May 2018
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Featured Cat
Our banner cat for May is CFA's Best Kitten GC, NW BRIAR-MAR READY AIM FIRE!, a red tabby Manx - Shorthair Division male.

(photo by Chanan)

Wondering about the status of your NW and BW photos, and wished you could check without needing to email Shelly and ask?  

Good news!  Just check the following links, and you will be able to see immediately whether she has received them.


May 18
Duplicate orders for NW awards and rosettes due in order to be picked up at the banquet.

May 25
National Awards sponsorships deadline for recognition at the banquet

June 1
CFA Officers and Regional Directors ballot must be POASTMARKED or EMAILED by this date. 

June 1
Deadline for Delegate Book Ads received by Allene Tartaglia

June 10
Deadline for submissions for On The Road Again to Cheryl Coleman

June 21
Deadline for the Annual Banquet dinner reservations


It's May! A new show season with new cats, new faces, and new breeds! This is always such an exciting time of year.

Across the world, exhibitors from the previous season are pulling together photos, making reservations, and making lots and LOTS of preparations for the various regional awards banquets and national awards banquet in Atlanta. There's so much behind the scenes work taking place to make these festivities happen, and I encourage folks to take a moment and says "thanks" when you're making your submissions and reservations.

Speaking of which..there's a lot of deadlines quickly coming up! Check the timeline later on in this newsletter or at the Annual website, and refer to your own region's website for regional details.


The 2017-2018 show season has wrapped and I hope you had a successful show season, met your goals, and had a great time. Next up are the Regionals and the Annual. The owners of the winning cats need to get their photos submitted, banquet reservations made, find that special outfit to wear, etc.

From CFA's perspective it was another successful year. Our fiscal year is the same as the show season. It is too soon to know the final figures financially for the year; however, all indications are that it was another good year. We invested in expanding our staff and have plans to continue to do that in the new year so we can provide quick, quality service to our customers. We recently hired a new Marketing/PR staff person. Welcome Desiree Bobby. We have seen a decline in registrations and entries in North America and I know Mary Auth, chair of our Marketing Committee, and Desiree have plans to address this. We also have plans to improve our computer system in the coming months.

The Board of Directors in encouraging CFA clubs to work with clubs from other associations, called In-Conjunction Shows, when sharing expenses for showhalls, cages, advertising, etc. can benefit both clubs. As incentive, CFA has set aside some funds for the first few clubs to commit to such shows. That is in addition to the $1,000 available to every CFA show. Each Regional Director also has $2,000 available this year for new shows added to the schedule. Thus, an In-Conjunction Show may be eligible for up to $3,000 in financial assistance from CFA. Check with CFA's Deputy Director, Verna Dobbins, for eligibility requirements.

Speaking of CFA sponsorships, there are a couple requirements. One is the use of a specially designated CFA logo. This logo needs to appear on the official show flyer and the catalog cover. I have noticed many are using both this logo as well as the routine CFA logo. Clubs do not need to use both CFA logos. Simply use the one shown here.

I note that the new show season marks the inclusion of the Bengals in our Championship classes. With two weekends in the new year, there is already a first Grand Champion for this breed. We welcome the Bengal breeders to our shows and look forward to seeing many competing. We also look forward to seeing Lykoi and Khao Manee in the Miscellaneous Class at our upcoming shows.

I hope to see many of you at the upcoming Annual in Atlanta if not before.


Terri Barry
CFA Executive Director

The 2017/2018 show season is now one for the history books. I would like to extend a thank you to all the judges that brought back show packages from the overseas shows and mailed them to C.O. All shows from the last weekend of the show season were received by the following Thursday afternoon with all shows scored by that Friday. C.O.'s scoring team tries hard to have all shows scored as close to the end of the show season as possible and all worked many hours to meet this goal.

Annual Meeting Countdown
It's hard to believe the 2018 Annual meeting and Awards Banquet are fast approaching. C.O. staff is working closely with staff at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia in Atlanta Georgia for a seamless and enjoyable event. As a reminder, the dates this year are June 28th - July 1st. There is still the opportunity to sponsor National Wins and Breed Wins to honor your favorite breed or cat from this past season. You can do so online here  . Be sure to place your sponsorship by May 25, 2018 so you can receive full recognition. For those interested in duplicate trophies or rosettes you need to order them by May 18th to ensure they can be picked up at the Annual. Orders received after this date will incur a $25.00 surcharge.

In closing, Allene, I and others from C.O. will see you in Atlanta. Travel safe and to all, good luck in the new show season.
CFA International Cat Show Judges
Judges Selected !

CFA's clubs have voted on the judges to officiate at this year's show.  They will later be assigned to Allbreed, Specialty, or Super Specialty rings.  The 16 selected judges are from eight of our nine Regions.  They are, in alphabetical order:

Larry Adkison
Rachel Anger
Carla Bizzell
Kathy Black
Kenny Currle
Diana Doernberg
Marilee Griswold
Wain Harding
Ellyn Honey
Melanie Morgan
Brian Moser
Darrell Newkirk
Vicki Nye
Brian Pearson
Peter Vanwonterghem
Russell Webb
Alternate: Anne Mathis

Meet the CFA Central Office Staff!
Kay Chamberlain

interview by Geri Fellerman 

Kay first joined our happy family in September of 2014. At that time, she worked on registrations, clubs, and show licenses. She has since moved on to the bookkeeping department and working with Breed Council renewals and the like.

Prior to joining CFA and after attending Kent State University, Kay worked in a book store and spent time doing volunteer work at a crisis center.

Each day begins with going through a myriad of emails and occasionally making calls regarding credit card payment glitches (often the result of transposed or missing numbers).

After work each day, Kay goes home to her two wonderful kitties, Salem and Emma, who are the light of her life. She loves reading, especially classic literature. A trained musician, Kay plays flute, clarinet, violin and piano. While Kay thoroughly enjoyed her visit to a local cat show, she is really looking forward to attending the International Show in October where she plans to do a lot of shopping for her "kids."

While I couldn't elicit a single complaint about her job from Kay, she did indicate a definite fondness for her coworkers and the pleasure she gets from helping so many people each day.

Only 1 month until the
CFA Annual Meeting
June 27-July 1, 2018

Crowne Plaza
Atlanta Perimeter Ravinia
Atlanta, GA
information continually updated at 
The CFA Southern Region welcomes you to Atlanta!

Don't forget to be finalizing your plans now!

Complete information about all of the happenings can be found on the CFA Annual website and we would like to tell you about a couple of special items.

The 100 Peaches Fundraiser - ONLY A FEW REMAIN!
 Only 100 people will have the opportunity to be our very special guests at the Annual. Perks include:
  • a limited edition Peach pin
  • reserved seating at Friday's annual meeting
  • admission to "Suite Georgia Peach" Thursday through Saturday evenings.
Read all about how you can be a part of this exclusive fundraiser, or contact Annual Chair   Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell. 

The CFA Delegate Bag...we're looking for your swag! We are giving EVERYONE the opportunity to contribute items to the bag that delegates receive at meeting check in. It's a great way for clubs to advertise themselves and their shows, and individuals to celebrate their past season with other. 

In addition, the region is planning on purchasing a few cool items for the delegate bag, so if you are considering making a cash donation, you can send the funds by PayPal or check. Details can be found here

 But hurry - it takes time for all that great swag to get here, so don't wait. Contact Regional Treasurer Karen Boyce to make a donation or donate via PayPal. Contact Trish Blees for other bag-related details.  D ownload complete details on the delegate bag here. 

Speaking about sharing news...don't forget that you can advertise your club, cattery, or show in the CFA Delegate Book. It's easier than passing out flyers! A full page black and white show flyer ad is only $35 and color is $70! Full page, 1/2 page, 1/4 page and business card ads in black and white and color are also available. Deadline to submit your ad is June 1. Here is a link to more detail.

NEW! Figure out where you need to be before you get to the Annual! A floorplan of the meeting hall/banquet room, and where to pick up trophies is here.  

CFA Judging Program

Judging Program Committee changes and advancements from the April 24th , CFA Board Meeting:

Leave of Absence

Pat Jacobberger - Medical Leave of Absence extended until July 31, 2018. We wish PJ a speedy recovery.


Emiko Misugi to LH Apprentice, 1st specialty
Wendy Heidt to SH Approval Pending, 2nd specialty
Teo Vargas to LH Approval Pending, 1st Specialty
Nicholas Pun LH Approved, 2nd specialty and Approval Pending Allbreed
Kit Fung to Approved Allbreed
Marilee Griswold to Approved Allbreed
Suki Lee to Approved Allbreed

Congratulations to our advancing judges on a job well done!


Bob Molino
We were saddened to learn that long-time Colorpoint and Siamese breeder and retired CFA Allbreed Bob Molino passed away Saint Patrick's Day weekend.

Bob had a long and distinguished career in the Navy and working in Washington for the Navy Department, but his real love was his cats and being a part of the cat fancy. Bob and his partner Bernie Hartman bred Siamese and Colorpoint Shorthairs under the cattery name "Sanlino." He bred and showed to a National Win in the 1982-83 season, seal point Siamese female: GC, NW Sanlino Mary Queen of Scotts. Then Bob turned his hand to CPSHs and was the first to produce parti-color and solid point CPSH National winners: in the 1998-99 show season his parti-color - GC, BW, NW Sanlino Sophie Tortie, DM; in the 2001-2002 show season his solid point (cream point) - GC, BW, NW Sanlino American Beauty, and in the 2003-2004 season his parti-color - GC, BW, NW Sanlino Thoroughly Tortie Millie. Bob also enjoyed mentoring newbie exhibitor/breeders in his chosen breeds.

Bob joined the CFA Judging Program in 1983, retiring in 2014. Since his bout with MERSA after hip replacement surgery, and his retirement from the CFA judging program after 30 years of judging, Bob had been dealing with health issues that kept him from traveling far from home and visiting his friends at the cat shows. He continued to enjoy talking to his friends on the phone and hearing all the news about the fancy.
Jess Insall
Jess Insall passed away on March 21st in Tulsa, OK. He is survived by his wife, Sylvia Kraushaar Insall. He and Sylvia showed Burmese and were members of the Gulf Shore Region. Jess and his mother, Dovie bred and showed Burmese cats during the 1960's and 70's under the Arab'n Nts prefix. He was a member of the CFA judging panel serving as a Shorthair Specialty judge from 1976 to 1984. He also served in the United States Air Force from 1952 to 1956 in charge of finances. One of their regional winning cats in 2002 was GP/RW Charliecats Gemini Gal of Arab'N Nts.
Miriam Faulkner
Retired CFA Allbreed Judge Emeritus, Miriam Faulkner, died May 1, 2018 at the tender age of 101. Her Grandyl cattery was well known for her Siamese cats and she especially loved her frost points (now lilac points). She lived in Rochester, NY and spent considerable time and effort supporting the local cat clubs with both entries and show production. She was an active participant in organizing Annual Meetings in the North Atlantic Region and accepted and completed her assignments. What wasn't as well known was her willingness to help newer, less experienced people work their ways through the labyrinth of how to best breed and show cats. This she did tirelessly throughout her lengthy years of service. Many people in the cat fancy today credit Miriam as one of the reasons they remained.

Although she was a petit, diminutive woman with a quiet voice, her contributions at CFA Annual Meetings were always heard loud and clear when she had something to say that was important to her. A respected allbreed judge, she entered the CFA Judging Program in 1967 and retired in 2002.

She was loved by many and will be missed by all who knew her well. RIP.

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Information can be found  here or email  Shelly Borawski with any questions.


The 2019 Yearbook will feature cats that have become a Grand, Grand of Distinction and Distinguished Merit during the show season of May 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018. If you haven't yet sent in your photo and payment to be included in this fine publication, please do so now. You can email everything to or mail it to Cat Fanciers Association, Inc., 260 East Main Street, Alliance OH 44601, ATTN: Publications.The deadline is August 22, 2018. 


Picture your 2017-2018 Regional Winner for $32.00 in the special Regional Winner section of the 2019 Yearbook. This special section will feature the cat's picture, and list the award, cat's name, description, breeder and owner. Don't miss this opportunity. Email a high resolution digital to   and make your payment here

Any questions please contact Shelly Borawski - - 732-492-7216

Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger

Layout is almost complete for the June issue of Cat Talk, and I'm very excited about this issue! Our theme is "New Beginnings" as it's our first issue of the new show season. Exhibitors will see a couple of new breeds in the show hall this year, so we have a brief overview of the Khao Manee and the Lykoi, and an article about exactly how CFA accepts and progresses a breed through to championship status. Speaking of "new," we take a look at the CFA NewBee Program for new exhibitors. And to help get clubs off on the right foot this new show season, Kathryn Brady shows us how to create a show flyer in compliance with CFA show rules.

PLUS: more about estate planning, more on using social media (this time Groupon) to promote your clubs shows, what you don't know about...Cornish Rex. an intrepid kitten named Taliban George made his way from Afghanistan to the USA. 

So...if you're not subscribing to Cat Talk, that's just a part of what you'll miss next month!
Remember that you can subscribe to either the print or the online version of Cat Talk. It's available online through the Kindle Newsstand or through Magzter. Complete ordering information is here

Winn Logo

by Lorraine Shelton

A list of our donors contributing $100 or more in April is available here

WINNing Numbers ~ 40 and 50
Please register    and join Winn in Atlanta for our   40th   Annual Symposium on June 28th from 4 to 6:30 pm.The theme this year is "Perplexing Paradigms in Feline Medicine." Learn more about treating infectious diarrhea in cats and new thoughts about feline leukemia virus testing. You can email your questions for Drs. Katie Tolbert and Melissa Beall ahead of the Symposium to: .
Our symposium will be followed by a 50th Anniversary celebration, sponsored by IDEXX Laboratories. Appetizers, sweets, refreshments and great conversations await! Win "Winn"   prizes during the celebration and get to know our Executive Director, board members, and speakers.
2018 Winn Grant Review:
Winn Feline Foundation is pleased to announce the award of eleven grants funded through the generous support of private and corporate donations from around the world. Followingour special Shelter Medicine review which funded three studies for $73,807, Winn also awarded $230,264 for a final total amount of $304,071 in grants for a diverse group of health studies. The grants include infectious disease research related to FIP, FeLV, and toxoplasmosis. In addition, Winn awarded grants for investigating new therapies for lung and oral cancers affecting cats, identifying a new pain pathway for arthritis and a new biomarker for HCM, determining cat feeding behaviors for the management of body weight, and further evaluating the genetic basis of amyloidosis in Siamese/Oriental and Abyssinian/Somali breeds.
One exciting study hopes to develop tools to characterize cat populations (e.g. indoor, outdoor, shelter) in order to accurately estimate population sizes and to evaluate management impacts. These tools may be used to monitor trap-neuter-return programs, for example, resulting in improved management protocols and positive outcomes for cats and local ecosystems.
Loving Legacy tip for May by George Eigenhauser
There is a saying: "The only thing that doesn't change, is things will always change".  You should review and update your estate plan whenever there are significant changes in your circumstances or the law.  For example, older estate plans may include provisions to maximize Federal or state tax deduction or exemption amounts which may no longer be appropriate or necessary. 
Significant changes may occur in your life; the lives of your spouse, heirs and beneficiaries.  You should also review your personal representatives such as your Executor, Trustee, Guardians for children, conservators, any attorney in fact, custodian for your pets or others charged with carrying out your wishes.  Life changes may include moving to a new home (especially in another state), marriages, divorces, births, deaths, adoptions, children reaching the age of majority, health-related issues, college, or finances.  Changes in finances might include a new job, filing for disability, retirement, inheritances or other windfalls, starting or selling a business, financial setbacks, buying or selling property, changes in the nature or location of your assets or even changes in your income tax situation. 
Of course, you should review your estate plan whenever your priorities or desires regarding your estate plan change as well.  Even if you aren't sure if changes are significant, experts recommend you review your estate plan at least once every 3-5 years.

For any questions, please contact .

Flying With Pets Becomes More Difficult and Other Legislative News (CO, KS, OH, IN)

Fanciers may find flying with their pets more difficult after a dog suffocated in an overhead bin on a United Airlines flight recently. A mother was traveling with her newborn and other children along with their properly-ticketed brachycephalic French bulldog contained in an airline approved carrier on a long, turbulent flight. A flight attendant allegedly placed the carrier in an overhead bin unaware it contained a dog, resulting in its death. The crisis response from United Airlines to the incident was to develop a new pet flight policy banning brachycephalic breeds from flying with its PetSafe program including Burmese, Exotic Shorthairs, Himalayans and Persians. The social media outcry to the tragedy has spurred more than just corporate policy changes though. The Frenchie's death has also led to criminal investigations by Houston and New York prosecutors as well as legislation in the U.S. Congress and the New York State Legislature (Murphy, ). 

While one would not expect to have to legislate common sense, fanciers have often seen flurries of legislative activity after such events. In response to the tragedy, U.S. Congressman Dan Donovan (NY-11) introduced H.R. 5315, the Planes Ensuring Total Safety (PETS) Act that would ban putting animals in the overhead bin ( Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) is championing the U.S. Senate companion bill S.B. 2556 - Welfare of Our Furry Friends (WOOFF) Act (Murphy). In New York, State Senator Marisol Alcantara (D-31) introduced Senate Bill 8006 that would establish the pet passenger bill of rights if enacted. Senate Bill 8006 sets forth minimum standards for pets traveling on airlines. According to Murphy, activists are geared up to pursue the matter in the other 49 states whatever the outcome of the NY legislation. Pursuing this at the state level could result in every state having different laws increasing the possibility more airlines will refuse air travel for pets.
Other Legislation
Colorado : Fanciers in Colorado familiar with the Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act (PACFA) may recall that it is undergoing sunset review and is scheduled for repeal on September 1, 2019. PACFA authorizes the Commissioner of Agriculture to regulate pet breeders, sellers and others. In addition to licensing procedures, PACFA established facility and care requirements for the animals cared for by the licensee. In an effort to eliminate the sunset review and continue PACFA indefinitely Senator Beth Martinez Humenik (R-24) sponsored S.B. 227 but requested consideration of the bill be postponed indefinitely after the first committee hearing. Absent enactment of this bill or other legislation that would change existing law; the current sunset review will be completed in the fiscal year 2018-19. The legislature may then choose to act upon the recommendations contained in the sunset review.
Kansas : First discussed in the What's Hot February 2018, now enacted H.B. 2477 increases the licensing fees for hobby breeders from $95 to an amount not to exceed $250 and subjects licensed premises to inspection at reasonable times with or without notice. It also removes the provision that premises licensed under the Kansas Pet Animal Act would not be required to pay for more than one license.
Ohio : The first of two dog breeder bills discussed herein, H.B. 506 would lower the threshold of "high volume breeder" requirements if enacted, requiring more breeders to be licensed and regulated. The bill has passed the House and is currently in the Senate Committee on Agriculture. Cat fanciers should support dog breeders in opposing legislation detrimental to their hobby as it is easy to add cats to breeder bills. Fanciers can keep tabs on this bill through the AKC Government Relations Legislative Alert page ( ).
Indiana : The second dog breeder bill, H.B. 1386 did not make it out of the House Committee on Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development before session adjournment on March 14, 2018. Had it been enacted the threshold requirements necessary to require licensing as a commercial breeder would have been greatly reduced.

Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -  
Visit the  CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news.

by Karen Lane
CFA Ambassador Cats Program Chair

The CFA Ambassador Cat Program welcomes another new member! Meet Margie Smith.

Margie lives in New Oxford, Pennsylvania, Region 4.  She has been acting like an Ambassador Cat for the past 3 or 4 years - mostly in Region 7.  She loves her Maine Coons and loves telling people about her breed and CFA.  Just recently Margie decided to make it official and join this amazing group of people and cats, doing an fantastic job educating people about pedigreed cats and their ownership.

Margie has been mentored by two well-respected, long-standing A-Cat members, Donna Ensor and Joel and Camile Chaney.  Her new CFA Ambassador Cat is GC Dewisplear Mael Mayfair.   When you see Margie at the cat shows, say hello and get to know her.

CFA Ambassadors
Candilee Jackson
CFA Ambassador Chair

Here is it, May, and I'm still hearing about 20" of snow in Idaho, and the Midwest had one of the chilliest "springs" on record, and now St Louis has jumped into summer, with temps rockin' the 90s! Welcome to the brand-new show season! Ambassadors are thrilled for the outcome of the last show season, having made tons of new friends and distributed hundreds of coloring books and feline educational materials. I'm so proud of everyone's efforts: we are truly the Face of CFA!

Region 1: Chris Jeune
A huge thank you to our hard-working Pet Me Cats and their ambassador humans who represented CFA so very well at our Seacoast Cat Club show, held May 5-6, 2018, in Concord, NH.  

People_s Choice award winner Gus
People's Choice award winner Gus

Flurry and one of his admirers
Ambassadors hosted ten Pet Me! Cats benched in the two first rows, and a few in the general benching area, all boasting Pet Me! Cat yellow pennants.  Also present was the super friendly and beautiful CFA Ambassador Cat, a Bombay named Lucious Lyon, owned by Jeri Zottoli.  He stood out in his beautiful orange shelter and wowed our guests.  A great addition to our PMCs this year was Dawn Ten Hoeve's amazing Wiggles, an HHP with Cerebellar Hypoplasia which is a brain condition that affects feline motor skills.  He loved being held and petted, and was always surrounded by adoring fans.  Dawn did a great job educating the public on his condition, and how a 
cat with CH can live a normal life with some help from  their 
owners and should never be put down to due having CH.  Although I was personally an "unofficial PMC ambassador" this year as my cat and kitten were new to showing, of course, I let anyone who was interested pet and hold my outgoing and fearless kitten.  When I let a young girl put Flurry into a ring, she exclaimed to her mom..."See mommy!  Showing cats is easy!"
Aside from PMCs, the show included lots of fun events for exhibitors and for our spectator s.  We believe spectators who have an opportunity to participate in our events experience first-hand how much fun showing a cat can be, 
voting for their favorite cat with our popular Spectator's Choice Award. This year there was an exciting very close win between a lovely Maine Coon named Gus owned by Sheila Walters and Dawn's Wiggles, the HHP with CH, who came in with just one vote less than Gus.   We awarded a second Amazon gift certificate to Dawn/Wiggles, and our spectators were thrilled to see two of their favorite cats receive this wonderful award.  The had a really nice gate this year and many of our guests commented that our group of exhibitors were very helpful and friendly.  This show always have a number of spectators who come back every year to visit us because they have so much fun.  Our club also collected a good number of email addresses from folks who want to get a reminder about our show next year and some who asked for information on showing their cats.  and those are the people who will join us in the future!  Some of our events this year were, of course, the very popular agility competition run by Niki Feniak, a Breed Presentation by judge Sharon Roy, two+ rows of Pet Me Cats with their ambassador wranglers, cat face selfie boards, a Kid's kitty costume parade where participants were given CFA coloring books and a beanie baby, beautiful free Face Painting, lots of great vendors and a free ice cream social. We collected two large boxes of human and pet food donations for a local food bank and distributed hundreds of CFA handouts and coloring books.  Spectators loved 
Seacoast would like to thank all of our members, PMC wranglers and ambassadors, friendly exhibitors, vendors, judges, clerks, and stewards for putting on a friendly and fun show!

Region 6: Candilee Jackson
The MWR ended the show season with pizzazz, welcoming a huge gate at the America's Heartland Show, in Springfield, Illinois. The state fairgrounds there are centrally located and host a variety of well-attended events throughout the year, with the cat fancy in residence at least twice during a show season. Over the two-day show, the gate was steady, and ambassadors were on their toes, ready to show off Pet Me! Cats and answer questions. We ran out of coloring books the first day, and hubby Kirk drove two hours to bring us more!


by Carmen Johnson-Lawrence, Chair

Can you believe it? (I said that the last newsletter too!) The show season ended two weeks ago, and we're already going into the next season! The members are already busy! And last season all across CFA they rocked it! We had 30 members actively participate and submit activity for last season. The regional coordinators and myself are tying up the scoring and will be ready to present the Regional and National Divisional winners at the regional banquets starting on June 2nd. Those winners will also appear in the June newsletter. To say I am proud of what the youth have accomplished this season is an understatement. Showing, stewarding, clerking, making toys for exhibitors and as ring prizes, volunteering at local shelters, shadowing veterinarians, writing reports, putting their artistic and writing skills to work - there is no limit to what these kids can do! For the first year, we have youth being recognized in the Gulf Shore Region! There will be some familiar faces and some NEW faces too in the national placements!

If you know a youth that is interested in the Youth Feline Education Program, you may contact Carmen at carmenlawrence.yfep@gmail or reach out directly to your Regional Coordinator!

North Atlantic Region - Lynda Smith

Northwest Region - Sande Kay

Gulf Shore Region - Anne Paul

Great Lakes Region - Lorna Friemoth

Southwest Region - Kelsey Friemoth

Midwest Region - Cathy Dunham

Southern Region - Chandler Bussey

You can also visit our website at
Offers From CFA Corporate Affiliates
Discounts From Affiliates Mean Savings For You!

Verna Dobbins, CFA Deputy Director

We all want discounts on places to stay, car rentals, office supplies and CFA has those discounts available, isn't that great? Please be sure to support our affiliates and in doing so we hope to be able to provide you with more and more opportunities.

Please note some changes and updates in our programs in notes below and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Central Office,

Our current list of affiliates can be found on the CFA Exhibitor page and Special Offers page on the CFA website. They include Staples, Red Roof, LaQuinta, Avis, Budget, Motel 6, Sturdi Products, Hodges Badge Company, and Pet Partners.

I look forward to bringing you new exciting offers in the future and to hearing the wonderful partnership successes from our affiliate programs.
Have a great 2018-2019 show season!

LaQuinta Properties
Still Pet Friendly!

It was brought to the attention of Central Office that there may have been confusion in regards to the pet policy at our affiliate, LaQuinta Inn and Suites. At this time, I would assure you that LaQuinta still welcomes pets!

The official LaQuinta Pet Policy can be found here .

Reservations can be made on the CFA website's exhibitor page; just click on the LaQuinta logo. If you are making your reservations by other means use the CFA code CATFAN9.

New Discount Program

Staples has a new, improved discount program available to CFA. With this new program you will have the most up to date pricing on all your printing and you will receive discounted pricing on all supplies purchased with through Staples. 

We have a dedicated print person to help with all of our needs, Kathleen Hurd. Kathleen's contact information can be found on the CFA website and complete information regarding the discounted pricing is available here
Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of OAPHHT.  There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.



Budget Car Rental
Link to Avis


Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by John Adelhoch,  Regional Director 

Congratulations to all our winners and to a wonderful show season! Once again the show season has come to a close and we should be proud of all of our winners. The region's traditional shows, Sign of the Cat/NOVA, presented our region's last show for the season and as always, it was beautifully orchestrated by Jill and Karen and all the members. Exhibitors hoping for some of those final points to get them a bit higher in the standings. I also heard cheers for new grands that will proceed forward into the new show season hoping to achieve a win for this season. Keep in mind you have to show to win!

As we think back at our last show season, I hope we all have memories of exciting wins. Old and new friends, and those who are no longer with us.

As the new show season started at the Seacoast show in New Hampshire, and what a wonderful example of what a club and its members can do.  This New England club, along with many other New England based clubs, just always seem to astound me.  It shows in the faces of all the visitors that attended on both days! Parade of breed, raffles, face painting and so much more for our exhibitors and guest. Kudos to all!

As we go forward into this show season let's all see how many new friends we can make, and try to put our best kitty feet forward. It's a time to rejuvenate our interest in our beautiful cat, and show them to their true potential. Get yourself and your kitty's out to as many shows as you can, help support our Region, and in the same time show off our glorious cats.

Remember those are the BEST of times, so get out there and LIVE!

Region 2
Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary  

What an exciting show season end for Region 2! First of all "Team Reynah", Stephanie Mohr, Janet Hollister, and Lori Hollister, successfully showed a Silver Longhaired Burmilla, Kasanovakatz Reynah, to a National Win and COTY! A first for Burmillas, and a first NW for Stephanie and team.

Coming in 9th was our own Erin Cutchen with her first NW of her own breeding, Starbeam The Big Money, British Shorthair, better known as "Moose". Vicki Jensen also achieved the first Grand of Distinction for a Golden Golden Persian with GC RW Castlegate Capt Will of Pirateheart. In the HHP division and the first year of National Wins, Betty Carruthers successfully showed Mitzy to 4th Best. Mitzy has won every title possible so this is a huge thrill for them. 

The biggest surprise of the year was Silencedryad Lillian of Big Ben, a shorthair Selkirk Rex, comingfrom the field to finish 25th Best Cat in Premiership!Congratulations to Eric and Andrea Cavanaugh and Anicia on their first NW and first full year of showing in CFA.

Even though not a first for GC,GP, NW Parti Wai Hear Me Roar I cannot go without mentioning him. He was COTY several year's ago and returned this past year in Premiership to finish 1st in Region 2 and 4th Nationally.What a thrill to see such a fully mature beautiful Persian in the show ring. Rory is bred by Gloria Busselman and owned by Gloria Busselman and Carol Warrens.

Our Regional show and banquet will be held on June 23rd in Portland, OR at the DoubleTree@Lloyd Center. It will certainly be an exciting event!
Region 3
by Kathy Black, Regional Director

No report this month
Region 4
by John Colilla, Regional Director
Our region is very active in social media with a Facebook page as well being a member of Pinterest. Please stop by and check out what is going on in our region at:
2022 Annual Fund Raising for Louisville
Great Lakes Region Fund raisier Calendar will be available starting at the Great Lakes Regional Award show .
Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:
More information can be found online at
  • May 19 - Almost Heaven Cat Club, Charleston WV 4AB 2SP HHP
  • May 20 -- Great Lakes and Great Maine, Charleston WV 4AB 2SP HHP
  • May 26 - Golden Triangle Cat Fanciers. Cambridge, ON 5AB 1SP HHP
  • June 23-24 - Great Lakes Regional Award Show, Akron OH 6AB 2SP HHP 
  • July 07 - Sternwheel Cat Fanciers, Mansfield OH 5AB 1SP HHP 
  • July 14-15 - Triple Crown Cat Fanciers, Lexington OH 7AB 3SP HHP 
  • July 28-29 - Motor City Jazz Club , Taylor MI, 6AB 4SP
Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 

Congratulations to the Las Vegas Cat Club on closing out the 2017-2018 season in style.

Celebrate Memorial Day with Superstition Cat Fanciers! The Southwest's first show of the season is in Phoenix on May 26th. Want to congratulate a cat you've been admiring all season? Honor your breed? Say "thanks" to a friend? Sponsor a regional award here!

Region 6
by Mary Auth, Regional Director

As expected, it's a little slow in the Midwest Region after the season finale at the America's Heartland Show in Springfield Illinois the last weekend of the show season. At least three cats granded: Go-Teekatz Harper, calico Persian in championship bred and owned by Tom Lukken and Jack Nichols; Xocol Ezequiel, Havana Brown male in championship owned by newcomer to the cat fancy Jim Wuersch. "Zeke" was bred by Frank O'Connor and the late Shelley Ducharme. Another Havana Brown - this time in Premiership granded: Xocol Willamina of Kaffee Katze - also owned by newcomer Susan Mueller. Willamina is a littermate to Ezequiel.
Did I say it was slow? Slow for everyone except those who are getting ready for the regional awards banquet and accompanying show. Last year we had the luxury of holding the awards in July. This year the show and banquet will be in Lenexa Kansas on June 2. The show is planned by a consortium of Kansas City clubs. Those not working on the show are busy getting the banquet and awards ready.
Plans for the Midwest Region clerking school are complete. The school is being held in conjunction with Midwest TGIF Fanciers and National Birman Club shows on the first weekend in August. Residents of the Midwest Region will pay $10; while those outside the region pay $25 per person. The school is limited to 20, so those interested should register early. Information is on the Midwest Region web site at:
Janet Marr will once again hold a 4-ring show in Lawrenceburg Indiana on July 21. It's a good opportunity to try out a new cat for the show season without a huge commitment of funds or travel.
A Devon Rex takes a very sound nap at the America's Heartland show. Really, we couldn't stir Kim Sieving's Topknot's Remi to even raise her head for the photo.
Tom Lukken and Tracey Weaver (showing from Region 3) having a conversation at the America's Heartland show.
Left to right Shan Fetter (looking to see if she is up in a ring), Lynn Staker, Carol Fengel and Lisa Morgan at the America's Heartland show.
Left to right: Renee Farley, Cindy Willoughby and Heather Minnemann share some photos at the America's Heartland show.
Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

What an honor it was to start a new show season off with the very first Bengal club show in their approved championship status. The New Vision Cat Club did an awesome job of the show set up and benching. Also present was Kim Everett and it was so good to see her there! 

Rachel Anger, Josh Farnsworth, and Wildstyle Smooth Jazz of Cosmic Bengal, CFA's first Bengal GC
The only thing missing was our own Marianne Byrne, who unfortunately was in the hospital. After being one of the instrumental ones in the promotion of the Bengal breed to CFA, and show manager at their landmark show, we really regret that Marianne could not be with us! Special thanks to Rich Nolte, who jumped in and handled anything that needed to be done. The Southern Region is proud to be home to CFA's first Bengal Breed club and extend our congratulations on a show well done!

Rebel Rousers held their show on Sunday, finishing our first weekend of the show season with an exhausting 12 rings-but a great start to the season!

Looking forward, June is rapidly approaching and brings shows to our first two weekends with Tall Cedars in Baltimore, Maryland followed by our our regional banquet and Star City Cat Club show in Roanoke, Virginia.

And just around that corner is the CFA Annual! I look forward to welcoming all of you to my hometown of Atlanta,Georgia and sharing some of our Southern hospitality with our cat friends from all over the world.

In the meantime, I hope to see you at a Southern Region cat show!

Dan Petty, well-loved exhibitor and husband to Tracy Petty, passed peacefully Sunday, May 13, after a reoccurence of the cancer that all though he had beaten metasticized elsewhere.  The show hall was a better place with Dan and his sharp wit in it, and he (along with Tracy) gave tirelessly to CFA and its exhibitors.

Frederick, Maryland
April 21, 2018
by Mark Hannon

The Annual Easter Show rolled into Frederick with 198 entries, one of the larger shows held in our Region this past show season. This show is held in a hotel which is always a plus. While scheduling conflicts moved the show off it's tradition Easter weekend, that did not stop the club from creating an Easter atmosphere with jelly beans and other traditional candies plus ring decorations which made use of the Easter theme. Show manager Lyn Knight and entry clerk Shirley Peet (pictured right) did a terrific job and a fun time was had by all just one weekend away from the end of the show season.  

As an added feature, the club invited new longhair specialty judge Bethany Colilla (pictured) to judge her second show, her first outside her home region. Single specialty judges often ha ve a difficult time lining up judging assignments outside their home area but Bethany seems to be having a great start. There were a number of compliments about her handling and decisions and she was smiling all day obviously enjoying the experience. Congratulations to the club on another great show.

Region 8
 Kayoko Koizumi, Regional Director

No report this month

Region 9
by Pam DelaBar, Regional Director

Our last show of the show season was held in French wine country - Cluny, France. The show was sponsored by Cats N Cats and Sophisto Cat Club and ably organized by Sophie DuPerrier. 
The show hall was spacious and provided spacious room for judging rings and exhibitors.
We all knew that Guy Pantigny was watching over our every move. Sophie's husband is a professional chef, but she delighted all the judges and show personnel with her lovely quiches and decadent desserts for the lunch break. We all had so much fun putting on the show this year, we decided next year couldn't come too soon.

It was quite a surprise to meet cat writer Sandy Lerner at our Cluny show. Sandy is a member of the Cat Writers' Association and is up for an award for her book documenting an extensive private cat memorabilia collection, "Caticons." She has already donated 2 copies of this really interesting book to the CFA Foundation museum. Though several of the private pieces are on display at the San Francisco Airport in conjunction with the Museum of Art, talks are being planned for an traveling exhibit to spend time at our Alliance, Ohio museum.

Felinus International hosted the Breed Awareness and Orientation School in conjunction with it's May Show. Lead instructor was Peter Vanwonterghem ably assisted by Barbara Jaeger and Pam DelaBar. We had 8 students, 2 of which were judges attending for continuing education, 2 judges from other associations, 1 student who traveled from Egypt to attend, 2 single specialty judges who are applying for their second specialty, and one new applicant for the judging program. We had great classes and informative discussions.
International Division
by Dick Kallemyer

The CFA International Division Awards banquet has been changed to Sunday, August 19, 2018 in Bangkok. The actual banquet venue will be announced shortly. The Awards committee will be led by Phebe Low (Hong Kong), assisted by Maggie Kwan (Hong Kong) and Pattinee Tangkawattanakul (Thailand).
Awardswill be presented to over 300 DW winners, over 350 breed winners as well as DMs and Cattery of Distinctions. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Poster for the Cat Fanciers Society of Indonesia Show, May 5, 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia.
CFA Judge Toshihiko Tsuchiya at the Asian Abyssinian Cat Club show in Selangor, Malaysia On April 7-8, 2018.
Judges Diana Rothermel, Kit Fung, Nancy Dodds and Becky Orlando with the best cat winner at the Great West China Cat Fanciers show in Chengdu, China on April 21, 2018.

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