March 2016
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Featured Cat
Our banner cat for March is CFA's 16th Best Kitten NW QING TIAN ANTONY, a brown tabby and white Maine Coon Cat male.
(Photo by Amy Works)


Delegate Book Advertising
Don't be left out!!

 It is time to start thinking about your page(s) in the 2016 Red Rock Annual Delegate Book. This is your opportunity to let your imagination run wild. Fill the pages of the 2016 delegate book with your cats, cattery and friends. Compose your ads and let's celebrate our CFA Annual.
Congratulate your friend, promote your Breed Clubs, and promote YOURSELF.
Let's make this the best delegate book ever!

(B/W rates,  Color rates) 
Full Page $50.00 $75.00
Half Page $35.00 $55.00
Quarter Page $25.00 $45.00
Show Flyer $35.00 $70.00 B
usiness Card $10.00 $20.00

Please submit all artwork as camera ready and in either a jpeg or pdf format.
 Early Bird Special - ads and payment in by April 10th, 2016 Deduct $5.00 from the prices!!! (Business cards excluded)

DEADLINE - May 30, 2016 - FINAL!
Pay online at Or you can mail a check (payable to CFA) to:
The Cat Fanciers' Association
260 East Main St.
Alliance, OH 44601
Attn: Annual Delegate Book Ads

Verna Dobbins
The Cat Fanciers Association
260 East Main Street
Alliance, Ohio 44601
30-680-4070 Email 

Start planning NOW!

TODAY is the deadline to declare for Regional Director or one of CFA's Executive Board positions. Declarations must be RECEIVED by CO by that date.  A list of declared candidates and links to the declaration form are available here

Proposed Amendments and Resolutions must be RECEIVED by April 15. Requirements for formatting delegate proposals are available  here .

Delegate booklet ads due May 30; 
Early Bird Deadline: April 10

CFA Clubs Membership Rosters and Dues
May 12 - in to CO to be able to vote at the Annual
June 1 - in to CO to still be considered as a club in good standing & not dropped 

From my vantage point in North Carolina, flowers are beginning to bloom and trees beginning to bud meaning that spring is certain to be here next week. For those tired of the cold and dark of winter, the season brings new hope. And for those fanciers weary of the long weeks of exhibiting, there's hope for the end of the season.


Mark with Baby Ruth
Please join me in welcoming Allene Tartaglia as a CFA employee. There is an article elsewhere in this issue of the newsletter with more information on Allene but the short version is she worked for CFA for 28 years, left in 2010, and she returns next Monday, March 21st. Her first task will be the Central Office's lead person working on this year's Annual Meeting in Las Vegas under the supervision of Executive Director, Terri Barry. Terri and Allene plan to visit the hotel in Las Vegas soon to have first-hand knowledge of the facility and to meet our contacts at the hotel. We have some key jobs already staffed with volunteers from the cat fancy and they will soon be seeking volunteers for the tasks not already assigned.

Has your club paid its dues? Last year we had some clubs that thought their clubs were in good standing only to find out too late that dues had not been paid and/or membership lists has not been submitted and, sadly, those clubs were dropped from CFA membership. Don't let that happen to your club. We have an online list of clubs in good standing. Check to make sure your club in on that list. Deadline to be in good standing and eligible to vote at the Annual meeting is May 12, 2016. Deadline to be in good standing and remain on CFA's membership roster is June 1, 2016. Dues and membership lists must be received in the Central Office by those dates. If you have any questions about the above, email Michelle Fergason at the Central Office or telephone her at 330-680-4070.

Last week every club was mailed a Delegate Form which is to be completed to designate someone to vote on behalf of your club at our Annual Meeting. There are four ways for your club can designate a Delegate:
(1) return the form to the Central Office postmarked by May 2, 2016,
(2) Fax the Form to the Central Office,
(3) Email the form as an attachment, or
(4) new this year we have an online form that your club can fill out online and hit a Submit button. The last three must be received by 11:59PM EDT on May 2nd. The email must come from the club secretary's email address that is on file at the Central Office.

One of the major pieces of business handled by the delegates to our Annual Meeting is voting on Amendments/Resolutions submitted by our clubs. If you club has an idea to improve something, such as a Show Rule change or policy change, make sure your club submits it so that it is received in the Central Office by April 15th.

I attend a number of shows and many people take advantage of my presence at shows to chat with me to share their ideas, concerns, etc. I welcome these conversations and encourage you to chat with any Board member if you don't see me. I can't be at every show but there is a good chance some board members will be attending shows with you. We have 20 board members who reside across CFA.

Terri Barry
CFA Executive Director

Central Office continues to experience a mild winter.  Right here in Northeast Ohio, we even have crocuses croaking at the beginning of the month!
As Mark has announced, we are welcoming Allene to the staff as our Special Events Coordinator.  I am looking forward to working with her and fast tracking all planning for the 2016 Annual.  Information updates have been added to the CFA Annual web site.  Links to the airport and options to the resort shuttle are also posted.  We will continue to post updates as they become available.  A number of resort reservations have already been received.  The most direct route is the link provided on our web page to the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa.  The last day to make your reservations and receive the special CFA. room rate is June 6, 2016.

For those who wish to attend but need an invitation to assist with the Visa process please contact Michelle Fergason at: .  Please provide her with your full name as it appears on your passport, date of birth, if you are male or female and the country from which you are traveling.  If you like, this year you may file your delegate forms online or by mail.  Deadline for receipt of your delegate forms i s 11:59 EDT on May 2 nd    If mailed, they must be postmarked May 2nd.  Please consider joining us for the 2016 Annual and anything we can do to assist with your visa request, please do not hesitate to ask.
Cheryl Coleman will be producing "On The Road Again" for this year's Annual.  Please keep an eye on the web site for additional information and deadlines.  Thank You Cheryl!
From the Hosting Region
Keep your calendar free for Thursday evening for the Southwest Region's hospitality event!  The region is in full swing planning this fun, festive time.  Details coming soon. . .
Have a special cat to celebrate?  Want to advertise your cattery or business?  Just want to add a bit of fun?  You can by contributing to the delegate bag.  For info, contact Cyndy Byrd at .
Have you gotten your Fabulous Southwest Region pin yet?  If not, the Southwest Regional director, Lisa Kuta, would be happy to mail you one. They are only $20!  Contact Lisa at .
I would like to thank Lisa Kuta Regional Director, Cyndy Byrd, Darrell Newkirk and Ellyn Honey for their ongoing hard work and Regional support for the 2016 Annual!  Again, please consider joining us in Las Vegas.
As we close in on the end of the year, the staff at Central Office is working hard to be proactive with generating all necessary yearend reports. Last year we had a number of computer issues and experienced specific issues with one module within the program.  I would like to thank Tim Schreck and Dick Kallmeyer for their assistances with improvements to this module.  This will assist with the yearend reports.  As a team we are doing everything we can to ensure a smoother yearend close. 

As always, good luck with your shows, travel safe and I hope to see you in Las Vegas.  

CFA Hires Special Events Coordinator
CFA Executive Director Terri Barry announces she has hired Allene Tartaglia to fill the newly created position of CFA Special Events Coordinator. Allene is well-known throughout CFA. She worked for CFA from March, 1982 to September, 2010. During her 28 years with CFA Allene worked in a variety of capacities including Associate Director, Director Special Projects, and Executive Director. Allene worked in CFA's Central Office in Manasquan, New Jersey and has since moved to Ocala, Florida where she resides with her husband, Kent Highhouse. Terri commented, "I have heard many nice things concerning Allene and the quality of the Annuals she has previously assisted with. I am looking forward to our working with her on the upcoming 2016 one." From Allene: "I am thrilled to be with CFA again and I think Terri and I will work well together." 

At the request of the Regional Directors and the vote of the Board, our Annual Meetings are now coordinated by the CFA Central Office rather than by the host Regions. Allene's first task will be to focus on the upcoming Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. She will be the lead Central Office person working on the Annual and will report to Terri. Allene will also lead the Central Office's efforts to support the CFA International Cat Shows. 

Please join us in welcoming Allene back to CFA.
Updates from CFA Operations
Verna Dobbins

Some Housekeeping Issues:
Handwriting - we are still struggling with handwriting, if you are sending in your request by postal service, fax or email please be sure to write legibly.
Confirmations - it has been brought to our attention that confirmations are being mailed to Central Office but then they are being processed on line also.  This confuses the system and could result in errors.  Please choose one method only.   

We would like to Welcome VIP Pet Care to our Newsletter.  VIP Petcare provides wellness and preventive care through clinics in your communities hosted by local pet stores.  Please be sure to check them out (see the ad at the top of this newsletter)

It's time for Delegate Booklet ads! Please read the information in the sidebar above for information as to how to submit YOUR ad!

CFA Ombudsman
It's a position that most cat fanciers do not know about, but the CFA Ombudsman performs an important duty for all fanciers. 

Established several years ago by Pam Delabar, then CFA President, the CFA
Ombudsman position is designed to help mediate serious disputes and
It is strictly a volunteer position and is currently held by Sharon Roy.

Some of the situations the Ombudsman seeks to work through are:
  • Helping pet owners get promised registrations or other issues with purchased pets (Note that multiple complaints about any one breeder/animal situation will usually be turned over to the Animal Welfare Chair)
  • Breeder/owner disputes that hopefully can be resolved without a protest or a need for legal action
  • Show date/club disputes.

The Ombudsman is not a miracle solution by any means and can only be
effective if the parties are willing to compromise and work together
Locations of the CFA International Show
In the report to the CFA Board of Directors for the February 2016 meeting, the locations of the CFA Invitational/International/World Show was delineated, along with the how many times each region has hosted one of these shows. That information is below
  Region / # Shows
1988 - St. Louis  
1989 - St. Louis 1 - 2
1990 - St. Louis 2 - 2
1991 - Ft. Worth 3 - 6
1992 - Ft. Worth 4 - 2
1993 - Nashville 5 - 1
1994 - Atlanta 6 - 8
1995 - Chicago 7 - 5
1996 - Anaheim
1997 - Atlanta
1998 - Kansas City
1999 - Kansas City
2000 - Kansas City
2001 - Houston
2002 - Houston
2003 - Houston
2004 - Houston
2005 - San Mateo
2006 - San Mateo
2007 - No Show
2008 - Atlanta
2009 - Atlanta
2010 - No Show
2011- Indianapolis
2012 - Columbus
2013 - Novi
2014 - Oaks
2015 - Oaks

Teresa Keiger

The April issue of Cat Talk is well on its way to completion! This issue is traditionally our "Kitten Issue."  In the upcoming issue, we look at explaining declawing to pet buyers, and what breeders look at when placing kittens.  Plus - how one picks the perfect kitten. We also have two articles on FIP, the CFA Legislative Committee's ongoing series about microchips, a look at how having a breed showcase for spectators can enhace your show, and why you should join your breed council. April is Pet First Aid month, so we take a look at supplies all cat owners  should have on hand. And we have the second in a series on feline wellness and enriching a cat's environment. 

That's a lot of content packed into one magazine! Don't miss out on a single issue of Cat Talk Magazine. Renew or begin your subscription here. Or read online at Magzter

I would also like to announce that Candilee Jackson has agreed to become Assistant Editor of Cat Talk. She's been both a writer and proofreader for the magazine for some time now (and readers of this newsletter know her from her reports for the Ambassador Committee and Midwest Region).
Winn Logo

by Vicki Thayer DVM , Winn Executive Director

A list of our donors contributing $100 or more in February is available  here.

2016 Winn Symposium - The 38th Annual Winn Symposium will be held June 30th from 4-6:30 p.m. at the CFA Annual meeting being held at the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa in Las Vegas. The speakers for the Symposium are:
Dr. Leslie Lyons - "Genetics and Precision Medicine: State of the Art Health Care for Cats!"
Dr. Nicholas Dodman - "Feline Compulsive Disorders"
March Activities - Winn has just returned from a successful public outreach at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas from March 7-9. Immediately after the conference Winn held a board meeting followed by their annual Winn grant review on March 11. A number of research projects were approved for grant funding at the review. An announcement of the funded projects will be available sometime in April.
Planned giving (tax) tip for March - A charitable life estate is a gift of real property to charity in which the donor reserves the right to live on the property (often a family home) until death.  Since it is a completed charitable gift the donor may receive an immediate tax deduction based on the value of the remainder interest passed to the charity years later.  The property is also removed from the donor's estate so there is no estate tax and less property to administer.  Since a personal residence may produce no immediate income there may be no reduction in current cash flow.  Like other charitable deductions, any unused amount from a charitable life estate donation may be carried forward five years. For any questions, please contact

nullby Karen Lawrence

Note that the Feline Historical Museum will be closed for the month of April.  We're going to deal with some maintenance issues and general repairs during April, and will reopen again on Tuesday, May 3rd.
Because of the closing, the Siamese breed display has been extended until June 30th. The display explores the history of the breed, and features artwork, figurines and books.
The CFA Foundation had a booth and historical display at the March 12-13 Crab & Mallet show in White Marsh, MD.  In addition to numerous artifacts (including the original charcoal of Kilravock Don Giovanni), we exhibited the Feline Faces of the Past exhibit, which always attracts a great deal of attention. Many exhibitors and spectators stopped by to enjoy the photos and historical information of early cats from the Abyssinian, English (British) Shorthair, Persian, and Siamese breeds.
We are hard at work on The History Project web site ( ) again after a 6-week hiatus.  During February, completed stories were added for the following cats:
Ballochmyle Billie Blue Eyes , white English (British) Shorthair, circa 1896
Kilravock Don Giovanni, blue-eyed white Persian, 1908
Oaklands Seabreeze , blue Persian, 1910
Zula , ruddy Abyssinian, circa 1867
New FactFile pages were added for the following 35 cats, with birthdates from 1888 to 1949.  The FactFile pages are simply placeholders for complete story pages, but do contain a photo, basic registration details, and a mini pedigree.  Links to each cat listed below can be found on the UPDATES page at
Aldeboran, red Persian, 1906
Arlington Hercules, brown tabby Persian, 1897
Bonnie Prince Charlie, blue Persian, 1900
Captain Biscuit, cream Persian, 1909
Darius Dunain, brown tabby Persian, 1901
Dingley Fashion, silver tabby Persian, 1903
Don Carlos, blue Persian, 1901
Don Roderick of Thorpe, silver tabby Persian, 1902
Dunstan Rubra, orange tabby Persian, 1912
Fulmer Red Bramble, red tabby English (British) Shorthair, 1908
Garry My Lad, silver tabby Persian, 1912
Golden Butterfly, The, orange Persian, 1894
Golden Flash, orange tabby Persian, 1901
Holmefield Beauty, blue Persian, 1899
Kephren, orange Persian, 1902
Kew Blue San Toy II, blue Persian, 1903
Kismet of Thamar, black Persian, 1924
Lady Grissel, silver tabby Persian, 1902
Ladysmith, blue-eyed white Persian, 1899
Langbank Prince, silver tabby Persian, 1949
Miss Polarite, white Manx, 1906
Ravenswood Hamish, orange tabby Persian, 1901
Rema, blue Persian, 1902
Robin, orange (red tabby) Persian, 1899
Roiall Dewdrop, silver tabby Persian, 1900
Roiall Silver Tangle, silver tabby Persian, 1899
Romaldkirk Daphne, cream Persian, 1900
Snip, blue tabby English (British) Shorthair, 1888
The Commodore, cream Persian, 1902
The Deemster, black Manx, 1903
The Dingley Owlet, shaded silver Persian, 1903
Torrington Garboldisham Bullet, self-red Persian, 1911
Torrington Red Frill, orange tabby Persian, 1912
Torrington Rufus, orange Persian, 1899
Wynnstay Marchioness, silver tabby Persian, 1909
There are now 104 full histories of individual cats, plus an additional 148 FactFile pages, on the site ... that's information on over 250 cats from the very early days of the cat fancy! 
We regularly post to our Facebook page ... photos of new acquisitions, updates to the History Project, interesting pictures that we come across in magazines, etc. LIKE the CFA Foundation on Facebook, and keep up-to-date with all the latest news about the foundation and the Feline Historical Museum.
Several clubs have been donating money to the Foundation in lieu of judge's gifts.  We are ever grateful for their thoughtfulness and generosity.  Please think about this as you plan your upcoming shows.  Remember - this is your museum, and our only source of income is through donations.  No donation is too small, and all donations are greatly appreciated......and completely tax deductible.  Thank you for considering this. Donations can be made online at

March Legislative Update
The legislative process keeps on trucking with some legislation amended and some legislation already dispensed with for the session. If you blink, you may miss it. Other legislation seems to sleep the nap of Rip Van Winkle. This month's just blink moments include New Jersey, Iowa, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Utah, and West Virginia.
New Jersey: The Senate Economic Growth Committee amended and referred S 63 to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee. The amendment would make it unlawful, rather than deceptive, to violate the provisions associated with the requirements that individuals only sell or transfer animals in face-to-face transactions, pet shops only offer only dogs and cats from a shelter or rescue organization, record keeping for exempt transactions, and public area transfer/sale prohibition. The exemptions to the face-to-face sales requirements is expanded to include transfers from one breeder to another exclusively to preserve the bloodline provided the breeder does not make more than 5 such transfers per year and sales for the purposes of biomedical research by a facility licensed with the United State Department of Agriculture.
Iowa: SF 502 originally added small breeders, competitive show breeders, specialized breeders, animal rescue, and animal sanctuaries to the licensing scheme for commercial establishments. It was amended in its entirety to become a bill establishing a quality assurance council and providing for a quality assurance certificate to be awarded to selected commercial breeders.
Massachusetts: SD 2459 would require that a person who breeds, or intends to breed, a dog or cat on their residential premises obtain a license and be subject to inspection. A license is also required to sell, adopt, barter, or transfer a dog or cat. This provision does not apply to government agencies, 501(c) (3) animal rescue organizations, permitted dog shows, licensed pet shows, or commercial boarding or training kennels.
South Dakota: SB 157 would have added standards of care for commercial breeders. It included the following exemption; a person who owns or harbors three or fewer dogs or cats for breeding purposes that are at least 6 months of age is not a commercial breeding operation. SB 157 is dead.
Utah: HB 132 authorizes municipalities to license commercial breeders. A commercial breeder was defined as "a person who for a fee or other consideration: (a) maintains in a kennel at any time six or more dogs for breeding or six or more cats for breeding and sells, leases, trades, barters, auctions, or provides to another person the offspring of those dogs or cats; or (b) buys, sells, leases, trades, barters, or provides to another person a dog or cat at wholesale for retail to another. HB 132 was amended to remove the commercial breeder definition.
West Virginia: HB 4653, a statewide mandatory spay/neuter bill missed the hearing deadline.
For more information on these bills go to the Legislative Quick Look.
The legislative process continues so please check back frequently for updates in your area. Let us know if you need help fighting detrimental legislation.

Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -

Please report legislation happening in your area to
the Legislative Group -
CFA Ambassador Cats

Karen Lane
CFA Ambassador Cats Chair

The first of the new Ambassador Cats banners have arrived an you will be seeing them in the show hall soon! They compliment the new show cage set up that we introduced last year and also reflect the hugely successful ACats' "trading cards."
by Candilee Jackson, Chair

Program Updates:  With daffodils popping up through the snow, and now rain coming at the Midwest in buckets, the MWR is headed into the final weeks of the show season.  We have welcomed Diane Coppola to the steering committee, and we are still searching for coordinators for the Hawai'I Division, and Asia.  We are looking to split up Asia into different regions as there is so much CFA activity that it's quite a handful for just one person.  We are preparing for the annual meeting in June in Las Vegas, as well as looking forward to our new budget year so that we can mail out much needed supplies to our constituency.   Please, if you attend a show, drop me a line and send me some pictures!  Let me know the types of questions you are getting or if you need help in any area of what we do.  Remember, WE are the face of CFA!

Region 2:  Meghan Noecker
Young spectators admiring Regulus
Lots of fun was had this past weekend at the McKenzie River Cat Club's 2-day show, "Cats and Shamrocks," at the Double Tree at Lloyd Center, in Portland, Oregon.  Ambassador Meghan reported, "We are having a great time at the show - lots of families with kids."  Regulus, the Ragdoll, had a blast riding around in his St Paddy's Day decorated stroller where he greeted spectators in his royal regalia.  His Twitter commercial was on display for all to watch, as well as a business card promoting the Household Pet class.  The Ambassador Banner and Pet Me! Cat Pennant drew many visitors where tons of questions were answered.

Region 4:  Mariane Toth
Along with Steel City Kitties, the Great Lakes Region held a fundraiser show in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, on February 13-14. 2/13-14.  The show was well attended by both exhibitors and spectators.  Visitors enjoyed listening to the judges talking about the cats both in class judging and the finals.  
Reporting for region 4 coordinator, Mariane Toth, Carmen Marie Johnson-Lawrence attended the Genesee Cat Fanciers 64th annual show on March 5-6 in Brockport, New York.  The club experienced record-setting attendance both days, with spectators enjoying all the cats on exhibition.  The vendors were equally excited to have so many interested people visit their booths.  New York was beautiful on both show days, not too cold, but not quite warm enough to be without a jacket.  Two Ambassador Cats were in attendance, GC GP RW Jovan Tickle Me Elmo of Lynszkatz and Dewisplear Amati Cawaiicat:  thanks to Facebook advertising, many people came out to the show just to meet these two cats.  Additionally, Kathleen Doyle brought GP NW Ladiluck's Barrons who loved his role as a Pet Me! Cat.

Region 5:  Shari Millar
Reporting for region 5 coordinator, Shari Millar, Sydney Brosnan enjoyed the show hosted Victor Valley Cat Club in Palm Springs, California, on February 13th.  Following a theme of Valentine's Blooms, the colorful rosettes, delightful lunch, and a well-run show were the hallmarks of the show management.  The show welcomed many spectators who had lots of questions as they visited the benching areas and judging rings.
Sydney also attended "A Spring Garden Party" hosted by the Malibu Cat Club on February 27 at the Glendale Civic Auditorium in Glendale, California.  The show itself had a late start due to a terrible auto accident on the freeway, but walking into a spring bower of flowers was wonderful to see.  The show ran smoothly and welcomed a wonderful gate that had tons of questions.

Region 6:  Candilee Jackson
February and March are busy months for the Midwest Region, with numerous shows hosted by clubs throughout the region for exhibitors to enjoy.  February 27-28 found Midwesties in Altoona, Iowa, for a great show hosted by Lincoln State Cat Club.  This well-attended show found ambassadors answering many questions about grooming, and explaining the judging system to newbies. Bitter cold temps and howling winds didn't keep anyone from attending this great show!  Next up was the "come-back club":  after 9 long years, the Illini Cat Club put on a spectacular show that brought in 2228 spectators to their show held in the armory in Champaigne-Urbana, Illinois.  The crowds were so close at times, that exhibitors had difficulty making it to rings!  Such a problem to have!  Ambassadors were really on their toes for this show ... tons of questions in just about every category were asked and answered by able Ambassadors who were flushed with excitement caused by the crowd's interest  Among the high notes of the weekend were the ambassadors working with rescue kitties:  ALL of them went to their forever homes ... not one was sent back to the shelter!  WTG Ambassadors!!!     On March 12th, Mo-Kan Cat Club presented "A Spring Fling" in Overland Park, Kansas, that was well attended by both exhibitors and spectators alike.  This Ambassador was breathless between making it to rings on time and working with her therapy cat, Lady Bronwyn, and all her visitors.  As always, the gate is amazed to see a kitty in harness and leash, walking about and visiting with confidence everyone she can meet!  Declawing seemed to be the subject of the day, and hopefully many went away from the show hall with the education to NEVER declaw a kitty!

Corporate Affliates




Budget Car Rental
Link to Avis



Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by Geri Fellerman, Regional Director 

Hi, all - looks like spring is finally arriving along with some wonderful spring shows in the NAR. First, lets talk about the shows we just enjoyed! Norwegian Forest Cats put on a really fun show in Hammonton, NJ, complete with home-cooked food lovingly provided by club members. I managed to find a few minutes to myself on Sunday (after my female champion decided the boys in the rings were much more appealing than anything else), so I got the claw machine plugged in - 14 stuffed animals in about as many minutes. One went to the Lands to try to convince their hormonal young male that it was, in fact, a female. Not much luck. Then on to Wilmington, DE, for the Maine Coon show - such fun seeing so many big cats at one show - and what a joy to not have to trudge through ice and snow like we did last year (did I mention I hate winter?).

This coming weekend, I know everyone is looking forward to the trip to Matamoras - great hotel show, great cats, and always a fun time. The weekend after Easter, Delaware River CC is planning a show at a new venue in Lawrenceville, NJ - and the same great home-cooked food will be provided by the very talented club members. Finally, ending the show season, will be Sign of the Cat with their annual show in Easton, PA. I haven't missed one of these shows ever. I can promise you the sugar overload from celebration cakes, but they are worth every calorie.

Come visit one of our great NAR shows - I promise you won't be disappointed.

Region 2
by Pam Moser, Regional Director 

A Regional meeting was held at the Call of the Wild show on February 21 st in Santa Rosa, California. Discussion was on the most recent board meeting and our upcoming Regional Awards show being held in Portland, Oregon on June 25 th.
Tails and No Tails held their annual show on March 5 th and 6 th. They had a very good entry and a fabulous gate.  Weather was a bit stormy but all seemed to have a great time.
Please support our upcoming shows.
  • March 19th and 20th Idaho Cat Fanciers, Boise, Idaho (8 rings back to back)
  • April  4th and 5th Crow Canyon CC, Pleasanton, Ca.  (8 rings back to back)
  • April 9th Puget Sound CC, Longview, Wa.  (1 day 6 rings)
  • May 14th North Pacific Siamese Fanciers, Issaquah, Wa. (1 day 6 rings)
  • May 21st High Sierra CC, Roseville, Ca.  (1 day six rings
Region 3
by Steve McCullough, Regional Director  
Steve with Janis Walkingstick

With everyone still talking about what a great time they had in Wichita at the Wichita Cat Fanciers Show, we are in the long stretch now, to the end of the season with 5 shows in a row!! The weather continues to be brutal to the region, with flooding from Tennessee to the Gulf Coast regions of Louisiana and Mississippi and Texas.  We can't seem to catch a break. 

Starting off with Ozark and Wildcatters in Cleburne, then off to Greater Baton Rouge Cat Clubs show in Gonzales, LA, then up to Oklahoma City, OK for Oklahoma City Cat Clubs show at the Biltmore Hotel, then up to Denver for Foot of the Rockies Cat Clubs wonderful show that they put on for us, then back down to Mesquite, TX for North Texas Cat Club and Fort Worth Cat Clubs season ending show.  Lots of travel and great fun ahead for all of us in the Gulf Shore Region.  Looking forward to see lots of friends from around the country at our shows and to catch up on the "happenings" elsewhere in the country.

See ya'll in the show hall.

Region 4
 by John Colilla, Regional Director
We have a Facebook page and are a member of Pinterest, both which provide information about our region. The links are  and
The Great Lakes Region is proud to have five shows that filled with a full 225 count: Cleveland Persian Society and Devon Breed Club put on a 6 x 6 in October, Ohio State Persian Club in conjunction with Great Lakes Great Maines in December, Cleveland Persian Society in January, and Kittyhawk Feline Fanciers in February
Steel City Kitties
With thousands of spectators, as usual!  Steel City Kitties would like to thank the Great Lakes Region and all the exhibitors who brought their beautiful cats for the public to enjoy!!  There was an awesome lineup of judges that took their time each day to educate and show off all the best of each cat, too!!! 
Great Lakes Region Fund Raiser show
As Christopher Robin might say, "Tut Tut, looks like spring!"
The Great Lakes Region joined Steel City Kitties to hold a 6 x 6 Show at the Monroeville, PA Convention Center. The show was a fund raiser for the Region and the GLR is grateful to SCK for allowing us to join them.  It was a very successful and competitive weekend drawing many of the top cats in the country. Advertising for the show brought in over 1,000 spectators, so many that we needed to replenish the change fund three times. As always, Steel City had a variety of vendors selling toys, jewelry, art work, clothing and furniture. Both Steel City and the Region put out great raffle tables and the Region held a 50/50 raffle on Sunday that brought in $912.00.  Thank you Mark Hannon for donating your half back to the Region
Kittyhawk Felines
Not available at press time, will appear in next month's newsletter.
Genesee Cat Fanciers
The Genesee Cat Fanciers held their 64th Annual Show on Saturday and Sunday, March 5 - 6 in Brockport, NY!  A combination of perfectly clear weather and advertising done through both print media and Facebook, resulted in a record setting attendance both days.  Spectators enjoyed all cats at the show, as well as all the vendors available.  One vendors was found on Facebook saying, " After this weekend's Cat Show event, I am honestly thinking about getting a baby kitten . . . If you could have felt the love in that room, it would have blown you away."  What an impression to make for someone who had never been to a cat show before!  Many of the vendors had never heard of cat shows, but when they leave, are anxious for the next one!  The club was honored to have two Ambassador Cats and one Pet Me cat through the weekend as well!   Due to Facebook publicity, many people came out to the show just to meet these cats! 

Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:
  • April 2-3 Mid-Ohio Cat Fanciers at Mansfield, OH, 7AB and 3 SP
MID OHIO CAT FANCIERS invites you to enter their annual show being held April 2-3, 2016 at the Richland County Fairgrounds In Mansfield, OH. This show is a 7AB, 3SP format with a 225 entry limit. Premiership cats can take $10 off each entry. Any 4 cats /kittens from the same owner can be entered for the special rate of $200.00.
This show hall is known for delicious home-cooked food by a volunteer group of fairground patrons. In addition to a regular raffle, they are also famous for their 50/50 raffle which supports the no-kill shelter STOP (Stop the Overpopulation of Pets). The highest amount split between STOP and the lucky winner was around $1200.
Entry info contact Bethany Colilla,
Show info contact Nannette Schindler, Show Manager @ or John Colilla, Show Manager @
  •  April 9 Just Cat-In Around Cat Fanciers at Melvindale, MI  5AB and 1 SP
  • April 16-17  Cincinnati Cat Club at Hamilton, OH 7AB 1SP
CINCINNATI CAT CLUB will hold its 64 th annual Cat Show at the new state of the art, multipurpose Exhibition building at the Butler County Fairgrounds on April 16- 17.  The show will have 10 rings, with 6 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday.  This opens up a whole new area for spectators, just north and west of Cincinnati proper. 
The hall is heated and air-conditioned for everyone's comfort and is easy to access, off I-75 (exit 24 west) and St Rt. 129.  Ten miles from I75, turn right onto N Erie Hwy, go one mile, and show hall is on the right.
There is plenty of free parking. Go to for more information
  • April 23 Cat Nation Fanciers at Erie, PA 5AB and 1 SP
CAT NATION CAT FANCIERS will be holding its 27th Annual Cat Show on April 23, 2016 at the JMC Ice Arena, 423 West 38th Street, Erie, PA. This is a ONE DAY show! We hope to see you there for the last show of the season and those last points. There will be wonderful judges, vendors and, of course, food! Please support the show so it can continue on for next year!

Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 
Just three more Southwest region shows left in the season! Come join us
in Palm Springs for the Los Colores show on March 26. Come for the show
on Saturday and stay through Sunday to enjoy the beautiful weather. Up
next, Tonks West in Ontario, CA. The club has a wonderful show planned
and is conveniently located just a few miles from ONT airport.

The last region 5 show of the season is going to be a great one! The Las
Vegas Cat Club has it all--10 rings, HHPs, VETS, raffles all at a fabulous
location on the Strip!

Speaking of Las Vegas, have gotten your Annual pin yet? It features our
logo in full color. Contact Lisa Kuta at and I will mail
you one for a $20 donation to the region.

Region 6
by Candilee Jackson, Midwest Region Secretary

Planning Committee Updates: Your planning committee has our regional awards show and banquet well in hand. This wonderful celebration will take place June 6-7, 2016, at the Wyndom West Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana. It's airport shuttle close and our show, banquet and hotel are all under one roof. The show flyer was just approved and will be released to the region shortly.

Show Reports:

Lincoln State Cat Club held its 55th Annual Show in Altoona, Iowa, on February 27-28. The wind was howling and the temps were dropping, but it didn't keep exhibitors or the gate away from the Adventureland venue. Many thanks to Dr Elsey's for their sponsorship, and the excellent line up of judges which brought in a great group of exhibitors with gorgeous cats.
"It takes a great team to put on a successful show. On behalf of my co-show manager, Renee Weinberger, myself and the LSCC membership, thanks to all of you for making our 55th show a success. Hope to see you all next year!" (Marci Baturin, Co-show Manager)

After a nine-year hiatus, the Illini Cat Club is now the MWR's official Come-Back Club! Their spectacular show was held in the armory in Champaigne-Urbana, Illinois, on March 5-6. Hitting their entry goal, the club welcomed 2228 spectators over the 2-day run of the show. On top of the excitement of showing off kitties in all sizes and colors, the Illini show collected a total of 354 lbs of pet food for the Eastern Illinois Food Bank: 238 lbs of cat food, 116 lbs of dog food. Well done, CFA exhibitors! For added excitement, ALL the rescue kitties brought to the show went home to their forever homes ... NONE went back to the shelter!!!
"Returning our show to the Midwest Region has been a dream for many years. To make that dream a reality took the encouragement, support and help of so many. A huge thank you to our sister club, American Gothic, for the financial loan of seed money. A heartfelt thank you to TGIF for allowing us to use their show date this year. A truly HUGE heartfelt thank you goes out to YOU, our CFA Family. We know that we couldn't have done it without your support and your entries!" (Robin Bryan, show manager)

M0-Kan Cat Club presented "A Spring Fling" at the Kansas Christian College in Overland Park, Kansas, on March 12. The highlight of this show was the number of shout outs, "NEW GRAND!" which made the spirit of the day ride high. Vendors presented terrific wares, with a number of new items for exhibitors to purchase. Many thanks to Mo-Kan for a well-run show that was a lot of fun! Special thanks to judge Kathy Black for filling in at the last minute. As everyone left, they were reminded to remember to POUNCE FORWARD FOR DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME tonight!

MWR Brags:
New exhibitor, Cheryl Boyer, is super excited over achieving her very first grand! Yash Sir Zane Gray, a blue Bombay household pet, granded at the Illini Show. Breeders are Troy Weier and Brian Tripp, and Sir Zane Gray is owned by Cheryl Boyer.

Vicky Edwards had quite a day at Mo-Kan: first she got in her daily exercise as she hunted down her Russian Blue escapee from the judge's ring, and next when she shouted out, "NEW GRAND!" for GC GP Pavlova Princess Bride, a Russian Blue spay. Breeders are Vicky Edwards and Lori Stephenson; owner Vicky Edwards. Vicky plans to work for a Grand of Distinction on this four year old.

Lynn Staker is proud to announce that GC Countrygal Jaxon, a seal Lynx-point Himalayan, became a grand champion at M0-Kan yesterday! Congratulations to breeder/owner Lynn!

Cary Plummer is very excited to announce his new grand: GRC Topknot Marble Candy of Strs R Us, a tortoiseshell Persian. Granding at the Illini Come-back Show, this lucky Persian was bred by Kim Sieving, and is owned by Cary Plummer, Kim Sieving and Randy Pohlman.

Upcoming Shows
March 26-27 North Shore/Cat'n on the Fox Wheaton, IL (DuPage Fairgrounds)
April 2 Cats of Wisconsin Waukeshau, WI (Waukeshau Expo Ctr)
April 23-24 America's Heartland Springfield, IL (Illinois State Fairgrounds)

Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

After a somewhat "dry spell" with our only February show in Virginia falling on the weekend of the board meeting, our Southern Region exhibitors were treated with two (2) long-time traditional clubs, Atlanta Phoenix Cat Society and Crab and Mallet, put on shows the second weekend in March!!

I attended the Atlanta Phoenix show in Cumming, Georgia, which is located at an antique market. We had lots of spectators and all of us with cabin fever to get to a cat show had a great time! I also heard from some exhibitors who attended our Crab and Mallet show, who told me they also had a great time and were excited to get out to a cat show.

We prese nted Barbara Sumner with a beautiful cake, gifts and well wishes for her retirement from the judging program. Barbara has been an integral part of our Southern shows lineup for many years, and as a Persian breeder (and line chaser...) I know the contributions she made to my beloved breed. 
Barbara Sumner with show manager Charlene Munro
The "Hostesses with the Mostesses" Cyndi Lewis and Connie Wardlaw

Remember our last month's snow story, where we always marvel at the tenacity of cat people?? Here is another amazing story!

As many know who have attended our shows, we are blessed to have Dave and Shirley Peet in our region who provide such great service setting up our shows, entries, etc., we take them for granted! They can't be everywhere though, and I know they also service many clubs in the North Atlantic region. When we learned that we were losing our other cage service to retirement, how were we going to put on shows if Dave wasn't available?? A plan was hatched, several of the Atlanta clubs got together, purchased the cages, and Janice Lancaster, a burmese breeder, vendor, and club member stepped up to the plate, offering to spearhead the storage and set up of the cages. I know a lot of it was tough, but they made it happen!

The moral to this story is that CAT PEOPLE ARE AMAZING!!! Each one of you contributes to the success of our shows, to CFA, and to your chosen breeds. I am so proud of all of you and treasure you all!

Next month I will tell you about our Coastal Paws show in Raleigh, North Carolina (you can still enter I think), Tennessee Valley in Knoxville, and Mad Catter's in Frederick, Maryland!

Happy Easter & See you at the SOUTHERN REGION shows!!
Region 8
by Edward Maeda, Regional Director
First of all, I must report so sad news to all from Japan.
Allbreed judge Kenji Takano passed away at 0:10 on March 10th 2016. He was one of Pioneers of CFA in Japan and worked to establish CFA Japan Region with his wife Yaeko. This morning I received the news of his death. He had been in hospital and had planned to stand at judging ring again. He had two more assignments in Japan until his retirment of end of show season. But now we cannot see his judging at CFA show again. So sad...... His last judging was at the Japan Regional show held this past January 9-10 2016. This photo below is his last judging. I hope he is at peace in his next world with his pretty cats.

Thank you very much for your support to Japan Region and Cat Fancy, Kenji-san!!
Region 9
by Michael Hans Schleissner 

The Edelweiss Cat club presented their third CFA Valentine's show in Moscow. This time Edelweiss Cat club chose a location in the well-known Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre - the modern Pavilion 11. This location provides the required space to host our self-made Dual-Cat-System event with Freya cat club from the WCF association.

 A lot was at risk for this CFA show and Edelweiss Cat club had to work on multiple issues to ensure this CFA show with 6 qualified judges. Special thanks to the flexibility and awareness of travel requirements to our judges: Michael Schleissner (Germany) & Donna Fuller (USA) and our local reliable Russian judges Irinia Tokmakova, Nadjeda Rumyantseva, Anna Nazarova and Victoria Pohvalina.
Just a few international exhibitors found the way to Moscow - but the long distance was worth the results! We welcome new exhibitors from neighboring countries and like to meet them again - at a CFA show of course! The location was the key for this CFA show success!

On Sunday with nice local weather conditions many families went to our show event to look for beautiful cats and the well-decorated show hall. There was a real queue in front of the pavilion till towards the end of the cat show. The last visitors had the joy to see the common CFA and WCF cat winner presentation and see the presents Edelweiss Cat club with Freya have prepared for their owners.

The cats were awarded with real fabric rosettes with different flower designs - Edelweiss Cat club - themagic power of the noble flower!
International Division
Dick Kallemyer, International Division Chair 
February was a busy month in the International Division.
The first show to fill in Malaysia with 225 entries was held in Selangor, Malaysia (near Kuala Lumpur) by the Hong Kong and Macao Cat Club (HKMCC).  Paul and Ginger Meeker from Ohio visited the show.

(left) The Siam Cat Fanciers Club held shows on successive weekends in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Hong Kong Black Cat Club (right)had another successful show in Hong Kong with a very large gate attendance.
HKBCC has produced very large posters for each of the CFA breeds, translated into Chinese to educate the public about the CFA breeds.(below)

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