November 2017
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Featured Cat
Our banner cat for November is CFA's Twelfth Best Kitten,  GC, NW Dandyblue King Henry Tudor, a blue British Shorthair kitten.
(photo by Larry Johnson)

January 2, 2018
Breed Council/Committee ballots must be received by CFA Central Office by this date

International Show to
Offer Cash Prizes For
Agility Winners
There has been a recent decision to award cash prizes to the top three Agility winners at the International this year. 

First prize will receive $150, 2nd $100 and 3rd $50.


Cooler temperatures and even some snow signal that autumn is winding its way into winter!

As I'm finalizing this issue of the CFA Newsletter, I'm also preparing for leaving for the CFA International Show. I'm looking forward to seeing all our exhibitors from all over the world come together for this great event. I do encourage anyone who would like to offer up some ideas about this Newsletter or Cat Talk to find me during the show at the CFA Booth.

Safe travels to all! And here's hoping that many of you have the opportunity to explore what the Portland area has to offer.


This coming weekend is Royal Canin's CFA International Cat Show in Portland, Oregon.  I hope you are entered since it is going to be an exciting event.  Committee chair Rich Mastin, CFA Special Events Coordinator Allene Tartaglia, Show Manager Pam Moser, and a host of others have been working hard for months to provide us with a well-run show with lots of extras.  Exhibitors are entered from all over the world so expect the competition to be fierce.

The cost to print and ship supplies from our Central Office to our hundreds of shows around the world is very expensive and at times far exceeds the show license fee.  In an attempt to cut costs, effective 1/1/18 we will no longer be shipping the large ring signs and the Welcome signs unless they are requested.  The default is they will not be shipped so if your show needs them, make sure you request them.  If you request them in time to include them in the box with your other supplies, there will be no charge.  However, if CFA has to ship them later the club will be charged for the shipping.
Speaking of shipping show supplies to our clubs, be sure you open and check the box when it arrives so you know if anything is missing and have time to have the Central Office ship what was missing.  Too many clubs wait until they get to the show hall to open the box and then it is obviously too late to ask the office to ship what might be missing.  Almost everything you need is on the CFA website so you can download it and print it locally.

Sharon Roy has stepped down as the CFA Ombudsman.  Thank you, Sharon, for your work the past several years.  Peter Vanwonterghem has been appointed as the new Ombudsman.  Carol Krzanowski has resigned as the Clerking Program chair.  Carol continues to chair the Club Membership Committee which processes the applications for new clubs applying to CFA for membership.  Thank you Carol for your work with our Clerking Program.  Dan Beaudry has been appointed the new Clerking Program chair.  Thanks to both Peter and Dan for taking on these new responsibilities.

A reminder if you are having issues with registrations, show licenses, etc. please bump it up to the supervisor, Verna Dobbins.  You will get better results bringing your issue to the attention of someone who can resolve it rather than complaining on social media or to friends at a show.  We want to keep satisfied customers but we can not help you with problems if we do not know about them.

For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have an enjoyable holiday.  Remember, our Central Office will be closed both Thanksgiving Thursday as well as that Friday so our employees can enjoy some time with their family and friends.

Terri Barry
CFA Executive Director
It's that time of year already and we are excited to be heading to Portland for this year's International Cat Show!  I will be equally excited to welcome our many exhibitors, vendors, and spectators.  I'd also like you to join me in giving a special welcome to Royal Canin, who is our presenting sponsor for the event.  We look forward to working with them at this show, and many shows to come.
Meanwhile, I'd like to give a special shout out to Pam Moser, Mary Auth, Allene Tartaglia and everyone else who have been working behind the scenes to help make this show one of the best.

Here with a final update on the show is Allene:
Entries have closed, benching is complete, and the judge's schedule is done.  All the final preparations are being done to make this year's International Show one of the best and most memorable.  A wide array of vendors will be at the show and the show is being publicized to the local Portland area so we are expecting lots of visitors to the show.  As with any cat show, hundreds of volunteer hours have been dedicated to this show and hundreds, maybe even thousands, will continue to be donated.  Two small words - thank you - have rarely held such heartfelt meaning.

Central Office Update:
As many are aware we have accepted two resignations from Associates at C.O.  Judy Minich who was lead Associate for registration by Pedigree and Jordan Lampley, Data Entry Shows/Grand Champion Scoring & National Regional Scoring- in training.  Jordan will be helping out part-time for a few weeks.  We will miss them both and wish them only the best.  We are currently advertising and interviewing both positions.  

Effective January 1st, judges ring posters and the two different size welcome posters will no longer be included in show boxes.  If requested in time that C.O. can include them in your show box we will be happy to do so.  Otherwise, if requested after C.O. has shipped your show box, your club will be responsible for all shipping cost.
In other news, our social media and communication efforts continue to grow.  Don't forget to follow CFA on both Twitter and Facebook.

As we continue our outreach efforts, we are often asked by media to provide experts in such areas as cat care, expertise about certain breeds, etc.  All media requests for CFA are being handled by Marketing Coordinator Angela Watkins.  If you are willing to lend your expertise in certain areas, or have items of interest for the media please reach out to Angela at [email protected] .

Finally, one note:  Central Office will be closed for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday as well as the day after Thanksgiving.  On behalf of the entire Central Office, may you have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Travel safe and hope to see you at the CFA International Show in just a few short days.  

CFA Breeds and Standards
Carla Bizzell
CFA Breeds and Standards Committee Chair


A notice was sent via e-mail on November 13 with instructions for voting on Breed Council/Committee ballots. The notice was sent out to members of each Council/Committee that has a ballot this year. The list of those breeds/division with a ballot are listed below. If you were a member in good standing at August 1, 2017, are a member of one of the listed Breed Councils/Committee and did NOT receive voting instructions via e-mail or received a paper ballot in the mail, please contact Kay Chamberlain at [email protected] or 330-680-4070 x 112. Kay is your point of contact for Breed Council/Committee matters and to request voting instructions or a paper copy of a ballot if needed. Due date for ballots to be completed on line or RECEIVED in Central Office is Midnight on January 2, 2018.

List of Breed Councils/Committee with Ballots This Year:

American Curl
American Shorthair
Cornish Rex
Devon Rex
Japanese Bobtail
Persian (General)
Persian (Shaded and Smoke)
Scottish Fold
Selkirk Rex

Cat Talk
Teresa Keiger

The Cat Talk staff is busy wrapping up the December issue! In this issue, we take a look at some cats who are working for a living. Some are "personalities," and others are legends in their boroughs. We celebrate the holidays with our annual "Cats' Letters to Santa" and our Su-PURR-stitions column takes a look at a most unusual seasonal cat.

With the holidays coming up, there's always that "long distance"  gift that one struggles to find. Think about a Cat Talk subscription (either print or digital) and it gets delivered directly to them. We'll even enclose a gift notification card for you!  Check  here  for subscription details!

As always, we welcome your suggestions for article topics and feedback about Cat Talk. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]
CFA IT Committee
by Tim Schreck
CFA IT Program Chair

The special items for the upcoming CFA International Show were a bit more complicated than we had anticipated. They have now all been completed with the exception of Agility entries which we will now focus on.

There have been some significant changes to the eCat entry screens to improve security. We hope these are not too restrictive and welcome your input on any issues these may have created.

Work is continuing on defining other applications as we move them from the HP.
CFA Clerking Program
Dan Beaudry
CFA Clerking Program Chair

Now that the ghouls and goblins have all retreated back to their lairs with their candy hordes, we roll into November and give  thanks for all of our friends and family in CFA.  I am extremely humbled by the well wishes and grateful for all of Carol's hard work.  Carol will remain an integral part of the Committee, and I look forward to her ongoing assistance as we transition roles.  
Exhibitors - Watch for a   clerking school near you -  you may learn something!  Schools are open to anyone who would like to learn about scoring mechanics and ring management.  There is no experience required to attend a clerking school, and those who are pursuing their clerking license may take the school either before, during, or after their assistant clerking assignments.
Upcoming Clerking Schools
Date: Friday, January 12, 2018
Sponsor - Cat Club of the Palm Beaches
Instructor: Teresa Keiger
Closing date: January 3
Location: Nova Community Center
440 North Nova road,
Ormond Beach, FL  32174
Hours: 9-5, with a break for lunch
Fee: $25 (covers supplies, does not include lunch)
Basic clerking supplies, clerking manuals, materials included.
Send registration to Stephanie Boulter,  270 Barbados Drive, Jupiter, Florida  33458
(make check out to CCPB)
Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.  On to Portland!

Winn Logo

by Lorraine Shelton

A list of our donors contributing $100 or more in October is available here 

It's Catsgiving Time! Winn supporters who donate $25 or more during November on Winn's secure donation page ( will receive a delightful Winn magnet to display on their car or other locations or a 50th Anniversary book.
Winn's soft cover 50th anniversary book is available to order (shipping charges may apply) at The cover art is "No Place Like Home" by Jamie Perry and will be the only place you will see this unique piece. This beautiful book highlights the important feline health advances made possible through Winn-funded research.
Winn's inaugural Cures4Cats Day was held on October 21 st at the American Assn. of Feline Practitioner's Conference in Denver. This special day was well-received by meeting attendees and Merck Animal Health sponsored a presentation by Dr. Margie Scherk in honor of Winn's 50 Years of Advances in Feline Medicine. Creative cat lovers are sought to design a Cures4Cats graphic. Information can be found here along with image release forms. Watch for additional holiday contests announcements in the coming weeks.
Giving Tuesday is November 28th - Consider Winn as your charity of choice when you give this year's end. Working together, we can find answers to help cats with FIP, HCM in different cat breeds, amyloidosis, cancer, CKD, and many other diseases.
Make it Black Cat Friday! Shop for everyone on your gift list this holiday at and Amazon will donate a portion of your holiday spending to Winn Feline Foundation.

Aeris, a film about a cat with FIP was screened at the Lincoln Center last month to a sold out crowd and rave reviews. Actors and directors Paul Castro Jr. and Aly Miller, approached Winn Feline Foundation about a year ago, following the untimely death of their kitten, Aeris, to FIP. They had never heard of FIP and wanted to educate others about this devastating disease. In the process, they sought to raise money for FIP studies. Winn board members Steve Dale and Bria Fund founder Susan Gingrich attended the opening. A short clip was also shown from Peter Cohen's Zen by Cat, which is also raising funds for FIP studies.

Miller Trust and other grant awards will be announced soon - Please watch for the press release regarding our recent grant awards from the October grant review meeting. Five grants were awarded through the Miller Trust for  a total of $127,868. Two Bria Fund-related projects were also approved for $55,500. Two additional research proposals were approved for sponsorship totaling $45,590. For any questions, please contact [email protected].
Planned Giving (tax) tip for August:
In recent years, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving has unofficially become "Giving Tuesday".  After the more commercial shopping events such as "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" it helps focus attention on charitable giving during the holiday season.  This year Giving Tuesday will be on November 28, 2017.  If your holiday season includes charitable giving, please consider the Winn Feline Foundation.  Winn has funded over $6 million in health research for cats at more than 30 partner institutions worldwide.  As a 501(c)(3) organization, donations to Winn are fully tax deductible.

New Jersey Senate Bill 3427 would require annual reports for many small, in-home breeders
As Senator Raymond J. Lesniak's (D-20) final term in the New Jersey Senate is winding down, he has sponsored Senate Bill 3427, another in his series of animal bills. This bill would add annual reporting requirements for some fanciers if enacted. This would apply to pet dealers selling, brokering, or transferring ownership of 15 or more cats and dogs in the state in a calendar year. Under current state law, a pet dealer is defined as "any person engaged in the ordinary course of business in the sale of cats or dogs to the public for profit or any person who sells or offers for sale more than five cats or dogs in one year."  This definition encompasses numerous small, in-home breeders as pet dealers even though they are not selling animals in the ordinary course of business. Additionally, many of these fanciers would meet the threshold for reporting requirements in S.B. 3427. These annual reports would require detailed information about the breeder of each animal sold, brokered, or transferred . Senate Bill 3427 was introduced to the Senate on October 5, 2017 and referred to the Senate Economic Growth Committee.
The bill does provide an exemption for breeders with four or fewer intact female animals who are not required to obtain a Class A or Class B USDA license. The exemption is not automatic however. The breeder must certify to the Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs in the Department of Law and Public Safety that the breeder is exempt from USDA licensing. There is no corresponding exemption from reporting for breeders meeting the Retail Pet Store Exemption from USDA licensing where all sales are face-to-face transactions.
Senate Bill 3427 is not the first pet dealer legislation sponsored by Senator Lesniak. On May 1, 2017, Governor Christie conditionally vetoed S.B. 3041, the Pet Dealer Bill, sponsored by the senator. That bill was featured in several CFA e-newsletter legislative articles earlier this year. If the bill is not enacted prior to the end of the Senator's term in office, he will have to advocate for it as a private citizen should he choose.  Although Senator Lesniak will be familiar with most of the senators elected in the 2017 election as it was almost a clean sweep for incumbants. His Senate successor is former Democratic Assemblyman (2002-2015) Joe Cryan who is currently Union County Sheriff. Unlike Senator Lesniak in the 2013 election, Senator-elect Cryan is not listed among the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF) New Jersey General Election endorsements . According to Ballotpedia, however, all five HSLF NJ Senate endorsements won their elections. Those endorsements are Nilsa Cruz-Perez (D-5), Troy singleton (D-7), James Holzapfel (R-10), Christopher Bateman (R-16), and Robert Singer (R-30). Although the Senate may not have changed significantly, there will be a new Democratic governor in the capital succeeding Republican Chris Christie. HSLF did not endorse any New  Jersey 2017 gubernatorial candates.
From a grasstops standpoint, fanciers will also find it interesting that Governor-elect Phil Murphy owns three Briards according to a New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs Facebook post. The Briard is a herding dog not commonly found in the casual dog owning household. As a protective and sometimes stubborn sheepdog, early socialization and training are necessary to enhance the best characteristics of the Briard's nature. (Briard Club of America, Breed Characteristics.) Although the Federation's post does not include a photo of the Governor-elect's dogs, the post does include a photo of Phil Murphy with Federation President Jeffrey David Bell in an excellent example of a photo opportunity useful to a grasstops advocacy campaign.  For more information on how to do grasstops research, see "Researching Legislators: What Fanciers Need to Know" in the December 2017 issue of Cat Talk magazine. Fanciers will find information therein useful in grasstops campaigns relating to this and other legislation impacting the fancy.

Please report legislation happening in your area to the Legislative Group -  [email protected]  
Visit the  CFALegislativeNews Facebook page to see the current legislative news.

null by Karen Lawrence

The CFA Foundation will be heading out west this week to the CFA International Show at the Portland Expo Center, in Portland, OR on November 18-19. For the museum booth, we'll have on display a few 1950's era catalogs from ACA/ACFA/CFA/UCF shows held in the Pacific Northwest, as well as a few other artifacts and a pictorial display of early cats from several breeds - Abyssinian, Birman, Burmese, Maine Coon, Manx, Persian and Siamese, plus a few really interesting breeders with cats photos. This is the first time that we've shown what the museum is all about to residents of the Pacific Northwest, and we're excited to be attending. Our booth can be found near the raffle table area. Be sure to come visit if you are in Portland this weekend!

The museum is getting ready for Christmas, which is unbelievably only 6 weeks away. In the past, we've had our Christmas decorations scattered throughout the museum. This year, we're concentrating all of the Christmas cat decorations in a single room devoted to this display. Our Christmas display will be open from November 15 through January 31, 2018. We have some exceptional pieces, including several different manger scenes - all cats, of course -- donated by a number of different sources.

If you are anywhere near Alliance, Ohio this Christmas season, stop by the museum and take a while to see all of our collection. We're open 10am to 4 pm, Tuesday through Friday, and 9am to noon on Saturday.

The History Project has added a new gallery in the past few weeks - for the Himalayan-Persian. You can find a brief history of the Himalayan, along with over 50 photos of cats from 1952 through the early 1970's. Additions are planned, as we locate and scan new photos. The Himalayan Gallery can be found here 

CFA Ambassador Program
by Candilee Jackson
CFA Ambassador Program Chair 

Welcome to Fall!  The ambassadors of CFA are out and about, not only at shows, but at fall homecomings, pet expos and fall festivals.  There are Pet Me! Cats everywhere!  A-Cat coloring books continue to be a much sought-after item, and ambassadors just can't keep enough of them for a 2-day show!

Region 1:  Chris June and Diane Coppola
Region 1 Ambassadors were very busy with the New Hampshire Feline Fanciers show in Dover, NH, November 4-5.  Among the featured Pet Me Cats was Levi the blue British Shorthair, who does his very best to attend every local show as an Ambassador Pet Me Cat with his owner Marilyn Conde and his handler, Margaret Hoffmeister.  Margaret let spectators of all ages pet Levi at his cage, but also carried this big boy in her arms throughout the show hall for most of Saturday and Sunday to meet and greet his admirers. (We pray she did not pull her back out LOL!) His beautiful plush coat and his loving and sweet demeanor had people lined up to touch and pet him. "Spectators truly enjoyed speding time petting him, and it was apparent he enjoyed the attention," stated ambassador Diane Coppola.  Another huge hit  were  The Fashionistas, ZsaZsa and Ava Gabor, two amazing and beautiful Cornish Rex cats. They were dressed up in the most lavish costumes and presented to spectators for photos and interaction by their owner Kathy Pritchard.  The friendly group of exhibitors and ambassadors at the NHFF show encouraged people to consider joining the cat fancy.  Newbies Angelica and her mom Kavita were showing their HHP cat for the first time.  Angelica was willingly drafted to help out as a steward on Saturday and loved it so much, she came back to steward again on Sunday dressed in her 4-H uniform.  They loved the show so much that the she is looking into joining the YFEP.  This is the future of CFA!

Region 6:  Sheree Eyestone and Candilee Jackson
Fall is certainly the time for the MWR to show off its kitties.  On October 21-22, Lucky Tom Cat Club, in conjunction with Tiger's Lair, put on a spectacular show at the Illnois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, Illinois.  The gate at this is show always great for this particular weekend because the fairgrounds also hosts an AKC Dog Show and a horse show on the same weekend.  Many visitors go from show to show, and have interesting stories and comparisons to share.  The new CFA coloring books were a huge hit, and were gone by the end of the show on Saturday!
Halloween weekend, October 28-29 saw the members of the Indy Cat Club hosting a terrific spook-tacular  Show at the Westin Indianapolis Hotel.  This lovely venue is always a MWR favorite.  With a lively and plentiful gate, the show also boasted a stuffed cat contest, much to the delight of visitors, especially their children.  This fun event led to many questions and comments which kept ambassadors on their toes.

Region 8:  Takako and Masanari Kojima
M's Cat Community presented a lovely show in Osaka' Act III Hall, in Osaka, Japan, on October 14-15.  The entry was very nice, and there were many Silver and Golden Persians in competition in kitten, championship and premiership classes.  "I have never seen such a big number of Persians at one time!" stated Takako.

Takako and Masanari attended the show with Raptor and a lot of Ask Me pamphlets at the ready.  Because the weather was purrfect, the club expected many spectators.
Three spectators who came to September Singapura Cat Club Show, came to ambassador booth on Sunday. They asked Takako if she had a CFA Show Rules and Standards, unfortunately he did not.  "At the September show, I recommended they study the CFA show standards before they got cats.  I was so sorry, but regional staff forgot to bring show rules and standards booklets. Masanari sold over fifteen Show Rules and Standards booklets cat show recently.  He is a good salesman!" mused Takako. She promised the three spectators she would bring show rule and standard booklets to the December 3rd Nishinihon Cat Club Show.

One couple came to show on Saturday and asked to be introduced nice Exotic shorthair. Takako gave them several breeders' names, and let them know their catalogue number so they could watch all Exotics at the show.. Several hour later, they came back to ambassador booth again to state they had checked with many Exotic cats being judged at several rings. They also had chance to talk with breeder/owner.  They wanted to Takako to give them advice on which Exotic cat will be better for them.  She recommended them to read CFA Show Standard on the website where the Japanese Show rule and standards as well as on the CFA Japan Region website.  "I told them to please come again to CFA show once they had a chance to review the standard. They came again show hall on Sunday, and said it was very helpful in making their decision.  Finally, I recommended one breeder who was very kind and lived near by spectator's home. They would like to get show type Exotic.   I am sure they will be show hall in the near future," said Takako.

Takako also related there were several more inquiries for show rule and standard books. While some people wanted to show pedigreed cats, others were desiring to show their household pets.  One individual plans to show her HHP, but wants to show a pedigreed cat in the near future.
One new exhibitor's cat became new Grand Premier!  Takako helped him to check Grand Points and recommended he to subscribe Online Almanac because he wants to campaign his new GP this season.  "Fortunately, he can understand English, and is enjoying Online Almanac now. I hope he and his cat will have nice award!" stated Takako.

"We were so glad to see there were several new GPs and GCs this weekend! It was very exciting.  Raptor was very busy during the show weekend with many playing with him.  Raptor and I presented candy and chocolate to kids at show hall, and thoroughly enjoyed the show weekend," said Takako


by Carmen Johnson-Lawrence, Chair

On to the CFA International Show!

Are you ready for Royal Canin's CFA International Cat Show in Portland, OR this weekend?!?? Our Northwest Youth Feline Education Program members are! Sande Kay, our Northwest Regional Coordinator for YFEP has been busy coordinating the youth and activities for this spectacular weekend! Keep watch for Addy, Zaden, Mackenna, Hailey, Brynne, Kylen and Michelle! They'll be assisting at the YFEP booth as well as helping out in other capacities! Coloring pages as well as games will be available to those youth stopping by - and as always information regarding the program! Sande will be prepared for those youth who may wish to join the program that weekend! Northwest Region Youth will also have YFEP shirts on during the weekend, so if you happen to see these youth and any others in the show, please show them your support. It is our support and guidance that will keep them in the show halls for years to come!

The Youth Feline Education Program continues to grow! We've added new members in the Midwest and North Atlantic Regions and have our first applicant member in the Gulf Shore Region!

If you know a youth that is interested in the Youth Feline Education program, you may contact Carmen at [email protected],  or reach out directly to your Regional Coordinator!

North Atlantic Region - Lynda Smith

Northwest Region - Sande Kay

Gulf Shore Region - Anne Paul

Great Lakes Region - Lorna Friemoth

Southwest Region - Kelsey Friemoth

Midwest Region - Cathy Dunham

Southern Region - Chandler Bussey

You can also visit our website at
Safe travels and best wishes to all those attending CFA International Cat Show presented by Royal Canin this weekend!

Corporate Affliates
Our friends at Motel 6 would like CFA to continue to receive the 10% discount at participating locations by using the new updated reservation code of OAPHHT.  There is a dedicated reservation site for CFA at or you may call 800-466-8356.



Budget Car Rental
Link to Avis


Discounts Available to You!

Region 1
by John Adelhoch,  Regional Director 

Burrr! As our region starts to enter the cold days of winter, let's all keep in mind safety when driving to and from out shows.

I attended the New Hampshire FF's show this past weekend and was amazed at the entrees and the gate the club was able to get. As we all know many of our CFA cats were in Region 7 attending Cotton States, but by no means did that hinder the turnout at NHFF!  The quality of cats was amazing, especially the championship rings. I spoke to several judges who all commented that the show was tough, with so many beautiful cats.

I want to wish all those from our Region 1 success if they are attending the International in Portland, Oregon. I am sure we will be sending plenty of our own beautiful cats to represent this Region. Best of luck to all of the and fingers crossed that the International is a success.
In closing,I hope you all have the opportunity to attend Straight and Curl, and Burmese Enthusiast show in December. Debbie Kusy and Keith Kimberlin are doing their best to give us that fabulous holiday show.

See you soon
Remember, these are the best of times, so get out there and show!

Region 2
Terri Zittel, Regional Secretary  

Region 2 is so excited to have this year's International Show in Portland, OR.
Felicia Walker and Darrell Newkirk at the Golden Gate show
The location allows many of our exhibitors to attend and bring more than one  cat. I cannot express what this means to the majority of our people and their cats. It is only sad that we have this opportunity for just one year.

The Golden Gate Cat Club annual show in Livermore, California was held on  November 4 th at the Robert Livermore Community Center. The club receives  wonderful sponsorship from the community and the gate is phenomenal!
Added to the usual great show was the event of Wendy Heidt's first double  specialty ring. One of the advertised judges became ill so the club invited  Wendy to fill in. John Hiemstra was moved to all breed so Wendy could do the
double specialty.

Hopefully, we will see many of you this coming weekend in Portland, OR. We
are looking forward to hosting this year's International Show. 

Region 3
by Kathy Black, Regional Director
Jody Garrison with Susann Tinsley

The Gulf Shore Region held its fundraiser show the last weekend of October. Due to other events happening in the area, the exhibitors had to scramble for hotel rooms, and one hotel had a water main break and canceled all the rooms at the last minute, which also caused some stress. But once the show started all that went away and the Region had a wonderful time. We tied for the highest entry for the continental U.S. and are so thankful to all who supported our show. 

The raffle tables were filled with so many goodies, and the Region profited $1000 from the donations. I want to thank our Ring sponsors:
It was National Chocolate Day, and our ribbons and decorations were around that theme. 

Gold - Houston Cat Club
Silver - Lone Star Cat Club
Silver - Ozark Cat Club
Bronze - Twitter Persians
Bronze - Tattersall Publishing

We also honored a local hero cat named Bandit, who saved woman's life by leading his owner to her in the night.
Winter Trussell, Michelle Jockers, Donna Hinton and Patricia Tokoi
Veterans Day found us at the Alamo City Cat show in Seguin, TX. What a wonderful facility this is, bright, roomy, and great location. The day started with a local high school presenting the flags, and the exhibitors Pledge of Allegiance. The show had a relaxed atmosphere with lots of laughter and fun throughout the day. Another huge raffle for the club, profiting almost $1000. Facebook advertising brought in three times more gate than last year. The club thanks all who attended and gave generously to the raffle.
Our next Regional shows are December 16th Show & Tell Cat Club in Cleburne, TX and January 6-7, 2018 Houston Cat Club in Houston, TX.

Region 4
by John Colilla, Regional Director
Our region is very active in social media with a Facebook page as well being a member of Pinterest. Please stop by and check out what is going on in our region here. 

Be sure to mark your calendar with our upcoming shows:
More information can be found online at
  • Dec 02  -- Ohio State Persian Club, Columbus OH 4AB 2SP 6HHP
  • Dec 03  -- Ohio State Persian Club, Columbus OH 4AB 2SP 6HHP
  • Dec 09  -- Just Cat-In Around Cat Fanciers OH 5AB 1SP
  • Jan 20  -- Cleveland Persian Society OH 4AB 2SP
  • Jan 21  -- Cleveland Persian Society OH 4AB 2SP
KY Colonels/GLAD/WEBS Show
Held October 07, 2017 in Louisville, KY
Show report by Norm Auspitz
On Saturday, October 7, KY Colonels, Great Lakes Abyssinian Devotees and World European Burmese Society held a joint all breed CFA cat show in Louisville, KY.
Getting ready for Halloween!
This year we had an entry of 167 cats altogether with only 13 absentees.
We had our usual gigantic raffle including a couple of big ticket items.
In addition, we had a Halloween Trivia contest with 5 questions asked over the course of the day. Whoever was first to answer a question correctly won $5.00 worth of raffle tickets.
This year we advertised the show via a Facebook event which was sent to people expressing an interest in cats over the course of the previous week. We had applied for and obtained a CFA grant of $500.00 which was used for this advertising channel. Normally we had approximately 50 people as our gate. This year we quadrupled that amount and had 197 adults, children and seniors come to our show.   We asked where they heard about the show and the vast majority had received an event notification from Facebook.
Starting last year, we awarded a blanket of flowers (roses last year, fall flowers this year) to the highest scoring kitten, Championship cat, Premiership cat, and Household pet cat in show. They were as follows:
Best Kitten: Tylona's Casmira, Russian Blue female
Best Championship: Mayonaka's Jordan, lilac European Burmese Grand Champion male
Best Premiership:  Seaflower's Crystal Rose, platinum point Tonkinese Grand Premier spay
Best House Hold Pet: Painted Desert of Friskins, chocolate tortoiseshell shorthair spay.
Beth Hetzel donated Christmas ornaments to be awarded to the top three kittens in each final.
In addition, Petsmart Giftcards were awarded to the best Abyssinian kitten, Championship cat, and Premiership cat:
Best Abyssinian kitten:  Abizaq Cinnamon Kiss, a red (cinnamon) female
Best Abyssinian in Championship: Abizaq Bouteneer, a ruddy Grand Champion male
Best Abyssinian in Premiership:  Advance Payton, a ruddy Grand Premier neuter
Waterford crystal pieces were awarded to the best European Burmese kitten, Championship cat, and Premiership cat:
Best European Burmese kitten: Jamis Pitch Purrfect, a lilac tortie female
Best European Burmese in Championship: Mayakona's Jordan, a lilac Grand Champion male
No European Burmese in Premiership.
Cinnamon giving Martha a kiss

Region 5
by Lisa Marie Kuta, Regional Director 

Many thanks to Superstition Cat Fanciers in Phoenix, AZ and Poinsettia/ABI
in Glendale, CA for producing fun, festive shows in the run up to

Winter is almost here, which means it is a perfect time to plan a getaway
to Phoenix! This is an extra special year as PFF is celebrating its
25th annual show on December 9-10. The club always produces a fantastic
show, this silver anniversary will be one not to miss. Visit for details.
Region 6
by Mary Auth, Midwest Regional Director

The Indy Cat Club hosted their 46th annual show with a number of fun activities - and one serious one - to honor military veterans.
The 4-ring show returns to the Midwest Region on January 8 in Lawrenceburg, Indiana - all specialty show.  Janet Marr will be your hostess for the weekend, where there is a nearby casino and a lovely small town in southeastern Indiana - the furthest most corner of the Midwest Region. I hope you will support her efforts.  It's a great opportunity to enjoy an intimate show.
Frontier Feline Fanciers will host the only show in the U.S. on Thanksgiving weekend in Gardner, Kansas.  The 6-ring, one day show welcomes your entries for this annual show. 
Best of luck to the 12 exhibitors who are traveling to Portland Oregon this weekend to compete in the CFA International Cat Show presented by Royal Canin.
Sheree Eyestone had great fun with her purple Wirehair / Cornish Rex stuffed cat with Judge Kathy Calhoun. (left) A stuffed animal contest was part of the fun of the Indy show.  

Region 7
by Jean Dugger, Regional Director

Congratulations to Russell Webb and Joann Hardeman, who each won an Echo Show. The drawing was held at the Cotton States's show. The region raised $606. Thank you to Krista Schmitt for her donation of both Echo Shows.

We will have some HoneyBaked Ham Cards at the International Show, but remember that you (and your friends) can order them online here.  They are the perfect gift for family, friends, vets, pet sitters. You pay absolutely nothing extra, and the region receives 20% of each sale!

Recent Shows

Huntsville, AL
I have missed being at the shows so much ! I was lucky to go with friend to Huntsville and I enjoyed seeing everyone! The show was wonderful with cats dressed in Halloween costumes; I heard great comments from spectators about that!

Winchester, VA
The Cat Fanciers of Washington, one of CFA's oldest clubs, held a one-day show in Winchester, Virginia, on October 20, 2017. The show had 165 entries, a terrific gate, vendors not often seen at cat shows including three authors and a women's self-defense booth, Agility, and free apples & cider for everyone since this is apple country. Due to the time of the year, the show was decorated in a Halloween theme. The showhall had plenty of space for the show, lots of light, and a cushioned floor that was easy on the feet. The show provided unique rosettes courtesy of Mary Kolencik which received lots of compliments.The great gate was the result of ads on Facebook as well as a local newspaper and radio station. The exhibitors had a good time and the club enjoyed hosting the show.

Sanford, FL
Cat Club of the Palm Beaches brought a new show to a familiar location, the Sanford Civic Center in Sanford, FL on Oct 14-15. Many folks fondly remember other shows held in this facility. CCPB put on a great show, with many special touches. A local restaurant provided both breakfast and lunches both days, including an Italian buffet! What a nice change from hot dogs. Then there were the chocolate chip cookies given out on Sunday afternoon. The city of Sanford also provided gifts to all exhibitors. The show was another well run production by CCPB and an early finish on Sunday was much appreciated. Thank you Cat Club of the Palm Beaches!

Duluth, GA
Cotton States held their signature show with flowers everywhere! The rings were beautiful and we had awesome local news coverage! Our SR Facebook page had -- hits, as people shared stories about the shows!

Cotton States also generously donated the proceeds from their "rainbow" ring to the SR! Show manager Joanne Hardeman and I were both in tears, as we looked at pictures and reflected on the over 50 beloved pets that were sponsored - it was a wonderful gift to the Southern Region ! Thank you again to everyone who shared their memories and to Joanne and Cotton States, on behalf of the Region.

Also, my 16 year old first National Winner (Krystalle) was honored at the show, as my best friend Jane had planned a birthday party in her honor! My fellow club Family gathered around, as I tearfully reflected on all the special memories that we had shared. Reminding me of why the cat fancy and all of you mean so much to me.....

Always remember why we do this - it's about the cats!!

Upcoming Shows
December 2-3 Greater Baltimore Cat Club - Parkville, MD
December 30-31 Nashville Cat Club - Nashville, TN

I'm sure that many others in the region join me in sending our thoughts of sympathy to Karen Lane on the loss of her husband Joe a couple of weeks ago after a long illness.

Region 8
 Kayoko Koizumi, Regional Director

no report received

Region 9
by Michael Hans Schleissner 

A very special event in Germany..........
On the weekend of October 28/29, Cat Friends of Germany once again celebrated a spectacular CFA cat show. This club is always known for great shows and wonderful events, made a remembrance show for the all over the world well known Connie Stewart. 
The Cat Show - in memory of CFA legend Connie Stewart
Henny Wintershoven and her cat showing a little "bling bling"

What a brilliant idea! There were pictures of her everywhere,  and lots of gold "bling bling" all around in the show hall. With the check in in the morning all exhibitors got lots of golden looking necklaces and it was fun to see the people walking around with them.
George Cherrie
This was also a very special time for George Cherrie, our CFA AB judge from the Netherlands. He was awarded "Cat Friends of Germany Lifetime Achievement Award" for being a loyal, longtime friend of the club. George we will miss you very much.
All in all we should not forget, that there were 140 cats entered in the show, which made this show one of the biggest we had in Europe this season. Thank you to the club and exhibitors for showing your cats in CFA Europe.

International Division
Dick Kallmeyer
CFA ID Chair

The guest judges approval process was announced by Judging Program Chair Melanie Morgan:
1. Contact guest judge(s) to see who is available and willing.
2. Contact JPC Guest Judge Administrator for permission for the guest judge(s) (BEFORE signing contract)
3. Once approval has been granted by Guest Judge Administrator complete contracts with guest judge(s).
4. Apply for show license and include permission for guest judge(s).
5. Start the process early enough to allow time for the approval process.
The Cat Fanciers of Korea (CFoK) Club held their 5th show on October 29, 2017, in Gyeonggi-do Korea.  It's encouraging to see families growing up with CFA ov
er the years The show was well attended with many young families exhib iting.  

Cat Fanciers of Korea exhibitors and family at the first show in October, 2014 (above) and 3 years later at their 5th show.  The parents are now on their way to become certified clerks.
Katnip Kat Klub show in Shanghai, China on November 4-5,2017. The show was held in one of the largest Home furnishing malls in China. The show venue was held near among the high end European stores.

The Best Kittens, Championship and Premiership cats at the Siam Bl ue-Eyed Cat Fanciers October 22, 2017 was held near Bangkok, Thailand.

Exhibitors, show committee, and judges at the Cat Fashion Show, Gush Dan, Israel, October 14, 2017.

The CFoK activities started with a clerking school attended by 13 students, taught by Dick Kallmeyer.  
Show hall for the 2nd West Lake Cat Club show in Shenyang, China on November 11, 2017

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