June 2017
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Our banner cat for June is CFA's Best Cat in Premiership, Region 1-9  GP, NW Cinema's Liberace Of Calcat, a copper-eyed white Persian male. (photo by Chanan)


June 22, 2017 - Deadline for breakfast and dinner reservations

June 26, 2017 - Deadline to register for the Winn Feline Foundation dinner & symposium with Dr. Niels Pedersen.

August 1, 2017 - Deadline for CFA Breed Council membership. Renew online here.


June is a busy month for CFA! Preparations for regional awards banquets, pulling photos from the past season together, making arrangements for the Annual! But then you see the smiles on your fellow exhibitors' faces, perhaps some tears of joy - and you remember what makes this a truly special hobby. 

Safe travels to all and we hope to see many of you in Chicago!


Lots going on in CFA these days.  Many of our Regions are holding Regional Award shows & banquets this month.  Many thanks to all the volunteers who are contributing their time and talent to making them such a success.  I attended my own last weekend and the show was in a great facility, well run, and well attended.  The banquet on Saturday night was in a familiar hotel to many of us and had plenty of space, the room was nicely decorated and the audio-visual show was top notch. 

In another two weeks many of us will be in Chicago for our Annual Meeting. These days the Central Office coordinates this event for us and Allene Tartaglia, our Special Events Coordinator, has been hard at work to insure it is a smooth function without any major glitches.  She has been ably assisted by quite a few Central Office staff members.  The Midwest Region is also doing their part to make sure we have a great time.  Their Regional Family Feud has the potential to be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to it.

At this year's  delegate meeting we will learn which five people have been selected to serve a two-year term as Directors At Large.  Ten people are running and we owe our thanks to each of them for offering their services.  Since there are currently seven incumbents, we know we will lose at least two of them and possibly more.  Many thanks for their past service and we hope to see them continue to serve CFA in other capacities.

Next Saturday I leave for a week in southern France to attend a Royal Canin function.  They invited each of the nine World Cat Congress delegates to attend and since our delegate, Rachel Anger, could not attend I volunteered to represent CFA.  I will be flying over with Fate Mays who is the TICA President and their delegate.  As many of you know, Fate had a stroke while judging the CFA show last April in Las Vegas.  He tells me he is in good health now and is looking forward to our trip to France.

A quick note to our clubs holding shows.  Many clubs wait until the day of set-up to open the box of supplies sent from our Central Office.  If there is a problem with missing or insufficient supplies, it puts a burden on the club to find replacements.  Please check the box far enough before your show that you can get the Central Office to send you additional supplies to meet your show's needs.  While our staff works hard to do things right, they are only human and at times there are errors.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Annual later this month.  

Terri Barry
CFA Executive Director

I want to take a moment on behalf of Central Office and myself to congratulate all of this year's winners as well as applaud all those who exhibited in CFA shows from around the world and throughout the year.

The excitement continues to build as we head towards the 2017 CFA Annual.  As a reminder, if you haven't made your banquet reservations the June 22nd deadline is fast approaching.  Region 6 has spent a lot of time planning a fun hospitality event for Friday evening and at the conclusion of the awards banquet we'll continue the fun celebrating with a reception.  I am looking forward to greeting friends...as well as making new friends...as we gather from around the world to celebrate. Chicago offers something for everyone to enjoy in there downtime!

A few general announcements:
Starting in May, if C.O had an email address for you on file any notices for cattery renewals and non-confirmed titles were sent to this address.  If we do not have an email address on file, you will still receive the notifications via snail mail.

I'm not sure if many of you are aware but we have some back issues of the Yearbook still available for purchase.  Still available are the years 2002, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.  If you're interested in purchasing any you can do so through the CFA Catalog.

If you are a CFA Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest or blog follower you will note an increased emphasis and presence on them.  Marketing Coordinator Angela Watkins has been posting to both our Twitter and Facebook accounts on a daily basis.  Each Thursday she posts the show calendar for the upcoming week.  She has also posted links to programs that "newbees" and non-CFA members might be interested, such as our Ambassador program.  

I n closing, we hope to see you at the Fairmont Millennium Park for our 2017 CFA Annual.  Please travel safe to the event, enjoy the fun and return home energized.  

Show Box Information
Verna Dobbins
CFA Deputy Director

Central Office is making every attempt to make sure we provide you with the necessary materials for your shows.   Time allowing, we like to send show boxes to the designated person at least 60 days prior to your show.  Sometimes this is not possible due to the time we received your license or the area to which the box is being sent.  When you, as a designated club person, receive the show box please be sure to open the box and do a quick inventory to make sure all of your items have arrived.  There is a checklist in the box that will show what items Central Office has packed in your show box.  There have been times when items have been removed in customs or lost in the mail so it is important that contents be verified.   Should there be a discrepancy notify Central Office immediately.  Your contact is Melissa Watson.  Melissa can be reached by email,
mwatson@cfa.org or by phone 330-680-4070.  
Central Office continues to work on ways to improve our processes, if you have any questions or concerns about the above please feel free to contact me, Verna Dobbins,   vdobbins@cfa.org or Melissa Watson,   mwatson@cfa.org  .

Show Rules
by Monte Phillips
CFA Show Rules Chair

(editor's note: "Show Rules" has moved!  Monte Phillips' column on happenings in the show rules process and explanations of various show rules previously appeared in "Cat Talk" magazine. It will now be appearing here in the CFA Newsletter, bimonthly or more often as circumstances warrant. We hope that you enjoy this addition to the newsletter.)

At the April 2017 board meeting, the Board chose to revise three rules in the current show rules, and make them effective for the 2017-2018 show season.  These rule changes came out of the International Divisions' report and agenda items.  In addition, the awards agenda item discussed the need to revise the current point minimums required for a National Award.  A portion of that discussion also was covered in the Show Rules report to the Board.  Both groups (Show Rules & Awards) agreed that there should be no changes to the current point minimums.  I'll discuss the reasoning behind that decision after the show rules that were changed, and why they were changed.

Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger

I attended the annual Cat Writers' Association conference (held in conjunction with BlogPaws) at the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center last month, and spent a couple of days looking at new pet products, attending seminars on communication, outreach, and feline health. Always exciting to be among one's professional peers! Then Friday night was the CWA Awards Banquet. I am happy to announce that "Cat Talk" picked up top honors by winning the Best Magazine and the Best Photographic art categories. These are in addition to the certificates of awards that our writers had previously won this year. I feel that it is a testament to the ENTIRE staff of "Cat Talk" writers and editors that CFA's magazine is so well-regarded and appreciate all of their long hours of work.

The June issue just came out, and we hope that you have enjoyed our "Explorer Cats' " adventures. Our staff is now hard at work on the August issue. This is always the "Year in Review" issue with a look back at the previous year and the CFA Annual. But August is also "Disaster Preparedness Month" and we look at ways to help protect your cats in the event of unforeseen events. Remember - this doesn't just include natural disasters!

I would also like to encourage our readers to remember to keep their issue of "Cat Talk" up to date! We begin including reminders in your copy two issues prior to your subscription ending, but there is no need to wait until your very last issue to renew. You can always begin your subscription or renew online here. Prefer to do your magazine reading online? You can do that too via Magzter.

Cat Talk Coverage of the World Cat Congress
Lorraine Shelton wrote a detailed article on the programs and meetings associated with the World Cat Congress for the June issue of "Cat Talk" magazine.  You can read the entire article here.
Thank you, Lorraine, for giving our readers such a great overview of the event!
Wagging Tailz - id bands and collars for kittens and puppies

New Advances in Feline DNA Testing
A new identity panel has been created for CFA's use offers breeders valuable information about their cats' health, genetic identity, and specific mutations 

by Roger Brown, DVM
CFA Scientific Advisor

CFA offered affordable DNA testing as a gift to our members more than ten years ago.  We started our program using SNP ( Single nucleotide polymorphisms ) array technology when most other labs were using the more cumbersome STR ( Short Tandem Repeats) technology. SNPs are now accepted universally as a major mechanism for multiple mutation testing. 
Our early testing program revolved around a DNA sequencing machine called a Biotrove.  It analyzed 64 different DNA sites simultaneously, and was cutting edge technology during the early years of CFA's testing program.  The company that makes this product has gone through several mergers and acquisitions.  It is now moving toward the more profitable human market and no longer supporting the veterinary market.  Lack of corporate support caused our early testing labs at Texas A&M to call a temporary halt to CFA's  DNA testing program. 
CFA is currently partnering with GeneSeek, a division of Neogen Laboratories.  Neogen is the largest agrigenomics lab in the world.  They have been building custom arrays for nearly twenty years, and are always looking for the next break-through in technology.  In addition to commercial partners, they also provide genotyping services.
GeneSeek was selected because they can provide testing at competitive pricing with responsible turnaround times, processing more than one and half million samples annually. They have created and supported products for cattle, swine, dogs, chickens, horses, salmon, potatoes, and trees and has been the official lab for AKC's DNA testing program for many years. 
How does genetic testing benefit pedigreed cats?
  • Each registered cat is a product of his pedigree.  DNA profiles include an identity profile that is totally unique to that cat, thus providing scientific proof of ownership.
  • A color profile gives the genetic basis for the cat's true color
  • A disease profile can help the owner give the appropriate medical and nutritional care for his cat.
Current DNA Panel
The main CFA DNA panel is available for $45.  You may then add-on options at $5 per mutation. 
The current add-ons are PKD, Points, HCM Maine Coon, and B Blood type.
Coming Add-on tests
Validation is currently being performed to create a number of new additions to our DNA panel.  They are as follows:
MucopolysaccharidosisType 1
  We attempted to add this mutation to our panel using the old platform, but it was not working up to expectations.  Validation under the new Illumina Platform is working well, and we hope to add it to our new panel soon.
Gangliosidosis 2 (GM2)
  This test involves multiple mutations that will all be included.  It is sometimes referred to as Sandholff Disease that may be present in the Burmese, Domestic Shorthair, Japanese domestics, and Korats.
Craniofacial defect (ALX1)
  This mutation may be found in Burmese.
Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome (COLQ)
  This mutation may occur in the Sphynx and the Devon Rex.
Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)
  This has been validated, and will be added to our panel of available tests.  SMA is an important mutation, extremely valuable for Maine Coon cat owners.
We are hoping for a late summer launch for these add-ons, pending final validation. Blood from currently performed testing is held for at least a year, and these options could be performed at a minimal charge.
Look for a more in-depth story on this exciting technology in an upcoming issue of "Cat Talk" magazine.

Winn Logo

by Vicki Thayer DVM , Winn Executive Director

A list of our donors contributing $100 or more in May is available  

Are you ready? The final countdown to register! Winn's Symposium Registration will be open until June 26th. Our speaker is Dr. Niels Pedersen from the University of California-Davis will discuss current information on FIP diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Details to register are here. More information can be found at Steve Dale's Pet World blog

2017 Winn Media Award: BJ Bangs was recently presented with the 2017 Winn Media award at the annual BlogPaws Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC. Dr. Vicki Thayer, Winn's Executive Director, made the announcement in a streaming video at this unique conference's awards ceremony. BlogPaws highlights the work of all the bloggers, writers and individuals who promote information about pets. BJ Bangs was selected for the award in part because she absolutely loves cats. Her blog, Paws for Reflection, discusses serious and not-so serious issues about cats. In her blog, BJ focuses on anything and everything that impacts cats around the world. This includes travel, book reviews, rescue, state and local legislation affecting pets, and problems caused by pet overpopulation. Currently she is focusing on the Feline Fix by Five program endorsed by Winn and other organizations through sharing the initiative's goals and story.  

Winn Ads for Cat Show Catalogs: There are updated ads available from Winn for cat show catalogs on the CFA forms webpage . Or contact Winn at info@winnfelinefoundation.org for any materials that might be needed by members. 

Planned Giving (Tax) Tip for May: An often overlooked way to make charitable contributions is by using other peoples' money. Socially conscious businesses may donate a portion of their proceeds to charity or by offering matching funds. 

For example, the online retailer Amazon has a program called Amazon Smile. By enrolling and using the "Smile" site Amazon will make donations of 0.5% of qualifying purchases. You need to sign up and select the Winn Feline Foundation Inc. Winn also works with the IGive and Giving Assistant programs to receive additional contributions. 

Some employers will match employee donations to qualified charities (usually up to a certain amount). If your employer has a matching program but needs additional information to include Winn we can assist them with any paperwork. When you donate, the following email acknowledgment has a method to check if your employer will offer a matching donation or view Winn's matching gift program webpage
 Don't forget at tax time that you can only deduct the amount of your charitable contributions, not money given by others

2017 Mid-Session Review

It is June and over half of the state legislatures have adjourned for the year. The bills in some states die with the end of the legislative session. In states with two year sessions beginning in 2017, the bills will carry over into 2018 if the legislation is pending at the end of the legislative session. Other legislative sessions are much longer and are still introducing new bills as in New York. Local government bodies operate year long and may entertain new legislation throughout the year.
Alabama Companion Bills: Senate Bill 17 and House Bill 45.  These bills would have required cat and dog breeder licensing of "a person who possesses 11 or more adult intact female animals, is engaged in the business of breeding those animals for direct or indirect sale or for exchange in return for consideration, and who sells or exchanges, or offers to sell or exchange, 20 or more animals in a calendar year." Neither bill was voted out off committee when the legislature adjourned on May 19, 2017 and are dead.
New Jersey: Senate Bill 3041. Senate Bill 3041 could make many pedigreed cat breeders and purebred dog breeders a pet dealer for selling 10 or more cats or dogs to consumers in one year. After Governor Christie conditionally vetoed SB 3041, Senator Raymond Lesniak planned an attempted override of the veto on May 25, 2017 but was unable to obtain the votes. There is the possibility that Senator Lesniak may make another attempt for an override vote before the legislative session adjourns.
Tennessee Companion Bills: House Bill 265 and Senate Bill 282.  These bills, originally discussed in February's e-newsletter, would require a commercial dog breeder license of "any person who, during a twelve-month period, possesses or maintains ten or more intact female adult dogs for the primary purpose of selling their offspring as household pets." Tennessee had a 2009 law that dealt with licensing both dog and cat breeders that was later repealed. Because of that history, it is in the interest of cat fanciers to help defeat these bills. House Bill 265 is pending in the House subcommittee of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Senate Bill 282 is pending in the Senate Committee of Energy, Agriculture and Natural Resources. Although the Tennessee legislature is adjourned for 2017, these bills will carry-over to the 2018 legislative session.
New York Companion Bills: Assembly Bill 8142 and S904. These bill would change the definition of pet dealer and add the definition of Residential Breeder. A residential breeder "means a breeder who sell or offers to sell directly to consumers fewer than thirty animals per year, that are born or raised on the breeder's premises. A residential breeder shall not be deemed to be a pet dealer as a result of offering to sell such animals."  The bill also adds minimum standards of care, record keeping requirements and inspections of residential breeders. It has been referred to the Assembly Committee on Agriculture.
Several local governments have considered pet shop bans in some form this year. Manatee County, Florida is once again considering a pet shop ban. On June 6, 2017, a draft ordinance was referred to the county attorney for a legal opinion. Waleska, Georgia adopted a pet shop ban on May 22, 2017. Morristown, New Jersey has tabled the pet shop ban they are considering until June 13, 2017. Fanciers need to be alert to these type of ordinances as they often expand to impact small home-based breeders.

Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -  legislation@cfa.org  
Visit the  CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news.

by Karen Lawrence

Decorated plates, particularly those in Chinese porcelain, have long been considered collectibles. These plates are strictly for display purposes, rather than for food. Whether the design is a hand painted commemorative, or is mass produced, collectible plates come in a huge variety of designs and subjects. The Feline Historical Museum has recently opened an exhibit of over 150 plates that are dedicated to designs depicting the cat. The exhibit will be open until October 31st, 2018.

Above and left: just a few of the cat-themed plates that the Feline Historical Museum will have on display until October 31st

After a two month hiatus, we are hard at work again on The History Project. Our latest cat story is about BOGIE, an intriguing little brown cat born circa 1891, and resembling a cat of the Burmese breed - although she was born decades before the importation of what is generally considered to be the first of the breed, WONG MAU.  
You can read about Bogie and her owners, The Duke and Duchess of Bedford, at http://cat-o-pedia.org/bogie.html.
Jimmy Thompson - Retirement Reflections
by Kathy Black

In 1951 Jimmy went to his first cat show with his mother, Gertrude Thompson, the very first Houston Cat Club show. His first Judging Assignment was also at the Houston Cat Club show where he judged over 200 household pets. We honored Jimmy at his last judging assignment also at a Houston show, our Regional Banquet and show, June 10-11, 2017.
Jimmy with Willa Hawke

We started the weekend with a hospitality suite where over 75 people came to hear Jimmy's stories, share some cake, and party. The next day was Jim's last judging assignment. It was bittersweet for everyone. There was cake again, everyone had to have their photo with their winning cat, Jimmy told stories, and again we all laughed and cried.   Jimmy told me when he looked out into the crowd he would remember many of the friends from the past that are no longer with us.

At our Awards Banquet Jimmy was presented with a photo book containing pictures from the past and present. Everyone in the show hall had written him a message inside. Leesa Altschul presented Jimmy with the cards she has been collecting from fellow judges and exhibitors from around the globe.

Jimmy was presented with a new award in the Gulf Shore Region by Regional Director Kathy Black. He was awarded the "Willa Hawke Lifetime Service Award." He was very surprised and honored to be associated with Willa, a dear friend for many years. His mother also won a similar award from the Region, so he felt this really did close the full circle of his career with CFA.

Jimmy retires after 40 years of judging. He served on many committees and as a Board Member. We will miss him and his stories, but Jim believes this is the time to retire. He and his wife Stephanie will be seen at our Colorado show and we wish them happiness in their life and travels. Jimmy blessed us with the following "May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."
CFA Ambassador Cats
by Karen Lane
A-Cats Program Chair

CFA A-Cat Program
Special Announcement.

The CFA Coloring Book is coming to Chicago!

One year ago, at the Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, the A-Cat Program announced that we would be producing a coloring book for CFA. This is the first CFA publication of it's kind, and a true journey for those involved with it. This coloring book is a primer for children and families about the care of their kitty. It is also about the responsibilities of feline ownership. A true blend of entertainment and education. Ideas were gathered from within the A-Cat community for this book.

Now one year later, at the CFA Annual Meeting, in Chicago, we plan to launch the newest outreach publication for CFA; the book is called "Caring for your Kitty". For the A-Cats, and other CFA Programs, this is another tool to bring people to CFA and to learn what we are all about. There will be copies of the book for everyone to take home, to show your clubs. There will be information about how your club can be involved in getting this special book for your shows and other events.

We found a wonderful artist, Austen Redinger, who will be with us for the book launch in Chicago. He will be available to autograph your personal copy of the coloring book, after the book presentation, at the delegate meeting. The idea of having a coloring book has been bounced around CFA for many years, we wanted to "get it right".

Please, it you are attending the Annual Meeting in Chicago, whether you are a delegate or not, come join the meeting to see "Caring for your Kitty" unveiled. It has been tough keeping the book a secret, because we are so proud of this latest A-Cat achievement.

See you in the Windy City.
Youth Feline Education Program
by Carmen Johnson-Lawrence

What an exciting year! Congratulations to all the youth participants on a successful show season.

Their current successes are the foundation on which a very bright future will be built. The program was designed to let the young people of CFA determine their own path through various activities in hopes that they will find themselves in the hobby they love and in life in general. All youth have accomplished a great deal this year from working at the shows, showing their feline companions, volunteering in animal shelters, to promoting CFA in the most positive light to the general public, among many other activities!

The positive attitudes these youth people have exhibited all year have given us some great moments and wonderful memories to be shared with family, friends, and the cat fancy in general. The contributions made by each of them will be felt for years to come.

It gives the program great pleasure to recognize all the Regional Winners. The regional awards are being presented at all the regional awards banquets so please cheer on the winners as they are the future of CFA. Note, not all Regional Awards Banquets have been celebrated at the time of this publication...some members may not know so surprises are good! Divisional National Awards will also be presented at the regional celebrations. The overall national winner will be announced during the CFA Annual!

YFEP also extends a huge welcome to all the new participants in the program and are very proud of all the kids. Please join the program in congratulating the future of CFA on their accomplishments.
Edward Goatseay and Abigail Vaughn at Garden State Cat Show, July 2016

Northwest Region
1st - Adeline Moss - Lions Division
2nd - Zaden Moss - Lions Division

1 st - Abbey Berry (Bendixen) - Cats Division 

Great Lakes Region
1st - Sophia Barnard-DeCann - Cubs Division

1st - Edward Goatseay - Lions Division
2nd - Alex Akers - Lions Division
3rd - Skyla Coish - Lions Division

1st - Rebecca Gibson - Cats Division

Southwest Region
1st - Payton Gomez - Lions Division
2nd - Ethan Wright - Lions Division

1st - Conner Wright - Cats Division

Midwest Region
1st - Allison Stoltz - Lions Division
2nd - Asha Weier - Lions Division

1st - Najeh Weier - Cats Division

1st - Emily Conway - Seniors Division
Payton Gomez with judge Rachel Anger Food and Water Bowl Cat Show, San Diego Cat Fanciers, in Del Mar, CA January 28-29 2017

Southern Region
1st - Abigail Vaughan - Cubs Division

1st - Chandler Bussey - Seniors Division

International Division
MD Amzar Deni Arjhad - Lions Division
Nur Quraatu "Ain" Bte Mohamed Japri - Lions Division

Nura Salsabila Binte Zulkifli - Cubs Division
Izz Danish Bin Mazian - Cats Division

Trina Ang - Cats Division
Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of OAPHHT.  There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at https://www.motel6.com/en/cp/cat-fanciers-association.html or you may call 800-466-8356.



Budget Car Rental
Link to Avis


Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by John Adelhoch,  Regional Director 

As we think back at our last show season, I hope we all have memories of exciting wins. Old and new friends, and those friends who are no longer with us. Our Region lost our jubilant Carol Schwartz. Yes those sparking eyes that greeted us at so many shows, that bubbly personality she loved to share with all of us. Especially when one of her Americans or Bobtails made a final! She was a true gift to all of us in the Region and CFA.  Those of us that really knew her and her personnel life are sure that Mr. Lincoln is waiting to greet her at those heavenly gates.

As the new show season started at the Seacoast show in New Hampshire, and what a wonderful example of what a club and its members can do.   This New England club, along with many other New England based clubs, just always seem to astound me.   It shows in the faces of all the visitors that attended on both days! Parade of breed, raffles, face painting and so much more for our exhibitors and guest.  Kudos to all!

As we go forward into this show season, let's all see how many new friends we can make, and try to put our best kitty feet forward. It's a time to rejuvenate our interest in our beautiful cats, and to show them to their true potential.  Get yourself and your kitties out to as many shows as you can, help support our Region, and at the same time show off our glorious cats.

Well onward to Chicago, as Mr. Blues Eyes would say, "you'll lose the blues in Chicago". Yes this year's Annual is in that "toddlin' town". Hope to see as many of you that are able be there, especially to cheer all those NAR winners. Let's have an Ab Fab time!

Remember those are the BEST of times, so get out there and LIVE!

Region 2
Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary  

The CFA Northwest Region held their Annual Regional Awards Banquet this past weekend in Canyonville, Oregon at the Seven Feathers Casino and Hotel. This is a fantastic venue located in beautiful southern Oregon. The concept was to hold the banquet equidistant from Washington, Oregon and Northern California. The facility featured many fine restaurants along with the gambling. We thought the free soda and coffee was rather nice. There was also a Wildlife Reserve and golf course nearby.

Our Star Award winner this year is Jeff Hempe. Jeff has shown Maine Coons in Premiership. He attained a NW and Grand Premier of Distinction on his cat Syracoon Aslan the Lionhearted. Actually we consider Jeff the "Lionhearted" for hauling Aslan to the local shows as he weighs in the neighborhood of 28 pounds. Jeff is very kind and friendly. He takes time to talk about his cat and the Maine Coon breed with any and all spectators. He usually has a big audience when he brings Aslan to the shows. Jeff is the epitome of a great exhibitor and it is wonderful to honor him with this award.

We had several National Winners this year:
  • GC, BWR, NW, Tsar Blu's Ziggy Znow (Russian Blue) Br: Donna Fuller & Tasha Lions Ow: Donna Fuller
  • GC, NW Cinema's Yipes Stripes (Brown Tabby Persian) Br/Ow: Blake Mayes & Dennis Adler
  • GC. NW Permarex Boogie Child of Jobara (GEW Devon Rex) Br: Anita & Don Hendrikson Ow: Barbara M. Irie & Jade Noelani Kleider
  • GC, GP, NW RK Gems Petula Amazonite (Silver Tabby & White ASH) Br: Kay & Randy Bertrand, Lessee Ow: Kay & Randy Bertrand
  • GP, NW Cinemas Cabaret of Bombshell (Tortoiseshell Persian) Br: C Stewart, B Mayes & D Adler Ow: Felicia Walker
  • GC, GP, NW Jobara's Opal Natural Silver Mink Mackerel Tabby Devon Rex) Br:/Ow: Barbara M. Irie & Jade Noelani Kleider

Personally I was thrilled to see the number of new exhibitors get their first regional wins. It was exciting just to see the joy and happiness on their faces.

Another highlight was the presentation to our Regional Director, Pam Moser. She works tirelessly to keep the region going and productive. Since being our RD, she has been responsible for a Region 2 CFA Annual and is working on the production of this year's International that will be held in Portland, Oregon. She keeps all of us organized and on our toes. Pictured (right) is the trophy, along with flowers, that was awarded her at the banquet. 

Region 3
by Kathy Black, Regional Director   

June 10th and 11th, Region 3 held their first show of the new show season with our Regional Awards banquet and cat show. It was a very busy and event packed weekend. The show was held at the Hyatt, North Houston hotel which was very convenient for both the judges and the exhibitors. Having everything under one roof saved a lot of driving and packing.

The weekend started with a hospitality party on Friday night to honor Jimmy Thompson for his last judging assignment after 40 years of judging. Cyndi Gutierrez presented Jimmy with a huge cake, there were lots of stories told, and lots of fun.  

On Saturday, Jim judged his last cat show for CFA and for our Region. It was bitter sweet as Jim reflected on his career, those which are no longer with us, and the wonderful times he has had handling cats and being involved with the cat fancy. Again, there were stories, laughter and tears throughout the day.

Jimmy Thompson with Carolyn Owen (left) and former regional director Betty Haden (right)

Saturday night at the awards banquet, Jimmy was presented with a memorial photo book, cards from around the world, and the initial recipient of the Willa Hawke Lifetime Service award. Jimmy was surprised and honored to be associated with his dear friend Willa.

The banquet was very well attended with 13 full tables of celebrants as we celebrated our Regional winners. The decorations, the festive atmosphere, the beautiful awards, the music and the meal were all perfection. People exclaimed it was the best banquet meal they have ever been served.  Sincere gratitude to the hard-working team of people who were behind the successful banquet: Mike Altschul, Leesa Altschul, Toni Huff, Donna Hinton, Chris Willingham, Crystal Wood, Sheryl Zink, Jan & Jim Rogers  with PPN, Inc., Richard Katris - Chanan, and emcees Becky Galloway, Cyndi Gutierrez, and Harold Bourgeois.
Chris Willingham, Sheryl Zink, Donna Hinton, Pat Idleman, Toni Huff, Crystal Wood, Leesa Altschul, and Mike Altschul

Sunday completed the cat show with many "New Grand" heard throughout the day. Thank you to everyone in attendance for this special weekend.

The next show in the Gulf Shore Region will be a 6x6 with one of our longstanding clubs and a new club. Stars & Stripes Cat Club and Magnolia State Cat Club will be hosting their 12 ring show July 8-9, 2017 in Conroe, Texas. Conroe is very near Houston Intercontinental airport which is very convenient for those flying to this show.

Other upcoming shows include:
August 26 - Alexandria, LA
September 30 - Denver, CO
October 28 - Cleburne, TX

Region 4
by John Colilla, Regional Director
Our region is very active in social media. We are a member of Pinterest and have our own Facebook page. You can check out what is going on in our region through these social media sites at: https://www.facebook.com/cfagreatlakes and https://www.pinterest.com/carmencitamarie/great-lakes-region-cfa/ 

Show Announcement
The Great Lakes Region would like to welcome you to our Regional Celebration Show and Award Banquet. We doubled the size of our show hall this year and have increased our entry limit to 350.  We have plenty of room for vendors this year and will also be having a fantastic raffle table with great prizes to be won.
Please join us in celebrating all of the 2016-2017 winners this year at our banquet. We will be offering door prizes after the banquet so be sure to stick around for the whole thing as winners must be present. We will have a Sturdi cage, three $50 bills, a $50 Petsmart gift card and an original art piece by Kathy Treleani. Everyone who purchases a meal at the banquet will be automatically entered in the drawing. Whether you order chicken, beef or salmon the price is $50.
Reservation forms and banquet information can be found on our region's website
Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:
More information can be found online at www.catshows.us/greatlakesregional/  
  • June 24-25 - Great Lakes Regional Award Show, Akron OH 6AB, 2SP, 8HHP and Agility
  • July 8-9    -- Triple Crown Cat Fanciers, Lexington KY 7AB, 3SP, 10 HHP and Agility
  • July 22     -- Motor City Jazz Club, MI 5AB, 1SP
  • July 29     -- GEMS/Sternwheel Cat Fanciers, Jeffersonville OH, 4AB, 2SP
  • July 30     -- Sternwheel Cat Fanciers/GEMS, Jeffersonville OH, 4AB, 2SP

Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 

Superstition Cat Fanciers put on an absolutely fantastic show in Phoenix
over Memorial Day weekend. Although competition was fierce, the show was
friendly, fun and festive. Thanks to all the club members and exhibitors
for making this happen.

The Southwest Region welcomes exhibitors to visit us for a new show on
July 22. Produced by the Slinky Cats club the show is conveniently
located in Lakewood, CA, just 20 miles from LAX.
Region 6
by Mary Auth, Midwest Regional Director

Before you know, CFA's annual meeting in Chicago will be upon us. If you have a few free days, you might try to nab tickets to the award winning "Hamilton" musical.  Hook up with an online service that offers last minutes seats. While we cannot predict the weather, a walk along the lake will always be pleasant or you can dash over to Navy Pier. And be sure to check out the "bean" in Millennium Park, a very short walk south of the hotel.

But most importantly, join the Midwest Region for our Friday night hospitality night where Chicago-style food is on the menu and the laughter of the Family Feud audience is in the air. Family Feud - Regional Style - where regions 1-7 and 9 compete for cash prizes.  In addition to the top prizes, four special categories will honor the region with the best themed-team, the best fan base, the most enthusiastic team and the most popular team, determined by the applause meter. Round one begins at 7:30 with Region 4 going up against Region 5. Come cheer your team.  Brian Pearson serves as the host of the game.  He will keep you entertained and hopping. The evening caps off with a DJ and dancing.
Another regional hosted party takes place on Saturday afternoon from 2 to 4 - by invitation if you have joined the Cool Cat Crew.  With your $50 membership you really get to play the "cool cat" with felt fedora hat with the special pin attached. A custom wine glass is included, as well as a membership card - and free admission to the House of Blues late night blues party on Thursday.  You can still purchase a membership during delegate check-in on Thursday.
You can spot your Midwest Region's hosts. They will be wearing the Midwest is Best button.
See you in Chicago. 

Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

The Southern Region celebrated our annual awards show and banquet this past weekend in Roanoke, Virginia. Our regional committee did a great job of coordinating everything and putting together a nice show (in a beautiful new show hall we hope to use again) and banquet event that everyone enjoyed. 

We debuted the fundraising pin for the Annual at the show on Sunday. Designed by Teresa Keiger, it features our Southern Star cat logo, a magnolia branch as a symbol of the South, along with the host city name. They are available for $20 from myself and exhibitors from all over the region. PLUS we'll ship them to you if you'd like to purchase more than 5 (so get together with some friends!). We will also have plenty at the Annual in Chicago. Email me for details.

During the banquet, the region honored not only its top cats, but gave several of its outstanding exhibitors special awards!
Exhibitors of the Year: Cynthia Lewis and Charlene Munro (first time we have ever honored 2 exhibitors in one year!)
Clerk of the Year: Bob Belfatto
Special Service Award: Charlotte Shelburne

Then we were dealt an unexpected blow. Havana Brown Breeder, fellow club member and friend, Shelly Ducharme, passed away on Saturday night. Shelly had recently suffered from a serious illness (pulmonary embolisms) but I know how much she wanted to be there. Because we knew that Shelly would have wanted us to, we continued with the banquet presentations. It was hard but we did it. In the coming weeks, please remember her husband, Frank O'Connor, in your prayers! In true CFA style, many have already stepped up and offered assistance. As we receive updates, I will put out details on our Southern Region and CFA lists, as well as Facebook.

A sobering reminder of how we never know.... Don't sweat the small stuff - love your friends and family, and give your kitties all a hug !
Region 8
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Region 9
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International Division
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