March 2019
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Featured Cat
Our banner cat this month is CFA's 13th Best Kitten, GC, NW HIGHLANDKATZ OTTOPILOT a brown spotted tabby and white Selkirk Rex - Shorthair Division

(photo by Tetsu)

TODAY (March 15) is the last day to declare as a candidate for the upcoming Director-at-Large election. Information is

April 12 - Proposed amendments and resolutions for the upcoming CFA Annual Meeting must be RECEIVED in CO


Here in the southern US, we're welcoming spring. Now to be fair, there were some days back in February when it wanted to be welcomed back, not knowing that below freezing temperatures were just around the corner!

But it's a joy now to see clouds of colors in the trees, mounds of daffodils everywhere, and blue skies. And a reminder to stop and appreciate the beauty that spring gives us. And admittedly, the cats have spent some extra time in the windows, enjoying the renewed bird activity.

Dick Kallmeyer continues to monitor CFA registrations. Through the third quarter of this fiscal year (May 1 -January 31), CFA registrations have increased 13.9% over the same period last year. There was a decrease in three of CFA's regions (1,7,9) and an increase or status quo in the other six regions. China's registrations increased by 28.9%. Let's work to continue this growth in our core business. It is a reflection of how valued a CFA registration is.

Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell, our Director of Development, has plans to attend some pet expos in the coming year with an exciting CFA booth to let the public know about our organization. She will need "boots on the ground" to bring cats and help staff the booth. She will be in touch with local fanciers once she finalizes the contracts with the pet expos. In addition, Twin City Cat Fanciers has asked CFA to help with their booth at the Minnesota State Fair in August and Jo Ann will be working with them to make a big splash at this 12-day event that attracts millions of visitors. Jo Ann has also been contacting potential corporate sponsors to partner with our various CFA programs and events. She has been very busy.

Speaking of "busy," Desiree Bobby, our Director of Marketing, has been working with Marketing Committee chair Kathy Black, Mike Altschul and others on the creation of a program to drive more Household Pet registrations. They are calling this initiative "Companion Cat World." Stay tuned for their roll-out. Dez has also been very active with CFA's social media which has resulted in impressive increases in visits to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. She has already created an app for smart phones that will soon be available. She is adding the finishing touches now.

March 15th is the deadline for declaring for a Director At Large seat. Check out  the list of declared candidates. As of this writing there were 12 candidates and most of them have an online flyer to which you can link from the candidate page and learn about them. Five of them will be elected with the results announced at the upcoming CFA Annual Meeting on June 28th.

Speaking of the Annual Meeting, it is being held June 26-30 at the Turning Stone Casino Resort outside Syracuse, NY. Mary Kolencik has created a blog with lots of useful information about the Annual including a link for hotel reservations, the schedule of events, banquet reservations, and more. As more information becomes available, she will update the blog. Make plans to attend the Annual. It is always fun and a casino just increases the odds of a good time.

As you can see, there is lots going on in CFA these days. Check out the rest of this newsletter to learn more about our exciting programs and initiatives.

 Allene Tartaglia
Executive Director

The 2019 Annual Meeting is only a few months away and club secretaries will soon start receiving various mailings from the Central Office, either by regular mail or electronic mail and in some instances, both regular and electronic. This year the mailing with the delegate form and other material regarding the Annual (dinner and hotel reservations, On The Road Again photo submissions, etc.) will be sent electronically to email addresses on file for club secretaries. The online catalog is already set up for reservations and payment of delegate fees. 

The ballots for Director at Large will be mailed by regular mail and electronically by the beginning of April. Electronic on-line voting was very popular last year, almost 80% of clubs eligible to vote used this method, and we encourage clubs to again use this convenient method for this year's ballots.

Ballots to determine the judges for this year's CFA International Cat Show presented by Royal Canin are out. The deadline to cast your ballot is Monday, April 15, 2019. If your club hasn't received the link for online voting yet, please contact Sean Dobbins at the Central Office.

Did you know...
the first CFA Yearbook debuted in 1958? The book had 130 pages, was spiral bound with a soft cover and measured 6"x9".  (left)

Fast forward 15 years to the first hard cover version of the Yearbook, a much larger book, 9"x12", with 440 pages! (right)

Finding space to store the large quantity of Yearbooks at the Central Office was always a challenge. This photo shows boxes of 1979 Yearbooks stacked to the ceiling at Central Office in New Jersey. 

Today's version of the Yearbook sports a cover that, on its own, is a beautiful piece of artwork. Look beyond the cover and you'll find beautiful photos of winning cats, feature articles, more photos of beautiful cats from around the world, historical data, CFA board meeting minutes and did I mention more cat photos? Order your copy today
Remembering Walter Hutzler
Walter's World, a wondrous place full of vibrant colors and extravagant beauty, graced the Cat Fancy for half a century. Walter became a judge in 1971. He went on to share his world with countless fanciers over the ensuing years. He could captivate an audience and paint a picture with words and expressions. His uncanny ability to cut to the essence of a breed or a cat made a lasting impression on breeders and spectators alike.

On February 22, Walter took his world to the stars and the heavens are a better place. There is no better way to express the impact Walter had on so many of us than to share just a few of the tributes from fellow Cat Fanciers:

Meet the Central Office Staff
Carol Bertone
Geri Fellerman

Carol is one of CFA longest term (joining CFA in July of 2000) and most valued employees (and I'm speaking from personal experience here - any issues, Carol is definitely the go-to person). At the time she joined, she was working at the New Jersey facility. She was originally hired as a "bookkeeper" - opening mail, entering payments, and the like. However, she was encouraged to learn and myriad of different tasks - which came in handy when the move to Ohio came. At that point, she was doing the online work and was asked to work from home doing this. This morphed into helping with customer service, responding to questions on registrations and the like.

The most enjoyable part of Carol's job is dealing with the public and helping them figure out how to put the puzzles together - not only our U.S. customers, but those in all of the foreign countries. While sometimes subjected to impatient people, Carol really enjoys all aspects of her work.

Being allergic to cats, Carol is unable to keep any but does maintain a 180 gallon fish tank. In all of her years with CFA, Carol has never attended a cat show. She enjoys spending her spare time relaxing at home with her husband of 40 years with the occasional camping trip in the fall.

We all hope to have Carol onboard with CFA for many more years to come.

La Quinta Pet Policy
LaQuinta brand was recently purchased by Wyndham hotels. The pet policy has changed and will vary from location to location. A franchise MAY charge a pet fee of $20 per room per night with a maximum charge per stay of $40. The decision to charge a pet fee is at the discretion of each location and you should contact the hotel directly to determine the specific pet policy for that location. If there is a pet fee, it is non-refundable and will be charged at the time of check-out. Guests with pets will be required to sign a pet acknowledgement at check in. Reserve your room and receive the CFA special discount by using this link

CFA Marketing - News
Marketing Support for Your Shows
Desiree Bobby, Director of Marketing

" Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
Helen Keller

Last month we announced that the Marketing Committee is committed to helping clubs promote shows and generate more gate. The CFA Show Marketing Support Group on Facebook is the venue to discuss ways clubs can increase spectator attendance as well as collaborate on future organization-wide show promotional activities. If you manage a show or participate in show advertising, please join us at:

Building Show Awareness Through Spectator Ticket Give-Aways
Often times when at dinner on a Friday night, if we mention we are in town for a cat show, the person is not aware there was a show in town. We want to spread the word of your upcoming show. To build awareness, the Marketing Committee will work with a different region/club each month to promote their show through geo-targeted contest promotions on Facebook and Instagram. Contest themes may differ but the prizes will remain the same - one pair of spectator tickets to each of the three winners.

This activity was approved at the February Board Meeting and the Regional Directors all voted in support of it and have agreed to reimburse clubs for the ticket give-aways.

Interested in this promotion for your show? With approval from your regional director, please email
Desiree Bobby  to start the process.
CFA Marketing Committee
Kathy Black, Marketing Chairperson
Desiree Bobby, Director of Marketing
Mike Altschul, Marketing Committee Member

Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger

Ann Strople began a fascinating series in the February issue of Cat Talk - the influences of nature versus those of nurture in cats. It's a topic that - for obvious reasons - has had little scientific research, but many experienced breeders have stories of familial traits (behavioral, sensory, and otherwise) passed on to offspring.

Do you have a story that might fit well with this ongoing series? Feel free to email Ann and tell her about it. 

The 2018-19 CFA show season is coming to a close, and we'll take a look at it in our August "Year in Review" issue. We always try to highlight news beyond the breed and national wins - special or interesting occurrences, breed achievements, personal highlights and such. We can't know them all though - but if you know of winning news, please drop me a line. Many thanks in advance!

Remember that you can subscribe to either the print or the online version of Cat Talk. It's available online through the Kindle Newsstand or through Magzter. Complete ordering information is here

Winn Logo

by Julie Legred

A list of our donors contributing $100 or more in February is available   here

Winn Feline Foundation is heading to Phoenix March 14th & 15th, 2019 for the March Board of Directors Meeting and Grant Proposal Review for Awards. We have about 50 grant proposals that were submitted and this brings much excitement amongst us knowing there is so much interest and need. This also brings anticipation for what is to come for our feline friends in bettering their health, well-being, happiness and longevity.

Winn Feline Foundation is once again partnering with the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) announcing two scholarships for third- or fourth-year veterinary students enrolled in accredited veterinary colleges or schools in the United States or Canada. The $2,500 awards are based upon academic achievement, financial need, leadership, and dedication to and excellence in the study of feline medicine, health, and welfare.
The Boards of Directors of both the AAFP and Winn are thrilled to offer these scholarships to support future veterinarians and continue to advance feline medicine. These two leading feline-dedicated organizations are offering one $2,500 scholarship for a veterinary student with an interest in feline practice and the second $2,500 scholarship for a veterinary student with an interest in clinical scientific research.

Planned Giving by George Eigenhauser - Many taxpayers have already discovered that they will owe additional money when filing their federal income tax returns this year.  Changes to federal tax law reduced taxes for some individuals but eliminated or reduced common deductions for others.  Changes in the withholding tables have also left some taxpayers unexpectedly owing money with their returns.  If you are unable to pay your taxes in full by the tax deadline it is still important that you file your tax return on time.  The failure to file penalty often much greater than the failure to pay penalty.  The penalty for failure to file can be 5% of unpaid taxes per month up to 25% of the unpaid amount owed.  The failure-to-pay penalty is 0.5% of your unpaid taxes for each month your outstanding taxes are unpaid.  (If you don't file your tax return in an attempt to commit tax fraud the penalties can be significantly higher, including jail time.)  Unpaid taxes are also subject to interest.  If you take an extension to file your return the extension is only to file, the taxes are still due.  So if you find that you can't pay your taxes in full by tax day it is still important that you still file your return, or file an extension, by April 15, 2019.

For any questions, please contact .

Mandatory Spay Neuter Raises its Head in Whitfield County, Georgia
Whitfield County, home to the Dalton metropolitan area, is located in northwest Georgia with a population of approximately 105,000. Despite the modest population, Whitfield County Animal Shelter's claim that its "pet overpopulation" issue requires the extraordinary measure of sterilization of virtually every cat and dog six months or older in the county. Only two exemptions are permitted. One is the veterinarian documented health exemption many fanciers have heard before. The other exemption applies to cats and dogs kept for "commercial breeding" by a person with a current breeder's license issued by the state Department of Agriculture, Animal Protection Section.
Anyone familiar with Georgia's Pet Dealer state law and regulations may be a bit perplexed by the use of commercial breeding in the proposed mandatory spay/neuter (MSN) ordinance. Under Georgia statute §4-11-2, a Pet Dealer is "any person who sells, offers to sell, exchanges, or offers for adoption pets they have produced, bought, or otherwise obtained, except equine." A Pet Breeder means a person, including hobby or show breeders, who "sells, offers to sell, exchanges or offers for adoption only pets they have produced." Excluded from the Pet Dealer definition are those persons without a Georgia sales tax number or who are not licensed by a local government, provided the person sells 30 or fewer animals per year that they have produced and raised. The statute also authorizes the Department of Agriculture Commissioner the authority to reduce the 30 animal threshold for certain animals. The Agency has used this authority to require a person obtain a pet dealer license if their animals have more than one litter in a twelve-month period. A state license runs from $50 to $400 depending on gross sales. But nowhere in the statute or regulations are the categories or fees broken down by commercial breeders or commercial purposes. Setting the adjective "commercial" used in the proposed ordinance aside, to be exempt from the MSN requirement a cat fancier must be licensed with the state.
Lawmakers should avoid MSN ordinances, especially such restrictive ones, as they do not address the pet overpopulation problem. When the political climate insists upon such a drastic measure anyway, the ordinance should be drafted to cause minimal issues for the jurisdiction's residents. This proposal fails in this regard and introduces a multitude of problems. For one, there is no exemption for those people falling below the state threshold or who may only have a litter every few years. Owners monitoring the development of their animals to determine if the animal is fit for a breeding program must still be state licensed under this ordinance and are subject to all associated inspections, record keeping, and other licensing requirements. Also, some animals must be kept intact to be shown or used for a particular purpose other than breeding. In addition to these failures, this ordinance also fails to address the fact that the problem of unwanted litters of owned animals is often an economic one or that many unwanted litters occur in the stray population.
Rather than provide an incentive to prevent unwanted litters, these laws only provide law enforcement a club to use when a situation comes to their attention. These laws also punish law-abiding residents and are often perpetuated elsewhere without appropriate forethought. Whitfield County may be just such an unfortunate situation

Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -  
Visit the  CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news.

Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of OAPHHT.  There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.



Budget Car Rental
Link to Avis


Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by Sharon Roy, Regional Director 

March and April are shaping up to be busy months for Region 1 shows.

Up and Coming
  • March 23&24, Cats Incredible, Oaks PA
  • March 30&31, a 5th weekend show, Salt City Cat Club and Cats without Borders, Syracuse NY.
  • April 13&14, Delaware River Cat Club, Morgantown PA.
We end the Season on April 27&28 with
  • Sign of the Cat, Easton Pa
Hope all the country will join us at one or more of the shows.

Plans are underway for our regional show in Cromwell CT, June 15&16. Our special theme is "Through the Looking Glass"   We invite all to come and enjoy our festivities.

Region 1 was saddened by the loss of Walter Hutzler. He has been missed since his retirement. Please take the time to read Russell Webb's touching tribute to this one of a kind person. (above)

Region 2
Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary 

Last weekend we celebrated Betty Denny's 100 th birthday at the McKenzie River Cat Club show in Portland, OR at the Double Tree Hotel. It was quite a blowout! We had an adequate entry but an outstanding gate.

Part was due to the fantastic work of Ariel Bartelmes doing online advertising and preselling tickets to the show. We gave out all our spectator guides and other CFA material. Patty Stewart, Michelle Smith and Michele Ruiz had a display of breeds and materials from the CFA ambassador program. There were coloring books for young and older children and breed materials. The booth was quite a popular attraction!

CFA sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Betty. There were also cards from all over the country. Betty had stitched a gorgeous quilt called "Bonfire" which we raffled off on Sunday. Stephanie Grady from Minnesota won it. We also had two really nice birthday cakes that disappeared very quickly. Had we known we would have ordered three cakes. Joyce Kempf of Joywinribbons designed a beautiful rosette and buttons for each of the exhibitors and judges. She also made a special rosette for Betty.

Betty came with her grand-daughters Lynnette and Denise. The three of them left for the Oregon Coast after the show was over.

Off this weekend to Boise, ID for the Idacats 2019 show. April brings us the end of the show season with Crow Canyon Cat Club show in Pleasanton, CA on 4/6 & 7 and the Puget Sound Cat Club in Longview, WA on 4/13 & 14.

Region 3
by Leesa Altschul                                                                                                          

 BREAKING NEWS  Coastal Cats is now planning a show in Deer Park, TX, for September 7-8, 2019. This is a brand-new show so let's help and support them in every way we can! Look for more information coming soon!
Be sure to support the Honeybaked Ham fundraiser. Go to this link  and purchase a gift card. The Gulf Shore Region will get 20% of the proceeds to put towards our 2021 Annual in Houston, Texas. We need your support!
On February 23-24: Wildcatters CC & Magnolia State CC. Orange, TX, had their show. 
Judge Kathy Black with Anne Paul
The show was dedicated to Dr Warren Joubert. We were very sad to not have Warren there. We know he was there in spirit and we all felt that. The club created a memory wall for him and had a journal we could write messages in which was given to his family. 
Warren's memorial wall


We had three NewBees at the show! Holly and Ryan Zeringue who showed their Persian in Premiership and they are now halfway to being a Grand after making many finals. They are excited for their next show. Chuck Clark agented Persians and a Chartreux - talk about being busy!!! Chuck did a fabulous job! Chuck is attending shows with his mentor Tracy Bayarena. Lynda Eubanks showed her Ragdoll who also made a final! We hope to see them all at upcoming shows. Please look for them and make them feel welcomed in to the CFA cat fancy!
Holly and Ryan Zeringue with Peppa
Chuck Clark


The show also had a costume contest, which was a crowd-pleaser. We had an old lady with a bonnet, devil, turtle, skeleton, the white rabbit, bumble bees, Mardi Gras Lady, and a lady bug to name some. The exhibitors did a great job getting their cats ready and enjoyed the contest too. 
Old Lady with a bonnet outfit was winner of the costume contest
 The show was also celebrated with New Grand and Birthday party celebrations.
Thank you to those who donated to the GoFundMe (which exceeding the goal - $4,345 of $3,000 goal) for Dr Warren Joubert, sent donations, attended the funeral and showed his family our love and support. Kathy Black has been in communication with Kris, his wife, and she has assured her that there will be a CENLA cat show in August. She wants to dedicate the show to Warren. 
Dr Warren Joubert

Like the Geico commercial with the camel "Guess what day it is?" Well, it's close to the day of our GSR Regional show and banquet. June 15-16, 2019 is just around the corner. We also are going to have Agility!! The banquet and show will be at the Mesquite Convention Center attached to the Hampton Inn. A hotel show in a fabulous location!! Please contact Kathy Black at  to volunteer!

Upcoming Region 3 Shows
  • March 16-17: Ozark Cat Fanciers. Mesquite, TX.
  • March 30: Greater Baton Rouge Cat Club. Gonzales, LA.
  • April 06: Oklahoma City Cat Club, Inc. Norman, OK.
  • April 13-14: Foot of the Rockies Cat Club. Loveland, CO.
  • April 20: North Texas Cat Club. Mesquite, TX.
  • April 21: Fort Worth Cat Club. Mesquite, TX.


Region 4
by John Colilla, Regional Director
Our region is very active in social media with a Facebook page as well being a member of Pinterest. Please stop by and check out what is going on in our region at: and 
Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:
More information can be found online at
  • Mar 16-17 -- American Tabby And Tortie (Additional sponsor: Fyfe And Drum Himalayan Club, Pittsburgh PA, 6AB, 2SP
  • Apr 06-07 -- Mid-Ohio Cat Fanciers - Mansfield OH, 7AB, 3SP, 10HHP
Snow will be a thing of the past, just a lingering dream when Mid-Ohio Cat Fanciers puts on their annual Spring Break show! We'll be thinking warm thoughts, trading dancing sugar plums for drinks in coconuts with fancy little umbrellas. Pull up a beach chair and come down for 10 rings of fun in the sun (yes, Ohio does have sun.)
If fruity drinks aren't your thing, we'll have pie - baked by the charming fairground docents and that's something you just can't afford to miss. All the food is homemade and provided by a lovely crew of women who will be happy to find you something to fill your belly. We can also provide a a fun raffle, perhaps even a 50/50 stewarded by the Regional Director himself.
Come on down April 6-7 to Richland County Fairgrounds in Mansfield, OH!
  • Apr 13 -- Just Cat-In Around Cat Fanciers - Taylor MI, 5AB, 1SP, HHP
  • Apr 20 - Cincinnati Cat Club - Hamiltom OH, 4AB, 2SP, HHP
Region 5
by Howard Webster, Regional Director 

Wow! That is all I have to say about the SWR Fundraiser show last weekend, March 9th, here in Phoenix, AZ. The exhibitors of the Southwest Region really stepped up to support this Regional Fundraiser!
MaryAnn Martin helped organize the raffle with Alice Wright, who outdid herself with the amount of donations she wrangled for the raffle! Then, almost everyone brought in donations to add to it! With their help we had five tables of raffle goods!. 
Then there was the gate. Debi Gomez created multiple Facebook ads that targeted a 25 mile radius around the show hall.  We had spectators there BEFORE the show started, just waiting to get in.  It was steady all day and we made a great gate in cash payments alone.  Then Debi donated her fee back to the region! 
One of the ads caught the attention of a SportsNet LA Producer who wanted to bring Dodger's Pitcher, Tony Gonsolin, in Phoenix for Spring Training, to the show and film his experience for their "Behind the Scenes" series, on . Tony had a recent article written about his affection for cats, and he has 5 of his own.  Tony and his friends were there filming for over 4 hours, escorted by Isabel Pomphrey, who really stepped up to the plate and sparkled! 3 Day Pet Supply presented Tony with a gift basket of their fabulous teasers. They walked the aisles, meeting exhibitors and their cats, watched judging, and posed for photos with cats and some judges.

Just think of it, CFA's Southwest Region will have a show spotlighted on opening day in Dodger stadium on the Jumbotron, as well as on Spectrum SportsNet LA.  Who knows how many people will say, "Hey, that looks like fun!", and go out find a show to visit?

Debi Gomez held a class that was advertised about how to show your household pet. One gentleman came JUST for the class! Another family had pedigree cats, and they were interested in showing them. There was a mother and her son who had seen Catwalk on Netflix, and they are coming to the Superstition show and will show their cat. We are going to help them to do just that.  
We had all 7 rings sponsored, 3 of them by people running for Directors at Large!  There were several exhibitors that could not attend, so they generously paid for others to enter cats. We had judges donate part or all of their fee back to the region.  Alice Wright paid the hotel bill for the 4 judges who stayed Friday night. Thank you Alice! 
I CANNOT thank everyone enough for all of the support we received for this fundraising show! Thank you to all of our exhibitors, judges, clerks, and steward for their hard work and generosity A HUGE THANK YOU to MaryAnn Martin, Alice Wright, and especially Debi Gomez. You ladies worked your tails off, and I will never be able to repay you for your assistance and hard work! And thank you to the Benzer girls, Margaret and Julie, for the use of the Superstition Cat Club cages, as well as your help setting up and tearing down the show hall! It was truly appreciated!
Remember, we have the Palm Springs show in two weeks! Make sure you do not miss out!

Region 6
Lincoln State infuses their theme of super heroes in essentially all elements of the show.
by Mary Auth, Regional Director
The Midwest Region will host its first of two in-conjunction shows on March 23 with an ACFA club. The show is being held in Gardner, Kansas and hosted by Tornado Alley Feline Fanciers, with an additional sponsor of Cats Kansas City. We are hoping that ACFA registrants come in a day early to be part of the CFA show.
A second in-conjunction show - again with ACFA - is being held in Fremont, Nebraska on May 19. This time the CFA show is being held on the second day of the weekend.

On the last weekend in February, Lincoln State put on a great show again this year with the recurring theme of super heroes. The club also featured two international judges - Michael Schleissner from Germany and Kit Fung from Hong Kong. Our own Pam DeGolyer judged longhairs on Sunday.
Exhibitors Jo and Colin Cornwall spend time on Saturday with Saturday judge Michael Schleissner and German exhibitor Alice Rosol.

Midwest Region's newest judge, Pam DeGolyer, judged at the Lincoln State show in February and was able to judge a number of high-standing national cats.

This portable lunch basket included a bottle of wine, some cups and a photo of Susan and Jim Charles inside.
A large raffle with "quirky" themes and photos of Midwest Region exhibitors included with the baskets was a big hit with exhibitors and spectators at the Illini Cat Club show on the first weekend in March.
The Illini Cat Club hosted their 27th show in Urbana Illinois on the first weekend in
March. They had a good gate that also took part of the "different" raffle. Pam DeGolyer added another show to her resume and judged longhairs opposite Mary Auth's shorthair ring.

Money was hidden inside this stuffed dog in the Illini Cat Club raffle. Even though she was gone when the tickets were drawn, Jan Rogers won the prize

Shows right around the corner include COWS on April 6 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. I encourage everyone to enter this show for a chance for the CASH COW money pot. Cary Plummer usually keeps the show lively with this ringing cowbell. They also put on a nice raffle.

Region 7
by Kenny Currle, Regional Director

Plans are coming together for the regional awards show and banquet June 22-23 in Timonium, MD.
Details as they are finalized will be on the regional website.

Recent Shows
Atlanta Phoenix - March 9-10
report from show manager Charlene Munro
One of four different billboards displayed in the greater Atlanta area

Following our Southern tradition, a great time was had by all at the Atlanta Phoenix Cat Show - beautiful cats, relaxed atmosphere, more grand cakes than you can imagine, huge spreads of homemade food, even more homemade food in the concession area from our featured rescue group,
Larry Fry and Carol Fogarty with "George Strait," a new Grand Premier of Distinction
beautifully decorated wine bottles for those that granded their cats, a Southern Region fund raiser jumble sale that raised $528.00 for our region!! The show was very competitive but we left that where it belonged - in the ring. I bet everyone attending made at least one new friend. I know I did.


Upcoming shows:
March 23-24 -  Tennessee Valley Cat Fanciers - Knoxville, TN
March 30 - Midlantic Pers-Himmie Fanciers - Raleigh, NC
April 13 - Gasparilla Feline Friends - Melbourne, FL
April 20 - Mad Catters - Frederick, MD

Fun Fact: The Southern Region held the most shows of CFA's 7 continental US regions (33) during the 2017-18 show season.

Region 8
 Kayoko Koizumi, Regional Director

No report this month
Region 9
by Michael Schleissner, Regional Director 
Kaisa Ylinenpää

Clerking School in Bilbao, Spain
Submitted by Kaisa Ylinenpää

On February 1st 2019 Club Felino Espanol organized a clerking school on Friday evening before their show during the weekend. Both the clerking school and the show were held at hotel Seminario, which was very pleasant for foreign exhibitors.
Many interested students participated in the school

That clerking school reflected our region well: Instructor Kaisa Ylinenpää from Finland, all seven attendants from Spain and working language (only joint language) English We had fun together, it was a pleasure to teach such interested students. Couple of them had been clerking before and some of them got their first experiences on following show days. Everyone did a great job!

Wait - we need to fix it!
Daniel Counasse

Thanks once more to Club Felino Espanol for the honor to be invited and congratulations, your club has a nice group of enthusiastic exhibitors and a smoothly working organization. A special attendee was Daniel Counasse one of our CFA guest judges who showed very much interest and was very welcome.
International Division
by Dick Kallemyer

No report this month

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Teresa Keiger
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