June 2018
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Our banner cat for June is CFA's Best Cat in Premiership,  GP, NW LYNZKATZ DAISY DALRYMPLE, a  brown patched tabby American Shorthair spay.

(photo by Larry Johnson)

Wondering about the status of your NW and BW photos, and wished you could check without needing to email Shelly and ask?  

Good news!  Just check the following links, and you will be able to see immediately whether she has received them.


June 21
Deadline for the Annual Banquet dinner reservations

August 1
Deadline for joining or rejoining Breed Councils and Breed Committees for the 2018-2019 fiscal year

CFA International Show opens for entries.

August 28
CFA International Show early bird deadline

September 25
CFA International Show closing date.


There's always so much activity this time of year! I know that many folks have attended or will attend their region's awards banquets and shows. And now we're only 2 weeks away from the CFA Annual!! Fun, felines, and fellowship - it doesn't get much better than that!

I'm looking forward to seeing many of you in Atlanta!



Last weekend I attended the Southern Regional Awards Banquet. It was, as always, an enjoyable evening with friends from both within and outside our region celebrating the wins our regional exhibitors achieved this past show season. My congratulations to all the winners and my thanks to the many people who volunteered their time and expertise to pull together this event.   I ask you to keep in mind that the people at the regional level who handle the award certificates, the physical awards handed out, the audio-visual presentations, collecting the photos, the awards booklet, decorating the banquet hall, coordinating the sponsorships, etc. are all volunteers. Don't be too quick with criticism when there is a mistake. They are not being paid and many of them have devoted countless hours tackling the tasks assigned to them. Let's give them thanks for all they did to help pull together such an exciting, enjoyable evening celebrating with our friends. Without them where would we be?

Last show season was a successful one in many ways. Dick Kallmeyer pulled together some statistics which he shared with the Board. In the show season ending in 2017 there were 350 shows. In the show season ending in 2018 there were 376 shows, so a nice increase. Two regions tied with the most shows. The Southern Region held 32 shows with 4423 cats present. The Great Lakes Region held 32 shows with 4413 entries present. This was an increase of three shows for the Southern Region and the same number of shows both seasons for the Great Lakes Region. In comparison, there were 102 shows in China and 57 shows in the rest of the International Division. During the last show season, Russell Webb judged the most shows (44). Thank you, Dick, for your hard work pulling together this data for us.

Before you know it, the Annual Meeting will be here. I hope to see many of you there. There are still rooms at the hotel if you need a room.

Terri Barry
CFA Executive Director
I want to take a moment on behalf of Central Office and myself to congratulate all of this year's winners as well as applaud all those who exhibited in CFA shows from around the world and throughout the year.

The excitement continues to build as we head towards the 2018 CFA Annual. As you know we will be coming together June 28th - July 1st at the Crown Plaza - Atlanta Perimeter at Raviniva, Atlanta, Ga. As a reminder, if you haven't made your banquet reservation or your reservation for the buffet lunch at the hotel for Friday, the June 21st deadline for both is fast approaching. Although there are approximately 30 - 40 restaurants within a two mile radius of the hotel, none are within easy walking distance from the hotel which makes the Friday buffet lunch option convenient and affordable. The link to make both reservations is  http://catalog.cfa.org/annual.shtml#banquet    Region 7 has spent a lot of time on their hospitality event for Friday evening. A special thank you to Region's 7 liaison, Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell for all of her hard work and assistance to C.O. and to Lisa Highlan, the Region's Vendor Coordinator, who is working to provide you with a great shopping experience. At the conclusion of the awards banquet we'll continue the fun again this year, celebrating with an after party reception.

I am looking forward to greeting friends...as well as making new ones...as we gather from around the world to celebrate the 2017/2018 show season. Atlanta the home of Southern hospitality, the capitol of Georgia and where "Every Day is an Opening Day" offers something for everyone to enjoy in their downtime.  See you shortly!

Ring Assignments, Best of the Best Selected

Purple Show
Larry Adkison
Carla Bizzell
Kenny Currle
Marilee Griswold
Ellyn Honey
Brian Moser
Vicki Nye
Peter Vanwonterghem
Teal Show
Rachel Anger
Kathy Black
Diana Doernberg
Wain Harding
Melanie Morgan
Darrell Newkirk
Brian Pearson
Russell Webb
Alternate: Anne Mathis
Best of the Best Judges are:   Larry Adkison, Rachel Anger, and Wain Harding
Meet the CFA Central Office Staff!
Kylie Westfall

interview by Geri Fellerman 

Kylie has been with CFA since January of 2016 as a registration associate. She is responsible for registrations of females and spays. This is a totally new endeavor for Kylie. A graduate of Youngstown State University with an undergraduate degree in anthropology and a minor in forensic science, Kylie's immediate past position was as a shift leader at Dunkin Donuts. After college, she went on to obtain a masters degree from Northeastern in non-profit management - how perfect that she landed in a place like CFA that can hopefully put her talents to work in the fullest.
When the five o'clock bell rings, Kylie happily goes home to her wonderful cat, Bea. Her off time includes hanging out with friends, arial yoga, hiking, and enjoying her new nephew in Columbus. She also enjoys traveling, although her travels have yet to take her to a cat show. Hopefully, that will happen soon.

Kylie describes the best part of her job as her friendly co-workers, although interacting with the public and helping to solve their problems comes in a close second. The only really negative thing about the job would be her long commute, especially in bad weather. CFA loves having Kylie on its team.

Joan Miller Honored At Conference
CFA Allbreed Judge Emeritus Joan Miller was awarded the Cat Writers' Association Lifetime Achievement Award at its annual conference and banquet in Houston, TX on June 9, 2018. Attending the conference with her was her husband, Peter Keyes.

  Past President, Fran Pennock Shaw, had this to say about her...
"Joan Miller joined CWA as a professional member in 1995, when we were barely three years old .... Joan was early to recognize the value of CFA and CWA linking their conference and annual breed show -- becoming "sister organizations" that would work to educate cat owners and the general public about cat issues. 
     Although Joan's leadership efforts for over 25 years were devoted to the Cat Fancier's Association, as an active CWA member she volunteered consistently as a contest judge and attended many, CWA conferences. In 2005, she led a CWA Public Affairs panel acquainting writers with cat-related legislation and trends. And when she retired from leadership roles at CFA, Joan promptly agreed to serve on our Council of Directors, responding to our inquiry that (quote) "I would be enthusiastically involved in any way the organization wishes." "

Joan was active inside and outside of CFA in the areas of animal welfare and legislation. So active in fact, that Dr. Jane Brunt of the CATalyst Council submitted a two page list (in 10 point type) of Joan's achievements in these areas. 

Many long time exhibitors may remember that in its beginnings, CWA held their conference in conjunction with the CFA International Show, with then director of publicity Michael Brim as one of its founding members.

Congratulations Joan on this well-deserved award!

Breed Council Deadline Approaching
Carla Bizzell
Breeds & Standards Chair

Just a reminder: August 1 is the deadline for joining or rejoining Breed Councils and Breed Committees for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. In addition, that date is also the deadline for declaring for Breed Council Secretary or Breed Committee Chair for the June 2019-May 2021 term. Please contact Kay Chamberlain at kchamberlain@cfa.org if you require assistance in these matters.

CFA Clerking Program
Dan Beaudry
CFA Clerking Program Chair

Our clerks have been hard at work studying up for their biannual re-licensing exams, and are ready
to perform at a show near you!!

CFA's licensed clerks bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to every show, and are appreciated by exhibitors and judges alike for their ability to help provide a smoothly-run show for everyone. Our program's stated mission is to provide CFA's member clubs with a pool of talented individuals for clubs to draw on. Just like your backyard pool, once it's treated and heated, it begs to be used, so here we are begging! If there is a shortage of licensed clerks in your area, perhaps there are a few individuals who could be encouraged to join the fun in the pool by reaching out to me? There are clerking schools happening all around the world (seven approved this show season already, and it's only June!). One may be coming to YOUR neighborhood soon!

Information regarding upcoming clerking schools may be found at  http://www.cfa.org/Shows/Clerks/ClerkingSchools.aspx

The current list of licensed CFA clerks (with contacts) may be found in the Online Almanac under CFA Officials - Clerks.  Clubs may also reach out to CFA's clerks via the Yahoo group page; non-Yahoo-members may contact me directly to relay an occasional post as well.

Questions regarding clerking status (including program fees) may be best directed to Shirley, CFA's Clerking Program Administrator at SDent@cfa.org

Questions regarding clerking schools or other program aspects may be directed to myself at EtonnantCats@gmail.com

Did You Know: Judge's Color Class Sheets
Class judging is the foundation of any show, and each judge's breed and finals awards are built upon that foundation.
Any inconsistency with hung ribbons versus written awards or any mechanical error discovered during the course of the show MUST be brought to that judge's attention and corrected personally by them. Changes must not be made by clerks, master clerks, other judges, or anyone other than the presiding judge. See Show Rule 12.15

Best Wishes for a GREAT Annual Meeting!!

Only 1 week until the
CFA Annual Meeting
June 27-July 1, 2018

Crowne Plaza
Atlanta Perimeter Ravinia
Atlanta, GA
information continually updated at 
CFA Annual Updates

Delegate Bags: A reminder that one delegate bag per delegate will be given out this year. Regardless of whether a delegate is carrying one or two votes only one bag will be provided.

Meal Reservations: The deadline for meal reservations is Thursday, June 21. Reservations received after that date will incur a $25 surcharge per meal.

Hotel Reservations: CFA's room block closed on June 11. If you need to reserve a room, please contact Allene Tartaglia. She may still be able to get you a room at the Crowne Plaza but it will likely be at a higher rate than CFA's contracted rate since it is after the deadline.

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Information can be found  here or email  Shelly Borawski with any questions.


The 2019 Yearbook will feature cats that have become a Grand, Grand of Distinction and Distinguished Merit during the show season of May 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018. If you haven't yet sent in your photo and payment to be included in this fine publication, please do so now. You can email everything to Sborawski@cfa.org or mail it to Cat Fanciers Association, Inc., 260 East Main Street, Alliance OH 44601, ATTN: Publications.The deadline is August 22, 2018. 


Picture your 2017-2018 Regional Winner for $32.00 in the special Regional Winner section of the 2019 Yearbook. This special section will feature the cat's picture, and list the award, cat's name, description, breeder and owner. Don't miss this opportunity. Email a high resolution digital to sborawski@cfa.org   and make your payment here

Any questions please contact Shelly Borawski - sborawski@cfa.org - 732-492-7216

Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger

The June issue of Cat Talk is out!  Our theme is "New Beginnings" as it's our first issue of the new show season. New breeds, new exhibitors - it's an information-packed issue!  Many thanks to Larry Johnson for allowing us to use his photo of Lucy on the cover!

Cat Talk received two Muse Medallions at the Cat Writers' Association annual conference in Houston last weekend. (Medallion winners are the highest scoring entry in each category). Congratulations to our own Candilee Jackson! Her article "Hawaii's Cat Sanctuary" won in the Magazine Article: Rescue/Advocacy category (and that's a VERY competitive category!). Cat Talk won in the Monthly Magazine: National category.  Best of the Best winner was "Caticons: 4,000 Years of Art Imitating Cats" by Sandy Lerner. Cat Talk reviewed this remarkable book in our December 2017 issue and its a great resource for information on cats in art and in history.

So...if you're not subscribing to Cat Talk, that's just a part of what you'll miss next month!
Remember that you can subscribe to either the print or the online version of Cat Talk. It's available online through the Kindle Newsstand or through Magzter. Complete ordering information is here

Winn Logo

by Lorraine Shelton

A list of our donors contributing $100 or more in May is available here

Do probiotics help with infectious diarrhea? What should you know about feline leukemia testing?
Register at https://support.winnfelinefoundation.org/symposium and join Winn at the CFA Annual in Atlanta for our 40th Annual Symposium, "Perplexing Paradigms in Feline Medicine", to be held on June 28th from 4 to 6:30 pm. You can email your questions for our speakers, Drs. Tolbert and Beall ahead of the Symposium to info@winnfelinefoundation.org.
Celebrate our 50th anniversary too!
Everyone is invited to join our separate 50th Anniversary celebration following the Symposium for appetizers, sweets, refreshments and great conversations. Win "Winn"   prizes during the celebration. What a great way to start the festivities at the Annual! Thanks to IDEXX Laboratories for sponsoring this special event.
Congratulations to the two recipients of the Winn Feline Foundation/American Assn. of Feline Practitioners $2500 scholarships. Nicole Rowbotham, a junior at Mississippi State University, was awarded the clinical practice scholarship; Courtney Meason-Smith, a junior at Texas A & M University, was awarded the clinical research scientist scholarship. Ms. Rowbotham aspires to obtain her ABVP certification in feline practice and become the owner of a feline-exclusive hospital. Ms. Meason-Smith is eager to develop an independent research career investigating histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis in cats and is developing novel diagnostics and therapeutics to address these conditions.
Enjoy films about cats? The NY Cat Film Festival, a medley of short films - documentary and narrative, is traveling around the country and Winn is the beneficiary. On Friday June 29th and Saturday July 1st it will be at the Regent Theater in Arlington, MA. Cat Behavior Consultant Rachel Geller will be giving a free Q&A Friday night. Visit https://catfilmfestival.com/ for more information.
Did you know? You can set up an individual fundraiser with Winn Feline Foundation as the recipient through Facebook. We would love to have your support! Any questions can be directed to   info@winnfelinefoundation.org .
Loving Legacy tip for June:
Discussing your estate plan should include all of the property and possessions you pass to others on your death.  However, the word "estate" is often used in terms to describe specific kinds of property distributed when you die. 
Your "probate estate" means those assets that will be governed by your Will, or intestacy if you have no Will, when you pass.  Your probate estate is governed by state law and administration may be under court supervision. 
Your taxable estate (sometimes called gross estate) consists of your probate estate plus any non-probate assets passing on your death which are subject to taxation (less any lawful deductions). 
Assets not included in your probate estate which may be included in your taxable estate could consist of property held in joint tenancy (including certain real estate, bank or other financial accounts), property held in tenancy by the entirety, assets placed in trust, life insurance, pensions, retirement plans, payable on death accounts or certain other assets. 
Your federal taxable estate may even include certain gifts made prior to you death.  It is important to know that changes to your Will may only govern your probate estate.  It may not affect distribution of your non-probate assets. 
In preparing your estate plan you should consult with your attorney so that all of your assets will be distributed according to your intention.

For any questions, please contact info@winnfelinefoundation.org .

Mid-Session Review: APHIS, Illinois, Maryland, Tennessee, and Broward County, Florida

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) recently published the finalized de minimis rule proposed in 2016. Congressional amendments to the 2014 Farm Bill necessitated changes to the regulations. In the final rule, APHIS revised the definitions of dealer and exhibitor to provide clarity to the existing definitions. The final rule also formalizes the de minimis exemptions for dealers and exhibitors. For cat and dog fanciers not otherwise requiring a USDA license, there is little change. The de minimis rule for dealers only adds animals to the list of animals covered by the low-risk exemption for breeders with four or fewer females and sell only the offspring of those females for use as pets or exhibition. As to the latter, the definition of exhibition still excludes cat and dog shows, however, some fanciers may be involved in other covered exhibition activities. For those fanciers, the de minimis exhibitor exemption does not require licensing for any person maintaining eight or fewer pet animals, small exotic or wild animals and/or domesticated farm-type animals if that person is not otherwise required to be licensed.
Earlier this year, APHIS also considered allowing for third-party inspections and sought input about that idea. APHIS recently announced it was dropping the idea due to opposition by its stakeholders. More information will be contained in an upcoming Cat Talk article reviewing the 2013 Retail Pet Store Rule and changes considered or implemented since its passage.
Pet Shop Restrictions
Efforts to restrict the source of the animals a pet shop may sell or prohibit sales of certain animals by pet shops altogether, continue at both the local and state levels with varying results as demonstrated by Illinois and Maryland. Both of these bills restrict retail pet stores by amending existing state laws that do not directly affect fanciers, but other legislative efforts, especially when there is no existing pet store statutory framework can "ban sales" that might be "commercial," and then draft carve-outs to exempt some sellers, including fanciers, with unintended consequences detrimental to other types of sellers not involved with commercial reselling of pets.  
Illinois Senate Bill 1882
Illinois S.B. 1882, effective in 2017, amended several sections of the state Animal Welfare Act that already defined and regulated pet store operators as well as other animal occupation categories, and this bill is entitled, "Best Practices and Uniform Standards to Ensure Consumer Protection and Safe Pets Act." It added a new "Sec. 3.8. Sourcing of dogs and cats sold by pet shops" that limits pet store operators to obtaining or selling dogs or cats from permitted sources including USDA licensees who meet specified compliance standards or three additional sources: 1) person that sells dogs only he or she has produced and raised and not requiring a USDA license; 2) a pound, humane society or rescue; and 3) an animal adoption event conducted by a pound or humane society. The bill also added for pet store sales, a new requirement to microchip before sale and disclose enrollment in a nationally searchable database as well as an option to add the store as a secondary contact for that microchip. Additionally, dog dealers and cattery operators must also provide "Documentation that indicates that the dog or cat has been microchipped and the microchip has been enrolled in a nationally searchable database."
Maryland House Bill 1662
Maryland H.B. 1662, effective October 1, 2018, repeals, amends and adds provisions to the state Business Regulation law that provides, "a retail pet store may not offer for sale or otherwise dogs transfer or dispose of cats" but would not be prevented from "collaborating with an animal welfare organization or animal control unit to offer space for these entities to showcase cats or dogs for adoption." Further, the bill expresses the intent of the legislature that animal welfare organizations initiate contact with pet stores to facilitate showcasing for adoption from them or purchase from local breeders and that the Senate Finance Committee and the House Economic Matters Committee monitor the implementation of this Act.
Other Legislation
Tennessee House Bill 1713/Senate Bill 1698
This year Tennessee advocates attempted to get another breeder licensing law enacted with identical bills H.B. 1713 and S.B.1998. The 2009 breeder licensing law for cat and dog breeders terminated in 2014, but advocates keep trying to get a new one enacted. While the 2017 legislation included dog breeders only, the 2018 bills would have impacted both cat and dog breeders had either been enacted. Both pieces of legislation died this session, but Tennessee residents should be alert for future breeder licensing advocacy efforts.
Broward County, Florida
Broward County Board of Commissioners voted to reduce the number of seats on the Animal Care Advisory Committee available to breeders, pet owners, and pet professions not occupying seats already. A total of seven seats were removed from the committee leaving any fanciers in the area with a reduced voice on the committee.

Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -  legislation@cfa.org  
Visit the  CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news.

by Karen Lane
CFA Ambassador Cats Program Chair

I know that all of us are looking forward to our Annual Meeting in Atlanta. Besides doing the business of CFA, it is a time for all of us to get together with our friends in CFA that live so far away from us and renew our friendships. For all of us A-Cats it is also a time to feel good about ourselves and what we do for CFA and for our pedigreed cats.

This year, we will celebrate all of our CFA cats with the launch of a new coloring book highlighting each and every breed in CFA. Unlike last year's coloring book, designed for children and the care of their cats, this new and exciting book is for adults. This book combines the most beautiful cats of CFA and affords the opportunity of coloring each breed. This book was a true collaboration of CFA and the artistry of Austen Redinger. Until now we have been very quiet about this book, and want everyone to enjoy our most ambitious project ever when we introduce "The Colorful World of Pedigreed Cats" at our Annual Meeting.

We will be shipping enough books to Atlanta for everyone to take home and share with your club; and they will be available for clubs to have at their shows. The A-Cat Members will have yet another coloring book to share with the spectators that visit with these beautiful cats and learn more about CFA breeds.

The A-Cat members, and their dedication, are a true treasure of CFA.

Austin's previous coloring book "Caring For Your Kitty" won two Certificates of Excellence and a Muse Medallion for Best Children's Book in the Cat Writers' Association's 2017 contest.

CFA Ambassadors
Candilee Jackson
CFA Ambassador Chair

Although it's snowing in Montana, summer is already with us in so many ways: June bugs abound, pools are open, and in some places, it's already hot enough to fry an egg on the hood of a car! Browsing through Facebook, many of our regions are hosting gala awards banquets, and the lovely awards given to outstanding cats and their "can openers" abound! Many congratulations to all our winners! With the new show season underway, our ambassadors are continuing their efforts to welcome and educate our spectators as well as their children. CFA's coloring book just can't seem to stay in show halls! As we turn our thoughts to the annual meeting in Atlanta at the end of June, I look forward to meeting with and chatting with all of you!
Region 3: Janis Walkingstick
April was a big month for Region 3 with shows in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Denver, Colorado; and Mesquite, Texas. The Oklahoma City Cat Club show had a change of venue this year, and for the first time in Norman, Oklahoma, the show brought in twice as much gate as normal. Former regional winner, Shauney, who made the perfect Pet Me Cat! The People's Choice award winner, voted on by spectators, is a Norwegian Forest Cat named Aharon, and lovingly owned  by Leah and Dwight Dow.
Janiss Garza and Summer

Visitors to the Gulf Shore Regional Awards show  June 9-10 in Houston, TX  were greeted by a Pet Me Somali!  Lots of spectators walked through the show with CFA kids coloring books and colorful breed sheets they'd picked up at the door. The awards banquet Saturday night honored last season's winners. This show was the first of a new show year for many participants.
Region 6: Candilee Jackson
Frontier Felines, Tornado Alley, Mo-Kan, and Topeka Cat Fanciers banded together to present the region's awards show and banquet, Springtime in Kansas on June 2 in Lenexa, Kansas. The Lenexa Community Center is a great venue, just the right size, and the shows there always welcome a great number of spectators. Ambassadors were on hand to show off their cats as well as to provide information of a number of "gate popular" cats. As usual, the coloring books were long gone by lunch time!
Region 8: Masanari and Takoko Kojima
With Raptor at home in the show hall, Japan hosted its regional show in April 28, 2018, in Tokyo. As the last show of the season, there were lots of spectators as the venue was convenient with easy access to public transportation. The show welcomed over 70 spectators! The main show sponsor was Royal Canin and they prepared wonderful presents for the exhibitors. The show hall was big and there were many vendors which were enjoyed by the gate.
"One lady came to show hall and seemed she was looking for something. I went to her and asked "Which is your favorite breed?" She said she would like to know how to attend show. I asked her what kind of cat she had. Her cat was pedigreed long hair cat however, the cat was not registered in CFA. I recommended her to apply CFA registration number with pedigree. My husband went to next show secretary of Delight Cat Fanciers. This show will be held on May 19. Show secretary of Delight Cat Fanciers understand spectator's offer and took her to the entry clerk to support entries and applying registration in CFA."
"Because she will need cage covers, food bowl and litter box, etc, when she attends a show, I took her to one of vendors so she could see cage covers. There were beautiful cage covers and it was so amazing for her. There were another four or five spectators who wanted to attend show in the near future. I recommended buying an extra show catalogue to check show schedule, or check CFA Japan Region Official Website. One of them asked me about some lovely Exotic, and the other also asked me about Norwegian Forest Cat. I checked catalogue number so they could watch their favorite cats. I was a little surprised to know there were many spectators who has pedigreed cats and interested of cat show. I felt I needed to catch and handle new exhibitors of tomorrow. We were so busy with spectators that all day long I could not see how my silver tabby boy did at the judging table!"
"I was so happy since my old friend came to see Raptor for the first time in 7 years. He has been playing with Raptor all day long. We had very nice show at the end of show season!"


by Carmen Johnson-Lawrence, Chair

We are a month and a half into the new season, and our youth have already been busy! Many are out showing their fancy felines, volunteering with rescues, assisting with regional celebration preparations and even moved into leadership roles with the program! Some have already celebrated their achievements at their respective regional banquets, which will continue through the end of the month.
It is with great pride I present to you the Regional and National Age Division winners for the 2017-2018 season!

Regional Winners

North Atlantic Region Winners
Evangeline Gulea - 1st Cubs Division
Kimberly McCaw - 2nd Cubs Division
Angelica Whitney - 1st Lions Division
Christopher Gulea - 2nd Lions Division
Carter Cooper - 1st Cats Division
Amelia Egeler - 2nd Cats Division
Northwest Region Winners
Matilda Starbuck - 1st Lions Division
Zaden Moss - 2nd Lions Division
Kyra Tilton - 3rd Lions Division
Adeline Moss - 1st Cats Division
Hailey Goldsbary - 2nd Cats Division
Abby Berry - 3rd Cats Division
MacKenna Goldsbary - 1st Seniors Division
Gulf Shore Region
Viviane Phillips - 1st Cats Division
Isabel Pitts - 2nd Cats Division
Great Lakes Region
Sophia Barnard-DeCann - 1st Cubs Division
Edward Goatseay - 1st Lions Division
Alex Akers - 2nd Lions Division
Audrey Akers - 3rd Lions Division
Skyla Coish - 1st Cats Division
Rebecca Gibson - 1st Seniors Division
Southwest Region
Payton Gomez - 1st Cats Division
Ethan Wright - 2nd Cats Division
Connor Wright - 1st Seniors Division
Midwest Region
Asha Weier - 1st Lions Division
Najeh Weier - 1st Cats Division
Emily Conaway - 1st Seniors Division
Southern Region
Abigail Vaughan - 1st Lions Division

National Division Winners
Cubs 7-9 yrs
Sophia Barnard-DeCann - 1st Place
Evangeline Gulea - 2nd Place
Kimberly McCaw - 3rd Place
Lions 10-12 yrs
Edward Goatseay - 1st Place
Abigail Vaughan - 2nd Place
Angelica Whitney - 3rd Place
Cats 13-15 yrs
Payton Gomez - 1st Place
Viviane Phillips - 2nd Place
Adeline Moss - 3rd Place
Seniors 16-18 yrs
Emily Conaway - 1st Place
MacKenna Goldsbary - 2nd Place
Rebecca Gibson - 3rd Place

Special recognition go out to Emily Conaway and MacKenna Goldsbary who have now "graduated" from the program. We look forward to watching their continued growth, development and involvement in CFA!
The Overall Winners will be announced at the CFA Annual Meeting on Friday, June 29th.
The program thanks you for your continued support!

Visit our website at yfep.cfa.org .
Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of OAPHHT.  There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at https://www.motel6.com/en/cp/cat-fanciers-association.html or you may call 800-466-8356.



Budget Car Rental
Link to Avis


Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by John Adelhoch,  Regional Director 

I am hoping that all of you are attending our Regional held at the Best Western at Hunts Point in Matamoras. Those of you who did attend last year's probally cannot wait for the fabulous Cocktail hour and dinner. This year we have a record turnout for the Banquet! The cocktail hour starts at 6:30, so don't be late!! We are also hoping for a high entry for the show, so get those entries in! Jim and Teresa Land again have put together beautiful awards for all the winners. Our Masters of Ceremony Dan and Michele have planned a star studded evening. We all need to be "Puttin on the Ritz" for a gala evening.

I have added some pictures of the New Hampshire show. It, as always, was a wonderful tribute to all our exhibitors and guest. That club is one of the outstanding club that really puts all efforts on reaching out to the public. Big gate, and lots of activities for all.

Speaking of paramount shows, keep in mind we have Garden State on the horizon, yes July will be here before you know it.

Hope to see you all at the Annual, 'HOT ATLANTA" as we boys call it! Come to Atlanta with a big smile and lots of celebration. YOU all earned it.

As I always say" These are the Best of Times"

Region 2
Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary  

We are looking forward to the Regional Show and Banquet on June 23 rd at the DoubleTree at Lloyd Center in Portland, Oregon. This is a favorite place for shows and banquets for us. It is convenient to the PDX airport and the I-5 freeway.

The show flyer and banquet information can be found on the Northwest Regions Website . Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Poppy State Cat Club is holding their annual 6 ring cat show in Roseville, California on August 11 th .
The other event scheduled for this summer is the Northwest Region Fundraiser Picnic to be held on August 18 at Hudson-Parcher Park in Rainier, Oregon.

Region 3
by Kathy Black, Regional Director 
Photo Chanan

The Gulf Shore Region celebrated their top award wi nning cats by also recognizing the past history of the Region. During the banquet many of the past Regional Directors were recognized:  (right to left) Jimmy Thompson, Pam DelaBar, Betty Haden, James Watson, Carissa Altschul and Steve McCullough

The banquet was very well attended as we celebrated our Breed winners as well as our top cats. Congratulations to our Bests:
Best Cat  - GC, NW Kittncouture's Valentino of Surreal - Mike & Leesa Altschul, Eileen Cochran
Best Kitten  - GC, NW Astech's Tesuque - Sue Truesdell
Best Premiership  - GP, NW Abizaq Blazin Bitz of Pavlova - Vicky Edwards, Pat Idleman
Best Household Pet  - GH, HWR Painted Desert of Friskins - Wendy Klamm, Sara Phillips, Viviane Phillips

Jan Rogers is our 2018 recipient of the Anna Sadler Humanatarian Award, and Mike Altschul is the 2018 Exhibitor of the Year. Congratulations to both!!
Michelle Piatt with her first CFA Grand, GP TX-Elfkatz Not Too Shabby

The cat show was very well attended with exhibitors from 5 Regions. There were over 10 new Grands!

New exhibitor Jacqueline Loehlein with her first show cat and first Grand, GP Minadia's Handsome Hank

Our next Regional show are two clubs going in together to produce a 10 ring show. Stars & Stripes Cat Club and Magnolia State Cat Club, July 7-8, 2018 in Conroe, TX. See you there!

Region 4
by John Colilla, Regional Director
The Calendars are coming!   The Calendars are coming! 
2022 Annual Fund Raising for Louisville  
Great Lakes Region fund raiser Calendar will be available starting at the Great Lakes Regional Award show June 23-24. 
The Great Lakes Region cordially invites you to join in on our Celebration show in Akron, Ohio on June 23-24. We have an 8 ring show (6 AB, 2 SP, 8 HHP), a large raffle and we offer agility. If you haven't gotten your banquet reservations in yet for our Garden Party be sure to do that now since the cut off is June 15. Our entry clerk, Nicole Turk, and she said she's been getting entries in daily so be sure to get yours in now so you don't miss out on this spectacular event. Come help us celebrate why we put the GREAT in Great Lakes Region. 
 Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:  
  • June 23-24 - Great Lakes Regional Award Show, Akron OH 6AB 2SP HHP 
  • July 07 - Sternwheel Cat Fanciers, Mansfield OH 5AB 1SP HHP
  • July 14-15 - Triple Crown Cat Fanciers, Lexington OH 7AB 3SP HHP
  • July 28-29 - Motor City Jazz Club , Taylor MI, 6AB 4SP
More information can be found online at http://www.cfagreatlakes.org/  
Our region is very active in social media with a Facebook page as well being a member of Pinterest. 
Please stop by and check out what is going on in our region at: https://www.facebook.com/cfagreatlakes and https://www.pinterest.com/carmencitamarie/great-lakes-region-cfa/
Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 

The Southwest Region will be celebrating our 2017-2018 regional winners on
Saturday, June 16 in Claremont, California. We have several first time
winners, including those with their catteries' first homegrown RWs.

We welcome you to visit Los Angeles for a show on July 14. Slinky Cats
and Golden West Cat Clubs have joined together to hold a 1 day, 6 ring
show in South Gate, CA. The showhall is a few miles from LAX, making this
a convenient place to come to a cat show and add an extra day or two to
see the sights. Long Beach, Orange County, Ontario and Burbank airports
are all within driving distance as well.
Region 6
by Mary Auth, Regional Director

Joyce Kempf, left, and Beverly Wood bench the regional banquet
The Midwest Region celebrated its honorees at its regional banquet and awards ceremony on June 2 in Lenexa, Kansas. Thanks to the advance work of Brian Pearson, Allene Keating and Joyce Kempf, the banquet was hosted at the Clarion Hotel. Regional show judges Larry Adkisson, Gary Powell, Rachel Anger, and Kathy Black stuck around for the dinner and make presentations to the winners. Brian Pearson, also a judge at the show, took the night off to rest at the dinner between airport shuttles and show teardown. Jim Charles created the On the Road Again, incorporating a great deal of video footage from shows. Cathy Dunham, who prepared the awards booklet, slide show and top winners' bouquets, managed the screen presentations throughout the evening.
Sister Helen Negri delivered the invocation before dinner. Sister Helen is a long-time exhibitor of Household Pets in the Midwest Region
Before the awards ceremony began, Regional Director Mary Auth asked all those at the dinner who had shown less than two years to stand up. More than 20 people stood up and took a round of applause. Alex, Joyce Kemp's granddaughter sang the National Anthem followed by Sister Helen delivering the invocation.
Jim and Cathy Dinesen were presented with awards for their ten years of service as CFA judges. Sharon McKenzie received a similar award for 15 years as a licensed clerk. Clerk of the Year went to Siim Koppel. The Going Above and Beyond Award went to Lynn Staker for introducing and helping a new exhibitor who claims she is now hooked on CFA shows.
Leann Rupy received the region's Humanitarian Award for her efforts in placing Havana Browns in homes following the death of Shelley Ducharme, while at the same time, introducing six new exhibitors to CFA. The Spotlight Award went to Joyce Kempf for her demonstrated efforts and willingness to help anyone who crossed her path. The coveted Rothman Award (the renamed Exhibitor of the Year Award) went to Cary Plummer (our MC for the evening) for his never-ceasing smiling face, good sportsmanship and all around fun at cat shows.
Alex, Joyce Kempf's granddaughter, along with MC Cary Plummer, adjust the microphone in advance of singing the National Anthem, while Grandma looks on
The fun of the evening was interrupted as we took a collection for two families who had suffered losses in the weeks before the banquet. Perry and Terri Smith (Towleroad cattery) of Walkerton, Indiana lost their home and many of their cats in a fire. Caitlin Esparza of the Topeka Cat Club lost her husband.
And, of course, we celebrated the Best Cat Mayonaka's Jordan; Best Kitten Dotdotdot's Fusion; Best Premiership Cat Boberan Vandal's Midnight Hour and Best Household Pet Heads or Tails. With the exception of Heads or Tails, all will be in Atlanta to pick up their national wins.
Bobbie Weihrauch made wonderful choices for the awards and rosettes
Photos from the banquet are linked from the Midwest Region's web site for all to enjoy, download and save. www.cfamidwest.org
With the banquet behind us, we look forward to a one-day 4-ring show in Lawrenceburg, Indiana on July 21, followed by shows in August in Gray Summit, MO and Lenexa Kansas. Reservations being taken now for the clerking school in Gray Summit on August 3.

Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

The Southern Region started June with our Colonial Annapolis Show in Maryland; with the Southern Region awards banquet and show hosted by the Star City Cat Club. A nice new roomy show hall with great parking -about 5 minutes from the Holiday Inn!

The awards banquet was beautiful and as always, there were too many people to name that made it possible-but a special thank you to Connie Wardlaw, Vivian Baylor, Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell, Karen Boyce, Melanie Morgan, Kenny Currle, and Teresa Keiger for their unmatched contributions! Our booklet, created by Sandi Lewis, is always a keeper, and this year was outstanding. We all know how much work goes into these events, but it was worth every second !
Sandi Lewis (Best Cat), Linda Peterson (Best Cat in Premiership), and Noralyn Heisig (Best Kitten)
photo: Larry Johnson 

We honored not only our cats, but many of our outstanding exhibitors at the banquet.
Congratulations to:
Clerk of the Year- Karen Thomas
Exhibitor of Year- Sandi Lewis
Southern Shining Stars Awards - Teresa Keiger, Cheryl Coleman
Above and Beyond Award - Charlotte Shelburne
Outstanding New Exhibitor Award - Krista Schmitt 
Regional Director Award - Jean Dugger
The Crystal Crown Award - Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell

As I write my final newsletter submission, I want to say to everyone what an honor it has been to serve as the Southern Region director and be a part of the CFA board. There are too many treasured memories to name! I know that whoever follows me will continue the excellence that is the Southern Region!

See y'all in a couple of weeks in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia for our annual meeting!
Region 8
 Kayoko Koizumi, Regional Director

No report this month

Region 9
by Pam DelaBar, Regional Director 

Preparations are in full swing for our CFA Region 9 Show and Awards Banquet, 11 & 12 August, 2018 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.  The banquet was very popular last year and we have already filled all but 20 places for this year's celebration.  The "On the Road Again" presentation has been a real treat in the past and is promising to be even better this year.  Entries are now open for the 6 allbreed rings show.  Everyone is welcome!
International Division
by Dick Kallemyer

Congratulations to all the International Division NW and DW winners as well as Breed and Color winners, and Grand of Distinction, DMs, Grands and Catteries of Distinction! All will be honoured at the CFA International Division 2018 banquet dinner to be held on Sunday, August 19th, in Bangkok . Continue checking the CFA International Division Award Banquet 2018 Facebook page for more details.
The Hong Kong and Philippines Cat International Alliance club had the first show for over ten years in th e Philippines in Quezon City on June 2, 2018. 

Club members from the first Philippines CFA show over 10 years ago. Charlotte and Eric Wang and their 4 children and Sandy.
The show was small, but great plans for more shows are in the works. The club has many professionals as members with 4 veterinarians and an obstetrician. The club  invited the members of the club who put on the first Philippine show to attend as special guests.

Judges Amanda Cheng and Diana Rothermel

Royal Canin, Philippines was one of the show sponsors.

Club members at the after show dinner
Anxious exhibitors and visitors to the show

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