Region is a great place to be (smile).

The GEMS Show (Greater Egyptian Mau Society) in Richmond, VA is coming up the end of July, and they are awarding special breed placements for Egyptian Maus. Check it out - entry details and the club flyer link can be found on catshows.us

Y'all come see us - I hope to see you there!
Region 8
by Edward Maeda, Regional Director 

The Japan Region will hold its Regional Award Banquet and Region Club meeting at Lake Biwa Ohtsu Prince Hotel this weekend. I'm preparing the all certificates and Award Rossettes in my house. I'll be able to bring them to Banquet hall at the morning on Sunday by my car. Many winners and participants will gather from all the areas in Japan. I'm very proud to hold this Award Banquet.

Region 9
by Michael Hans Schleissner 

Small is beautiful......

0n June 18/2016 Cleopella Cat Fanciers of Estonia had their first "small" summer show close to the Baltic Sea in the beautiful City of Tallinn. This was the first time for the club testing a 3 ring format and it worked very well. With a total of 67 cats entered the 3 judges - Pam DelaBar ( CFA AB/SSP), Michael Hans Schleissner ( CFA AB/SSP) and Satu Haemaelaien ( Fife Guest/AB ) - had enough to do.

Triin Simmulson and her great team could get Royal Canin as a main sponsor. The show was held in the Royal Canin Pet City facilities which gave a fantastic surroundings for this event. The exhibitors were benched in the indoor dog training area and, of course, there were no dogs present. For lunch a barbecue was done in front of the building, all in all very comfortable for the cats and their owners.

The master clerk was Tuija Aaltonen, assisted by Pauli Huhtaniemi both of them as professional as always.

We hope that this will become a traditional summer event for the next years, which will fill in the period of no shows between May and September. Together with the Finish activities during this time of the year it will fill our show schedule over here in Europe
International Division
Dick Kallemyer, International Division Chair 
As a reminder, the International Division banquet on August 27 in Chiang Mai!  The theme is "Moulin Rouge" with attire of "elegant and classy".  There will be an after dinner party  with theme of Wild & Joyful, with dress code of Trendy and Sexy!
Congratulations to Danny Tai as the new elected ID rep for all areas except China.  The election for China ID rep resulted in a Tai Between Frankie Chan and Kai Gavin Cao.  There will be a runoff election w
ith ballots distributed the week of July 11 to China clubs eligible to vote.  Ballots must be RECEIVED in the CFA Central Office by August 19, 2016

The International Committee welcomes a r
eturning member, Bob Zenda, who will first help us with speci
al projects in China.  Bob joins other committee members Kathy Calhoun, John Collila, Kenny Currle, new ID rep Danny Tai and future China elected rep, as well as geographical representatives.
Cornerpet Cat Fanciers Club and Katnip Kat Klub jointly sponsored a show in TianJin, China on July 4-5.  Tianjin is near Beijing, and one of the five national cities in China with a municipal population of 15 million.
Japanese judge Etsuko Hamayasu officiating.

The Corea Cat Club held their show in Seoul, South Korea on June 18-19.

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